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#1 Shi no Ishi's true form. on Fri Oct 25, 2013 3:11 am


(Note: this takes place in between acts 1 and 2 of the Plot arc)

Daemon limped back into his quarters. The beating he had taken had been more severe than he had once thought. He had already been to the healing tent that was set up, but they hadn’t gotten everything. He still had various cut, bruises, and an annoying pain in his side that was causing him to limp. He sat down and began to kaido his pains away. This would exhaust him, but in his opinion it was better than living with it. Besides, he had a few days to rest before the recon squad discovered anything new.

After a good two hours of straight healing, Daemon collapsed into bed completely drained. As he closed his eyes he slipped into a dream. He was in a dark room. His eyes had adjusted, and there were two doors in front of him. On the front of the first door was written “Return”. And on the second door was written “No Return”. In the center of the room was a sign post. On it was written the words “Choose One”. Daemon wondered what could be behind each door, but the idea that he could return from one but not from the other troubled him. Obviously he had to make a decision, but what did that decision entail? Perhaps the doors were his future? If so, the safest choice was obviously to enter the door that said “Return”. But then again, what is life without risks? In that case, he should open the door that read “No Return”. He was truly stumped.

Just then, something slithered out from behind him. He jumped away from it, Shi no Ishi appearing in his hand. He was about to launch an attack, when he realized something. He knew that form. The thing revealed itself. It was the black head of Shi no Ishi. But something was off, where was the other head? Daemon was just about to ask when it spoke. “So you have found your way here then.” It said. “I was wondering when you might arrive, but then, I never had high hopes for you now did I? You are probably wondering where you are.” It proceeded, sliding along the floor towards the signpost. “This is the turning point. The place in your life where you will make a decision that will decide your fate forever. On the one hand, you have the safe option. A nice safe place where nothing seriously bad will happen, but then, nothing very good will happen either. And then,” it paused before continuing, looking almost forlornly at the second door, “you have the risky option. The one that will deliver either the greatest happiness, or the greatest sorrow. The question that you have to answer of course, is what kind of life do you want to live?” Daemon was about to answer when the snake spoke again. “Enter your inner world when you wake. Then you can decide what kind of life you want to live. But for now, you must SLEEP.”

Everything went black.

When Daemon awoke he felt refreshed but a little uneasy. The snake had told him to return, but to where? In all his trips to his inner world he had never been to that place before. The only way to find out of course was to go. Daemon sat up, put Shi no Ishi on his lap and began to meditate as he had done hundreds of times before. In a few moments he was there. His inner world was much like he remembered it. thousands of staircases and doors, all leading to more staircases and more doors. He walked for a while until he found Shi no Ishi, sitting like it had on the day he met them, in the flat circle that was the center of this madness. He approached them and said, “I’m here. You told me to come and I came.”

The white head almost looked confused. “When did we call for you little one? Surely you must be mistaken.”

Daemon looked at the white head and said, “You didn’t.” He then looked to the black head and continued, “He did.”

The white head became very quiet. It then looked to the black head who nodded. Then the white head pulled itself from their shared body and became a separate entity unto itself. Then It spoke. “I am the Shi no Ishi you know. We are both one and two at the same time. But for you to truly understand us, you must know us as both forms. You already know me. You must now know him.” The white snake then backed away and bowed its head towards the black snake.

The black snake then slithered up towards Daemon. It looked at him with his empty and bleeding eyes. “Do you truly want to make that choice, or will you forever remain safe?”

“I want to make the choice. It is my life, and I will live it how I see fit.” Daemon said this with full confidence, staring down the black snake that stood before him.

“Very well.” It said. It then moved back and motioned towards the white snake. The white snake came forwards and bowed before Daemon, and then took the form of Daemon’s Shikai. Daemon picked it up and examined it. it was pure white, with no black or red markings. “that is to defend yourself with. This will be no easy test, you understand this? You must find the room while fighting me off. Are you ready?”

“Ready.” Replied Daemon.

“Then begin.” And the black snake flew towards him.

The battle was fiercer than anything Daemon had ever experienced before. The sheer ferocity of the enemy’s attacks was astounding. It was all Daemon could do to defend himself from the attacks of the black snake. As the battle continued into the following day however, Daemon found that it became easier and easier to defend himself, and he even found a few openings in the black snakes movements in which he could launch a counterattack. This wasn’t because the snake had slowed or become tired, quite the opposite. If anything, the black snake had become more ferocious in its attacks. The only thing that changed was Daemon’s ability to perceive them was getting better and better. In fact, as the battle progressed into the third day, he began to hear voices coming from the various doors that covered his inner world.

Daemon began to listen to the words that the doors would say to him, all the while defending himself from the attacks of the black snake. Some doors spoke of past memories, like his sickly childhood. Other doors spoke of his emotions. Rage. Joy. Sorrow. Everything that he had ever experienced were within these doors. Judging from what the other doors were saying, he managed to piece together directions to the door he was looking for. As the memories got more intense, and the emotions became more pronounced, he was able to interpret the way to the door of his future. Then he saw it. it was a black door, like many of the other doors in the area, but for some reason, whenever he tried to get closer to it, it moved away. Just then the black snake bit down hard on his back, releasing an intense scream of pain from Daemon. The black snake shook him around and threw him in the opposite direction from the door. That was when he knew for sure that that was the correct door. He got up, and rushed the black snake. He had noticed that when the black snake approached the door, it had stayed the same distance from it. He figured that maybe he had to force the black snake through the door before he could enter it. It would make sense. The black snake had been present in the room when he entered it in his dream.

Daemon pushed the black snake back with a series of attacks alike in ferocity to what the black snake had been leveling at him. Farther and farther he pushed, until finally the door stood before him. He was right. The black snake had to go before him. With a final series of strikes he forced the black snake to retreat into door. Daemon shunpo’d after him, desperate to get inside before the door continued to evade him. He succeeded.

Daemon was now standing in the room with the black snake. Their battle had stopped. Daemon looked around and saw behind him the two doors from his dream. They still said the same words, “Return” and “No Return”. The black snake looked at Daemon, and said “Now choose.”

Daemon stared at the doors. He began to speak to the black snake without turning his gaze away from the doors, “I just came from the first door didn’t I? That would explain why they were behind me when I entered.” He didn’t wait for the snake to respond before continuing, “And that is the door I have to enter in order to learn who you truly are.” Daemon had had plenty of time to reconsider during his fight with the black snake, but he knew that the answers he wanted and maybe more were beyond that door. He started forwards, and opened the door that read “No Return”. Before him was nothing but a blinding white light. Daemon took a breath, and entered the room beyond.

A picture filled his mind. He was standing in a white room, covered in an armor made of white bone and scales. In his hand he held a massive scythe. The blade was a single red fang, and the staff was made of black scales and charred bone. It was magnificent. He saw great power in both the armor and the weapon, more so than he had ever seen in himself before. He knew what this was. As he stood in awe of what he was being shown, a name was whispered into his ear. “Shukun Shi no Ishi”, the name of his Bankai.

Looking upon the image of himself, he suddenly understood the purpose of each snake. The white snake offered protection and healing, while the black snake offered nothing but destruction. Each had its place and purpose, and each did its job to the fullest in this form. But something still troubled Daemon. The purpose of the black snake was too unfeeling. Its power was destruction for destructions sake, and not for any specific reason. It was then, to his horror, that Daemon discovered who was really responsible for the tragedy in the 13th Rukongai. It was the black snake. He who looked down on him and called him weak took everything away from him, just to test him. Daemon decided right then that before he died, he was going to seal away the black snake. That way no one ever had to be subject to its wrath again.

#2 Re: Shi no Ishi's true form. on Sat Oct 26, 2013 1:15 am


Daemon snapped back to reality. a smile began to grow on his face. his Bankai. how he had waited for this day. he marveled at his Zanpakuto. the power it contained within was immense, and he alone would learn to control it. speaking of which, it might be a good idea to practice with it before revealing it in actual combat. Daemon got up and began to wonder who would be willing to practice with him, and where they would go to practice. the second part was not too much of a problem, he could always go to Sokyoku Hill. it was high and far enough away so as to not cause any damage to the surrounding areas. but who would help him train was a little harder. it would have to be someone with a Bankai of their own, but that leaves only captains and some of the vice captains. then a thought struck him. what about Jun'ichi Nakamura? he was a little gruff, but he is legendary in his battle prowess. surely he would be willing to help him train. having decided, Daemon set off to the 6th squad captains office.

When Daemon arrived he was greeted by one of the lower seated members. after he explained what he wanted to ask him, the kid went white. but nonetheless, he led him to the office. Daemon knocked on the door, and waited for a response.

#3 Re: Shi no Ishi's true form. on Sat Oct 26, 2013 3:18 am


Juni'chi was seated in his office, scolding around the one's who had submitted their reports about the missions assigned to them, irrespective of the fact that they had completed the tasks assigned to them or not. His voice echoed not only in his office, but almost all of the squad 6 barracks. It wasn't like he wanted them to be discouraged, he just wanted his subordinates to put all of their capabilities to the tasks assigned to them, as clearly their current efforts weren't enough to please him.

As he continued to pick on the poor under ranked shinigami, he was interrupted by a knock on the door. Normally, even captains avoided visiting Juni'chi, go figure. Normally it would be a messenger or someone with an urgent report. Using his hands to gesture the shinigami who had been taking a verbal beating for quite some time now, he dismissed them for the time being.

In a loud voice, he replied to the knock on the door

Clearly he had a certain amount of pride and arrogance, a life of battle, filled with the gains and loss of many wars had left a scar on his personality. It was doomed to be bitter to the very end. Politeness and formalities weren't expected from him by any of the other captains, even the captain commander had accepted his blunt personality. Despite his defects, he was an asset to the soul society indeed. As the shinigami of his squad entered, Juni'chi was surprised that why would he waste time walking around, he must've been appointed some task, but there he was wasting time knocking on his office's door and doing who knows what he was doing. Not noticing the shinigami following his subordinate,

"You've got some nerve punk. What are you doing slacking off? I have my hands full with one slacker, that no good, lousy 4th seat of ours, don't even think of following in his foot steps or I might add one more to the list of the unnamed dead in soul society. You worthless little..."

He paused, finally noticing another shinigami right behind him, it appeared that he was being led by his subordinate, so he must've asked him to show him to the office. Juni'chi didn't recognize this one, he didn't seem to be one of his squad members, he waited for the shinigami, to explain his purpose of the visit. After he dismissed his subordinate, of coarse after cursing and scolding him to his heart's content.

#4 Re: Shi no Ishi's true form. on Sat Oct 26, 2013 9:16 am


Daemon entered the office and Bowed. "Greetings Jun'ichi-sama. i am Daemon Tetsuyo from squad 4. currently unseated. i have come to ask for your assistance in training. i have recently aquired my Bankai, and to prevent harming someone, i thought it would be a good idea to train with someone who also had bankai. if you would be willing to help, it would be greatly appreciated."

Daemon could only hope as he felt the Captain's gaze upon him, sizing him up. he began to have second thoughts, and maybe a different captain would have been a better idea. but Jun'ichi's battle prowess was legendary. if there was anyone who could train Daemon, it would have to be him.

#5 Re: Shi no Ishi's true form. on Sat Oct 26, 2013 12:42 pm


Juni'chi raised an eye brow, when he heard the request of the shinigami. This was a rare occurrence, he was being asked to train someone, his ruthlessness and ferocity was well known, even in Hueco Mundo. Yet, this young shinigami wanted him to train him. Either his bankai was strong enough to only be trained by the likes of Juni'chi or he was just a naive one. As he had nothing better to do at the time, besides scolding his subordinates and cursing them to death, which was almost like breathing to him, so technically he didn't have anything to do.

Getting up from his seat, he nodded to the shinigami. No need for more words after that, he headed towards the door, leading the way. May be he had an idea to where he would test the bankai of this shinigami, or may be he was just going to throw him out of the office, he walked right by the shinigami, opening the door. Expecting the shinigami to follow. guess it wasn't the latter, phew. Without any words, Daemon's request had just been accepted by Juni'chi Nakamura.

As he walked out of the office, he turned towards facing the outskirts, it appeared he was going to test Daemon, in the forest, located at the outskirts of soul society. Turning his head backwards to the shinigami who had just asked him to train him, he said

"You better be worth my time, punk. Because if your not, I'll bury you there."

With killer intent in his eyes, and no expressions on his face, he was dead serious. He began to head towards the outskirts, using super speed, without wasting a single moment. He was more eager than the shinigami himself to get right to it. May be he wanted to see the extent of his capabilities.

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#6 Re: Shi no Ishi's true form. on Sat Oct 26, 2013 10:36 pm


when Jun'ichi got up, Daemon thought he was about to get thrown out of his office for wasting his time. it certainly would have been characteristic of him, seeing as he was already scolding the other occupants of the office. but then he nodded. "Really?" Daemon thought, not daring to say it out loud. he was filled with excitement at the prospect of training with one of the greats. and also, scared shitless. especially after what Jun'ichi had said next. he hardened his resolve right there and swore to himself that he was going to give Jun'ichi a big surprise with his battle prowess and strength.

the captain didn't stop next to Daemon, but just kept going to the door. Daemon watched as the captain didn't stop to look back, or offer a destination, and just shunpo'd away.

Daemon only hesitated for a split second. he ran to the door of the office, and shunpo'd in the direction of the captain. they flew through the air, shunpoing the whole way until they got to the outskirts of the forest. when they arrived, Daemon activated his Bankai. he didn't want to risk waiting for Jun'ichi to get the drop on him when he wasn't ready.

"Lead them to the next life. Bankai, Shukun Shi no Ishi!" power exploded from within Daemon's body. strength and speed like he had never felt before surged though him, while his body was being covered by the armor of bones. from his outstretched hand, his Zanpakuto shifted into a huge scythe made of black bones and a giant red fang for the blade. when the transformation had finished, Daemon looked at himself, allowing only a second of vanity. he looked like a Dragonslayer. he then prepared himself for the onslaught of his opponent.

#7 Re: Shi no Ishi's true form. on Sun Oct 27, 2013 7:06 pm


Juni'chi upon arriving the shinigami to go all out right away, and he wasn't disappointed. As soon as they arrived, the shinigami released his bankai. Indeed a strong appearance, may be he was about to be proved wrong, but then that is what he actually wanted. If he released his bankai, it might be too overwhelming and besides his bankai wasn't fit for training someone, it was more like the means of finishing the battle. Unsheathing his zanpakuto, Juni'chi released his shikai "Sever Kintarō!.
With those words, his zanpakuto transformed into a japanese hatchet. The rumored shikai to crumble buildings and apparently invincible foes with a single strike. His fighting style of Iaijutsu, complemented the form greatly. Though, this training wasn't about delivering the killer blow, but if he was going to teach this shinigami to control his bankai, he had to deliver at least life threatening blows. As the shinigami had taken the initiative, it would only be fitting if Juni'chi launched the first attack. Slashing his zanpakuto in diagonal form twice, making an x form, the slash itself was strong enough to launch a shock wave, with the same color as Juni'chi's reiatsu, of golden color. Headed straight for the shinigami, as the reiatsu was bright enough to make the shinigami's perception of Juni'chi's location difficult, using incredible speed, he changed his location. Now standing on air, 3 metres above ground, as he could see the wave of reiatsu that his slash had just created, heading towards the shinigami with great speed.

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#8 Re: Shi no Ishi's true form. on Mon Oct 28, 2013 1:15 am


Daemon saw the cross of energy streak towards him. he channeled his Reiatsu into his scythe and slashed it, stopping it instantly. he was strong. spiritual energy surged through him making him stronger and, as he found out during his retaliating Shunpo, faster than he had ever been before. he took a sideways slash at Jun'ichi, expecting him to jump above it. Daemon then Shunpo'd to where he thought he would end up, channeled his reiatsu into his blade again, and made a spinning slash down. if this struck, it would cleave whatever it touched down to the bone.

Daemon had to be careful not to get cocky. this kind of power had clouded his focus before, and he wasn't about to allow it to happen again. even in this attack he was ready for anything the Captain would throw at him.

#9 Re: Shi no Ishi's true form. on Mon Oct 28, 2013 9:02 pm


Juni'chi saw the shock wave generated completely decimated by the shinigami. Indeed that was impressive, but that alone wasn't enough to impress him, as soon as he did, the shinigami moved towards Juni'chi using extremely fast speed, with a side ways slash. Being an expert at Iaijutsu, Juni'chi blocked the attack, aiming for a counter. Before he could do so the shinigami had already moved, this time standing above Juni'chi, instead of heading right after him. Expecting that the shinigami would be expecting him to do so, Juni'chi did not move, as the shinigami had moved too fast, he assumed that Juni'chi would move attempting to avoid the slash. So the shinigami swung in the air, aiming for nothing with a spiral slash downwards.
Juni'chi laughed, almost mocking the young shinigami. He was too into the battle, may be he was at his toes, attempting his best to cause some damage to Juni'chi. May be he was pissed that Juni'chi wasn't fighting at his full, he was fighting back using his shikai. But Juni'chi was sure that if he released his bankai, the sheer strength of his attacks might kill the young shinigami, who appeared to have some potential, if it wasn't Juni'chi, who was completely relaxed in battle. Due to a lifetime of fighting and wars. The prediction of the shinigami would have been accurate, and as he had attacked right away, the slash would have been completely impossible to avoid.
This was impressive enough to catch the eyes of someone like Juni'chi. Thinking one move ahead of the enemy, indeed a fine quality, and a dangerous one at that. But that wasn't going to be enough to take him down. Just strategy can't completely counter sheer brute strength."Nice try kid, you'll have to do better than that!" With those words Juni'chi used his fast speed, instead of appearing right in front of the shinigami or behind him, he first appeared on top of him, making a downward slash, but right before the slash would execute he used fast speed and altered the possible direction of the slash, making it side ways. The slash was strong enough to cause yet another shock wave, but since Juni'chi hadn't executed it at a long or medium range. Instead at point blank range, if the attack connected it had the ability to crush bones, or pierce through them. If the reiatsu of the foe wasn't enough, the slash could end up slicing the enemy in half.

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#10 Re: Shi no Ishi's true form. on Tue Oct 29, 2013 3:34 am


still spinning from his failed attack, Daemon noticed Jun'ichi shunpo above him and execute an attack. Daemon had under a second to think. he threw his scythe to the ground and shouted, "Hone Supuriasu!" Daemon didn't have time to dodge the attack, so he focused his Reiatsu into his armor and braced himself. It came at him like a bat out of hell. it slammed into his body from the side, trying as it might to slice him in two. Daemon was able to stop himself using his wings, and noticed that the attack had only barely managed to pierce his armor, leaving him with a moderate cut in his side. the bleeding stopped very quickly and the area healed over with bone. it was at this point that the blade of his scythe struck the ground releasing a thin line of bones straight up attempting to pierce through the chest of his opponent. Daemon then rushed in and attempted to strike his opponent with all his might from above, so as to slam him into the rising bone spear. he delivered the punch with more force than he thought possible, putting a lot of Reiatsu into it.

This was truly a bankai to be proud of. its capacity to deal damage and its ability to protect its user were unlike anything Daemon had ever seen before. however, Jun'ichi was still fighting with only his Shikai. if Daemon wanted to truly test his Bankai, he would have to push Jun'ichi to the edge and beyond. that was why he was fighting like he intended to kill him. nothing else would satisfy Jun'ichi's hunger.

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