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#31 Re: [AoL] Act 1 - Nobles Water on Fri Dec 06, 2013 6:18 am

Manda watched as her attack went right into the frogman. She then saw him collapse from the attack. This did surprise her. She had not expected to have her attack seemingly work so well. It was just as Reyes was beginning to talk that she turned her attention back to him. She had not expected him to hand her the water. She held the water, somewhat amazed that he handed it to her, but knew that if she betrayed him that she may just loose her life. She watched as Reyes sent the muddy water rushing over the frogman and the grab him. Just as he grabbed him she felt the reiatsu of a captain level Shinigami. Her hunch had been right and they had sent in reinforcements. She was just about to take off without a care, water in hand, when he advised her not to show the water.

This puzzled her a bit. She had nowhere to hide the water in her current state as she was not about to return to her normal state to hide the water. That would put her at a disadvantage. She then remembered that she still was able to use the power of her Sudden Storm. She figured it would give Reyes enough time to finish with the frogman by stalling the group. It would also keep her hidden in the trees. It is with that she left, using the trees as cover to get close enough to the group. She placed the water in her back claw, almost hiding it, before using the storm to cause a large downpour on the group, making walking hard due to the mud and large puddles she created. She also sent forth many bolts of lighting that would hit the ground right before the group every time they moved, trying to prevent their progress. This would not last long, but should help stall them, just a bit. She began to think of a new plan. Then it hit her, Dragons Fury. It was a long shot at best but she would be able to scare them away with the fire, if she only showed her upper half, keeping the lower half and the water hidden from the Shinigami. She only hoped it would work With that she began to charge her attack, hoping she didn’t have to use it, but got it ready just in case.


This is the final post that Sudden Storm is in effect.

Attack Name: Dragon's Fury

Description: Manda separates the hydrogen atom from the oxygen atom in the water. Then, with a spark from her lighting, she ignites the hydrogen atom to cause a blast of fire to come from her mouth. It takes one post to charge and is normally her final attack since it does use most of what is left of her energy. If she is still able to she can use this attack again after 10 posts.

Technique Effect Chart:

*The effect chart is for damage, durability, or any other after effect of a technique. The damage/effect/etc will be based off of tiers.*

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: There is no chance that the attack will miss. This attack will cause 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree burns to any part of the body touched.
Opponent is One Tier Lower: There is a slim chance that the attack will miss. This attack will cause 1st, 2nd, and some 3rd degree burns to any part of the body touched.
Opponent is Equal Tier: There is a slight chance that the attack will miss. This attack will cause 1st and 2nd degree burns to any part of the body touched.
Opponent is One Tier Higher: There is a general chance that the attack will miss. This attack will cause 1st and some 2nd degree burns to any part of the body touched.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: There is a decent chance that the attack will miss. This attack will cause 1st degree burns to any part of the body touched.
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#32 Re: [AoL] Act 1 - Nobles Water on Fri Mar 14, 2014 3:33 pm



The one sided battle, if one would choose to call it, was over before it actually began. In his hand, Reyes held a shinigami who had given his all but wasn’t able to do much significant damage to either of the arrancars. The noble water too was now in their possession and the arrancars had easily accomplished what they came to accomplish. It was to be expected that the shinigami reinforcements won’t be too far behind and waiting any longer wouldn’t be of much benefit. As Reyes finished his sentence, intrigued though he was in this new creature he had come across, his left eye brow twitched as he felt the incoming reiatsus. Even though a senkaimon hadn’t opened yet, it was about to.

Reyes felt the barrage of reiatsu heading in their direction, with an evil smile on his face, he opened the fist with which he was holding the frog shinigami. Once more the shinigami, smeared in the mud, fell back into it. Reyes wasn’t going to wait around to see what was heading his way, it would be interesting but it wasn’t worth the effort and he had bigger goals to accomplish. So waiting around and wasting time in meaningless battles wasn’t an option. He turned his head to face his comrade, shalishar. As usual the demonic like arrancar was busy in tormenting his opponent. His fight too, was very one sided like Reyes had expected.

In his commodore like tone, he addressed the two followers of his, ”It’s time to leave.” With that he opened up a garganta, leading into the dark, he wasn’t planning to stay any longer. There was no point in staying there anyways. Without waiting for an answer or a reply, with a touch of satisfaction and pride in his demeanor, Reyes walked into the dark disappearing from plain sight. He was well aware that Manda was holding the noble water but he was going to trust that she would follow his instructions like he expected her to. He hadn’t given her a reason not to and even if she decided to turn around, it wouldn’t be much of a problem for him to find her and tear her limb from limb if need be.


Shalishar was indulged in what he loved best, toying with his opponent. Pulling their strings for as long as their will could take before they would finally give in. But his little hobby would soon be interrupted with Reyes’s orders. ”Tch.. “ said the arrancar, ”..and I was just beginning to have fun too.” But his excuse would fall on no one’s ears as Reyes would have already walked into the garganta he opened without paying any attention to Shalishar or the new ally. It wouldn’t be smart to not follow Reyes, Shalishar was well aware of that.

Immediately after, Reyes disappears, Shalishar finally stops the barrage of attacks he had unleashed on the shinigami that had dared face him. ”It was fun… while it lasted.” sheathing his zanpakuto Shalishar would turn his head to Manda, expecting her to do the same. If Reyes had told them to leave, it must be because it wasn’t smart staying there any longer, the cunning arrancar was well aware of that fact.  So he followed Reyes, into the dark garganta disappearing in the same manner as Reyes.


Manda having ready her attack would stop after realizing that Reyes was already done with the frogman. It would appear that it wouldn’t be smart for the three of them to stay in the vicinity any longer. So Manda, after watching both Shalishar and Reyes fade into the dark by walking into the garganta would follow, as the garganta would disappear right after her.

Just as soon as the three arrancars disappear, a senkaimon would open. Three captains of the gotei 13 would emerge, along with their squads as back up. The squad 6’s Juni’chi Nakamura, the squad 4’s captain lara dirk and the squad 11s captain Jinsuke kenpachi. Only to find their comrades severely injured and the noble water stolen. The captains would establish a barrier around the area, doing damage control while the squad 4’s captain herself would attend to the injured all the while reports of the incident would be dispatched to the seiretei.

OOC:  I have exited Manda in accordance to Pallus’s instructions. If the participants of the thread(those who are still active), feel the need to post an exit post, feel free to do so. If not, this will be the final post for act I, act II sign ups will begin shortly.

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