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on Sun Oct 27, 2013 10:26 am


Daemon had just found the perfect branch to suit his needs and was now waiting for his moment to strike. he watched as Hachiro spoke to the oncoming arrancar. they hadn't engaged, and the distraction wasn't enough for Daemon to take advantage of just yet. and who was this woman? she had appeared out of nowhere and accosted the arrancar. whatever her reason, she appeared to be on their side. or at least against the arrancar.

But wait, there was something about this arrancar that puzzled Daemon. he couldn't quite place it but... HOLY. CRAP. he knew that arrancar! that was Reyes! the arrancar that had attacked him and Hiiro back at his families house! this presented Daemon with a problem. if he could recognize Reyes from high above with low visibility, then Reyes could certainly recognize him. but Daemon had been hiding his Reiatsu, there's no way that he could pick up on that right?

Daemon considered his options. he would have to remain here for the moment at least. execute the plan as predicted and then go from there. but he knew how Reyes liked to fight, which presented him with an odd advantage. if he could get Reyes mad enough it would allow him to control the fight. but he only knew of one thing that made Reyes mad. getting hit. for the moment however, all he could do, was wait.


on Sun Oct 27, 2013 10:57 am


Gardening…? Him? Oh. Ohoho… So this bastard had a few quips, huh? Funny. In fact, it was so funny that even Hachiro himself had to snicker at it. Just nevermind that pulsing, blatant vein in his forehead or those muscles in his forearms tensing as the “Big Bad Old Man” casually strolled towards him. “Tch… that prick…” he mused, his eyes firmly locked upon who would be his fated foe. “Let’s just see how smooth you are when you’re stopped dead in your tracks.” It would take a bit of good old fashioned willpower and effort on his part, maybe even a pinch of focus to pull it all together, but now that the pond guppies had cleared out, Hachiro was more than willing to let this guy know who the head honcho was around these parts. All it would take was a couple of pretty words and a single gesture.

But first and foremost, he'd at least let the young lady standing in the way know that he was getting froggy and about ready to hop up. "Oi, Oppai-san..." He called out to the woman. "I do appreciate the additional help from a mysterious aid but... I suggest you remove yourself from the point you're standing. I wouldn't want to hurt you."

With his piece said, Hachiro’s eyes firmly locked upon Reyes, his reiatsu slowly building with each word spoken from here on out. “Carriage of thunder, bridge of a spinning wheel. With light, divide this into six.” Hachiro’s left arm had risen up at the last spoken line, his pointer finger lazily lining up at the man’s chest. “Bakudō Number Sixty One: Rikujōkōrō." The energy he had built up within himself and through the power of the incantation came within the form of a prismatic burst of light from his fingertip, summoning six beams of light, appearing around the man, rushing to lodge themselves within his midsection. With that landed, he certainly wouldn't be moving around so freely. You see, Hachiro was playing nice so far. This way, Daemon could get in on the action and attack this guy like he wanted. No harm, no foul. Then after he had done what he wanted, Hachiro could move in and slap the wrinkles right off of his smug mug.

Kidou used:
Spell Name: Rikujōkōrō (六杖光牢, Six Rods Prison of Light)
Spell Type: Bakudō
Spell Number: #61
Spell Incantation: Carriage of thunder, bridge of a spinning wheel. With light, divide this into six!
Spell Effect: A restraint spell which immobilizes enemies with six spiritual bands. The caster points their index finger at the target, generating a spark of yellow energy, which summons six thin, wide beams of light, which, slamming into a target's midsection, hold them in place. The target is unable to move any part of their body, including the parts which were not struck by the beams.

on Sun Oct 27, 2013 11:09 am


Reyes kept walking even as the female arrancar moved between him and the cart. She must have been made to ask Reyes who he thought he was a second time. Just because she liked repeating herself now it seemed he would have to do the same. He hated repeating himself..."Who am I?..." For a moment it would seem as if Reyes were 50 feet tall as his killing intent flooded out along with a heavy wave of reiatsu. Once he was within reach of the woman, Reyes stopped and glared down at her before taking in a breath and shouting in a booming voice like thunder, "I ALREADY TOLD YOU I'M SOMEONE WHO DOESN'T HAVE TIME TO PLAY AROUND!" the sudden shouting might have been a surprise, but the wave of reiatsu that Reyes unleashed following it was enough to weigh down on the movements of everyone there. I am Reyes, and I've fought in battle against the captain commander of the gotei 13 when he was just a snot nosed kid. Who the hell are you to be standing in my way?" His name was indeed a legend, but it was so old most had forgotten him and his exploits were no longer well known. Just one more frusrtating thing Reyes hated about getting older.

Reyes' out burst would come to a pause when the shinigami finished his spell. Out of nowhere, the spell formed around Reyes and sealed him in place for a brief moment. It would seem like now was their chance.

((Two more rounds until Shalishar arrives))

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on Sun Oct 27, 2013 11:33 am

Manda kept an eye on Reyes as he introduced himself.  He did shock her with his shouting that when he released his reiatsu she was even more surprised.  When he finished introducing himself she had to admit she was a little impressed by him.  It was then that she heard the warning from the Shinigami.  She got out of the way just as he sent out the attack.  This just made her even more mad.  How dare he but in on her conversation.  If this Shinigami was gonna get in her way she was gonna make sure that he learned not to mess with her.  She closed her eyes and called more clouds together.  She then opened her eyes and said, “Repentina Tormenta!”  Once said she called upon a bolt of lightning and sent it straight for  Hachiro.  If he was going to attack Reyes, she was gonna take him out so that she could try and talk with Reyes on a one on one basis or so help her.  She was well beyond mad now and she was going to see to it that the Shinigmi paid for interfering with her conversation.


Personal Ability used:

Name: Repentina Tormenta (sudden storm)
Effect: Manda is able to draw on her elements of lightning and water to create a sudden thunderstorm. The area is surrounded by thick, dark thunder clouds. The clouds can produce large amounts of rain, up to 5 inches, and a multitude of lightning bolts, no more than 50. The lightning from the storm can strike at any enemies around the area within a 50 foot radius and mostly just shock a person. The storm comes on quick as there is no charge and can last for 5 posts and cools down for 5 posts. She can use this both before and during Ressurrecion.

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on Sun Oct 27, 2013 10:59 pm


Daemon used the branch as a springboard and rocketed down from the tree at the moment Reyes was hit with Hachiro's Kido spell.  about halfway down, he released his Zanpakuto saying quietly, "Mourn.  Shi no Ishi".  he hid the flash of light under his Shihakusho, and at the last possible second revealed and sharpened his Reiatsu around his blade and made the strike.

Daemon aimed for Reyes' neck, and attempted a slash from the top to the base of the spine.  then, upon touching the ground, he noticed the powerful surge of Reiatsu from the girl.  Daemon saw the clouds above flash and grow.  there was a lightning strike coming.  Daemon slammed his blade into the ground shouting "Hone Supuriasu!", causing a giant spike of bone to erupt from the ground underneath Reyes.  he was attempting to carry him up into the air to draw the ever growing lightning towards him.  

Daemon then rehid his reiatsu and shunpo'd back behind a tree, waiting for the next moment to stike.

Shikai Ability:
Name: Hone no Hofuku (Retribution of Bone)
Every strike the blade lands against the opponent damages them, and then forces their body to repair it with bone. each additional to the same limb causes more bone to grow. If stuck 3 times the limb becomes difficult to move, and if struck 6 times the limb becomes fully encased and useless. Limbs count as Head, Torso, Arms, and Legs. as the opponent's body gets more and more bone grown on it, it begins to impede their movement. once it reaches 50%, the opponents movement should be reduced to about 50% of normal.

Hone Supuriasu:
Technique Name: Hone Supuriasu (Bone Spurs)
Technique Description: you strike the blade against the ground, causing it to erupt with spikes of bone in a direction you desire.  the bones travel up to 10 meters. if it strikes an opponent, they cause serious lacerations, that as before, begin to heal over with bone. this ability has a cooldown of 3 posts.

Technique Effect Chart:

*The effect chart is for damage, durability, or any other after effect of a technique. The damage/effect/etc will be based off of tiers.*

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: Fully pierces the limb.
Opponent is One Tier Lower: Pierces most of the way through.
Opponent is Equal Tier: Pierces halfway through.
Opponent is One Tier Higher: Pierces an inch.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher:
Pierces enough to draw blood.


on Tue Oct 29, 2013 4:27 am


With little time to react to an attack so sudden, the waves of reiatsu released coming towards him in tides, and with the water those men worked so hard to collect behind his back, Hachiro had no choice but to stay as he were, attempt to bolster his defenses with reiatsu and receive the blow. With an unnerving crackle and a resounding boom, the lightning bolt struck his body and seared his flesh. His knees buckled, the beams of light he had summoned to halt their assailant began to visibly crack. How inconvenient... to face so called “betrayal” by an unknown woman of fairly questionable mentality. The pain wasn’t so bad. Nah… not as bad as he thought it might be. No. He didn’t feel that at all. He was still conscious, still all smiles despite a few awkward muscle spasms here and there. Hell, he was still as flippant he wanted to be. Chuckling, he reached around the small of his back, the pads of his fingers touching upon the ruffled braiding of his sword's hilt. He clinched his blade, readying himself for that right moment. The swift draw of the blade just as his opponent stepped within his reach, one stroke to end it all.

on Tue Oct 29, 2013 11:59 pm


As the six rods of light formed and pierced Reyes mid-section it would appear as though the shinigami had a perfect opening. Rikujokorou was an upper level spell and Hachiro should be proud that he was capable of casting such a powerful bakudo without incantation. It was truly an impressive feat for someone of the frog man's level. But the gap in power between himself and Reyes was just too great. The large tower of a man simply looked down at the spell and let his reiatsu burn up into a ferocious column of light that erupted from his body as Daemon released his shikai and launched and attack from behind. The resulting wave of air pressure and spiritual pressure from Reyes would serve as a barrier of sorts. Daemon's strike would almost come within reach of Reyes' neck but it would fall a mere centimeter short before the shinigami would be pushed back from the arrancar's body. The rods of light that had been binding Reyes were now shattered and fell to the ground like shards of glass which quickly faded into latent reishi.

The ancient warrior saw that in front of him, his fellow Arrancer had turned her attention to the shinigami. This was a perfect chance for him so he began to gather reiatsu into the palm of his hand causing a crimson glow to lightly flow from his cloak. But the shout from Daemon behind him caused Reyes to turn instead. He had been planning on blowing away the arrancar and the shinigami as they fought each other, but it seemed the other shinigami he'd noticed finally decided to reveal himself. As Reyes turned he extended his palm from his cloak and unleashed a pre-mature wave of crimson energy as soon as he saw the wild wave of bones headed his way. The cero would release with the familiar whine of compressed reishi being unleashed in a wave. The bones and blast would clash leaving nothing but smoke and charred calcium in their wake.

Reyes remembered that attack...he reached up for his neck and rubbed the small portion of skin that had been turned to bone. He still hadn't fixed that yet as a reminder to himself that he had a debt to repay. An evil grin soon danced across the arrancar's face as he realized not only could he steal the water, but he could also finish what he started months ago. It seemed like the shinigami had gone into hiding as it's reiatsu dropped and it wasn't in plain sight. But he'd released his shikai and possessed no special abilities or techniques to help hide his presence. Reyes simply sent out a pesquisa pulse and instantly located Daemon's position.

The arrancar performed a sonido and in a blink Daemon would hear a static buzzing sound behind him as Reyes' massive reiatsu engulfed his body. The shinigami would have trouble breathing, let alone attacking. Reyes would be able to see the boy struggling and scoff, "Are you really the same one that gave me this wound? You got weaker..." The arrancar was right, Daemon no longer had the benefit of super candy overcharging his reiatsu. As he was now, he couldn't even put a dent into Reyes' hierro. The arrancar had a look of disappointment as he rose his zanpakutou and prepared to end the shinigami's life. Reyes slashed down violently causing a wave of Kenatsu to cut down several nearby trees, but his heart was no longer in the kill due to his disappointment. That would make the attack just slow enough that Daemon would be able to see it coming and react.

((Shalishar will arrive in 1 round))

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on Wed Oct 30, 2013 10:03 am


Because of the sheer power of the Reiatsu being forced upon him, Daemon couldn't do anything but barely move to the side of the slash. his movements were so slow it felt like he was moving through syrup. The blade of energy passed by mostly harmlessly, leaving only a slight burning sensation along his arm.

Daemon tried to run, he needed to get to safety. but he couldn't just leave Hachiro behind... he changed direction, and headed around Reyes as fast as he could. by the time he got to him, he was exhausted. his breathing was heavily labored, and his legs felt like jelly. it was too hard to run in the presence of such a powerful Reiatsu. he attempted to pull Hachiro away, and down the mountain. they couldn't possibly fight in this condition. they would have to make a tactical retreat for now, and regroup in Soul Society. the girl would make a nice decoy as they made their escape. Daemon hated using a person like this, but she had attacked Hachiro.

on Sat Nov 02, 2013 6:48 am

Manda kept her eyes on the lizard Shinigami before her. That was until she felt the spirit pressure from a different Shinigami. She turned in time to watch what the Shinigami did with Reyes and how Reyes reacted. She jumped back only to watch Reyes zoom away. She then turned to look at the lizard Shinigami who seemed to have been taken away by his partner just as she turned. She wondered what Reyes had done to scared him so bad as to pull his partner away and retreat. Realized she was alone now she walked over to the water and picked it up. If Reyes wanted it he would need to tell her why. If his intentions were in her favor she may just help him. She knew he was not far so she called out to him. ”If you want this Reyes, you’ll have to tell me what you plan to do. You seem to hate those pesky Shinigami as much as I do. If you could use the help maybe I’ll join you.”

Manda knew she was taking a risk in saying that, but it was one she was willing to take in order to get what she wanted, the Shinigami gone and the water to herself. She waited quietly for his reply, all the while looking out for the Shinigami.

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on Sun Nov 03, 2013 12:36 pm


The reiatsu coating the air was too thick… too dense. It was comparable to wading through the thick; through grime and filth. Like passing through the mucky mulch, like swimming in muddy waters. This heavy burden placed upon them… this pressure that persisted, trying to force them down to their knees, it was ridiculous. But a certain cold blooded frog who still dared to be brave, still stood boldly in the face of these overwhelming odds before them. This water had to be worth more than those higher ups had let on. There had to be something more to it, something to sweeten the pot and make it worth their while to be here, especially for some sort of meticulously calculated ambush. Hachiro wouldn't turn tail and run so easily. It was his job to stand guard and defend this water and the lives of the others. He assured the leader of the party that he would fulfill his duty. Innocent people died to get this water and he wasn't about to let that sacrifice be for nothing. With his blade firmly held in reverse, he poured determination into his burning, aching body, and sprung straight out from Daemon’s grip and right above the woman. He descended downward, aiming a single swipe at the very crown of her head. It was simple attack, half hearted, highly telegraphed as well. He would never take it upon himself to physically strike a woman. But he did want her out of the way, away from the water. He wanted to scare her off.

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