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on Wed Oct 23, 2013 9:14 am


OOW. as the Arrancar's fist slammed into his face Daemon could only think to himself: did i really believe that would work? Daemon flew backwards, the only thing he was feeling was the pain in his face when a sword struck him in the left side. judging from the pain he felt, the gash must be pretty substantial. the strike sent him spinning, and the only thing he could manage to do was initiate his Uroborosu Tate technique. he put up the shield between himself and the Arrancar, hoping to intercept any other attacks that he may throw at him. and then came the Bala's. they easily smashed through his shield and rocketed toward him. just then he had an idea that would save his life. Daemon used Shi no Ishi like a wing, to alter his trajectory just enough to put him out of the way of the incoming Bala's. that didn't slow him down however, and he smashed head-first into another building.

the damage he had sustained was substantial. he had a large gash in his left side, a broken nose, and a fractured skull. and that was only what he felt at the moment. surely later he would feel all the other cuts and bruises. there was no time for another healing technique, that much was clear. he had to come up with a plan and fast, or that Arrancar was going to kill him. but first things first. Daemon deepened his focus and regained control over his Reiatsu. then a split second Kaido to stop the bleeding in his left side.

it was time for his perfect score in Tactics class to come in handy for once. he remembered something about... thats it. right there. the perfect tactic to take down this overconfident sack. but he would need help. Daemon got up shakily and walked over to Hiiro. he shook Hiiro to make sure he was listening and said, "Get. Help." he then pushed him into his family's house and then shut the door. Hiiro was pretty good with Kido, so he figured he could at least send a message for him. Daemon then did something he had never done before. he cut himself with Shi no Ishi.

Daemon walked slowly towards the Arrancar, stopping maybe twenty feet from him. this was it. if this didn't work, there was nothing else he could do. he waited for a few seconds so that Hiiro could get a head start, and then sprang. he used Hone Supuriasu as a feint to the left and then shunpo'd to the right. immediately after landing he shunpo'd back behind the wall he had created and used Kyoshin Suto to shatter it, sending shards of bone flying at the Arrancar. he dashed through the middle of the shower of bone, Shi no Ishi Swinging in a wide arc from the right, leaving his left side exposed. this was it. the last moment before he found out if his plan would work.


on Thu Oct 24, 2013 7:45 am


"Is that it!? All you could muster?!" the Arrancar called out a loud boasting laughter escaping his opened mouth, truly this had been a pathetic show of skill he had the Arrancar planned to end this fight already, cut deep into this shinigami's flesh, and end him. However such was not the case the boy still had some fight in him, the ancient Arrancar smirked as he watched the boy come in for an attack he was expecting a full frontal assault however he got something a tad bit different. A wall of bones? "Hmph?!" was all he said as the wall was shattered with bone fragments flying his way, raising his free arm the Arrancar used his forearm to protect his eyesight from the incoming shards. At the same time however he blinded himself apparently giving the shinigami the opening he needed he felt it, the force of the sword slicing into him, well his Hierro absorbed most of the attack but still...

Reyes would look down to see a small cut on his side, some blood spilling out from the minor wound this however was his chance to counter attack a blazing rage filled the Arrancar, this little shit had actually touched him!? He took advantage of the opening he was given with such a wide attack, the boy left himself open after the attack, Reyes took the chance to knock this kid into next Tuesday. The blade of his zanpaktou began to glow, a dark reiatsu enveloped the blade almost instantly then a single cero was fired from the blade aiming to crash into the boy at full force. If the attack hit at this range it would not only knock the shinigami away, it would surely cause serious burns to his flesh upon contact.


Cero de la Espda: Literally translating to Cero from the sword, this technique uses the Arrancars zanpaktou as the catalyst to transfer a single burst of energy in the general direction with the blade is pointed at. Though this technique is nowhere as strong as an actual fully charged cero, its purpose is to catch the enemy off guard with a sudden flood of energy being released from the zanpaktou. The aim of this technique is to be as close as possible to the enemy when it is released, the closer one is to the enemy the more potent the impact of the energy on the opponent.

Technique Effect Chart:

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: The energy blast will not only knock the enemy back, but if they are at least within five feet of Reyes, they will find themselves suffering from serious burn injuries through out the afflicted area.

Opponent is One Tier Lower: Similar to the rest, the closer the enemy is the more potent the attack still suffering from the knock back effect of the attack. Except the fact that the opponent may not suffer from any serious burns, instead just a second degree burn that is more localized as to where the attack hit them again the closer they are the more burns they suffer from.

Opponent is Equal Tier: If the enemy is within five feet or less to the user, they will suffer from the knock back affect of the attack being pushed away by such a sudden flood of energy, however their damage burn wise will be negligible at best.

Opponent is One Tier Higher: The opponent actually has a chance to resist the knock back affect of the flood of energy, making it so that when it diminishes they will remain where they stand, and have suffered little to no damage to their bodies.

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: The attack does nothing to the enemy, the knock back effect is negated, and the damage to their physical body is next to none existent.


on Thu Oct 24, 2013 8:14 am


although he hadn't expected the actually strike him, he could still use this to his advantage. he withdrew Shi no Ishi from the Arrancar and shunpo'd behind him. with the enemy focused on his Cero, he could counter with a simple technique he had learned during his studies at home. he touched the head of the Arrancar and said "Share my pain." he then channeled all his physical pain, his memories, his anger, his sorrow, and his fear into the Arrancar. during his shock, he then used all those feelings to sharpen his Reiatsu into a diamond blade around Shi no Ishi and shouted "Chozo!" and thrust his blade into the Arrancar's body.

the stress, pain, and exertion caused Daemon to slump against the body of the Arrancar. hopefully his backup would arrive soon, he thought to himself.

Share the Pain:
Technique Name: Share the Pain
Technique Description: Daemon is able to stop the pain response in one person by using his own body or another living object as a conduit. This new object or person instead feels the pain that would be affecting the first object or person. This doesn’t deal any damage to the second person. They only experience pain.

on Thu Oct 24, 2013 8:34 am


((It's been two posts since his last candy. Daemon is now in a weakened state 5 tiers below Reyes))

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on Thu Oct 24, 2013 9:01 am


"Not so fast..." Reyes growled in anger as his hand snatched out and grasped the shinigami by the shoulder. He focused an immense amount of reiatsu onto his hand using it as a focus point for more power and tried to crush his arm with a reiatsu enforced grab that could easily crack bone. He would then jerk the shinigami back in font of him one the shinigami was firmly trapped Reyes would follow up with a powerful attack, he would have held back the cero not firing it off just yet so the energy was still concentrated on the blade of his zanpaktou. Pointing the tip of the blade towards the shinigmai he fired off the blast as point blank range releasing him from his grip at point of impact, if the attack hit it would surely send the shinigami flying away from Reyes but he was far from done with him. The Arrancar used sonido to cover the distance between them he would appear in a burst of speed in front of the opponent, "Ten percent, that is all I used...ten percent of my full power" he said to the shinigmai, raising his zanpaktou overhead Reyes would begin to focus his reiatsu. It was released in a single burst all around him the energy which seemed wild, and eradict was compressed to focus onto the blade of his zanpaktou, giving it a bright blue glow. He was getting reayd to end this in one swing....

on Thu Oct 24, 2013 9:34 am


The the battle was being fought, the shinigami in the local area were mobilizing. They could sense the arrancar reiatsu and knew that seireitei had been infiltrated! In a twist of good luck, there was a very powerful shinigami nearby. Just as Hiiro had mentioned before, the 13th District has been scheduled to be cordoned off with barriers by the kidou corps. The corps commander himself was already on his way to the location with intent of sealing it off. But now he had a more pressing mission to concern himself with.

Naresora Shun had been cheerfully enjoying a stroll to the 13th district, taking his time and goofing off as usual. Thus, when he felt the power of hollows in Rukongai, he felt responsible as it was his carelessness which allowed this to happen. The young prodigy performed a masterful series of shunpo and headed to the scene as fast as possible.

Hiiro in the meantime, had not done as Daemon told him. He couldn't...he was too terrified that the moment he fled Reyes would cut him down. The shinigami just stood there clutching his bag of candies. But as he watched his new friend get injured he felt himself start to break down. He couldn't let Daemon die. Not here. It would be too tragic. With a trembling hand, Hiiro reached into his bag and a dark black and purple reiatsu began to grow from his body. This reiatsu compressed into the bag until Hiiro pulled out a black candy with a skull on it. He gulped as he slowly brought the candy to his mouth, fighting his body screaming at him to stop. But if he didn't then Daemon would...

"Sorry I'm late. There's no need for you to do that..." The familiar voice of the kidou commander sounded and Hiiro felt the warmth of his hand on his head. Shun was patting Hiiro on the head and while the commander himself was young, that hand felt like the reassurance of a great elder. It felt as if his hand was big enough to cover all of soul society. But when Hiiro looked up, he could see nothing, and he couldn't sense any reiatsu. "What's going on..." The unseated healer said to himself as he looked around confused.

Shun had used Kyokko to hide himself and then further concealed his reiatsu to nearly nothing using his masterful control over reiryoku. Invisible to the naked eye, he quickly moved towards Reyes as he blasted Daemon into the air. Now was no longer a time for stealth. The kyokko shattered as Shun abandoned it revealing himself and his massive reiatsu. Electricity sparked between Shun's hands as he aimed carefully for the arrancar as it pursued Daemon's body flying through the air. "Byakunawa!" Shun shouted combining the names of Hadou #4 Byakurai and Bakudo #4 Hainawa as the spell he just cast was a combination of the two. A blue strike of lightning would fly from Shun's hands and zap Reyes as he was distracted attacking Daemon. Should the bolt hit it would wrap around him into an electrical rope that dealt minor shocks and keep him stunned briefly. Despite being such low level kidou, they were cast by soul societies greatest kido master.

If Shunwas successful, he'd peform a swift Shunpo and catch Daemon as he fell and then performed another shunpo bringing them both in front of Hiiro.

Shun would kneel and place Daemon down in front of Hiiro, whom immediately began casting healing kido on him shouting, "Daemon! Are you alright? How are your injuries!?" Shun smiles down at the two before turning to watch as he knew Reyes would not be held long. By the time he turned around the arrancar would already be free. But it could no longer hide. Shun hide another kido laced inside of his spell. If he hit Reyes, then the arrancar would be marked with a small tattoo that he wouldn't be able to notice easily as it would be under his clothing. But this tattoo acts like a bug allowing Shun to track Reyes through dimensions. Even if he escaped to Hueco Mundo, Shun would know instantly the moment Reyes returned to soul society. "Hi there!" Shun said with a friendly wave as he took a few steps towards Reyes and then stopped. "It's rare that we get tourists like you in Rukongai, and I know the bone covered 13th district is a nice attraction. But management has declared that we're closing the area off with a barrier..." As Shun spoke he kept a cheerful grin as he held his hands together and began to build up an enormous amount of reiatsu. "You see, I'm about to make a barrier which will stop you from making a garganta and it will stop any incoming garganta. No calling a Menos for negacion help....You might want to leave now while you can." He ended his warning with a grin as a bright blue rectangle manifested between Shun's palms and then slowly started to build with power.

Reyes had a choice to make.

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on Mon Oct 28, 2013 12:50 am


Daemon was dazed.  he barely heard as Hiiro called his name.  "What happened?" Daemon asked, barely holding on to conciousness.  his injuries were pretty severe, and he was losing blood quickly.  he looked down at himself and saw Hiiro performing healing kido on him.  as he looked around, he saw someone standing over him, talking to the arrancar.  "i wonder who that could be..." thought Daemon.  Daemon looked back down, and saw that he was actually healing up pretty nicely. Hiiro was doing a great job, much better than he had expected. but nonetheless, Daemon was losing consciousness, and fast. he was only able to get out "you're doing great pal." before the darkness took him.

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