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on Sat Oct 19, 2013 1:56 am


today was a big day. the date actually snuck up on him, with him being busy with work and all. today was the anniversary of his parents death. Daemon got up and began getting ready for the day. he put on his best clothes. nothing less for his parents who always took care of him, even until their dying day. he grabbed Shi no Ishi, and headed for Rukongai.

just halfway out of the Seireitei he noticed Hiiro, a low ranking member of Squad 4, slacking off as usual.

"Hey, Hiiro. aren't you supposed to be doing something right now?"

Daemon knew what his answer would be, but he figured it would look better for him if he asked, then just let him go about his "business".

on Sat Oct 19, 2013 2:13 am


There weren't many comforts you see in the modern world to be found in Rukongai. So when Hiiro heard that a new shop was opening that would carry ice cream, the slacking 4th division member couldn't help but go investigate. The Amano shinigami had taken it upon himself to complete the important task of reviewing the quality of the shops goods! By the time Daemon found the unseated shinigami, he was already on his way back from the shop with an ice cream bar in his mouth and a silly grin of his face. The childish joy of sating his sweet tooth quickly turned to fear when someone called his name.

Hiiro froze in place and slowly turned to find it was another unseated officer such as himself and a fairly new member of the division. A sigh of relief escaped Hiiro's lips as he relaxed, "Ah, Tetsuyo-kun! I didn't expect to bump into you. I um...AM doing work, see?" The candy loving shinigami reached into his shihakusho and pulled out a piece of paper that has some doodles and notes about ice cream scribbled on it. "I write for the shinigami weekly newsletter ya know! I was writing a review for a new shop in rukongai. What are you up to!? Hmmm?" He seemed proud that he had a semi-viable excuse for slacking off on his cleaning duties.

Daemon was still a new face to Hiiro, he did not yet know of the mans tragic past. But in time, he would as he insisted on following Daemon. "So where you headed? I'll tag along and help!" Hiiro was clearly just looking for an excuse to not head back yet, but he seemed genuinely friendly enough about his desire to get closer to Daemon.

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on Sat Oct 19, 2013 2:29 am


"You want to... come with me?"  this confused Daemon.  why would anyone volunteer to go with him to the 13th district?  everybody knows what happened but... not everyone knows it was him.

"oh.  i guess it's alright.  i could use some backup."  Hiiro didn't look like much, but Daemon knew that he was a pretty good healer.  His only fear was that Hiiro might treat him like the others when he found out the truth.  but there was a chance he wouldn't, right?

as they left the safety of the Seireitei, Daemon began to feel a little nervous.  but why?  this is just like any other year.  nothing has ever happened to him before, so why would it now?

the 13th district looked just like he remembered it.  completely white with bone, covering every surface like something out of a Halloween movie.  he knew that hollows liked to make their nests here, but his Reiatsu usually kept them at bay.  but with Hiiro here, could he protect them both if they decided to attack?  these thoughts troubled him as he continued to navigate through the twisting labyrinth of bone, until finally they came to the spot where it all began.

His house.

Daemon turned to Hiiro and asked, "would you like to come inside, or would you rather stay here?" although they had passed several bone statues on the way here, he hadn't seen how Hiiro had reacted to them, and he wanted to make sure he was comfortable.

on Sat Oct 19, 2013 3:09 am


Hiiro was happy enough that Daemon said it was fine for him to tag along, although he did being to worry when he didn't mention where they were going...and then there started to be less people around...and then there was bone covering everything. Before Hiiro knew it, they were in the 13th District. It was rare, but sometimes hollows were known to get into soul society through here. Hiiro thought the kido corp had been ordered to seal it off with a barrier until things went back to normal, but little did he know that it was considered "low priority" and that the understaffed Kidou Corps was backed up with orders. The blow to the shinigami forces man power that the disease currently running around was causing had really taken its toll.

Eventually they stopped in front of a building which he was invited into. Hiiro looked at Daemon with surprise as he put two and two together, "You're the...only survivor..." The shinigami said as he stared blankly for a second as all the information flashed through his head regarding the tragedy and its sole surviving victim whom was rumored to have joined the 4th division. Hiiro caught himself from staring too long so as not to be rude and then looked around as he quickly became more aware of the context of the situation. "Why would you come back to a place like this?" Hiiro asked as he stood his ground, not yet ready to enter the building with Daemon. "...Isn't it painful?" The question came out timidly, almost as if Hiiro couldn't bare to ask it as he was afraid of trampling on his comrades feelings. Hiiro was worried that Daemon was here to do something drastic as he was used to helping division members who were losing their minds from one stressful burden or another.

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on Sat Oct 19, 2013 3:28 am


"So you figured it out. Yes. i am the one that caused all this to happen. and every year i come back here to pay my respects to my parents. it's the least i can do." here it was. the moment he dreaded all day. the moment when someone who could have been a friend became just like the others. hell, it was only a matter of time before he was called once again that name. Blight. well it didn't matter. let him make his jokes. he had work to do.

"So i bet you are going to leave now, right? because you are afraid of me? it's not like it hasn't happened before. but if you do leave, do me a favor and don't come here again. i want to keep this place sacred." Daemon then turned, and without looking back, entered the house.

it was just a few steps away. the form of his Father, still perfectly preserved in bone, sitting there, drinking his morning tea. he bowed, knelt down and prayed. after a few moments, he finished and then headed upstairs. in his parents bedroom, still asleep, was his mother. he bowed again, knelt down, and prayed. it was here that he finally lost his control and wept.

on Sat Oct 19, 2013 6:25 am


Daemon's response made Hiiro realize that he'd given the wrong impression. His eyes were filled with pain as he watched his fellow 4th squad member turn his back and enter the house alone. Hiiro clenched his fists as tights as he could and muttered under his breath, "You've got it all wrong...." He was just worried about Daemon, he never said anything about wanting to avoid him. The candy loving shinigami wasn't just an expert on sweets. He also knew people and that meant Daemon must also be suffering through painful isolation based on the way he just reacted. A sigh escaped the unseated members mouth as he realized he'd ditched one chore for another. But then again, this was much more rewarding work, so he didn't mind.

After making his decision, Hiiro took the wrapper from his ice cream bar and entered the house. Daemon had already gone upstairs, which left Hiiro free to roam about. The scene was rather surreal and seemed as if it were out of a bad dream. After finding some water, Hiiro washed the wrapper off and then began folding it. He then made his way upstairs with a soft smile. As Daemon wept, Hiiro silently stepped forward and placed something on top of his mothers bone encased coffin. The ice cream wrapper had been turned into a beautiful origami bell flower. With a kind smile on his face and sincere words, Hiiro spoke, "Those who grieve are loved...that is the meaning behind the 4th squads insignia. I don't know how others have treated you, but you've joined the 4th squad...That means you want to help people right? I might just be naive, but I think that means you can't be a bad person!" The shinigami nodded to himself with a smile as he explained his "flawless" logic. He then reached a hand out to help Daemon get to his feet, "We're team mates. Don't be so quick to assume I'm not on your side. I'll be counting on you to help me save lives some day."

((Perhaps the presence of a weak reiatsu can be detected at the end of your next post? We can pass the time till sunday by taking out a weaker hollow.))

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on Sat Oct 19, 2013 8:04 am


Daemon looked up at Hiiro, his face wet from the tears. "You're a good person Hiiro-san" He stood up and wiped the tears off his face. he then noticed the origami flower on his mothers body. "its beautiful. i'm sure she'd love it. Thank you." he picked Shi no Ishi up from the floor, and with Hiiro behind him, headed for the stairs.

about halfway down, he noticed something. a low power Reiatsu, heading quickly for the house. very quickly. then another. and another. three Hollows heading for his house. damn it. he knew that the addition of another Reiatsu would attract Hollows, but he let Hiiro come along anyways. now they were in trouble. "Hiiro-san, we have company. come outside, quickly." Daemon made a break for the door.

upon getting outside, he looked around and saw nothing. the Hollows hadn't arrived yet, but he could sense them getting ever closer. he looked to Hiiro. "there are three of them i think. all coming from the same direction, heading very quickly. you ready for this?"

on Sat Oct 19, 2013 9:26 am


When Daemon responded positively, Hiiro's smile grew into a sincere grin. He was happy to have forged a new bond with his squad mates, "The others aren't that bad, I'll introduce you and we can get past this whole black sheep thing. Who knows, some day you might be popular enough to be vice captain!" Hiiro said the words jokingly, but it was foreshadowing Daemon's potential whether either of them were aware of it at the moment or not. Things change and people gain respect for others as they save lives and accomplish good deeds. There was hope for Daemon yet.

As they began to leave the house Hiiro's smile faded as he too sensed the hollows begin to appear one by one. He ran with Daemon to the door and faced out into the street where the hollows were approaching.

"you ready for this?"

By the time Daemon had finished asking the question, Hiiro had closed his eyes and was beginning to take in a spirited breath as his reiatsu began to glow a soft green forming and aura around his body. The unseated shinigami hid the fact that he had a fully mastered shikai from most of the division, but he wasn't afraid to use it when it was important and needed! "Overflow! Ame Izumi!" Hiiro shouted as he drew his zanpakutou. The blade shimmered with blinding green light before settling to reveal a small green pouch.

After this dramatic release, Hiiro quickly runs back inside with a look of fear on his face, "By the way, I'm a pacifist...I'm not really any good in a fight!" As he said this, his reiatsu condensed itself in his bag and produced a single green candy. Hiiro tossed the candy to Daemon and explained, "Eat that! It'll help you out!" The pill was indeed brimming with reiatsu. Should Daemon eat the candy his reiatsu would enter a hyper state making him one rank stronger than normal. That would help slay the hollows! But that was assuming he even ate the pill. Hiiro also failed to warn Daemon that the candy had...side effects. But at least the taste was good! Mmmm...butterscotch.

Meanwhile, the three hollows approach.

((I'll control the hollows but I'll post their attacks after your next reply))


Shinigami's Partner

Zanpakuto Name: Ame Izumi (Candy Fountain)
Zanpakuto Element: Reiatsu/Buffing
Sealed Weapon Appearance: In it's sealed state, Ame Izumi takes the form of a simple kodachi. A short blade that is more accurately described as a dagger than a sword. It is a modest weapon with a black circular Tsuba and a light blue ito wrap around the tsuka.

Shikai Release Phrase: "Overflow!"
Shikai Appearance:
When released, the zanpakutou takes the form of a small pouch. It is a simple, light blue bag tied of with a black string.
Shikai Abilities:

    Name: Sweet Supplication
    Effect: The candies produced by Ame Izumi's techniques have an addictive nature to them. The more candy one eats, the stronger ones craving to devour more of them becomes. Below is a list of the effects after eating a certain number of candies.

    1 Candy - Not much seems to change.
    2 Candies - A desire to eat more candy starts to nudge at the back of the eaters mind.
    3 Candies - The desire to eat more candy gets stronger. If offered candy, the victim will accept on impulse, but they can still change their mind and refuse the candy.
    4 Candies - If offered candy it is now impossible to refuse.
    5 Candies - The victim's desire for more candy is now too strong to resist, they will actively try to take candy from Hiiro whether it is offered or not.
    6 Candies - The victim will now aggressively attempt to obtain more candy. They will be compelled to attack Hiiro out of desperation.
    7+ Candies - At this point the addiction peaks. Candy is now the only thing on the victims mind.

    If the character has a personality trait that increases their mental foritude, +1 to the required candies for each level of addiction. But if they have a trait that weakens their mental fortitude, -1 to the required candies. This means that weak minded individuals will suffer the addiction stronger and faster.

    Once Hiiro's shikai is sealed, any effects of his candies including the addiction fades away instantly. Hiiro must be holding his shikai in order to seal it however. Should he attempt to do so without it in hand, the bag will simply continue to drain his reiatsu to produce new candy.

Shikai Techniques:

Technique Name: Bite Sized
Technique Description: This technique is always active so long as Hiiro's shikai is activated. It will condense his reiatsu and at the end of the turn, 1 candy will be produced from his bag.

Technique Name: Candy Rush
Technique Description: Eating one of the candies will cause the person who ate it to receive a temporary boost in reiatsu. The number of candies it takes to increase your power by a full rank differs depending on how strong the person eating the candy is in comparison to Hiiro. Should any character eat enough candies to increase their rank, they will become extremely hyper and enjoy a short boost in power! However the price they will have to pay is that all the reiatsu they gained is forcibly ripped from their bodies once the candy wears of. This causes them to suffer a weakened state unless they eat more candy.

Each candy eaten gives 2 turns in this hyper state. But it also adds 1 turn to the duration of the weakened state one will suffer once the candy boost runs out.

Technique Effect Chart:

Opponent is Equal Tier: Eating 1 candy will give you a one rank boost. But you suffer a one rank weakening.

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on Sat Oct 19, 2013 9:56 am


Daemon caught the candy that Hiiro threw at him and looked at it.  how could candy help someone in a fight?  maybe i'm supposed to use it as bait?  he sniffed it.  butterscotch.  not his favorite flavor, but then again, it wasn't meant for him to eat right?  Zanpakuto are meant to destroy Hollows, not make tasty treats.  maybe it's a poison.  if that's the case, he had a little something he could add to it.  but first.

"Mourn.  Shi no Ishi."  Daemon's blade rippled with white light as it transformed into its released state.  how ironic that he would use it here of all places.  Daemon then withdrew a small knife, and cut his thumb.  it would be too dangerous to do it with his own Zanpakuto, what with it turning flesh to bone.  he then wiped the blood he had drawn onto the candy.  his blood is acidic thanks to his bout with an old disease.  it would make a nice surprise for the Hollows.

Daemon waited until he could see the mask of the first hollow, and then threw the candy at it, hoping it would take the bait.

Name: Hone no Hofuku (Retribution of Bone)
Every strike the blade lands against the opponent damages them, and then forces their body to repair it with bone. each additional to the same limb causes more bone to grow. If stuck 3 times the limb becomes difficult to move, and if struck 6 times the limb becomes fully encased and useless. Limbs count as Head, Torso, Arms, and Legs. as the opponent's body gets more and more bone grown on it, it begins to impede their movement. once it reaches 50%, the opponents movement should be reduced to about 50% of normal.

on Sat Oct 19, 2013 8:33 pm


((Sorry, I needed to spend the night conjuring up ideas for these hollows. I never expected you to throw the candy to one of the hollows. This should be fun xD))

The three hollows that were encroaching upon the two shinigami weren't even menos class. Two normal hollows and one Huge Class which was a bit stronger than the other two. The Huge Class hollow was a monstrous behemoth standing behind the house across the street. It's mask was peering over the roof with desperate eyes. "I have not eaten a shinigami in a long time." it's deep and gutteral voice rumbled from behind the house across the street and caused the air to quiver and shake slightly as its reiatsu fell across the area. The hollow was clearly weaker than Daemon...that was until he threw the blood soaked candy into the beasts mouth.

Hiiro watched in horror as Daemon threw one of his candies to the enemy. The hollow swallowed the pill without even thinking about it. There was a pause as the hollows on the left and the right slowly closed in and made their remarks as well. The fox-type hollow on the left licked its paw before cackling, "Ohoho~ It was worth following Reyes-sama here, eh?" The bird-type hollow on the right barely looked as if its meager wings were capable of taking flight, until reiatsu extended from them forming a massive pair of wings and the fowl took to the skies shouting, "Praise Reyes-sama! Praise Reyes-sama!." But as the two celebrated the meal they were about to enjoy, the larger hollow suddenly screamed out in pain and began thrashing around!

The huge hollow made a tantrum of sorts as it clutched for its body grasping for a source of pain he couldn't reach. But as it did, its reiatsu suddenly skyrocketed increasing by two ranks! A rush of air and dust would blow past Daemon and into the house as Hiiro ran forwards and rose an open palm shouting, "Bakudo #73! Tozansho!" An inverter pyramid of light then formed around the doorway protecting them both from any more dust or debris. The hollows that had been celebrating were now looking at their agonized leader with confusion and fear. But suddenly everything settled and the huge hollow went silent behind a veil of smoke and dust...CRASH! A massive fist emerged from the cloud and smashed against Hiiro's bakudo, shattering it instantly. "Bwahahahaa! This is amazing! I've never felt this good in my life before!" the huge hollow exclaimed, "I dunno what was in that but it hurts like hell...but if it makes me feel THIS good I might learn to like it! Bwahaha-...huh? Where'd they go!?"

As the huge hollow looked down it would find that Hiiro had used the barrier to stall for an escape. He grabbed Daemon's shihakusho from behind and performed a shunpo just before the back of the barrier sealed shut. His flash steps would take them out the other end of the house, "The candy was for you! It raises your reiatsu! Now we have to wait until the effects wear off or that thing will kill us both!" Hiiro whispered in panicked fear as he let go of Daemon's shihakusho. "If you insist on fighting, then even up the odds." He said as his bag produced another candy which Hiiro handed to Daemon. "Try not to share this time. Once the side effects wear off, just come get another candy." Hiiro said with a grin.

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