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#1 Proving One's Self CLOSED on Wed Oct 09, 2013 4:38 pm


Squad 6s barracks was as alive as ever. The captain and the VC were missing, apparently there was something important going around. The whole squad was in a state of chaos, everyone doing their assigned tasks, except that one lazy seated officer. Who had found his way from his bed to the tree right next to the barracks where he loved to take his daily nap that would last for the whole day if it wasn't interrupted, but as it always is interrupted. This time won't be an exception either.

Epizon was lying there, snoring his way through the tough routine of the day. When a hell butterfly came, the hell butterflies hated this guy. Whenever they were sent, he would always be sleeping. If they had the tiniest of claws the would pinch him as much as they could, but well the little creatures don't have anything sharp. Fortunately for Epizon, because that would certainly be a rude awakening. The hell butterfly sat on his nose, delivering the message via telekinesis.

A voice came through, startling him, forcing him to awake from his beloved slumber. The voice was indeed frightening, it startled him enough to make him fall from the tree. It wasn't a life taking fall but still, it did hurt.

"Oww oww oww."

Holding his head with his left hand, and dusting himself off while he struggled to on his two feet. He was in his formal attire, he had gone through the morning proceedings, so he had no clue about what was going on. Still trying to open his eyes, he could slowly hear the voices of his fellow squad members,

"Get moving or we're gonna be late."

"Do you want to get scolded later? Move it people!"

The other seated officers seemed like they had their day already planned. Telling all the other shinigami to do what and when. Everyone was running around with something to do, while Epizon stood there, scratching his head still attempting to wake himself up. Though he didn't want to.

He was still pretty much clueless why the place was so alive. Though it was always alive but not this alive. Something was going on, he could only make that out, when butterfly that had gotten off of him when he fell, came down from the tree, sitting on his head once more. Passing the message through. This last time he couldn't make whose voice it was, this time though he was awake. And he knew he was in trouble.

The voice was filled with anger, he thought that he was just about to die,


#2 Re: Proving One's Self CLOSED on Thu Oct 10, 2013 4:49 am



If the first voice came from the Hell Butterfly, the second one, louder and larger than life, would come from right behind the 4th Seat of the 6th Division. For standing behind Epizon Psychi was none other than his Captain, Jun'ichi Nakamura. As it were, Jun'ichi had seen and heard enough of the kid before him to believe he could actually occupy the 3rd seat of his Division, but there was no point in coming across as a nice guy who wanted to see that his subordinates passed their trials. It was better to make Epizon think that he hated the boy; that way, Epizon would be sure to put all his efforts into performing well in the trial that lay before him.

"That's where you are, you miserable, snot-nosed brat! As if a message by a Jigokuchou was not enough for your royal miserableness to get his lousy ass into action. If you think this behavior is impressive, you're well on your way to ending up a magnificent idiot. As a matter of fact, you are already a bloody good one! I'm of a good mind to get you demoted, right back to the Shin'o Academy, you miscreant!" To be fair to Epizon, the Hell Butterfly had just been sent by Jun'ichi seconds ago, but the drama of pretending it had been ages since the message had been relayed was too much to pass up.

He would not tell the kid that this was a test. Epizon would show Jun'ichi how he worked as a Shinigami, and Jun'ichi would pass judgement. He was sure Osaka would be nice to the kid; Osaka was a bit too nice sometimes, and Jun'ichi had decided that Osaka would be the nicest thing to happen to Epizon that day. People showed their real colors under pressure.

#3 Re: Proving One's Self CLOSED on Sun Oct 13, 2013 5:57 am

"Calm down, Jun'ichi." A deep, calm voice approached the two. A tall, fairly skinny man stood beside Jun'ichi, hands held up against the back of his head. He sighed. "Epizon, you mustn't sleep all damn day, that's an order!" Osaka was more stern than normal, wanting to get his message across. "Like Jun said, we will demote you if you keep this up. Understand?!" He glared at the younger, lower ranked Shinigami. He exhaled and looked back up. "Jun, get with it, I don't have all day."

Osaka stood, hands on hips, the heat from the sun had made his body begin the homeostasis process, coating his exposed abdomen with a small degree of sweat. It wasn't too hot, but Osaka did not like the heat, so his skin resisted it. He began to think, Lets get this Trial started, shall we, Cruentus Corvus? He had asked his Zanpakutou, smirking in the open as the Zan let loose in his mind, warning Osaka that he was too lenient. "Oh shutup..." Osaka said silently...

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#4 Re: Proving One's Self CLOSED on Tue Oct 15, 2013 11:32 pm


Getting scolded so badly the moment he woke up, Epizon just wanted to die. He was wishing death all the way as his captain continued the angered barrage of words, the words that pounded on his heart deeply. The captain was very much known for his anger and had a lived a life that showed that he was capable of a whole lot of terrible things when angered. His demeanor exhaled fear, that Epizon inhaled deeply whenever he heard his voice, or even saw his glance. When Epizon was thinking of commiting seppukku, and he didn't even knew why he wanted to do so, because he wasn't a samurai or anything.

Then he heard the voice of his VC. A little sign of relief, though the situation didn't very much improved but it wasn't even nearly bad as the captain's insults. He had been scolded enough about his laziness, his mind was made up. In this mission he was going to show his worth, if he wasn't going to get promoted, he wasn't going to get demoted either.

OOC: ((Though he didn't knew it was also a trial.))

Nodding to the unending insults, he kept telling himself to hold on just a little longer. It felt as though those brief moments lasted longer than a century, when he finally got an opening due to the VC, attempting to change the attention of his superiors,

"I apologize for my incompetence sir, but what is the mission? Due to my laziness, I'm sure we're already getting late."

It wasn't just an empty attempt to change their attention. His superiors seemed pretty worked up about it, it was pretty unusual considering the captain. It had to be something important. The deployment of a captain and a vice captain, aren't a small thing, and to add more emphasis, he was being dispatched along with them. It couldn't be something of little importance.

#5 Re: Proving One's Self CLOSED on Wed Oct 16, 2013 2:42 am


Jun'ichi raised an eyebrow as his Vice Captain came out and attempted to pacify him. "It's Captain Nakamura to you, dimwit," the Captain snarled, turning on his heel and heading off, expecting the other two Shinigami to follow him. At Epizon's question, Jun'ichi gave a harsh laugh, it almost sounded like a cross between a cough and a bark. "Really useful, aren't we?" he asked sarcastically. "Our mission is to babysit the wounded Shinigami in the 4th Division and sing over their wounds until they get better. Of course we're going to kill a hollow, or have you forgotten the duties of this Division?" To be fair to the Epizon kid, the 6th simply had patrol duties, and patrol could mean all sorts of things. But being the man Jun'ichi was, he did not intend to come across as being nice.

His steps led the group to the Senkaimon in the Kidou Corps HQ, where he turned to the other two Shinigami. "I'm sure you guys know that I won't be responsible for any of your lives, so if you're planning on going to the human world to disgrace yourselves and die, please be my guests. Let's get cracking."

With that last statement, the Captain vanished into the Senkaimon, his haori billowing after him.


OOC: I'm guessing the Kidou Corps are responsible for opening Senkaimon. Saw that somewhere in Bleach, but I can't remember.

#6 Re: Proving One's Self CLOSED on Tue Oct 22, 2013 1:38 am


OOC: I just read it on bleach wiki. The kido corps are responsible for opening the senkaimon.

The captain didn't take any pity on the VC. He was as brutal as ever. The attempt to divert the captain's attention to the mission, worked. Only barely, but before he left, he still did beat Epizon with another insult.

('Sigh, he's one angry captain.')

It seemed he had to baby sit an injured shinigami. The captain didn't seem too eager about it, he seemed rather pissed. Of coarse for a man who had lived most of his life fighting, weakness or injury was little something to pay attention. Then taking care of someone, it appeared the captain still hadn't gotten used to the idea. Though, it wasn't just baby sitting, there was going to be a fight. At least it wasn't going to be completely worthless. But as the captain and VC were tagging along, the fight obviously wouldn't need Epizon. But without seeing who they were up against, Epizon might be assuming too much too soon. The captain had made a clear statement, he wasn't going to take care of either one of them. So, if they end up in a life threatening situation it would be meaningless to expect any help from him. But still, having such a strong ally, it wasn't likely that he or his VC would end up in a situation like that. Epizon heard his captain's words with his head bowed and as he left. He raised his head.

Without further ado, he had already made his higher ups wait long enough. Epizon began to follow his captain, as fast as he could using shunpo. Attempting to catch up to his captain, who seemed to have gone a long away, though he had left only a moment before. He entered into the senkaimon, right after Jun'ichi.

#7 Re: Proving One's Self CLOSED on Tue Oct 22, 2013 1:54 am

((For future reference, members of the kidou corps are the only ones allowed to open soul societies main senkaimon. But it's location is on top of a tower near the center of seireitei. Not in the kidou corps head quarters Wink There are just kido corps personnel stationed there to open the gate for official business. There are also a few private senkaimon owned by nobles.))

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