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#11 Re: Tea Anyone? [Private: Iro/Epizon] on Sun Oct 20, 2013 1:32 am


Epizon was more focused on the reiatsu that was following her, his ears were paying attention to the question that was being answered. He heard about her skill set, and was glad to find out that they're elements were compatible. If they had turned out to be the opposites of the other, it would have been a problem that they had to solve before jumping into battle, but that wasn't the case, phew. Considering the fighting styles, it was pretty obvious. His fighting style covered the weakness in hers, and her fighting style covered for the weaknesses in his. He didn't need to worry about the kido since a VC of the kido corps would take care of that part. And if it did turn out to be a battle in completely open space, and the opponent, turned out to be a long range attacker, that wouldn't be a problem if he coordinated with her.

"Well, my concern's are cleared. You don't need to worry if the fight goes on to a closed space because I'm more comfortable there, and if it moves on to a more open space. I wouldn't need to worry. Now, I think I may have a plan to take this opponent out with one strike."

Assessing the opponent before he actually even faced him and thinking that he would be able to take it out, was more of a leap of faith, but if it did succeeded. Much less effort with more effect. Who wouldn't want that? His mind was racing through his techniques, and how he could corner the opponent, to allow Sada to make one fatal blow, tilting the situation completely in their favor, just as the fight started.

"I think we should start off, with your shikai released, so if the hollow tries to move away from me, you could limit it's movements. That way, it won't have much space to run, and if it doesn't tries to run, faces me. It might be able to fend off all my attacks, but taking your long ranged attacks would be a problem. But that's not the technique I'm thinking we need to go off, I have a technique with my shikai, that allows me to put a lightening barrier around my opponent. Though my reiatsu is just too much, so it normally explodes. even so, if the hollow is caught, it'll still stun. So win win, once stunned, you can take it out with you strongest technique/"

The plan wasn't a very elegant one, but it was still worth giving a try. If they went all out, before giving any long speeches to the hollow about how cruel it was, and what wrongs it had done and how badly it was about to pay. It would be less boring that way, plus that's the way Epizon always battled. Less talk, less stalling and going all out from the very beginning.

Multitasking this much, Epizon didn't notice the reiatsu that Sada had used for her technique, he was completely unaware, and was more concerned about the reiatsu that he was so desperately trying to latch on to. As it appeared to still follow them, not with hostile intents, apparently. But, there was something odd about that reiatsu, he just couldn't put his finger on it.

#12 Re: Tea Anyone? [Private: Iro/Epizon] on Sun Oct 20, 2013 5:11 am


Epizon, having heard Sada's technique forms, came up with an idea of dealing with the hollow with one attack. While the prospect of this was quite desirable, Sada had a feeling that it might not work out as the two Shinigami desired. Most fights she found herself in were just like that: prolonged. Maybe it was due to the fact that she was a bit of a pacifist, but with Epizon tagging along, perhaps the battle wouldn't be too long. Sada inwardly prayed so, as she looked up from her singed fingers. The damage to her digits was not enough to cause her any problems in battle, but as her zanpakutou spirit had warned, attempting unmastered techniques in combat was downright risky. Sada turned to look at Epizon. So far, it didn't seem as if he had realized that she had been trying to do something. And if he noticed, he seemed not to care. Sada decided to assume it was the first scenario: Epizon had not noticed the flash.

Having tried once and failed, and being yet undiscovered, Sada decided to try again. "You really should stop, Sada," Hotarubi warned deep within Sada's consciousness. "I know a bad idea when I see one...."

"It's not a bad idea. I'm sure I'm getting closer to getting this right," Sada countered, as she attempted again, this time not bothering to use incantations, to further weaken the power of any probable backfire. A smaller flash of light than the first time appeared between Sada's hands, but this time, it began to apparently coalesce into form. Then it popped, stinging Sada's fingers but doing little else. This time, it appeared that the spells were too weak to be effected. If she was going to get this right, Sada would have to use more reiatsu for the spells, and increase the risk of getting damaged. Her zanpakutou spirit was still urging her to stop, and for the moment, Sada thought it was a good idea, not because she thought attempting to double cast was dangerous with the present amount of knowledge she had of it, but because a new interest had gotten Sada's attention.

She looked back again, and guessed Epizon was trying to discover the presence of their unseen colleague. As the person had chosen to run directly under Sada and Epizon as the flashed along the rooftops of Rukongai, the person had moved more into Sada's reiatsu detection radius, and she could glean a little more information from the reiatsu released by the mysterious Shinigami. Of course, she could not describe facial features nor intentions, but Sada could assume a few things. Sada slowed down a little more, so that Epizon could run alongside her. "I can only say a few things about our 'guest'. Definitely female, very short, and she seems to be expectant, like she's waiting for something. I cannot say whether she's on our side or not, but as she is a Shinigami, one may wish to assume so," Sada said in a slightly lower tone, reducing the volume of her voice so that whoever was following them would not hear. And she was beginning to feel another presence coming closer.

The hollow.


OOC: Sekhmet, you're controlling the hollow, right?

#13 Re: Tea Anyone? [Private: Iro/Epizon] on Thu Oct 24, 2013 6:26 am


Yuu had been in deep thought upon the hollow entering her range of sensory, and it felt extremely powerful. It wasn't like one of the hollows she was known to tangle with, but it was a hollow nonetheless. The power of the hollow explained the need for two high-ranking Shinigami to dispose of it, and she wondered what power the hollow held. If the hollow would put up a good fight, than it would force the two to showcase their power, and thus their worth to Yuu.

Her run was suddenly halted as she watched as the hollow swung his long and thick tail about, destroying nearby buildings and killing souls. It would had been a sad sight for some, but not for Yuu. She was more interested and evading the flying debris caused by the hollows violent swings. Yuu was sure that this would continue as it was, the hollow mindlessly causing destruction. But it suddenly stopped moving, and she knew for a fact that it sensed two incoming powers. It was clearly pleased to have the chance to eat two powerful souls. It would had been three if she had decided to get closer, but she was safer away from the hollow than near it. And she didn't want to get hit by a stray attack. So she would stay away, and if things got messy, she would leave the Shinigami to die or step in and save their lives.
The hollow had been leveling the slums of Rokungai for a couple of days. During that time, he had eaten many souls, both non-Shinigami and Shinigami alike. And with every soul he ate, he felt himself becoming stronger. Before coming to Rokungai, the hollow had feared of being disposed within the hour. But now the Shinigami that he had feared simply because others said to became nothing more than a laughing stock to himself. If he could eat several Shinigami, and send many of them running, than he would be able to easily take over this place known as Soul Society.

Sadly, during this time, the hollow had become arrogant and thus didn't believe anyone would be able to defeat him. So two signature stronger than the previous Shinigami he had defeated appeared, he happily accepted the challenge. Any normal hollow would had gotten out of there, but this one had become arrogant and thus wasn't having the same feelings. It would be the death of him, but that would be seen much later.

"More pitiful Shinigami," he spoke, his voice was menacing. His eyes waited for the two to appear before him so that he could do to them what he had done to their comrades; either eat them or send them running home. It would be delightful to boast to those in Hueco Mundo on how he had easily defeated powerful Shinigami. The thought of being feared in Hueco Mundo was delicious, but the thought of being asked to become part of the Espada was even more delicious.


#14 Re: Tea Anyone? [Private: Iro/Epizon] on Thu Oct 24, 2013 9:55 am


Following Sada on the roof tops and trying as best as he could to keep an eye on their follower, once again Epizon wasn't able to sense the attempts at kido that Sada was trying while moving on ahead. As Sada slowed down to move right beside him, she told him about the presence behind them, and her claiming that it was a shinigami, his thoughts were correct about the follower not having any killer intents, but still if a shinigami didn't have any sinister motives, she should have revealed herself, instead of following them all the way through senkaimon and up till here. The matter was a bit concerning, but something else demanded his undivided attention.

The hollow had revealed his presence, it wasn't attempting to hide it's existence. Apparently it seemed eager to fight these two shinigami, may be the hollow had done the same thing as Epizon did, judging his opponents before he could actually see them in action. Or may be the hollow had reached to the point of strength that he didn't needed to concern himself with the strength of his opponents. It was still too soon to deduce which assumption was correct.

Causing a ruckus in rukongai for a few days and consuming innocent souls. This hollow had done the unforgivable, and Epizon was going to cut him into pieces, or so he thought. These were one of the things that Epzion never liked. Oppression of the weak, and to add to it, arrogance. This hollow was asking for a beating, and one hell of a beating at that. As the hollow spoke, swirling it's giant tail like bottom, attacking more innocent souls. "More pitiful shinigami." The words echoed in Epizon's mind, was it an attempt to make them mad? and charge in blindly making one fatal mistake? Or was it just a remark, having no reason behind. More of a means to mock these two shinigami. Whatever the reason behind those words, one thing was quite clear, that along with other souls, the hollow had fought and consumed shinigami before.

This might pose as a problem, as a hollow grows in strength as it consumes souls. And shinigami are exceptional souls, having more reiatsu than any other normal soul. He had to be careful with his every move, and every attack he did. But that wouldn't have been Epizon if he spent this much time analyzing the situation and developing a strategy or plan of attack. He had already decided how most part of their attacks would go, as Sada hadn't said anything negating his strategy, he would act under the assumption that she was okay with his plan. As the words came out of the hollows mouth, unsheathing his zanpakuto Epizon rushed towards the hollow. Focusing his reiatsu at one point in his zanpakuto's blade, Epizon charged using shunpo. Stopping just a feet and a half before the hollow.

"Pitiful my ass ! Sada, let's go!"

"Explosive strike!"

The rush of the battle had made him forget the difference of ranks, he rather didn't care, as Sada had always insisted that the air of formality wasn't her piece of heaven. But at that moment, Epizon didn't think before he spoke, he just said how he felt. It was clear Sada had no obligation to follow, but Epizon was depending on the strategy they had already decided upon. If Sada managed to keep the hollow within melee range of Epizon, the hollow wouldn't have enough room to move, and if she's able to confine/bind or cause some kind of damage, that would give Epizon enough of an opening to make one fatal blow.

As the attack was sudden, it would have been a bit difficult to avoid but the hollow had already seen them coming, so there was a probability that it was expecting a sudden attack. Epzion wasn't completely betting on this attack, he had something bigger in mind, if that worked, the hollow wouldn't even realize what had happened and it's eyes would be closing before it could understand just how exactly it was defeated.

Though the mystery of their follower, remained unsolved. Epizon had completely turned his attention to this opponent of his, who demanded to be judged right then. As the follower was a shingimi, Epizon concluded that she wasn't a threat, yet. So, right now, he'd just take on the hollow and see how things turned out later. He had always been like that, developing a strategy before an attack was a important part of a battle, also knowing your enemy counted as an advantage, but he never liked the whole notion of it. He would rather just charge in blindly and then find out what his enemy was capable of during the battle then sit around and wait to find out what the abilities, strengths and weaknesses of his opponent were.

Technique Used:

Technique Name:Explosive Strike
Technique Description:Focusing a huge amount of reiatsu to a single point on his zanpakuto, Epizon swing his zanpakuto, upon contact with anything a huge explosion is caused, throwing any opponent, causing a lot of damage if it's blocked by a zanpakuto, if the strike lands undefended it'll throw the opponent off his feet and far away. Will cause bruises and might numb the affected limb.
The technique has a 2 post cool down.

Technique Effect Chart:

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: If the attack is blocked by a zanpakuto, it will cause overall moderate burns over the entire body, if the attack lands on a limb, the numb won't function for 2 posts.
Opponent is One Tier Lower:If the attack is blocked by a zanpakuto, the opponent takes minor burns over all his body, if the attack lands on a limb, the limb won't function for 2 posts.
Opponent is Equal Tier:If the attack is blocked by a zanapkuto, the opponent's zanpakuto will be deflected, that is pushed back ward, providing an opening for a direct hit. If the attack lands directly on a limb, the limb will receive minor burns, and won't function for 1 post.
Opponent is One Tier Higher:If the attack is blocked by a zanpakuto, the zanpakuto will be deflected a little, it might provide an opening for a direct hit. If the attack lands on a limb directly, the limb's effectiveness will reduce, that is if it hits the foot, the speed reduces, if it hits the arms, the strength of the attacks done using arms are reduced.  
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher:The opponent's zanpakuto receive minor burns over his arms, if the attack lands on a limb, the limb's effectiveness will be reduced accordingly.

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