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#1 Tea Anyone? [Private: Iro/Epizon] on Tue Oct 08, 2013 12:03 pm


The infamous Yuu ran down the sleek floors of the 1st Division Barracks, wanting to get as far away from the commotion as possible. No, she didn't blow anything up… this time. But that was besides the point. The point was that she had once again escaped from the 1st Division, or was in the middle of the escape plan. Any normal person would had felt guilty for causing a large amount of people great distress, but Yuu couldn't be considered normal. She felt that if the division should either just release her or get her some better guards, though she doubted that the former would ever happen, her current guards obviously weren't capable of watching her. Especially since this wasn't the first escape.

Of course not all of her attempts at escape were successful, and if she was caught, the innocent game would do the trick. But Yuu doubt that she would be caught, having just left the barracks that she had been confined in. That meant that the two people that she had 'accidentally' shot were much more injured than she had intended. Or the division wasn't filled with the smartest of people since it should painfully obvious she was attempting escape. But she was glad that she could outsmart many people within the division, it made escaping a lot easier.

Though Yuu was out of the barracks, she didn't stop running. She needed to get far away from the 1st Division as possible, and away from Seireitei in general. She would take a trip to the human realm, but those who had a passage to the place were watching it carefully. She couldn't blame them, not too long ago a small child and a young man were able to utilize it. Yuu would love to know who had done such a terrible act, but she already knew who. Especially since she had spent some time in the Maggot Nest. Ah… the Maggot Nest, practically home to her.

Yuu finally stopped running, deeming that she was far enough from the division. And now she looked around for people to annoy or hang around for the time being. She didn't want to hang out with any of the 'generic' Shinigami, having found them weak and boring. No, she wanted to go play with some Shinigami of high ranking. Perhaps Vice Captain would do, since playing with a Captain was out of the question. So Yuu went off to find some Vice Captains to play with. How was she to know that she would intrude upon a mission and have fun whilst watching Shinigami fight a powerful Hollow?

#2 Re: Tea Anyone? [Private: Iro/Epizon] on Tue Oct 08, 2013 4:32 pm


As any other day, Epizon was snoring his way through the morning, when a hell butterfly came with troubling news. The little creature fluttered in front of him, trying hopelessly to wake him up. But Epizon wasn't going to wake up that easily, he was well trained in the art of deep sleep. Fortunately for the hell butterfly, it could transmit the message using telekinesis, so it didn't have to worry if Epizon didn't wake up. As soon as it sat down on his forehead, Epizon woke up suddenly with a chill running down his spine, he could hear his Jun'ichi's voice, and as usual he was in trouble, once again.


Jun'ichi said shouting, the captain of the 6th squad was well known for his anger. The voice of the captain was so loud, Epizon thought he would jump right into his mind if he could using telekinesis. But fortunately, that wasn't possible.

"Get over to the briefing room immediately, we have a situation. Innocent lives are in danger."

Even if he was going to get scolded, he wouldn't care much. But as the words went through his mind, that innocent lives were at stake, he was already on his way to the briefing room. He wasn't going to let down those who needed him, not now nor ever. In a little while, using shunpo he arrived at the briefing room. Jun'ichi was present, with his hand on his zanpakuto, staring angrily at present.

('Oh no, he's going to kill me.')

Before Jun'ichi could start scolding him, he ignored him as if nothing had happened. It appeared that things were a lot serious than him getting late. As he was briefed about the situation, things became clearer. It was indeed a grim scenario. A powerful hollow had appeared in the Rukongai district. Groups of shinigami were dispatched but the only reports that came back, were them getting defeated badly. This was something that the seated officers needed to handle. The job would usually be referred to the 7th squad, but it appeared they had their hands full with the injuries and so were the reserves busy with the casualties. It had fallen to squad 6 and the kido corps to take care of the situation before it escalated.

His instructions were clear.

"Locate it, and take it out."

As Jun'ichi had so elegantly stated. The briefing ended, Epizon wasn't going to stand around thinking about how to take on such a foe, he would rather wing it. Most importantly if he didn't get there, the lives of innocent souls and his fellow shinigami would be in danger. But he wasn't one to go on a lone wolf operation if he was assigned to a team, he waited anxiously for the shinigami of the kido corps that was assigned to work with him.

#3 Re: Tea Anyone? [Private: Iro/Epizon] on Wed Oct 09, 2013 3:12 am


The Kidou Corps Headquarters was simply amazing, and that was because it had a very expansive library. And with Sada's new position as Vice Commander, she had access to areas in the library where others could not dare to venture. At the present moment, she was quietly perusing through a book, her latest occupation being to discover just how her Commander had managed to copy her custom kidou. While in the middle of deep research, Sada sensed the gentle flutter of butterfly wings and looked up to see a Jigokuchou flutter into sight. Her gaze remained on the creature until it descended on her nose, and relayed the information designed to reach her. A hollow in Rukongai? Sada frowned slightly. It would have to be powerful, being able to get into Rukongai. Also, the fact that the Kidou Corps was involved meant that this was no simple wash-over. Rising from her seat, Sada sighed and closed her book, walked to the door, and vanished using Shunpo.

Moments later, she was on her way towards the Southern Gate, although Sada made sure she wasn't moving too quickly. She had been informed that she would be tagging with another Shinigami, so she was going to rendezvous with him at the gate, before heading off into Rukongai with him. There was no point in going after the hollow alone; Sada found no reason to do so, and she was patient. So she would wait until he came. The Southern Gate was in sight by now, and the blue-haired Shinigami slowed her steps to a walk., hoping that her companion would arrive soon and they would get the mission done. After all, reading was so much more fun than fighting.

#4 Re: Tea Anyone? [Private: Iro/Epizon] on Wed Oct 09, 2013 8:03 pm


Yuu was skipping and humming happily towards the nearest exit which happened to be the Southern Gate. She still had some way to go until she reached the gate, and though people would be looking for her, she was taking her slow sweet time to reach the gate. Her reasons was simple, if they came she would outrun them. Unless a Captain came, than she would have to use some very drastic means to escape. But she wouldn't worry about that, nothing was going to ruin her day.

Yuu continued to skip until she could see the gate, a smile spreading across her face. But she halted, spotting a figure standing near the gate. Her eyes narrowed in suspicion, wondering if orders had been made to watch the gates. But that thought was erased once she realized that it was merely one person. She sighed in relief, yet hid near a building just for safety reasons. Her eyes were fixated on the Shinigami, wondering what was going on.

#5 Re: Tea Anyone? [Private: Iro/Epizon] on Wed Oct 09, 2013 9:39 pm


Epizon was thinking that the other shinigami, the one with the kido corps who he had been assigned to work with, wasn't at the briefing so she was probably late. For the first time in his whole life he wouldn't be life. He was day dreaming with those thoughts and heading to the southern gate using shunpo, though it was more of a get there effort than to get there on time. When he saw a hell butterfly struggling to reach him, he slowed down in order to let it catch up to him. As the message was delivered to him, his happiness vanished instantly. He was told to hurry and get to the southern gate, because the shinigami he was assigned to work with had already gotten there, and was waiting for him.

('Oh great, so I'm late again. eh, what else is new?')

He began to use shunpo with much more effort, this time he wanted to get there a.s.a.p to save time, and not make her wait. He was informed that he would be working along side the Vice captain of the kido corps. He was always uneasy around higher ranking officials. This time he had to work with one. He couldn't afford to put a bad impression on her, though the start was already pretty messed up. He had to make up for it during the battle. That was the only plus point he had in his opinion. It wasn't a social event anyways, so making an impression was the last thing on his mind. Putting aside his hesitations to work with the VC, he reached within visual range of the southern gate.

As he saw the proud figure of a vice captain, standing next to the southern gate. He used shunpo to get there right away. Finally reaching the southern gate, and standing the formal distance from the VC, he bowed in a formal manner, even though it wasn't a social event, still a formal greeting was in order. He had kept her waiting,

"Epzion Psychi reporting ma'am. Sorry to keep you waiting. "

His tone was formal and so was his gesture towards the shinigami he was going to work with. As a team they needed to trust each other, he was well aware of that fact. But, the limitations of a rank would still apply.

"I got here as fast as I could."

It wasn't very much of a apology but he believed that the officer would be more concerned about the innocent lives at stake rather then the formalities.

#6 Re: Tea Anyone? [Private: Iro/Epizon] on Thu Oct 10, 2013 2:13 am


A gentle wind began slowly to pick up, rustling the breeze and blowing Sada's hair gently. She sensed a presence close by, but immediately the presence entered her acute reiatsu sensing range, whoever it was fled back out of the range and went into hiding somewhere. Sada did not bother to act as if she had sensed anyone's presence. She simply retained her position just outside the Southern Gate, idly humming a tune as she stared at the blue sky and waited patiently for whoever it was that was going to tag along with her. Whoever was hiding definitely could not be the person she was waiting for. A flicker of motion, and another reiatsu signature flared into existence. Most likely the person she was to tag along with. As Sada turned, the man introduced himself and bowed. Good-looking Asian-looking guy, but his name was weird for someone of his apparent descent. She let out a little laugh, a light musical sound, and bowed herself in exactly the same manner Epizon had bowed.

"Iro Sada, of the Kidou Corps. Don't worry about the waiting, though. Most times, ladies have the bad habit of keeping men waiting, so I'll forgive you this once," the Shinigami girl replied, a wry smile on her face. "So, Epizon, I take it your name's Greek, but I won't ask. Call me Sada, unless you're one of those 'panties in a bunch' type of people who are scared of being a little free and stuff. If you fall into that category, Vice Captain Iro will do just fine, although I will not have you call me "ma'am". Makes me feel like an old woman." She turned towards the gate and said, a more serious expression coming over her face, "we'll do all the socializing we want to along the way. For now, we've got to dig our heels into the superhero business." The gate guardian opened the colossal gate to allow the Shinigami through. Sada turned to look at Epizon again, her mischievous smile appearing once again on her face. "You do know that many of the Rukongai folk hate us, right? I hear that's the mark of a true hero. Well, we're a team, so I'm going to move about as fast as you did when you arrived, and you'll have to keep up. Sorry, but you might be stressed a bit and stuff. Whichever the case, I don't intend to leave you behind." Her voice dropped to a whisper, as she walked past him, the message she passed across being more or less indiscernible to anyone else aside Epizon. "Not sure, but I think someone's following us...."

As Sada crossed the threshold of the gate, she said over her shoulder, "if I'm not coming off as being over-demanding, and if it's okay with you, I'd like to know a rough overview of your abilities while we move. I'll tell you my strengths as well, and we should be able to use this information to work together and clean up the mess in Rukongai. I hear the beastie's not something to laugh about. So, in the absence of anymore of my drivel, let's fly."

So saying, she was off using Shunpo, as promised, at a speed Epizon would be able to follow. Hopefully the hollow would not have caused too much trouble when they arrived.

I guess you guys may finish up here if you wish before moving to Rukongai. I'm done here, I think.

#7 Re: Tea Anyone? [Private: Iro/Epizon] on Thu Oct 10, 2013 9:52 pm


Yuu's eyes narrowed as she tried to get a better look at the newly arrived figure, but that would be impossible lest she got closer. And that certainly wasn't an option at the moment since she didn't know the division they were affiliated with nor their rank. For all she could know, they could be Captains, or those from the 1st Division, and other stuff that could possibly end her day prematurely. Getting caught right now would suck, especially since she didn't get to do anything yet. So she would wait and see what they were doing, waiting to see if they would leave, and waiting to see if she had to find another exit.

Luckily, they left but not where she expected them to go. She didn't expect for two Shinigami to go out into Rokungai, it being a very rare occurrence unless they were unseated Shinigami. Either way, she wanted to know what was going on. But deep within her mind, something told her it was a bad idea to follow the Shinigami. Yet the last time she listened to her subconscious was a very long time ago, when she was naive about the world around her. That subconscious had been buried the moment she entered her division, and she was surprised it was coming up now.

Yuu was somewhat irritated that her subconscious was trying to coax her into doing the right thing, which would be turning herself in. But that was the same subconscious that told her to give up her enter squad for a shorter sentence. A suggestion that she hadn't listened since she didn't want to be known as a snitch nor was she a traitor. It had been her fault that she was discovered, and she wasn't going to throw the entire squad under the bus to save herself.

Yuu shook her head, realizing that if she was going to follow the duo she would have to do it now. Her eyes darted around the area to ensure that the coast was clear before she took a deep breath. Her eyes closed briefly and quickly reopened, her gaze trained on the gate. With little thought to her movement, she Shunpo out of the gate and into Rokungai. She was forced to keep the speed of her shunpo to a minimum lest she wanted to run pass the two Shinigami and make herself know. Also by keeping her speed to a minimum, she used less reiatsu which meant she would be harder to detect then if she was going at full speed.

"Where are you two going?" Yuu silently asked, though the question wasn't addressed to anyone nearby. It could be said that it was intended for the two Shinigami, but they weren't within hearing reach of her. So it could be a redundant question as well. Either way, she was curious and the question had just slipped out of her mouth. But she had a feeling that she knew the answer to that question already.

#8 Re: Tea Anyone? [Private: Iro/Epizon] on Thu Oct 10, 2013 10:30 pm


Epizon was always careful about the hierarchy but he wouldn't mind if the higher ranked officer was a little less formal. He actually preferred it that way, it made him less nervous to be around them. Since they were going to be working as a team in this mission, it was more beneficial that Sada was informal that way. Rare as it was that two shinigami were being deployed at a mission in rukongai, and 2 seated officers at that. Epizon was sure that the problem at hand was indeed serious. So a feeling of mutual trust needed to be established between the two of them in order to function better as a team.

('Panties in a bunch? Isn't she jumping to conclusions.')

Not allowing the words to change his facial expression, though he was surprised to hear those words from a VC. He expected the whole high ranking seated officers to be the uptight, do this do that, be formal be proper type of people. But there she was in defiance of every thought, every concept he had about the shinigami of her rank. That was one of the reasons why he didn't show his full potential,  his reiatsu rivaled that of a vice captain with a new bankai. His naturally greater reiatsu had saved him more than once in situations he wouldn't have survived otherwise.

That was one of the reasons he was always underestimated, though the act was annoying, but Epizon was now used to it. It didn't matter to him if he was told to stay behind because he wasn't considered strong enough, or his reiatsu not considered capable enough. Left him more time to slack off so he was fine with it. Besides if he had tried he might've gotten a position as a vice captain but the ranking made him uncomfortable. He was pretty much satisfied with being underestimated every day than to adjust with the responsibilities of a vice captain.

As she told him that she would keep her speed low enough for him to keep up, it pinched him inside. He was expecting her to be different from the others, not judging a book by it's cover. But even though she was more informal, yet she did the same thing. When she told Epizon about them being followed, he smiled, he had sensed a reiatsu on his way, but he hadn't considered it to be hostile so he had ignored it. Following her through the gate, when she asked about Epizon's skills, it was a good thing she did. Knowledge of the others skill was crucial in order to coordinate better.

Continuing to use shunpo while following her. Epizon didn't wanted to show his full potential so still kept a little distance so as to pretend that he was only able to keep up. Answering her question he said

"My combat style,Sada. Is a melee type, I'm more of a brute force user so attacking with my full potential is the only thing I'm capable of. My kido skills aren't much, and range combat is a nuisance for me. Lightening is my zanpakuto's element, and I might be able to stun the opponent due to that. That's about it. Tell me about your skill set, so we could work out a way to fight at full potential."

He had thought carefully about his skill set. Awaiting her skill set, it was quite obvious being a vice captain of the kido corps, she would be pretty good at kido. It was more of her zanpakuto and other skills he was interested in. He wanted to know if the elements of their zanpakuto overlapped or did they cancel out each other? If so, they'll have to think of a strategy to work it out somehow. The reiatsu that he had noticed earlier, the one that Sada had told him about, he detected it close by. He knew that he wouldn't have to tell her about it, so he kept quite, keeping an eye out if this stalker of theirs had any hostile intention.

#9 Re: Tea Anyone? [Private: Iro/Epizon] on Sun Oct 13, 2013 1:49 am


OOC: Sorry for the delay. I had too little IRL time to put up a post.

As the two Shinigami moved in quick flickers towards Rukongai's populated areas with their amazing assortment of buildings, Epizon declared himself to be a melee fighter; get in and pound the opponent's face off. Sada nodded, her mind attempting to work up a fighting plan based on the knowledge revealed to her. In truth, the plan would be simple, yet workable. As the 6th Division Shinigami asked her to speak of her own skill sets, Sada nodded again. Essentially, he didn't need to ask, since she had said she would give him that information. However, his willingness to know placed him a number of rungs higher than the average fighting beast that cared not for intelligent planning in combat. "Well, technically, my mode of fighting would be long-range, using kidou and stuff, since I'm in the Kidou corps, d-uh," Sada replied playfully, as she flash-stepped from the ground to the roof of the nearest house. It was better to move across the roofs; there would be less obstructions in the form of people and other objects lying about on the ground.

"I'm decent in hakuda and zanjutsu, so I'm quite alright with close-range combat, if I have to get down to it. But I'll prefer to keep my distance. Don't want to break my pretty nails and stuff. Zanpakutou-wise, I work with crystals and light. Essentially the light can solidify into crystal and do some neat damage, if I can get it to hit. But if you say you use lightning, and you might be able to stun an opponent with that, I'd say our element types are quite decently compatible," Sada continued, as the two moved from roof to roof, nearing their mission point. "I must say, though, that based on the structure of my zanpakutou's release, I prefer to fight in wide spaces. It's a long naginata, affording me beautiful reach and a graceful execution of techniques, buuuut I so do not want to use it in a cramped alley. No swinging space. I hope your shikai is not as handicapped as mine in such a regard, in case our opponent is smart enough to attempt to use my structural weakness as leverage."

Having said this, Sada lapsed into silence, for her mind was on something else.  Since she was ahead of Epizon, he would find it a little difficult to see what she was doing. "Hope this works..." she prayed silently, putting her hands together. She mumbled something incoherent, and a flash of light appeared between Sada's palms as she separated her hands. But there was something inimical about the flash, and Sada immediately cut off the reiatsu she was flowing into her hands. Nevertheless, she managed to singe the tips of her fingers. "Now isn't the time to play with unlearned and untrusted techniques," her zanpakutou spirit chided.

"But the manuals say it's possible..." Sada responded mentally, observing the damage done to her fingers. There was nothing to worry about, as Sada had used very little reiatsu and the lowest level kidou she knew to attempt whatever it was she was trying to do. She was sure that this ability would be a great advantage, if she could just grasp it. But maybe it was foolishness to try such a thing in battle. Whichever the case, Sada had been practicing this ability, although with varied degrees of failure. But she was sure she was getting slowly but surely to perfecting it....

#10 Re: Tea Anyone? [Private: Iro/Epizon] on Wed Oct 16, 2013 4:40 am


She was running on the grounds directly below the two Shinigami, having transferred herself there for reasons known only to herself. It would had seem strange to anyone who saw the small Shinigami running below the two taller Shinigami, but by running on the ground, Yuu gained the cover of the roofs above. The same roofs the two she was following were on. She could get closer without fear that they would recognize her or see her.

Yuu really didn't see why she was hiding. Was it fear that they were older than herself? Or was it simply the fact she didn't want her identity known? She could easily run away, or if they did recognize her, dispatch of them. She knew the fight would be long and difficult, which is why she shall avoid fighting with the two Shinigami until she knew more bout them.

But she wished the two would finally arrive at their destination. She didn't want to dwell on her past, but being in Rokungai was making that difficult. Especially since Rokungai was the place she lost her surrogate mother, and perhaps the place she had lost her brother and friends. Yuu started to notice that the further they went, the closer they got to the 'slums' of Rokungai. It was interesting to herself since it was rare that Shinigami would travel to the slums… unless there was a hollow.

Was that what these two Shinigami were heading towards. A powerful hollow? It would explain the lack of security around Seireitei, and how she managed to escape the 1st Division so easily. And now she was heading straight towards the thing that had unknowingly helped her leave the confinements of the 1st Division barracks. Yuu was nearly sadden that the thing that had led to her escape was about to be killed. But she wasn't going to help the poor hollow, especially since she could observe the skill set the two Shinigami had.

No, the hollow would serve a higher purpose than just being the cause of her escape. It shall be the very thing that would help Yuu determine the worth of the two Shinigami. And to determine if the Shinigami skills could be used to benefit herself. Perhaps she could even gain these two as valuable allies, which would be a change from the ones she merely used and discarded later.

A cruel smile spread on Yuu features, something that didn't look right on such a small girl, and a evil giggle escaped her lips. The idea of having two powerful allies was entertaining, and something she had waited so long for. They would help her with her plans, rather it be by force or by choice. But until than, if she was to greet them she would be sure to remain sweet and childish. Yet she would be gathering information on them, waiting for the perfect time to use that information against them.

The plan was truly evil. But the plan would be the very thing that would be her path to freedom.

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