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#11 Re: A Thread of Light [P] on Tue Oct 08, 2013 5:10 am


Sada was quite shocked at Shun's reaction to her strategy. How could he have been able to use Bushigetsu? It was her technique, she had spent many tiring days and nights practicing and perfecting the spell. But there it was, and done so flawlessly too, so that every single one of the swords created by Sada's kidou was blocked by the identical replica of Shun's kidou. And amid the metallic ring of sword clashing against sword, Sada heard the Kidou Commander cast another spell. Shun had outmaneuvered her. She had two options: the first being to dodge the descending iron pillars and therefore negate her bakudou rope, which had managed to entangle him, and the second being to maintain her spell and get immobilized. As it were, this was a lose-lose situation. In the split second of time it took for her to make the decision that would see her gain or lose the Vice Commander position of the Kidou Corps, Sada made her decision.

"Bakudou 79: Kuyō Shibari!"

The Hōrin was a low-level spell, something Shun could easily break out of, if given the chance. But rather than break out of it, Shun had decided to place Sada in a difficulty of her own. As she cast the high-level kidou, Sada could not help but admire the man called Naresora Shun. But she was intent on letting him at least see that she was no wash-over herself. Sada knew that spells above level 70 were difficult to cast, but as it were, Shun's latest action had brought her test to a decisive finish, whether she liked it or not. That being the case, going all out was the best option here. As Shun had decided not to attempt to break the binding of the kidou rope, a stronger bakudou, which didn't necessarily require a chant, would keep him held in place. In essence, if Sada had decided not to release her grip on Shun, she would attempt to make it harder for him to escape.

And that all boiled down to the reason for her choice: Shun had given an order to her, that she should immobilize him, and she was damn well going to see the order obeyed, regardless of her own condition. As the iron pillars impacted her body, forcing her to the ground, Sada could not tell whether her own bakudou had managed to hold the Commander. And annoyingly, her head was turned away from his position, with the giant pillar of his bakudou securing her head to the ground and making her unable to move. Sada squirmed feebly against the restraints, feeling pathetic. Even though she had followed Shun's command to the letter, Sada's position made her begin to question whether she had done the correct thing.

"I'm... sorry, Commander Naresora..." the blue-haired girl said quietly, sure that she had somehow made the wrong decision.

#12 Re: A Thread of Light [P] on Tue Oct 08, 2013 4:51 pm


Shun had initiated the attack, but once the attack was out of his control. He thought he might've out done it. He just needed to avoid the attack, but then it was too late the spell had already been cast, there wasn't any way to stop it. As he waited for her response, Shun had already decided that no matter what the outcome might turn out. Considering her skill and combinations of kido. She was fit to become a VC of the kido corps. Little did Shun know, she still had one more surprise for Shun.

Shun's eyes almost came out of his skull when he saw her getting pinned by the pillars. He expected her to just dodge them, put her own life at a higher priority, but she didn't. Instead she took it upon herself to complete the instruction she was given. Passing the test obviously meant a lot more to her than her own safety. Shun had been caught in her bakudo, the next bakudo that she cast. Shun had plenty of other options, even though he was restricted by her spell, he could just release an amount of reiatsu and negate her spell. He could use Danku and avoid the incoming attack. He had plenty of options to avoid the damage completely. But, Shun being who he was, knew that he hadn't encouraged her even once despite her outstanding performance. Even if he dodged or avoided the attack and then praised her with words. It wouldn't have the effect that he needed to do.

(Sometimes we have to act in order to show how impressed we are, don't we?)

Thinking to himself, Shun had decided. If she was willing to go to such an extent, just to complete the task he had given her, only in a test, he too was going to give her the fruit of her efforts. As Shun saw her face pinned to the ground, and her sight turned away from him. He had a chance, to take the damage but he wasn't going to just let the whole kido spell hit him, if he didn't cast a spell in response she would think that he did it on purpose. He had to cast a weaker spell and pretend it caught him by surprise.

Shun was still thinking about what to do, when her words touched echoed through the training ground. Even though it wasn't so quiet, but Shun only heard those words and nothing else.

"I'm... sorry, Commander Naresora..."

Shun smiled with satisfaction, she had completely passed his test. Casting a spell, Shun pretended to avoid the bakudo she had cast,

"Bakudo #39 Enkosen"

A shield similar to the color of Shun's reiatsu appeared. She had attempted to use a spell of #79, without an incantation so it lacked it's usual strength, but still was enough to pass the shield Shun had summoned. Trapping him in her bakudo.

"Oh darn, you got me Iro Sada. Well done."

With a gentle smile and a gentle tone Shun addressed her, releasing his kido, that had her pinned to the ground.

"There is nothing to apologize for, you weren't told to avoid getting restricted. Your task was to force me into a corner, which you have. This test is over."

Pausing for a moment, for the words that he had chosen so carefully to have affect. Then he continued,

"Congratulations, Vice captain of the kido corps, Iro Sada."

#13 Re: A Thread of Light [P] on Wed Oct 09, 2013 3:31 am


"Oh darn, you got me Iro Sada. Well done."

As the iron pillars vanished, releasing Sada from their hold, she rose to find Shun trapped by her bakudou. If she had heard correctly, he had tried to block her spell, it seemed, but then again, it could all just have been him patronizing her. Releasing him from her own bakudou, the girl gave a half-smile, signifying her skepticism of his statement. After all, if Shun had been able to copy Sada's custom kidou, he would have definitely understood the workings of a mainstream kidou such as Kuyō Shibari. It seemed in the end that Sada had passed the test which Naresora Shun had organized for her, yet the following words could not but elicit a wide smile from the girl, who up until this time had been attempting to keep her emotions in check. Standing at attention, then bowing formally, she said, the radiant smile still on her face,

"Arigatou gozaimasu! It's an honor to serve under someone of your skill."

She wasn't trying to lick his boots or do anything sycophantic. Even though Naresora Shun was a higher skilled person than she, he had shocked and amazed her. Perhaps, if the two managed to become friends, she would ask him how on earth he had done it, copying her technique. But until then, Sada would crack her brain as to how he did it. Retrieving her zanpakutou, the girl strapped it to her waist and turned to her commanding officer to bow once more, this time a gesture of farewell. Then she was gone, having flash-stepped away from the training grounds.


Topic Finished.

#14 Re: A Thread of Light [P] on Wed Oct 09, 2013 4:13 am


You've already been added as VC of the Kidou Corps, but nevertheless! Congratulations on your promotion.
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