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#1 A Thread of Light [P] on Thu Oct 03, 2013 6:04 pm


Sada walked through the halls of the Kidou Corps Headquarters, her heart beating wildly as she approached the doors that led out into the wide yard used for sparring and kidou practice. A lot had passed since she had been admitted into Seireitei as a Shinigami, and she had come a long way, though most of her life had been steeped in suffering. As she heard the sound of her wooden soles on the wooden floor, Sada contemplated the events that had led her to her current position, and the fact that only two things drove her: the dying wish of a close friend, and revenge. There was also the fear of the monster deep within her. She wished she could find someone who had a similar problem like she did; perhaps through discussion she would learn something about her inner hollow, which had been acting strange up until today. As it were, from observations and reports, it seemed that most people who were noted to bear the curse of the Visored were constantly waging a battle of dominance with their inner hollow. Sada's hollow had chosen to remain unseen, having only manifested herself on the day she was created, when Shinzou had taken his own life to save Sada's. She clenched her fist, a feeling of bitterness welling up inside.

"Kyoushin Mabana will pay for what she's done..." the blue-haired Shinigami mused silently, a deep rage seething within.

"All the same, Sada-chan, she is not standing before you," Sada's zanpakutou spirit warned. "Don't allow anger to cloud your sight, for you are about to undertake something important."

"I know, Hotarubi-san," Sada replied mentally. "Let's do this...." she said audibly now, pushing apart the screen doors that led out of the building. The sun was bright, making Sada squint as she walked into the yard, her eyes sweeping the area for signs of the Kidou Corps Commander. she had never met him before, being a recent addition to the Corps, but she was intent on impressing him.

#2 Re: A Thread of Light [P] on Thu Oct 03, 2013 11:54 pm


The day was bright as any. Appeared to be a good day for another prank. Shun had made up his mind, he was going to steal some food rations and stuff his mouth while he had to avoid the men that were assigned to keep an eye on him. Being a commander though, it wasn't much of a problem. Shun sneaked into the food storage, after stealing the food shun used shunpo and disappeared from the food storage.

It didn't take much long for the guards at the food storage to notice that Shun had done it again. Moving while eating, kinda gave it away. They began to follow Shun, yelling at him

"We need those rations sir, Please return them"

Though Shun had no intention to do anything of the sort, acting all innocent, and continuing to stuff his mouth with the food, still moving forward he turned towards the men following him, making an innocent puppy eyed expression

"What rations?"

Shun wanted the day to be light and fun, because he knew the whole day wouldn't be that way. He had a shinigami to test. Finishing off the food, Shun turned to the shinigamis following him once more,

"Thanks for the food, bye now."

Before the shinigamis could think of a response to that, he used shunpo and headed straight for the kido corps headquarters, there was still time, he wasn't late. His facial expression changed from the innocent prankster to the serious and hardworking commander of the Kido Corps. In a little time, he was there, just a few paces away from the head quarters.

He saw the shinigami, walk out of the kido corps and headed straight for her.

('A shinigami with exceptional kido skills. You might just be the one for the job, I shouldn't push her too hard, but still, this position does require a certain amount of strain. Show me what your capable of Iro Sada.')

He stopped using shunpo at the front of the kido corps, and walked towards Iro, wiping the little pieces of food around his face, he said "Right on time, a plus point already. I presume your ready for what lies ahead?

#3 Re: A Thread of Light [P] on Fri Oct 04, 2013 7:08 am


There was a whoosh and a flicker, and the Commander of the Kidou Corps arrived, and not a moment after Sada had come out of the Kidou Corps building. It seemed he was somewhat the punctual sort, which was very good, seeing that Sada wanted to finish her test as quickly as possible and be done with it. Of course, true to form, she was as calm as a stone, but deep down, the young Shinigami was as nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof. It seemed he had been eating, which made Sada wonder whether he had hurriedly left his food because he had perhaps forgotten that he had someone to examine until he was halfway through eating. Then again, she had heard a lot about Naresora Shun, and while he appeared, as he stood before Sada, to be a very respectable individual; he even almost looked like a monk, there had been countless rumors of his capricious nature. Well, today he seemed all business. Sada hoped that was the case.

"Ohayo gozaimasu, and yes sir, I believe I am ready...." Sada responded to the Commander's statement with a formal bow. It was necessary to greet, even if Shun had not greeted first. It was his prerogative anyway, being the higher-ranked officer. Whichever the case, Sada didn't believe in being rude, so a greeting was obviously in order, whether Shun chose to respond to it, or not. "If I may be so bold, Commander Naresora," the girl ventured, "would it be improper of me to ask what sort of test I will be undergoing?" While Sada was sure she wouldn't be allowed to make any extra preparations, herself having professed that she was ready for the examination, an earlier information of what to expect could make it harder for her to be taken by surprise when she began the test, and thus increase her chances of succeeding. Sada had already gone through a list of things she would most likely have to do. With any luck, it wasn't going to be a fight. She wasn't in the 11th Division, after all. But being a Shinigami, and one who had faced a lot of battles, and was likely to face more as long as she was alive, there was the possibility that she would have to manage herself in a combat situation.

As the girl stood before Shun, she hoped she was readier than she felt.

#4 Re: A Thread of Light [P] on Fri Oct 04, 2013 1:39 pm


Shun was an easy going Commander, didn't like the air of formality among his squad mates. So he kept an informal aura for his comrades to be as comfortable around him as was needed for a good relationship between them. He knew there was a lot more to being a commander than having authority and strength.

As she bowed in the formal manner, Shun smiled. He expected something like that would happen, having the authority of a Commander, he didn't have to bow to her, but as she already had, it would've been inappropriate that he wouldn't. So he bowed in a formal manner, as if to accept her formal greeting.

Hearing her question surprised him, she seemed eager to get to the task at hand. Shun thought to himself,

('Another quality worthy of a vice captain.')

He noticed the atmosphere was getting formal, he didn't prefer something like that but he didn't neglect it neither. He was formal when the situation needed it. As this was a test for a position of vice commander, he had planned to keep it a informal one, because the tests weren't going to be easy.

Replying to her question, he said,

"Of coarse your skills at kidou will be tested to their limits, but a vice captain is much more than just strong. You need to be compassionate, considerate and responsible, more than everything you need to be completely reliable. So that your squad mates can trust you with their eyes closed. So tell me Iro Sada, are you capable of all that?"

The typical answers to questions like these would be something filled with emotions and ambitions. He wasn't interested in words so he didn't wait for her to reply, and began to head for the training grounds, he thought that it might be considered rude or something along the lines, but, being the highest authority of the squad, he had to be exempted from little social rules. Continuing he said,

"If so, meet me in the training grounds. Try not to make me wait."

He disappeared using shunpo, heading for the training grounds. This too was a test, as she must've been expecting some formal attitude and must've expected the Commander to act in a complete manner set by the books. He needed to know that if things weren't exactly by the book, how would she react?

('Let's see how you handle surprises')

#5 Re: A Thread of Light [P] on Sat Oct 05, 2013 1:38 am


As Sada expected, her test was going to be based on kidou usage. As the Commander had said, she would be tested to her limits. Sounded like it was going to be some serious work. But Sada was fine with that; she wasn't a slacker after all. The question posed at Sada, however, was a little surprising. Not because she didn't believe a leader had to be compassionate and reliable, but because too few people in a place like Seireitei, which focused on military might, really encouraged consideration and compassion among their subordinates. This Naresora Shun fellow seemed to be of the wholesome sort. As for Sada, she was too modest to say for certain whether she was capable of all that Shun had said a Vice Commander should be. Before she could answer, the man was already walking away. Walking after him, Sada attempted to answer his question.

"I believe the answer would be more rightly given by my actions, sir, because words are--"

The words stopped flowing when Shun suddenly flash stepped away from Sada's presence. She frowned a little. Well, it seemed he wasn't a man of too many words. Without giving more than a heartbeat of a pause, the young Shinigami female utilized Shunpo to leave the area. Even though she had followed almost immediately after Shun, Sada was sure that she could not catch up; he was too fast. But as he had said, she would not keep him waiting.

"It's good to be modest and all, Sada-chan, but don't sell yourself short," Hotarubi chimed from within her head.

Sada nodded, as she arrived at the spacious training grounds with a flicker of motion. "I hope I didn't keep you waiting, sir."

#6 Re: A Thread of Light [P] on Sat Oct 05, 2013 3:05 am


Shun sensed her approaching, judging by her speed, he deduced that she had better command on her shunpo. Appointing a vice captain, wasn't something to be taken lightly, he was very well aware of that. So he had to judge every single movement, every basic skill to professional skill. He had to be thorough in his tests. That's why he used shunpo to move away from her, and told her not to keep him waiting, so she had to use shunpo. He needed to see how good she was at it. He was satisfied with her speed. Now he had to see how good her kido was.

"No, you didn't keep me waiting at all. As was expected of you."

He planned to check her skill at kido, and no dummy hollow would be sufficient to check that. He had to do the task himself, it would have to be a battle between him and her. Though, he wouldn't go all out, because even if she was very good at her kido, it would still be unfair. Getting straight to business Shun said,

"I will be testing your kido skills at first, so your zanpakuto needs to be put away for a while, if you don't use it for your kido. If you use it, then it's fine with me, but you'll have to prove that it affects your kido. Before I could judge your other qualities, the most basic thing that I need to know, is, how good you are at kido. What level of skills can you use without an incantation, how effective they are with and without incantation. And how well you can control your reiatsu while using kido. Be warned, I won't go easy on you."

Thinking his words must've made her worry, in an attempt to lighten her burden. He continued,

"Don't worry, I won't put you through a test if I don't think you can handle it."

Standing up, he moved towards a nearby tree, putting his zanpakuto near it. He turned towards her,

"Here's your first test, you will have to restrict my movement, use any kind of kido spell that suits you, with or without incantation. You can use two kido skills before I would use a kido spell to bind you, if you aren't able to restrict my movements. It doesn't have to be bakudo, it depends on how you handle it."

Getting into a battle ready stance, he looked at her, as she was soaking all the load of information that he had thrown at her. He wanted to see how she would handle this situation under pressure. He said, almost shouting,

"Let's begin, Iro Sada!!"

#7 Re: A Thread of Light [P] on Sun Oct 06, 2013 3:18 am


While relieved that she had not wasted her Commander's time, Sada only responded with a nod, her face displaying little emotion. Shun, without much ado or fanfare began explaining the conditions of the test. Sada would not need her zanpakutou for this; although its techniques were kidou-based, they did nothing to augment her ability to utilize kidou, and so she untied the bandages that secured her zanpakutou to her waist, and placed it gently at the foot of a nearby tree, following her Commander's example. One of the things Shun had talked about was Sada's ability to utilize kidou without incantations, which at the present moment was somewhere just below the 70 mark. Everything below 70 was comfortable enough with her. It was from the 71 and above kidou that Sada would begin to sweat. But as usual, it seemed that Naresora Shun asked most of his questions in rhetoric, not bothering to wait for an answer. At his encouragement of not placing a burden too great on Sada's shoulders, she smiled in acknowledgement of the statment, but said no word, her mind already calculating the possible events of the test.

First of all, the Commander wanted to test her skill in restriction. Although he had said she wasn't restricted to using bakudou, most of the hadou she was capable of seemed too destructive enough to utilize in just restricting the man. If she didn't end up binding him, he would bind her in turn. And Sada had the strong feeling that if the Commander bound her, she would be simply joking if she thought she could free herself. Whichever the case, concerning hadou, an idea was beginning to form in her head.

"Let's go, Iro Sada!" Shun almost yelled. As if his voice was an activation signal, Sada's slender arms whipped up, fingers clenched save for the forefingers and middle fingers, which pointed forward. "Hadou 12: Fushibi! Bakudou 63: Sajō Sabaku!" Sada cast the two spells one at a time, but didn't bother with incantations, to reduce casting time. If Shun desired to move when she cast the Sajō Sabaku, he would find himself entangled by the currently invisible Fushibi net, which Sada had cast to stretch around the two Shinigami, in case Shun wanted to try something funny like getting behind her using Shunpo.

#8 Re: A Thread of Light [P] on Sun Oct 06, 2013 5:50 am


He noticed her responses as he told her about how the training would proceed and what was expected of her. Evaluating her reactions and facial expressions. That remained serious throughout the whole time. He noticed that she was of a formal nature, and serious about the tasks that were given to her. Paying attention to all the details and doing as she was told. These traits are what would be best for the position she had applied. She didn't appear to have noticed yet, but Shun had already begun to be impressed by her.

Just as he told her to begin, she launched two kido spells at the same time. Limiting Shun's options, if he wasn't who he was, it would have been very difficult to avoid getting restricted. Her response time was impressive as well, launching two kido spells without incantations, as if she was rearing to hear the words that allowed her to begin the test.

Shun didn't appear to move at all, for a moment he appeared to have been restricted. By the kido spell. A moment later, Shun vanished. He had used shunpo technique utsusemi, moving at a very high speed, leaving his after image behind. That had appeared to be restricted by her spell. He was standing on the branch of the tree where the shinigami had put their zanpakutos. Aiming his finger towards her, he stood, silently, with a smile. He was impressed indeed, a combination of those two kido spells. Not only was her response time good, but she had used a hadou along with a bakudo, something that Shun was expecting of her.

Though Shun had told her, that he would bind her if she missed. But it would just be unfair if he did now, seeing that if he hadn't moved right at that instant, he would have been restricted. He lowered his finger, thinking

('Well done')

But the test had begun, and he couldn't say it out loud. He intended to test her nerves, wanted to know how would she react if she wasn't acknowledged for a job well done. Even though he didn't want to, he had to

"I expected a little more. I don't feel like binding you, so use any means now, your task is changed now, your task is now to force me into a corner. All the other rules of engagement remain unaltered. Continue!"

Technique used:
Advanced Shunpo technique= Utsesumi
Effect: The user moves with great speed, leaving an after image that may appear to take damage.

#9 Re: A Thread of Light [P] on Tue Oct 08, 2013 2:07 am


Sada really wanted to smile, although she did not permit the expression to register on her face, when it appeared her Commander had been caught by the combination of kidou. But it turned out that all of that was false. Even though Sada didn't expect the test to be as easy as ABC, she was quite startled when the image of the man vanished into thin air. And then she realized why that looked familiar... because she could do that very same technique: Utsusemi. Sada sensed more than saw that Shun had appeared on the tree below which the two Shinigami's zanpakutou lay, and his finger was pointing at her. Muscles tensing, she looked up to see there was a smile on his face as he slowly dropped his hand.

"Why is he smiling...?" Sada thought, as she tried without success to read the inscrutable smile. It could be he was impressed; then again, it could just as well be that he was mocking, or amused, much like an adult would smile when a four year old tried to move him by sheer force of strength. Whichever the case, Shun announced that he would not bind her yet, this time ordering her to 'force him into a corner' by any means necessary. And she would probably be bound if she failed. Well, she would probably have to do something less conventional, if she wanted to pin Shun down.

"Primordial shards, eternal heart, stalwart tower. Twist skyward from the North and summon vengeance on the fools who batter the doors of lofty Solitude! Bushigetsu!" As Sada chanted, she opened up her palm, a silver orb forming before her open hand. Then she launched it in the direction of her Captain. She knew he wasn't a fool. If he did not attempt to dodge the sudden rain of flying swords aimed at him, unless he used a shield, he would be decently skewered. Which meant he was not supposed to be the Kidou Commander. So he would create a shield, or he would move. While Shun never said anything about himself using kidou, Sada was sure that he would attempt to dodge the flying swords with his high speed Shunpo, but that could be difficult; the main idea of the Bushigetsu was to cause serious problems to dodging when the target was far away. Having thus created such a scenario, Sada herself was faced with the question: what was her Commander going to do? For the meantime, she would assume he would move, and so she would trust her reiatsu sense and react accordingly. And if he decided to use a kidou, her response would still cover that.

"Bakudou 9: Hōrin!" Her choice of this spell was simple: Sada could control the direction of the kidou rope, and so if Shun managed to dodge the Bushigetsu, she would sense where his Shunpo would land him, and direct the rope to entangle him there. And if he chose to use a barrier like Danku, Sada could still snake the rope round the barrier to snare him.

Battle Info:

Kidou Used:
Bushigetsu [Custom Kidou, about level #65]
Bakudou #9: Hōrin

#10 Re: A Thread of Light [P] on Tue Oct 08, 2013 2:59 am


Shun had decided that if she were to impress him, with a similar kind of impressive combination of kido spells. This was to be her last task, if she didn't he would keep testing her until he found a reason valid enough to reject her the position. That was the reason why she gave her the task to force him into a corner. His command on kido was known through out the seiretei. Most of the kido users would think it impossible, and give up before even trying.

As he gave her the task, he wanted her to continue, he expected her not to give up and think of a combination that would put the likes of Shun in a difficult situation. Only a kido user of that level was eligible for the position of Vice Captain of the kido corps.

Her choice of kido was indeed impressive, more than what Shun had expected. If Shun was to dodge it using shunpo he would still be in trouble. If he was to use Danku, he'd still be vulnerable enough to be caught by her bakudo. Of coarse he couldn't allow himself to be caught like that, a man in his position couldn't afford that. But, an attack like this, couldn't be evaded unscathed. Thanks to the wisdom of the former kido corps, that Shun inherited he could copy an spell if he saw it himself.

If he avoided only the hadou spell that she had used he'd still be in trouble. So, he had no choice but to go on the offensive, he'll still be vulnerable by the end of the response he had thought of, but he wasn't going to let Iro get away with it either, if he was going to be bound, she would be bounded along with him. A spell of level #9 wasn't much of a trouble, even if he was caught his reiatsu was enough to break free in a little while, but, Iro Sada, she's getting her hands full.

With his mind made up, Shun used the same technique that Iro had used just a moment ago, with enough precision to avoid most of the damage.


That would take care of the attack headed for him, now to retaliate. Shun had plenty of options but he wasn't going to take down his future VC that hard,

"Bakudo #75 Gochutekkan"

Incredibly tall pillars, 5 of them headed towards Iro sada, with great speed. If she tried to take down Shun, she wouldn't be able to avoid them, and so she'll be pinned. But if she tried to avoid them, she'll have to use shunpo, thus negating her already cast bakudo, even if she's able to maintain her spell, her task of forcing Shun into a corner will be undone. So technically she would have failed the task.

Now, all that Shun waited for, was her response, how she would handle this offense? Whether she was going to be the VC of the kido corps, or not, completely depended on her next move.

Battle info:
2.Bakudo #75 Gochutekkan

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