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#41 Re: Sharp Eyes CLOSED on Mon Nov 11, 2013 1:52 am

The arrancar looked disappointed when he head the sound of a kidou spell he'd encountered before. Shalishar simply stood still as the magical bindings surrounded his upper body and constricted his limbs tightly to to his sides. But the smile on his face hardly faltered as a green and silver colored aura of reiatsu began burning around his body before suddenly erupting into a flash of light and color as he broke the bonds with reiatsu alone. "You really think a kidou of this level without incantation cou-" The shouts of Shalishar were silenced as he watched the human kill themselves by jumping into Iro's follow up attack. "Wha-!?" He barely brought his zanpakutou up in time to clash with the incoming wave of reiatsu and deflect it to the side leaving his chest wide open for...the human!? Utter disbelief was over the once smiling visage of the Arrancar. That was impossible as from his perspective it looked like Remy had been sliced in half. Her hammer would collide with his chest causing him to be pushed back a step but dealt little damage...however something felt wrong with the hierro near his chest where he'd been hit and he couldn't move the muscles there to move his arms.

When the Shinigami appeared before him with his wild hammer swing there was noting Shalishar could do but try to step back away from the hammer blow to lower the impact, but the majority of the blow caught him anyways and sent Shalishar flying into the air wildly spinning into one of the taller buildings nearby. He smashed into the side of the building and coughed up blood as he looked down at his chest. Several of his ribs had been broken and the muscles there were torn. He coughed up even more blood as he showed his teeth through a bloody smile. "Alright, you slime were able to catch me off guard! But now I'm going to tear you all to shreds!" Shalishar's sadistic twisted side was finally showing as he looked at them through the smiling eyes of a mad man. Shalishar slowly rise his zanpakutou into the air and grinned as he began to speak his release phrase, "Smile and Feast! S-" The moment he began to speak a man suddenly appeared in front of Shalishar, "That wasn't part of the deal..." Kagamine Yuuske, the exiled shinigami whom created the bounts and established peace between soul society and the quincy appeared. The speed of his shunpo would have been so fast that no one present would have seen him coming. He now had his hand on Shalishar's sword hand and was glaring at him as if to warn that he did not want to cross the lines Kagamine had supposedly set.

The arrancar's expression twisted into a foul look of discontent for flash, but then returned to his usually sly smile as he sheathed his zanpakutou. "You win Kagamine...I'll be off then." The arrancar said as it handed Kagamine something and then shouted to the trio that just landed a great hit on him, "I won't make excuses just because you used a trick. You all beat me. But next time I wont be held back by a deal...and I won't be giving you a handicap to protect the humans either..." With that, the arrancar performed a sonido which carried him out of the barrier where he could open a garganta and escape the Hueco Mundo.

Kagamine used his reiatsu to slow his descent as he fell from the building where he stopped Shalishar and moved to ground level where he could turn and meet the three fighter with open arms, "Congratulations on your victory! You all vanquished evil arrancar-san and saved the day~" His celebrations almost seemed like those one would give a child. It should have been clear to at least one of them that he was trying to draw their attention from something. Kagamine would be an enigma, his atmosphere seemed almost like he wasn't there and despite intimidating Shalishar he almost felt as weak as a normal human soul.

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#42 Re: Sharp Eyes CLOSED on Mon Nov 11, 2013 4:01 am


The concerto of attacks had quite an impressive effect, seeing as the attacks launched by Sada, Remy and Epizon complimented one another; a surprising show of teamwork. Sada was really quite pleased, because some moments ago, she had believed that the ragtag group was incapable of working together, with the human girl admittedly being the weak link. But as the dark Arrancar smashed into the building, the Kidou Corps Lieutenant had been forced to reconsider her evaluations of the girl. Using Sada's attack to open the Arrancar for her own attack, and somehow phasing through Sada's Hotaru Zanshin, which confused the Arrancar enough for him to be too occupied with the crescent wave to dodge her hammer blow, the human girl had, by her blow, opened the Arrancar up further for an attack from the most devastating of the three when it came to physical attacks. And Epizon's blow was enough to raise hope in Sada that the Arrancar could be defeated.

"I don't know what you did, Lady," Sada said in a low voice to the human girl, her eyes on the Arrancar with his crazed expression, "but you just gained nine points on my respect meter, and that's something." It would be stating the obvious to ask the group to beware the next phase of the battle; the Arrancar's expression was troubling enough. But just as he prepared to release his zanpakutou, a newcomer, who was most likely in league with him, judging from his speech, appeared and called him off. The Arrancar surprisingly backed down and left. Kagamine, as the newcomer was called, now approached the group, congratulating them in a condescending manner. Sada, however, was getting the hunch that something was not right. This guy had Shinigami reiatsu, and if Sada was correct, Kagamine was the name of an exiled Shinigami. So why would a Shinigami cavort with Arrancar, and his reiatsu seemed so meager, so why didn't the Arrancar punch a hole through him and continue fighting the three. And his theatrics... was there something he was trying to hide, or was he distracting them? Without indicating anything, Sada activated her Kami no Me technique, probing the environment for anomalies, while she addressed Kagamine: "You may want to reward us by explaining what the heck is going on here, oh wise Dungeon Master."

technique used:

Technique Name: Kami no me [Divine Eye]
Technique Description: Intensifying their reiatsu sense, the user can detect even the faintest signs of reiatsu, and can track disappearing reiatsu signatures (for instance, follow the trail of someone who has been somewhere a long while ago, or detect an interdimensional portal that opened or closed in the area). It also causes the user to exhibit psychometry (the ability to glean history from an object that is handled, at which point the user must be touching the object), and finally, this technique can be panned over an area of 1 kilometer, very useful for long-distance tracking.
Lasts 2 posts, cooldown of 3 posts. Cannot be used in combat.

Technique Effect Chart:

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: N/A
Opponent is One Tier Lower: N/A
Opponent is Equal Tier: N/A
Opponent is One Tier Higher: N/A
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: N/A

#43 Re: Sharp Eyes CLOSED on Mon Nov 11, 2013 12:28 pm


Just as soon as Epizon reached Shalishar and his hammer swing connected, not only did it connect. It sent the guy flying. Epizon was a bit surprised himself, it wasn’t that he had managed to cause damage, it was that Remy had managed to provide him an opening to do so. If it wasn’t for Remy, he would just be swinging his hammer against a cement wall that would really mean nothing. Might even result in his own injury. But because of their flawless team work. They had managed to throw him off his feet and send him flying to the building.

Now of coarse, he wouldn’t just come out and have tea with them after that. His released shikai was taking it’s tow now. It had been quite some time since he had released it, not only did he fight the arrancar with it but also shalishar. His body had began to sweat, in fact it was all covered with sweat. And he was breathing heavily, showing that now he was tired. Spending reiatsu again and again is fun, but it has it’s setbacks. He had been on one knee after his attack had hit. Right after Shalishar collided with the building, he stood up tightening his grip on his zanpakuto. This wasn’t time to rest. And he would’ve been right if this other character had arrived.

Right after, Shalishar intended to release his zanpakuto, another figure appeared out of nowhere. Epizon’s reiatsu sensing skills weren’t that bad, but he couldn’t even sense his presence and there he was, standing in front of them. More ever, hi s shunpo, it was way too exceptional. A moment, he’s not to be seen for miles, another, boom he’s there. With his tone, it was quite clear that he was in league with the arrancar.  Taking on someone like this would be a problem. Shalishar by himself wouldn’t prove this easy, but this other guy, what would happen if these three ended up taking on these two?

Epizon’s worries were relieved as kagamine sent Shalishar away. And descended on to where Epizon, Remy and Sada now stood. Ever so elegantly he congratulated them. It was more of a taunt then a congratulations. But that wasn’t the thing Epizon was concerned with, he just couldn’t understand why he was unable to sense this guy’s reiatsu. He was standing right in front of them. Normally it wouldn’t be that difficult to sense a guy’s reiatsu at this range. But his reiatsu didn’t appear much, so he was capable of suppressing his reiatsu to that extent? Only captains or someone of equal strength would be able to do something like that. This guy wasn’t to be underestimated.

Now, his motives were unclear and Epizon wanted to know what had just happened. He was supposed to make a report of all of this, but what was he going to report? If he reported all of this, he was going to be a laughing stock. First an abnormal hollow, than a powerful arrancar and now who wasn’t an arrancar, nor a hollow. A rogue shinigami? That report might get him killed by the captain.  He turned to Sada as she asked about the situation from him, she had done what he was still thinking of doing. So he returned his gaze to the new character. Expecting an answer that would solve the riddle of  the events that had happened until now.

#44 Re: Sharp Eyes CLOSED on Thu Nov 14, 2013 2:46 am


Epizon’s blow had plucked their foe off the ground and pitched him into the fictitious cityscape that lie ahead, blasting him into one of larger mounds within the world-filling bulk with a hideous crack. In the midst of that ruin, covered in splintered steel and concrete, underneath the slivers of broken glass and lining, from behind the clearing dust and soot, he was battered, bloodied, and bruised. He smiled through the blood and spittle he had just spat up, treating his injuries no more severely than a few bumps and scrapes. Flashes of green energy pulsed throughout Remy’s shirt and blazer, streams and arcs slipping through the spacing of her buttons, tracing through the air and into her bracelet where it was all absorbed into one of the charms. It appears that The Diplomat had timed out on top of all of that. What the hell. Mattered not at all. She had five other armaments at her beckon; countless strategies at her fingertips. She had no reason to give up; not now, not ever.

But as the deranged psychopath had brandished his blade once again, as he raised it up high, as he dug deep within to retrieve a greater power, a man had materialized from out of the blue, grasping his opponents sword arm within hooked fingers. A mere utterance coupled with a stone cold gaze were enough to force the group’s opponent to back down and withdraw from the fray. Though he was disappointed, he found it within himself to smile just as sweetly as he had before. He spoke of a deal of sorts, surrendered something in his possession to the newcomer, even remarked that he would be back to finish things on his own terms, just as any villain seemed so fond of doing. Whatever. Even that had ceased to matter. This whole situation had defied logic and reason. Why bother thinking too deeply about it at this point? Now they were faced with a man whose presence sent monsters scurrying back into the darkness.

She watched him descend downward to meet them, listened to him give them his most heartfelt thanks and congratulations on a job well done. His presence was far from reassuring; the act of suppressing his reiatsu seemed indicative that he had something to hide, at least subconsciously. Fine. She was done. Remy would allow Sada to ask her questions and entertain him with her odd brand of sarcasm. She would listen as he began his own brand of theatrics and prattled on and on with the exposition to come. But first and foremost, she would secure the dimensional cube that “Hassan” had left in his wake, make sure it would be kept safe and secure. Bringer light fanning out from under her soles, She shunted from her current location, placing herself in front of the opened box, moving to intercept and take possession of it. The way things were, why not try and see if such actions would be allowed. It was obvious that he far outstripped her in speed as it were. If she could take it, great. It not, oh well. She tried.

#45 Re: Sharp Eyes CLOSED on Sat Nov 30, 2013 9:34 pm


The two shinigami and a human were able to throw Shalishar off his feet, not an easy thing to do. Kagamine was indeed impressed, well, in his own way. Now, he faced a bunch of questions. This young shinigami had thrown a question at Kagamine, and called him a dungeon master. That brought a smile to his face, she was interesting, may be interesting enough to perform a few experiments on. His smiled even more, more like a evil grin appeared on his face. The barrage of thoughts that had just hit his mind, with the possibilities that were right there, the experiments he could conduct. But, this wasn’t the time for that, may be some other day.

He noticed that his appearance had put the three at unease, they were celebrating their win against Shalishar, but of coarse, someone who was able to send Shalishar running might appear to pose a bigger threat than Shalishar himself. ”Well, little kitten, all the three of you need to know is that your troubles are over… for now. You needn’t worry, I may have a deal with him, but I don’t mean you or your comrades any harm.” That should be enough to put the minds of the three at ease. He didn’t have to answer her questions about what the deal was. But, he knew what was coming after this, this was only a warning, a preview if you will, as to what came right after it, and he had to warn them.

Standing still, calm and firm, Kagamine continued, ”You shouldn’t concern yourselves with what just happened, but more, as to what comes after it. I assume you understand that an arrancar of that level, appearing in the world of the living, isn’t a good sign.” Kagamine paused a little, noticing that Epizon was still uneasy about his presence. ”You must be the muscle.” He thought to himself as he smiled, and ignored Epizon, continuing, ”You three managed to make force him off his feet. Not something what your everyday team of a shinigami and fullbringer can do.”

It would indeed be interesting to see the three of them work together more. But of coarse, Kagamine wasn’t just going to tell them to form a team, may be they would too if he had just suggested it. But where’s the fun in that? He loved his experimentation, considering this a kind of social experiment as to how the three would respond to his words after he disappears should be interesting. May be they would form a team, may be they won’t. But he has addressed the fact that the three of them are a good team together, now all that remains is a warning before he can disappear from the scene.

”I’ll leave the three of you then…” Turning Kagamine was about to leave, when he stopped and tilted his face towards the three of them, with his back facing them. ”…remember what has happened today. This, is sadly, only the beginning. Beware of what comes after.” His work with those words, was finished. He disappeared in the same manner as he appeared which wasn’t too difficult to accomplish due to his exceptional experience with shunpo. He was gone, just like he had appeared, almost as if he evaporated. Leaving no trail of reiatsu or any form of his presence, almost as if he wasn’t even there.

#46 Re: Sharp Eyes CLOSED on Mon Dec 02, 2013 3:31 am


Like Shalishar, this newcomer seemed to have an unsettling 'oiliness' about him. The predatory grin he gave Sada made her apprehensive, although outwardly, she remained as composed as ever. The human girl in the meantime had attempted to go for the device that the Arrancar had used to create a pseudo-battleground when he had engaged the three defenders of Earth in combat. If the device was of any interest to the strange newcomer, he didn't seem to show it, as he chose not to respond to Remy's movement. Instead, he chose to answer the Kidou Corps Lieutenant's inquiry with an annoyingly ambiguous statement. Whichever the case, if the words of this strange fellow were anything to go by, then there would likely be no more fighting today. The only problem was that Mystery-man hinted at a bigger threat looming.

So many questions raced through the blue-haired Shinigami's mind. Like, for instance, what was a Shinigami's business doing deals with an Arrancar? And what was the nature of the deal? But the most niggling question was: what was coming next, that the group was expected to beware? While Sada would have loved to start slinging the Kagamine guy with questions, she decided to courteously wait until he was through. However, it didn't seem that Kagamine was interested in waiting for a Q & A session, and began to leave, repeating the warning of what was coming after. Sada, realizing that the enigma was taking his leave, called out, "wait!" as she took a step after him, reaching out...

And the mysterious Shinigami was gone. It was like he hadn't even been there at all. It was all so frustrating, not having one's questions answered, with the possibilities of even bigger and more menacing puzzles in store. Turning to Epizon and Remy, Sada held up her zanpakutou, as it released a flash of bright emerald, and transformed back into a regular katana. "I'm not going to ask if anyone knows what just happened, because I guess that's about the only question I know the answer to as far as this matter is concerned," she said, sheathing her weapon. "So, what do we do now?" The question, as it was asked, was accompanied by Sada shifting her gaze from Epizon to Remy, so that none of them would think that she was speaking to one person alone.

#47 Re: Sharp Eyes CLOSED on Mon Dec 02, 2013 5:43 pm


A little exhausted and breathing heavily from their two consecutive battles, Epizon was prepared to indulge yet again into a third consecutive battle if need be. But, it didn’t come to that. He was rather glad that it didn’t, since his demeanor and something about this man didn’t seem like he was a normal foe. The way he looked at the three of them, and the expressions on his face were pointing to the fact that he was more than capable of taking on the three of them with ease. Epizon stood still, as he was expecting some sort of an explanation, or some kind of an answer to Sada’s question. He too wanted to know what exactly was going on, since it was a part of his mission to report the situation and find the reason behind the irregular behavior of the hollow.

But, this shinigami, this person who had no or little reiatsu, didn’t answer the question, nor did he provide any sort of explanation to the situation. ”What a pain…”. He thought to himself, as kagamine continued his little speech about how good they had done and how unusual there team was. What’s just going on exactly? Epizon was not just frustrated, he was more like confused, what was really going on? Was he stalling? Did he had a purpose behind those words or was he buying time, and if he was buying time why would he need to do so? The limitless possibilities were just too confusing.

So he decided to do nothing and stood still, right then, there eyes met. Kagamine looked at Epizon, and Epizon’s gaze met his. ”…. What?” The expression was clear from his face, yet kagamine said nothing and continued to say what he did. Before Sada or Epizon could say anything, he disappeared, without even waiting for them to say anything in reply. ”strange… who are you really?” This person had indeed caught Epizon’s eye. He wasn’t the usual shinigami, there was just something unusual about him, Epizon wasn’t able to put his finger on it.

After he disappeared, Sada turned towards Epizon and the lady that stood beside him, they were yet to be introduced. Sada returned her zanpakuto, into it’s sealed form. Epizon followed her example, retracting his reiatsu, Daimanos returned to it’s sealed form. Then he sheathed it, and turned his gaze to Sada. ”It’s quite a drag that I have to file a report about all of this, even though I’m not sure what I want to report.” He paused a little, thinking to himself, what would he report? Expressing those series of unusual events wouldn’t exactly get him acknowledged by the captain. Not to mention the captain would be pretty pissed about the fact that the arrancar just escaped, even though Epizon’s original task was to eliminate the hollow, which he did with the help of Sada and the human lady. But the arrancar was another possible threat, of coarse he was going to get scolded for letting him go. And what about this mysterious shinigami, what was he going to tell about him? And the warning?

”…sigh. This is getting me no where.” Thinking to himself, he continued his sentence, ”I don’t know what happened exactly, but this is something we can’t take lightly, something needs to be done.”  Epizon turned his gaze towards the lady that had headed for the box that Shalishar had used, he didn’t prevent the human from taking it, which showed his respect for her capabilities and it was clear that she went no harm to her kind or the innocent lives around her. ”I think.. an introduction is in order.”

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