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#21 Re: Sharp Eyes CLOSED on Sat Oct 26, 2013 2:32 am


OOC: So sorry. Of recent, my internet has become so out of whack, I have difficulty opening Yahoomail sometimes! It's really frustrating XC

Uh, and can Seireitei spatially freeze an area? Just asking >.> If yes, I'll edit this post.

Short post, I know T_T

The human female did not bother to introduce herself, but that mattered little. Battle plans were drawn, and everyone went into action. Everyone, except Sada. She had just suddenly paused, as if deep in thought. For it seemed that her zanpakutou spirit was attempting to make conversation with her, but she could sense the presence of another entity... one that seemed to have been silent a very long time now. As a matter of fact, Sada had almost hoped that the hollow would remain dormant... but that was a fool's hope. But why the unwanted entity within her would bother to surface at this time was unknown, and very unsettling to contemplate upon.


The voice of her zanpakuto spirit jarred her back to reality, and she noticed that the others had already gone ahead of her. A fading laugh, mocking, seemed to sound deep within, receding into the darkness where Sada could not find the owner of the voice. "I'm here, Hotarubi," the Kidou Corps Shinigami mentally replied. "We have a hollow to deal with, don't you go spacing out." Sada nodded, as she drew her zanpakutou. She felt Epizon release his weapon, and knew that he had encountered the hollow. If she could attack while the hollow had its eyes on Epizon, that would be very helpful. Flash-stepping as fast as she could, Sada made her way round a city block in little time, so that she was now positioned somewhere behind the hollow. She had been chanting while she moved, and as she arrived at her chosen spot, she cast:


If the spell connected, and anyone was smart, they would attack immediately.

Kidou Used:

Spell Name: Rikujōkōrō [Six Rod Prison of Light]
Spell Type: Bakudou
Spell Number: 61
Spell Incantation: Carriage of thunder, bridge of a spinning wheel. With light, divide this into six!
Spell Effect: A restraint spell which immobilizes enemies with six spiritual bands. The practitioner points his/her index finger at the target, generating a spark of yellow energy, which summons six thin, wide beams of light, which, slamming into a target's midsection, hold them in place.

#22 Re: Sharp Eyes CLOSED on Sat Oct 26, 2013 9:10 am

((Assume the hollow is hit with the bakudo and unable to kill the children thus creating an opening. Good job!))

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#23 Re: Sharp Eyes CLOSED on Sun Oct 27, 2013 5:15 am


So the “plan” fell apart that quickly? Well, it didn’t matter. Remy had already mused that given what the hollow had explained to them and with how exactly it had tore that soul into pieces just moments ago, a likely scenario would be that while a kidou spell could have a momentary effect, the hollow would likely tear it to shreds in little to no time. Oh well. She didn’t need them to think that far ahead. After all, Epizon’s gaudy display from up high had caught the hollow’s attention, giving Sada the time and spacing she needed to slip into the hollow’s blind spot and successfully bind it. Remy had not been standing idle either. Epizon wouldn’t be swift enough to move into position after Sada had made her move, not in her eyes at least. In his steed, Remy had erased her presence and followed Sada, tarrying just steps behind, becoming a living shadow in place of Sada’s. It was only then, when that brief window of opportunity had revealed itself did she appear at the beast’s back. Remy D’Aubigne, stark and implacable against the world around them, her sleek figure congealing from thin air. In her hands, she had produced a large, bulky gray mallet, sheathed in virescent reiatsu. Physical and spiritual might flowed into it, the air itself crackled as it braced against the back of the mallet, adding into the speed and force of the blow as she raised and brought it down over the back of the hollow’s head. Death within a single blow was her sole aim.

Remy's Hammer in use.:
Technique Name: The Diplomat
Type: Various
Technique Description: The Diplomat made for some interesting and memorable battle sequences during the third quarter of the series. It provided an unusual sort of defense so long as Lupi had managed to score a hit on his opponent. Its special effect is activated upon striking an opponent directly The Diplomat upon meeting its condition then transforms into a small flip-top passport separated by two sections: from the top and then, the bottom half, hovering precariously next to Remy, keeping up with her every movement.  The top half displays documentation that reveals Remy's status as a quote on quote "Diplomat". The bottom half is simply identification that displays Remy's name, height, weight, birth, martial status, and has a neat little photo of her face. When Remy faces something that would affect her or her equipment adversely, the passport flips open to reveal the documentation and I.D. When this occurs, Remy and her belongings are granted the "Diplomatic Immunity" status. It is then by paying 3/4's of the energy it takes to use an ability for example, she gains immunity to its effects. Attacks such as Cero for example will be negated upon impact. Poison will simply not affect her. Physical attacks can be negated if they are "simple" attacks. (I.E, the average blade stroke) Otherwise, special techniques that have costs will follow the rules as laid out. Environmental Hazards, effects, and other such things are treated as "Free Radicals" and thus, the cost to negate them is negligible. The Diplomat only blocks attacks from individuals up to one tier above her own and is only capable of negating four negative events per post.

Though The Diplomat is an automated defensive option and will activate when facing an attack that Remy has not detected personally, Remy's subconscious does affect its performance and its activation. This is so she doesn't waste energy negating an event she could have voided, evaded, or stopped herself. While it can be used freely, other abilities that require more taxing amounts of reiatsu (i.e. the special ability of another hammer) will instantly disrupt its abilities and disengage the mode change. Likewise, utilizing The Diplomat for over four posts will automatically disengage it and force the individual charm into the "200% Break" status. If another hammer's special ability was utilized during the time in which The Diplomat was in use, both The Diplomat and the other hammer utilized are instantly disengaged and granted the "200% Break" status. If it is willfully disengaged, The Diplomat is merely granted the "100% Break" status.

#24 Re: Sharp Eyes CLOSED on Sun Oct 27, 2013 1:16 pm


OOC: Sorry for the short post. I can't type much if my character is being underestimated.

While Epizon was still thinking about his options, his comrade solved that problem of his, providing a window of opportunity. Epizon wasn't one to waste an opportunity like this, he was just about to move to attack, he noticed the human, It appeared that the human had moved along with Sada, capitalizing on the distraction Epizon had provided. Even though Epizon had asked her to leave the close range combat to him, she appeared oblivious to the fact, once again not caring about the outcome of her actions, she took the matter in her own hands. Obviously the hollow wasn't going to get caught in the same kido twice, who knows if they would be able to get such a window of opportunity.
When he saw Remy butting like the last time she had done.Epizon though to himself, grinning his teeth,

"Damn it!"

This time Epizon wasn't surprised he was rather angry, why'd he even think that the human would even try to be useful. Instead, now Epizon had a chance to take the innocent children in the play ground away from the battle ground. His reiatsu was already flowing, it might end up making the kids faint, but that way they'd be easier to save, instead of running all over the place. They'd be lying in one place. Making it much easier to move them. As soon, as Remy launched her attack, Epizon  moved using shunpo, heading towards the children, because of his long height and proportionally long arms, he was able to hold quite a few children in one go. As Epizon approached them, they began fainting, grabbing two children in both of his hands, two children between his arms, lastly picking up a child via holding his shirt in his teeth. Yes, he was that guy who would go to all the lengths to protect the innocent souls. Heading away from the battle, he would leave the fighting to this overly confident human, it would be a lot easier if the hollow and the human get it on before he got into the fight, it would be easier to take out the hollow that way even if it managed to take down the human.
He wasn't expecting Remy to take down the hollow, he just expected Sada to cover for this nuisance of a human, while he took the children to safety. After placing the children, who had fainted due to the Epizon's reiatsu a good distance from the battle field, he headed back, unaware of what had happened while he was gone. Still quite a few children were at the play ground, but at least he managed to save a few.

#25 Re: Sharp Eyes CLOSED on Mon Oct 28, 2013 12:26 am

Not all the parents and children would be rendered unconscious, but needless to say, the moment they saw people start fainting left and right and floating children...well...people panicked. In a matter of moments the park was emptied of living souls as people ran. Either away from the field, or after the floating ball of children they saw as Epizon carried their kids away from harm. There were some injured in the panic, but on the bright side, the hollow no longer had any hostages!

The bakudo that was holding the beast broke just as Remy's second attack swung down. There wasn't enough time to dodge and the hollow took the hammer blow to the back of it's skull. Remy would feel the satisfying sensation of bone breaking beneath her hammer, but the beast was not felled. As the Hollow's head jerked down from the attack and the rods of light binding it faded, the hollow would leap for Iro in a blind rage. The beast was furious over his plans being foiled and he blamed the shinigami that cast the binding spell for his misfortune. Remy would be in for a ride as the hollow charged for Iro with all the reiatsu an animosity it could muster. "DAMN YOU SHINIGAMIIIIII!"

((Alright, team attack the hollow here. It'll die from the next few attacks you guys make. So hit it with your final strikes(Epizon getting the "kill" since he posts last) and then next round the mastermind will expose himself and Shalishar will appear.))

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#26 Re: Sharp Eyes CLOSED on Mon Oct 28, 2013 4:10 am


Sada was pleased too see her spell caught the hollow, giving Epizon chance to deal a serious attack on it. Then the human attacked. Sada blinked. Wasn't she supposed to offer assistance in close-quarters as she had said? Well, that was no matter; Epizon had apparently gone to move the children in the playground away from danger, so in essence, Sada's attack had not gone to waste when the human attacked. All the same, it was slightly irritating to notice that the human seemed to care little for teamwork, acting as she pleased. If Epizon had chosen to make a wide-range attack on the hollow, even if it couldn't break free from Sada's kidou in time, the human would be in danger of getting hit as well. But Epizon had chosen to save time and opportunity by doing something else, and the human had been fortunate enough to land a hit.

The blow struck the hollow with surprising force, and Sada could swear she had heard bone crack. But the hollow refused to succumb to the blow, and as Sada saw the bindings she cast break, she drew her sword and called out, "Kagayake, Hotarubi!" The sword glowed green, then distended into a long naginata with glowing blade. Just in time for the irate hollow to cast himself at her shrieking. "Me?" Sada said in mock surprise. "What did I do?" Sada would have loved to use a long-range spell with wide area of effect on the hollow, but the human girl was still in the way, so she decided to use something with less dimensions.

Flash-stepping a little distance back as the hollow arrived at her position, Sada positioned her zanpakutou to face the monster as she said, "Hotaru no Yari!" With the hollow's speed, it didn't have enough time to avoid the sudden extension of Sada's blade, the glowing edge skewering the hollow. Here was a great risk. If the hollow managed to shrug off the pain, Sada would have a hard time dodging its next attack. Her hopes were on Epizon coming to finish the hollow off before it could recover, or perhaps the human....

Technique Used:

Technique Name: Hotaru no Yari [Firefly Spear]
Technique Description: This ability instantaneously creates motes on Hotarubi's blade, increasing the range of the spear. It can be used to surprise an opponent. The range of the Hotaru no Yari is 10 meters, so it is unreasonable to fight with something that long.
Instantaneous, cooldown of 1 post.

Technique Effect Chart:

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: Opponent will see a flash and cannot dodge the attack due to its speed, but they can still block it, though that is quite difficult. Cuts through flesh deeply and can sever a limb if the limb is hit directly.
Opponent is One Tier Lower: Opponent will see a flash, but they can still block or dodge with difficulty. Cuts flesh with relative ease.
Opponent is Equal Tier: Opponent will see a flash, but can react to block or dodge the blade in time. Will cut like an average steel weapon.
Opponent is One Tier Higher: Opponent will see the forming blade, giving them time enough to lock or dodge, although carelessness may get them stabbed. Will give moderate but not serious cuts.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: Opponent can see the forming blade easily and block or dodge without much effort. Will give small cuts if they are hit.

#27 Re: Sharp Eyes CLOSED on Mon Oct 28, 2013 9:29 pm


Epizon had already made his way back as the hollow jumped towards Sada.('Darn it!!'). The play ground was now empty of the other souls, locating the human still standing, it appeared that she had survived the attack she had so recklessly launched. May be she had managed to do some damage too, but Epizon wasn't concerned with that. He was more concerned about his comrade, who had told her that she could hold her own in a close range fight, that was a little relief. Considering the abilities of the hollow. it would have been a real problem if her fighting abilities were restricted only to long range. As soon as Sada got ready to retaliate, Epizon used shunpo, moving faster, aiming to head right on top of the hollow.

When she launched her attack, Epizon had managed to reach on top of the hollow, only a few feet above. He noticed Sada's attack, the sudden extension of her spear like shikai, he found himself thinking for a split second, ('Well, isn't that something.') But that was no time to be impressed, if her attack landed it would be the perfect time to make one fatal blow. Epizon wasn't going to waste another opportunity this time, it was his time to shine and the human wasn't going to take this one away from him. Seriously, if she tried he would be so enraged he might start attacking her instead of the hollow, screaming "my hollow my hollow!!!!" . Yeah, he loved to fight his own battles, really.

Right after Sada launched her attack, Epizon converged his reiatsu to the hammer part of his zanpakuto, he didn't wanted to cut the hollow in half, no that would be too much of an easy death. He wanted the hollow to feel the impact of hitting the ground, implied Epizon attack landed. Epizon shouted as he swung the hammer, aiming to hit the head of the hollow with full force using the technique "Explosive strike". As soon as the hammer would hit the hollow, it would result in a lightening based explosion, the explosion alone would be strong enough to send the hollow crashing down with great speed, but the added strength of Epizon would provide an added effect. The attack would be able to shatter one's spine.
Attack detail:

Technique Name:Explosive Strike
Technique Description:Focusing a huge amount of reiatsu to a single point on his zanpakuto, Epizon swing his zanpakuto, upon contact with anything a huge explosion is caused, throwing any opponent, causing a lot of damage if it's blocked by a zanpakuto, if the strike lands undefended it'll throw the opponent off his feet and far away. Will cause bruises and might numb the affected limb.
The technique has a 2 post cool down.

Technique Effect Chart:
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: If the attack is blocked by a zanpakuto, it will cause overall moderate burns over the entire body, if the attack lands on a limb, the numb won't function for 2 posts.
Opponent is One Tier Lower:If the attack is blocked by a zanpakuto, the opponent takes minor burns over all his body, if the attack lands on a limb, the limb won't function for 2 posts.
Opponent is Equal Tier:If the attack is blocked by a zanapkuto, the opponent's zanpakuto will be deflected, that is pushed back ward, providing an opening for a direct hit. If the attack lands directly on a limb, the limb will receive minor burns, and won't function for 1 post.
Opponent is One Tier Higher:If the attack is blocked by a zanpakuto, the zanpakuto will be deflected a little, it might provide an opening for a direct hit. If the attack lands on a limb directly, the limb's effectiveness will reduce, that is if it hits the foot, the speed reduces, if it hits the arms, the strength of the attacks done using arms are reduced.  
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher:[/list]The opponent's zanpakuto receive minor burns over his arms, if the attack lands on a limb, the limb's effectiveness will be reduced accordingly.
Note: I have used a general technique with my shikai released, so the actual effect of the techniques are boosted.

#28 Re: Sharp Eyes CLOSED on Tue Oct 29, 2013 1:28 am


OOC: No worries, Epizon. I’m not underestimating your character. Remy’s just opportunistic and just hasn’t worked on a team. She’s used to relying on her self and just taking advantage of whatever she can. Only trying to stay in character

Her hammer had vanished from within her grip after the strike. Her pupils rapidly dilated. Her skin flushed pink as a warming sensation washed over her body.  Her muscles tensed as her perception of the world around her had began to narrow even further, time within her mind slowing considerably. The seemingly eternal beat of soundless anticipation had come and gone, the echo of crunching bone in it’s place. The beast jerked violently, but he did not falter. It’s body had not yet folded towards her. She could hear the drawing of breath, she could feel the violent surge of reiatsu building up before her while her vision tunneled. It pitched forward and came into contact with the young girl. The image of her body had puckered, shook as the beast literally tore past her. But Remy remained as if untouched; the contours of her form wistfully reformed.

She nearly darted after the hollow to continue her assault, but she halted when her senses had picked up upon Sada and Epizon moving into the offensive. With the hollow ran through and Epizon’s own hammer smashing into the hollow with a thunderous crash, it was defeated at long last. With her back still turned to them, she struggled to suppress the grin that threatened to creep along her lips. Yes, this one was a true, genuine smile; one from a kind hearted young girl who silently expressed her gratitude for the safe return of the hollow’s soul and the victims it contained to the natural cycle. But to the others, she put on a stoic guise, approaching the rubble left within their wake to confirm with her own eyes their success. Not until she saw the hollow’s body fade to black and dissolve into nothingness would she be able to relax.

Ability in use:
Diplomatic Immunity

#29 Re: Sharp Eyes CLOSED on Tue Oct 29, 2013 4:03 am

The hollow just barely pulled it's mask to the side in time to avoid being destroyed by Iro's extending spear. But the monster ended up impaled at the joing between its limb and body. Agonizing rage-filled roars escaped the hollow's throat as it scrambled with it's other limbs trying to find traction to claw itself further forwards and closer to Iro as her weapon punctured deeper and deeper into the wound.

Iro would be able to feel the heat of the hollows breath as it roared again and spread some saliva over the kidou corps shinigami. But the shower of spit would soon turn to blood and bone fragments as Epizon's hammer smashed down on the distracted hollows skull. The mask was crushed and then beasts body soon dissolved into reishi as it returned to the balance of the worlds.

This rag tag team of good-doers seemed to be successful and it was time to rejoice! Or so one might think. As the body of the hollow dissolved it would be revealed that there was a small grey box hidden inside. This box would fall onto the ground and then fold open before glowing a bright green.

Suddenly a strange barrier of reiatsu expanded past the shinigami and the fullbringer. The entire world turned grey and the rising smoke stacks in the distance from the truck explosion before were gone.

"My, my, and here I thought I'd only catch one shinigami. But to think I trapped two! And...a human? Most peculiar. You shouldn't have enough reiatsu to be here..." a voice echoed through out the barrier. It was clear that the team had more to deal with here than a mere adjuchas hollow. But for now the disembodied voice did not reveal itself...

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#30 Re: Sharp Eyes CLOSED on Tue Oct 29, 2013 8:16 am


As the hollow drew closer to Sada, even though it had been impaled on her spear, the Shinigami girl turned her head sideways to keep away from the creature's maw. She could feel its tepid breath, and the shower of spit from its gibbering mouth did little to better the situation. "Seriously, do you really have to spit?" Sada asked, masking her consternation as she mentally selected a kidou that would be perfect to defuse the situation, should help not arrive on time. But there was no need for the kidou. Epizon's attack hit the hollow, smashing mask, bone and skin tissue. Its gore spattered on Sada as the creature expired. "Ewwww..." Sada drawled, as she wiped the mess off her face with the back of her sleeve.

So far so good. The hollow had been taken care of and all was well. Even with the 'rough at the edges' co-ordination, the two Shinigami and the human had managed to protect Karakura from the hollow's menace. "Good work, everyone--" Sada began, but stopped, as she saw the strange green cube, which began to unfold. Something was so wrong about this situation. Then some sort of barrier suddenly encompassed the group, trapping them in some sort of grey world. "So what the hell is this?" Sada asked, beginning to get irritated. Being dirty was a bad thing, but being unable to get home quickly and clean up was really offensive. "You may want to pull out your miracle mallet again, Ice queen," Sada said to the human female, who had refused to introduce herself.

Then to whatever voice was speaking, Sada called out, "Okay, Mr. Voice-in-the-air, I'm really impressed by your studio effects. Now just be nice, let us go, and get lost. Just saying, before you get you butt whipped." As she spoke, Sada prodded the barrier with the tip of her weapon, in the hopes of gleaning information from its physical properties. It was most likely a spatial distortion, but Sada couldn't be certain.

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