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#11 Re: Sharp Eyes CLOSED on Thu Oct 10, 2013 5:25 am


OOC: I'll assume the 'Tea, Anyone?' thread occurs before this one, since Sada and Epizon introduced themselves in that thread.

Sada was shocked to discover the shocking turn of events. One moment she sensed a familiar reiatsu signature, and then someone else was attacking the hollow, and then suddenly a golden comet-like projectile sailed out of nowhere and hit the hollow as it moved to avoid Sada's incoming elbow. There was a sick twist to everything. First was the sound the golden projectile made when it hit. "Seriously?" Sada thought, as the cute squeaky sound was heard, and the hollow suddenly managed to evade the two attacks coming from both sides, while Sada found herself getting entangled by Epizon's Hainawa. Sada remembered now: it was the 6th Division guy she had gone on a mission with some time back. But now wasn't the time for helloes and his. Releasing a good deal of reiatsu, Sada broke the rope binding her, just in time to see the human soul disintegrate into a shower of blood flying in her direction. She flash-stepped away, but a little too late.

As the hollow boasted of his ability, the sharp pain in Sada's left arm told her that the blood had not been totally avoided. She ripped away the sleeve of her 'jacket', to reveal a number of lacerations down the length of her arm. And the palm of her right hand had a number of cuts too, as it had touched the blood on her torn sleeve. Sada grimaced as the hollow vanished. But there was a little boon. The hollow had revealed his ability, so Sada could think of a way to avoid it when next she met it. But first, she had to work out a standing plan with Epizon and whoever else was there, provided the person was a potential ally.

"Not trying to be rude here, but if you can hear me, oh great launcher of the 'Flying Quack Projectile', please come out and let's help ourselves take out that monster, unless you're on its side, in which case I suggest you remain hidden and run away as fast as possible." Sada could not say for sure what the golden projectile could do, but aside the circumstances falling to the hollow's favor, which was speculation to assume the projectile was responsible for it, the golden quack seemed un-useful. "If you're on our side, we need to come up with a plan that will take out that hollow using teamwork, the lack of which reduced my already meager amount of clothes. Hello, Epizon-kun, by the way."

#12 Re: Sharp Eyes CLOSED on Thu Oct 10, 2013 9:07 pm


As Epizon saw the events unfold, his facial expressions turned from disappointed to surprised to shocked, when his attack landed on a fellow shinigami, he had worked with a little while ago. His skill had slowed her down, so she couldn't avoid the attack of the hollow in time, taking cuts over her arm and her hand. Epizon was aiming to work along with her, but of coarse , even though they had worked together before, not coordinating with her at that moment was indeed a bad idea. Not only that, but the third attack, where did that came from? and what good was it? it was more beneficial for the hollow, so it might be that the hollow was being controlled by that person. Or that person could be the master mind behind all this, but the data was too less to from a hypothesis. It could be that the person who had used that attack, was aiming to aid them, but ended up making it worst.

As the hollow moved away, Epizon thought to go right after it, but then he would be making the same mistake. Lack of coordination might lead into similar circumstances. It might've been possible to save the soul from earlier, but now it was too late. In order to avoid the same happening to other souls, he needed to talk to the shinigami, he thought that reiatsu did feel familiar when she used her hadou, as he saw her moving away, he was certain about who she was. The hollow hadn't concealed it's reiatsu so tracking it down won't be a problem later, there was no need to chase after him, it might lead to a trap of some sort. The hollow's ability was an annoying one as well. He had to be careful about it.

He stood there as he saw the hollow vanish from visual range. Turning his gaze towards Iro Sada, he was now concerned about the extent of damage she had taken because of his spell. He felt guilty that he couldn't save a soul instead he had caused damage to a fellow comrade, and a VC of the kido corps at that.

As he heard her words, calling out to the mystery attacker. She too was suspicious of his motives so his hypothesis might've been correct that this person could be behind all of this. But it could be a failed attack similar to his, considering he too had aided the hollow in hurting Iro. She had identified Epizon by his reiatsu, so when she greeted her, using Epizon and wasting no time, Epizon rushed towards her, stopping right at the standard formal length from a higher ranked officer, he bowed to greet her and apologize for the damage his incompetence had caused her,

"Hello Sada. I'm very sorry for the trouble I've caused I should have thought before I acted."

Keeping his head bowed he awaited for the reply of the VC, he knew that wasting time wasn't a good thing but in his opinion he needed to apologize for the pain he had caused her, no matter to what degree it was. He was still the reason behind it, if it wasn't for his bakudou, she would've avoided more damage.

#13 Re: Sharp Eyes CLOSED on Sun Oct 13, 2013 6:09 am


That monster… it shredded that man’s soul apart and reduced him to a bloody paste. It used his remains as shrapnel against the shingami and it did it all with a gleeful cackle. Outwardly, she was cool and collected, unflappable in the face of the hollow’s appalling actions. Inwardly, Her gut still wrenched at the sight of gore, her mind struggling against natural reflex, against every nerve and fiber in her body screaming at her to avert her eyes. Her spine turned into ice. She stood there, awestruck and completely dumbfounded by the cold, unfeeling truth of the matter. The cycle of death and rebirth was forever finished. There would be no afterlife. No feeling, no thought, no existence. Everything that was and would be him had dissolved into nothingness. Not just his life, all of his soul’s future lives, countless generations were denied their existence. Cruel. But this was far from over.

She could question morality and ask herself how she was going to live with herself afterwards. The simple fact of the matter was yes, she tried to protect someone and she fucked up. She did her best and hoped it would be enough. Too bad that this time, it wasn't. A man was forced to endure a fate worse than death. More souls were still hanging in the balance. The people were still crying and screaming in the streets. In that instant, she remembered who the hell she was and why she was here in the first place. Against the growing gloom that stifled the air, oblivious to the mocking echoes of the shinigami below, she permitted herself to step forward and try again once more.

A glint of green reiatsu fanned out from under her feet, weaving together the torn rubber that made up the soles of her shoes. Then without warning, she was whisked away from the rooftops above down into chaos waiting below. Upon touching down, she did not reply to the young woman who had called out not long ago. She barely looked at them, much less gave them a chance to look at anything but her back. She walked straight past the two death gods, making her way towards the car that tucked her glorious golden mallet away from view. With a touch, she fullbrought the car, diminishing it's weight just enough  to hoist the car up from the back bumper, enough to reach below and pull it out from the handle.The hollow’s reiatsu still lingered over the grip and gave the tip of her little finger a rather shallow paper cut.

A few seconds passed. The image of the golden weapon within her hand became warped and distorted. Ebbs and sparks of green energy danced along its outline and contours until finally, the mallet and all had deconstructed itself into an arc of pure energy, flowing into the bracelet she wore on her wrist. Her fingers curled and flexed, shaking off the residual energy flowing over her hand. Afterwards, she fully faced the individuals who would be her teammates for this afternoon. She showed them an expressionless guise. Her pale blue eyes she rarely showed to the world around her were wide open, blank... staring straight through them. To the female shinigami, she turned her full attention. She spoke softly, politely, earnestly. “Are you fully aware of the details concerning that hollow?” She spoke, completely deadpan.  It wasn’t meant to be a quip of any sort. She was merely asking. “An adjuchas class menos shouldn't be able to stand on air, initiate Sonido, or much less interfere with the function of my abilities.” Her gaze then turned towards the direction of the open field just a few blocks shy of their location. Her senses could already pick up the hollow and in addition, countless others within the area. Time wasn't exactly on their side. “And if you’re done exchanging formalities, could we carry on with defeating this hollow? I don't mind planning along the way.”

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#14 Re: Sharp Eyes CLOSED on Sun Oct 13, 2013 6:22 am

((The hollow is just gonna keep its hostages and wait for you to come to it, so feel free to keep going without me until you guys approach the hollow.))

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#15 Re: Sharp Eyes CLOSED on Wed Oct 16, 2013 2:17 am


Sada responded to Epizon's bow and statement by bonking him playfully on the head. "You're really hopeless when it comes to being uptight and all, aren't you? And here I thought you were not one of the 'panties-in-a-bunch' people. Anyway, never mind what happened. You thought your actions through, but something unexpected happened..." Sada paused as the owner of the golden projectile thing suddenly appeared, " that," the Shinigami girl concluded as the other girl retrieved a mallet from beneath the car. So it was a mallet? That had made such a sound on striking the hollow? Normally, Sada would have expected teeth-breaking and mask-splitting violence when a hollow got hit by a thrown projectile expected to wound it. But instead...

"I'm not even going to ask..." Sada mused as she quietly watched the human girl turn attention to her. "Technically, no," she replied, "but I'm guessing that aside what it said about converting anything it touches into a blade, we might want to look out for cero, and stuff." What the girl had said was true; a normal Adjuchas hollow was incapable of Sonido and air-walking. Sada didn't know about the girl's abilities, so she could not judge whether the hollow was legitimately able to interfere with them. The girl then spoke again, hinting that she was interested in working with the Shinigami, and that the group didn't have time. Sada couldn't agree more. She flash-stepped a short distance to stand on the air. "Well said," she replied, her gaze turned in the general direction of the hollow. "But formalities are the soul of polite discussion. I'm Sada, and I'm a specialist at long-range fighting, although I can hold my own in short-range." The information was meant for the girl; she had worked with Epizon before, and unless he had amnesia, he would be able to remember her method of battling. Anyhow, she would let her Shinigami partner introduce himself to the girl and describe his fighting methods by himself.

She did wonder whether the girl would bother to introduce herself, though. Polite as the pale human was, she did seem icy. With another short-distance flash-step, Sada had moved, her actions inviting the others to follow suit.

#16 Re: Sharp Eyes CLOSED on Sun Oct 20, 2013 1:48 am


Her those familiar words again from Sada, he should've thought something like that was headed his way. Even though he had worked with her before, and it was quite clear that she was different from those other high ranking tight ass officials, but it was more of a built in function, but her gentle tease was a tad bit too frustrating for Epizon. With a raised eye brow he stared at her face, almost with a killer intent in his eyes.

(I'll kill this lady someday.)

His frustration turned into rage and not towards Sada but towards this human who had tried to give them more of a cold shoulder, even though she was the one whose mistake lead to the death of a soul in the first place. Not to mention that was the reason that had forced Epizon to think that this third person was the "mastermind" of the whole thing. Instead, she appeared to be against the hollow and was attempting to take it down, just like he was. So, the enemy of your enemy. Still he just didn't like the way she considered the formalities to be meaningless, but that was just the least of his worries. However she was, she was right about thing, the didn't have time to spare. Sada had already begun to make her way towards the hollow and it appeared she trusted this human, he had no choice but to trust his comrade's judgment. Following Sada, he flash stepped, moving on the ground. Stopping for a moment, he had almost forgotten to introduce himself, though with this human he wasn't going to be formal, he was thinking of dropping the formality stuff entirely actually, yeah, Sada had her influence.


Turning towards the human, he said in a proud tone,

"Call me Epizon. Leave the close range combat to me, I can handle myself at medium range too, but long range is not my style."

He didn't expect the human to introduce herself, so he began to make his way after Sada, staying on the ground. He wasn't going to depend on this human much, Sada was more trustworthy. If they worked like they did, in their earlier mission, this one would do just as fine, or so he thought.

#17 Re: Sharp Eyes CLOSED on Fri Oct 25, 2013 5:01 am


OOC: Short but It's kewl

Had the situation been less dire, Remy would have responded in kind. She would have gladly introduced herself to these two shinigami. She would have extended her good will in the form of a bright smile, perhaps even a twinkle in the eye for that wonderful beaming effect. But no. Not now. Not today. The wish of discussion and introductions felt upon deaf ears. The young woman who stood before them had long since taken hold of her anxiety and suppressed her remorse. She exhaled, blowing out along with her breath, every shred of emotion that threatened to hamper her performance today. Little remained, save for the cold and ruthless rationale she required for the battle to come. Her reiatsu for a brief moment had flared. Sparks of emerald glistened beneath her hair, strains upon strains fell from her crown, only to flow directly into waiting fingers, curling up and worming into her sheaves. Her eyes now closed once again, her neck shifting from side to side, the joints within her neck popping with every move. Her muscles relaxed, her lips curled into a kittenish grin, belying her fierce determination… the violence she had steeled her mind and heart to carry out. She allowed the shinigami to see such a face. Even as she called out ahead of them and began her icy cool approach, she smiled. “ One of you should ask that Soul Society spatially freeze the area. Once that's accomplished, if one of you could suppress the hollow with kidou while the other cuts it down with their blade, that would suffice. I’ll assist Epizon-kun with close quarters to that effect.”

#18 Re: Sharp Eyes CLOSED on Fri Oct 25, 2013 6:12 am

((Since Iro seems to be MIA, Epizon, feel free to post first out of posting order. When Iro returns we can resume posting order from wherever she jumps back in.))

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#19 Re: Sharp Eyes CLOSED on Fri Oct 25, 2013 10:14 am


With a battle plan sorted out, the probability of repeating the same mistake was dropped to almost zero. For Epizon's role, it was pretty simple, as Sada was already aware that he was a melee based fighter he was expecting her to leave the close combat situation to him, while covering for him from long rage. At the same time, rescuing the souls that were the hostages of the cruel hollow at the moment. He wasn't clear about the abilities of this human, but his first attack did seem like a long range attack, so it was possible that the human too was a long range combatant. But there was no way of knowing that without jumping into battle, as the human didn't appear too friendly, he wasn't going to depend much on him, but there were the lives of other innocent humans at stake, so he was putting his money on him to save the others before he could join in the fight along side Epizon.

Rushing towards the hollow, who didn't appear much too fond of cloaking it's presence, he tightened his grip on his zanpakuto. His plan was to go all out from the start, if he could land one decisive blow, that should be the end of that, but he had to avoid any collateral damage. Thinking of a strategy, Epizon called out to his zanpakuto's spirit,

('What do you suggest Daimanos?')

Being the wiser of the two, Epizon did ask for an advice every once in a while. Depending on his zanpakuto for giving him a better plan of attack, always strengthened the bond between them. Acting all high and mighty and not considering what your zanpakuto has to say in the matter just pushes the two away, that would eventually make it very difficult to achieve a bankai later on. And Epizon wasn't going to let anything come in the way of his achieving his bankai.

With a swoosh sound, Epizon's movement began to grow faster, with his shunpo at maximum speed. In a little while, Epizon was there, where the hollow was with it's captives. Though while he had made all this way, daimanos was yet to reply to his question, maybe that was one way of saying figure it out for yourself, or may be he wasn't sure about it himself, as he hadn't seen the hollow's full potential.

If Epizon was going to stand a better chance at protecting the innocent children in the play ground, he had only one way.

"katakto arthro sfaira , Daimanos Rigas!"

As he shouted out those words, his reiatsu began to increase, releasing his zanpakuto into a semi-hammer, semi-axe shaped weapon, with a long base hilt. With pride in his eyes, along with the anger, he stared into the eyes of the hollow, almost as if mocking it, daring it to attack first. He stood there 10 meters above the ground. While he was in a stare down with the hollow, using his reiatsu detection skills, he concluded the location of all the humans in the vicinity. It was obvious a direct attack would result in casualties, even a slaughter. He had to chose his next move carefully, to his regret, now it all lied on the human to provide him an opening to get close enough to the hollow to push it away from the children.

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#20 Re: Sharp Eyes CLOSED on Fri Oct 25, 2013 7:07 pm

The hollow was beginning to worry as the shinigami and fullbringer took their time in chasing after him. "Mmm...Whats taking them so long?..." The hollow's eyes shifted from side to side scanning the area as he tried to ignore the blasted sound of children playing in the background. The soccer game was just heating up! Little Haru whom usually got picked last just made an awesome goal! The entire field was aroar with cheers and festive fervor. Perhaps it was a blessing that these people were completely unaware of the danger they were all in...

The hollow's eyes widened and then focused as soon as Epizon revealed himself. The hollow watched as the shinigami performed shikai and then broke into a wicked cackle, "Kyeeehihihihihihihiiii! You fool! Do you really want all these children to die!?" The hollow scurried from side to side in excitement as it laughed over the audacity of a shinigami willing to cause that much sacrifice, "Ah! Sorry, sorry...I was just surprised to meet a shinigami that thought like a hollow..." The words were sharp and intended to insult the shinigami. But the hollow's impatience was now drawn to Epizon's flashy display and it was mostly distracted.

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