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#1 Sharp Eyes CLOSED on Thu Oct 03, 2013 4:42 am


OOC: Well, look at me, two days late. Sorry everyone. Real life enjoys me so much lol.

Well, it’ was just an regular Friday afternoon here in Karakura Town and things were progressing… normally. Yup, in a town where monsters and death gods scuttered about all willy nilly, where the extraordinary was on the path to becoming the usual and mundane, everyday people were out in the world doing unexceptional things. Now if you think that is dull as a dirt, then that’s too bad. With the beautiful big blue high above, a delightful sunny overcast, and weather that was warm, comfortable, and downright agreeable, a change of pace wasn’t so bad and now was the time just about everyone could get out there and enjoy it. Like clockwork, the distant toll of bells rung all around Karakura’s schools.

Classes were finally letting out and youth was once again let loose into the streets to roam wild and free. Cheerful chatter and meaningless chatter filled the airwaves once again. So many spirits and wills speaking out at once, just waiting for their time, their one moment to shine and be known, to have their story told. But there can be only one center of activity; one pivotal point in the sea of many will a moment in the limelight. But who was it going to be today? Was it going  to be that gang of delinquents standing at the corner, just waiting for a moment they could show that they were the baddest posse in town? Or maybe the tale would center upon a young lad and lass, nervous yet oh so eager to go on what would be their very first date. Well, any story could be interesting depending on how it’s told. But are these stories the ones that will win out today?


Let’s turn the page and look into yet another scene, just a few city blocks beyond the reaches of Karakura High School. Walking on the sidewalk was a small group of kids skirting pass other pedestrians along the way. Just look at them go, all dressed up with their kneehighs and skirts, their white shirts, ribbons, and blazers, wide eyed and grinning from ear to ear. Well, save for one girl in particular. Out of all this group of four, she stood out like a sore thumb.  She was about as slim and slender as they came, skin so pale, she could pass for a ghoul. Her nose? Nonexistent. Her hair? A bit messy. In direct contrast to that of present company, she sported a sullen pout, walking along at the group’s pace begrudgingly. She looked drained, exhausted, beaten. Her satchel just inches away from dragging along the sidewalk. Her eyes were literally closed off to the world around her.

Uhhh… why was she here again?

Oh right… now she remembered. She was strong armed into this little adventure by an excitable little bucket of pep by the name of Mika Yoshiyuki. You see, Yoshiyuki-san was the type of girl who practically beamed with energy, so much that you might even ask yourself how hasn’t she exploded yet. With her loud and obnoxiously squeaky voice, her blonde pigtails and towering physique, she harassed the young dour damsel, hugged on her, and hussled her into the beginning of an action filled night of korean barbeque, karaoke, and the introduction to a handsome young hunk she knew from around the way. Yeah, sure. All of that does sound pretty swell and dandy. But unlike Little Miss Bubbly Boo here, this young lass wasn't what you would call a social butterfly. She stayed to herself most of the time, stayed low key, and for the most part, had many acquaintances and left it at that.

She wasn’t trying to develop any relationships as of yet. But Yoshiyuki-san had plans of her own. Like a stiff breeze coming from the left, she intercepted the ghoulish girl as she marched forward, wrapping her arm right around her neck, pulling her head first into marshmallow hell

“Remy-chan!!” Geez… she was loud. She practically screamed it. If that wasn’t enough, now she was getting even more uppity, hopping along and skipping all willy nilly, all of this with a human being’s head lodged in her breast.  The young lady in tow spoke no words in response. She merely adjusted her pace to keep up with a certain someone’s  wacky shenanigans. “You’re gonna have a good time, I promise! It’s gonna be great! First we can d…."

Blah Blah Blah… Dribble Dribble Dribble. Yoshiyuki-san was a really nice girl, don’t get it wrong. She was kind, cheerful, very popular, and to those who knew her, a good friend. She’s the sort of girl who wants everyone to be included in her circle of friends. If she didn’t know you, you would be sure that she would get right on the task of figuring you out and befriending you. But on the other hand, she puts the “GENKI!!!” in Genki Girl. What’s more, when she talks and really gets into it, it’s like a constant stream of dia…


“Ah… yes, of course.” Remy sighed... nodding along with her own words. Of course, she was lying.

“I’m really trying here. Don’t you get lonely when you’re sitting by yourself during lunch and study periods?” No, she didn’t. The solitude she enjoyed during those times was somewhat refreshing. But in the end, Yoshiyuki-san was just a young girl trying to be friendly and do what she did best. Even Remy couldn't disrespect our resolve and decline the offer in the end. So here she was, on her way to eat and chat the day away. Who knows, maybe today was a special day. Was Friday night going to be that night? Was this girl… Remy D’Aubigne really going to shake her groove thang, sing some pop songs, and then maybe kiss a boy? Who knew? If anything, thinking of just how much was going to be on her plate tonight was already sucking the energy straight out of her.

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#2 Re: Sharp Eyes CLOSED on Thu Oct 03, 2013 5:09 am

The peaceful pace of the day in Karakura Town was about to be kicked up so many notches the switch broke off. The eerie statis buzz of a garganta sounded high above the school as lines vaguely shaped like some kind of Cheshire mouth formed as a rift in dimensions. The gaping maw opened wide and a swift Adjuchas-class hollow scurried out from the abyssal torrent of darkness. The beast would let out an ear piercing shriek as the garganta closed behind it and the monster shot for the street running along-side the school.

The hollow's spiritual pressure fell thick over the campus and most of the students suddenly fell unconscious. But the hollow wasn't interested in the meager souls of students. It had a job...a purpose. Another horrifying roar was made which echoed all throughout Karakura Town. Anyone nearby with half a spiritual sense would be able to feel the creature's reiatsu. Cold and full of malice, the energy was definitely not that of a benevolent being and clearly had the signature of being a hollow.

A truck was driving down the road towards the hollow, the poor driver was spiritually unaware and couldn't see the threat right in front of him. The hollow could have dodged, or waited for the driver to get knocked out from its reiatsu, but instead the beast stabbed one of it's many skinny and sharp blade-like limbs into the ground. Suddenly the wheels touching the road popped. Not just on the truck, but ever vehicle on the street. The truck driver was caught completely by surprised and tried to regain control, but the sudden loss of all his wheels caused the 16 wheeler to spin out of control and topple over. Thankfully it didn't have anything cliche like fuel. No, instead, a truck-full of soap bars spilled all over the street.

The hollow didn't take the time to admire it's handy work though! The beast was off! Dashing towards the heart of the city. Every time it's bladed feet hit the road, nearby tires would pop and people's shoes would suddenly have shredded rubber soles. This promptly caused a large number of traffic accidents and a ton of chaos to boot. It was almost as if the hollow was trying to gain peoples attention...

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#3 Re: Sharp Eyes CLOSED on Thu Oct 03, 2013 5:30 pm


Fridays were fun in the human world; work was over for the week (unless one had brutal weekend jobs), school was a 'bye-bye' topic until good ol' tortuous Monday, and everyone seemed to have gained a special energy which they would use to spend the weekend. Soul Society, however, was an entirely different matter. While the 'days off' were available to most Shinigami, there was an issue with emergencies, which always seemed to pop up without warning. And people always said 'Life on Earth is hard'. Well, it was normal for sentient beings to attempt to pity themselves once in a while. The wise avoided such useless sentiments. And perched high on a rooftop, the Shinigami female known as Iro Sada couldn't agree more. Regardless of the fact that she did envy the folk who would stretch their feet and do nothing else all weekend, there was no point in wishing she was them, or pitying herself for this.

"Each to their own..." she thought, just before her reverie was shattered by a loud yet inaudible cry. Inaudible, because most of the folk in Karakura didn't even notice that there was any noise. But Sada was sure that the few who had spiritual sense had been alerted to the arrival of a strong hollow. Which begged the question: why was the creature being so noisy? Since its arrival, the hollow seemed unwilling to cloak its presence, which would have helped it, were it to desire food. So there was most likely an ulterior motive aside feeding that had brought the hollow to Earth. While Sada, for her part, had come to investigate and re-erect a fallen kidou barrier somewhere under the city, there was no reason for her to say 'work complete' and go home, when a serious threat was on ground, and not a Shinigami seemed to be in sight.

Grimacing, the young woman rose from her perch and vanished silently using Shunpo, as she began her journey toward the center of the city, and the intruding hollow.

#4 Re: Sharp Eyes CLOSED on Thu Oct 03, 2013 9:01 pm


Epizon was lying on tree branch, slacking off. He had trained whole morning, so he was tired and decided to sleep the rest of the day. As time passed by Epizon, slept through the morning, and continued to do so in the afternoon. Suddenly, the quietness vanished, and the squad 6's barracks was as alive as ever.

('So noisy')

He thought to himself, trying to ignore the noises. He closed his eyes again, when a familiar voice came through, piercing all the other sounds.

" Epizon!!"

The sound of the squad 6's captain, came through. Epizon woke up and jumped right down to the barracks, rushing to the captain, he stood in front of him, in a formal manner, he replied

"4th seat, Epizon Psychi reporting sir.  "

He was informed about the sighting of the hollow and how unusual it was behaving. Not attempting to hide it's presence, and going crazy causing traffic accidents all over. He was assigned to check on the hollow and take it out. With his job assigned to him. Epizon head out in a flash, using shunpo to the senkaimon.

After the regular check up at the senkaimon. He began to follow the hell butterfly leading inside the senakimon, to karakura town.

#5 Re: Sharp Eyes CLOSED on Sat Oct 05, 2013 3:39 am


Suddenly, the sky tore itself asunder and It appeared from up high, dropping down onto ground level. It howled louder and louder and no one could shut it out. It came through in waves… it was so intense, it cut through the ears of those who could hear it. The pain ran through them like tinfoil on a tooth. It’s presence itself was overpowering. It tainted the air itself with a sense of weight, like a giant mass heaving itself towards them. It battered them and they crumpled to the ground like sacks of dirt. Dead? No. Unconscious, mind and body completely burnt out, overwhelmed through that meager show of force. But it wouldn’t stop with just that. It went on to demonstrate more of it’s strength and man, was it giving the world quite an eyeful. Objects tore themselves apart as it’s serrated limbs touched the ground. Not the ground itself but… everything touching it. Tires popped on a whim, vehicles on the road spiraled out and crashed into buildings and poles… stores and walls. Those left standing were thrown into disarray and chaos, attempting to flee from this threat unseen.

Mika Yoshiyuki merely stood where she had been standing all along., That same excitable Mika Yoshiyuki who was all cheer just moments ago was now all eyes, covered in sweat. It left her shivering, shaking, whimpering. Tears were springing from her eyes, her chest heavied up madly, matching the shrieks and screams of bloody murder in the background. But unlike them, She actually laid eyes on it. She looked upon the cosmic horror that came to be on a whim. What she saw scared her out of her wits. The pressure left to linger in the air had only exacerbated that. She clung tightly to the young girl buried in her breast for she was the only sense of security she had left. Her mind was already starting to slip.

Remy D’Aubigne felt terribly calm. Her shoes were all shredded at the soles but calm nonetheless. Surrounded by madness, surrounded by destruction, she was the eye of the storm. Gently she loosened Mika’s grip over her body and stood up. “Breathe” That single word spoken in a soft tone… that alone was enough to bring Mika back from the brink. Remy’s lissome fingers wrapped snug around hers. “Yoshiyuki-san. I’m here.” She stayed with her. She coached her through it, helped her steady her nerves, get her breathing back on track. It wasn’t easy. It never is. But like all things, it came to pass and she settled. You could consider that action to be somewhat heroic. In fact, any other person might have felt a sense of pride and righteousness in doing what she had done.

Instead, the young girl appeared to be dispirited by the choice she had made.

One good deed like this was all well and fine. To help someone to truly needed it in such trying times… it felt as if it was the right thing to do. But was it really the correct choice? There were still so many others like Mika who were crying out for help, dozens more and that number climbed higher for every moment that creature ran amok. The choice was obvious and no matter how painful a choice it was to make, she knew very well what had to be done for the sake of everyone today.

♫ If there’s somethin’ straange, in your neighborhoood, who ya gonna call…? ♫

And wonderful, she had a call. So she reached into the left hand pocket of her blazer and took a look at who was trying to give her a shout. She recognized the number, she knew the name oh so well. Great… she had no choice but to slide the panel up and tap “Answer”. Wouldn’t you know it, as soon as she hit that button, a woman’s rough and husky voice wormed its way through the speaker. “I don’t know what that thing is up too but it’s raising too much hell. Hollows don’t normally behave like this... ” A small sigh had managed to sneak past Remy’s lips. Yes, Desiree had a valid point. Of all things a hollow could do, this made no logical sense. For a hollow to make it’s presence and activity known is tantamount to suicide. It’s reiatsu was blaring out in the distance and in turn, painted a giant targeting reticle over it. Even Soul Society wouldn't delay action considering the collateral damage.

“Something’s off but whatever. I’ll go investigate” she replied. “Anymore rips and snips in space-time I should know about?”

“The good news is that Kūmon that opened just above you was the only one. But I do have to inform you that a shinigami was already within the area and that person is moving to intercept the hollow as we speak. ” Great. More company to mix things up a little. Thanks. “Anyway, I’ll update your phone’s GPS and mark the hollow’s location. Good luck and remember to play nice.”


Cute. Everything updated and synced without a delay with her objective and her “teammate” marked and labeled for her convenience. Remy turned to face her path forward only to be confronted with Mika rushing towards her, frantically crying out “Don’t leave me! Don’t leave me please!” Her pleads were silenced when Remy drove her fist into her stomach. Mika pitched forward and laid still against her shoulder. The two of them were swept away from the ground in the blink of an eye, touching down upon the roof of a home not too far away. Dejected, Remy lightly laid the poor girl down and silently prayed that she would be safe while she faced this new enemy. Again, her steps sent her sailing through the air at breakneck speeds as she raced off once more to protect Karakura’s citizens and test her own meddle.

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#6 Re: Sharp Eyes CLOSED on Sat Oct 05, 2013 3:55 am

((Sorry for the short post. But none of you have arrived yet so the hollow is just gonna make more chaos))

The Adjuchas' rampage throughout the town would continue unhindered for a short time. Most hollows went into hiding after arriving in the world of the living so it was understandable that reaction times would be slow after the hollow appeared so suddenly. But still, the hollow was looking around and seemed impatient or worried. It stopped int he middle of a four-way intersection and simply waited for the shinigami it could sense approaching to arrive.

But there was no sense in being bored while it waited. The hollow was content to impale a nearby human plucking the poor mans soul from his body. The hollow was just about to bite the soul's screaming head off when the first responder would arrive. Distracted by the being with some reiatsu worth devouring, the hollow would put it's blade-like limb down but kept the human soul impaled as a hostage, "Hold it! Take one step and I'll slice his head off!"

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#7 Re: Sharp Eyes CLOSED on Sun Oct 06, 2013 2:49 am


Sada arrived just in time, perhaps a little too late, to see a very ugly beast of a hollow kill a hapless human and impale his soul. She gritted her teeth in helpless rage, even as the hollow seemed to sense her presence and turn on her, holding the soul in its grasp and threatening to slice the head of the soul off. How irritating. The greatest damage had been done, which was taking the life of the poor chap. In the light of that, cutting off the poor soul's head would be rather painful to the soul, but seriously, the worst had passed. The best Sada could do for the poor creature would be to attempt to vanquish the hollow as quickly as possible and end the soul's suffering. Her ruby eye fixed on the hollow in a steely gaze, Sada stopped alright, but said:

"Really, with what you've already done? Don't worry, I'll not put my foot on the ground a single step from here, you worthless piece of trash. Hadou 31: Shakkahō!" A bright red ball rapidly formed in Sada's palm, as she turned it towards the hollow, and released it in a horizontal, column-like pillar aimed at the hollow. Although she hadn't made the necessary chant to release the kidou at full power, Sada was sure that the hollow wouldn't be stupid enough to use the human soul as a shield, since the 'shield' would be too flimsy to offer decent protection from such a kidou. But the major reason that Sada had used the Shakkahō was not to simply attack, but to make that impression. For immediately after releasing the Shakkahō, it was quite natural that the hadou, being the immediate brightest thing in the area, would attract the hollow's eye, even if for a split second, whether the hollow chose to dodge the blast or do whatever. And in the split second of the hollow's distraction by the red light, Sada would flash step to its side, her elbow glowing with an ethereal fiery aura, as she drove it, full speed, in a sideways elbow strike towards the side of the hollow's head. All this time, Sada had taken special care not to put her feet on the ground. She didn't know the hollow's abilities, but while arriving at its location, she had seen people with torn shoes, fractured segments of road, cars with burst tires, and such crazy stuff. Until she could analyze its true abilities, Sada would be careful with standing on the ground. Many thanks to Shunpo for allowing Shinigami to air-walk!

She mentally crossed her fingers in the hope that the blow would land....

battle info:

Techniques Used
Hadou #31: Shakkahō
Shinken no Mai

#8 Re: Sharp Eyes CLOSED on Sun Oct 06, 2013 5:24 am


Epizon moved through the path as quickly as he could. The gate opened in karakura town, where the battle was taking place. Quite perfect considering the fight had already begun. He wanted to get there as fast as he could, he didn't want any innocent souls getting hurt or any more damage to the town. He wasn't aware of the presence of another shinigami, so he thought he would be the only one to arrive. The only briefing that was provided to him was that he needed to head to karakura town immediately, and stop the hollow. That's all the information he really cared about.

The task assigned to him was simple. Reach karakura town, locate the hollow, stop it's rampage and take it out. If he can find out it's motive for the unusual behavior then that's a bonus. But the utmost priority was to stop it in it's tracks.

Upon arriving, Epizon saw a bright red light, tracing it's origin he located a fellow shinigami already engaging the hollow.

('Thank goodness.')

He was relieved that the hollow had already been engaged, but still, this was no time to be standing. He had to help in the battle, seeing the hollow had a hostage that was way past saving, he still had to make sure his actions wouldn't waste any efforts of the other shinigami.  Using shunpo, he got within range of the hollow. Attempting to aid the attack and restrict the hollow, not waiting for the outcome of the attack. Epizon pointed his finger towards the hollow,

"Bakudo number 4, Hainawa."

A rope of black color, made of reiatsu, originated from his finger, heading towards the hollow. He was hoping to restrict the movement of the hollow for that little instant necessary to provide an opening. Just a little difference was all that he needed to make, since he had sensed the reiatsu of the shinigami already engaging the hollow to be greater than his. Even if he wasn't needed, he wasn't going to just stand there. The hollow had taken innocent souls, he wasn't going to let it go unpunished.

As the shinigami had already launched a melee attack, he didn't intend to stay there either, not waiting to see if his spell had landed on the hollow or not, Epizon used shunpo once more, heading towards the hollow. If the hollow would be restricted even for a little instant, the other shinigami would definitely utilize it, at that moment a strong strike by the two of them, might just end the battle. Even if it didn't, it would still make a huge difference. That's what he intended to do. He had his zanpakuto unsheathed and his target in site. And he was aiming to kill.

#9 Re: Sharp Eyes CLOSED on Thu Oct 10, 2013 12:43 am


OOC: Short but I like to keep it moving. Brevity is the soul of wit in a fight.

Limp, the man’s physical body was sprawled out in the middle of the intersection, his color fading fast as if it draining out onto the pavement. His jaw completely sagged, his pupils shrunk as the seconds passed. The body was dying and reflexively, it attempted to cling to life, the brain firing off impulse after impulse. It’s eyes darted rapidly, frantically searching for something it would never see. It’s bloodless lips twitched as spittle pooled at the corner of it’s mouth. It’s fingers spasmed, as if they were feeling around for the handle of a briefcase just inches away. All of these violent motions persisted for a moment, only to stop suddenly. By contrast, his spirit was frantic, made fully aware of the world once unseen, screaming out in horror, in agony. His cries fell on deaf ears. As far as everyone was concerned, he was already dead. As the two responders began their assault on the creature, they did so under the idea that they could tear right through him.

But that man’s soul… it wasn't forfeit. No, not yet. The hollow had indeed ran him through but he did so at the pit of his stomach. Just above the jagged edge, mere inches away was the centerpiece… the point that bounds all spirits to their mortal coil : The Chain of Fate. There it was, still tightly secured to the man’s chest, the taper point well within view over his necktie. His out of body experience began not too long ago. Thus, there was still time to save him. The odds were stacked against him. He was mortally wounded. There were countless variables in play, countless ways that he could lose everything just like that. It was slim… but still, he had a chance. It was within the darkest point, the moment when the fight had begun and the creature was being assaulted at countless angles that it slipped into thick, when it slipped into perception. A golden blur arced through the air, wedging between the shinigami’s assault, the magical spells... and the hollow itself, pitching towards the spirit of the fellow impaled on the monster’s blade. Just above the streets, perched at the ledge of a drug store, just bounds away from the action, Remy watched silently as the events unfolded.

The question now was who was faster? The blur or the others?

So, what happened?:
Remy tossed the Lucky Ducky Mallet as a desperation attack to save the poor guy. Throwing your weapon always works, yo...? Link to my character's profile is in my sig.

#10 Re: Sharp Eyes CLOSED on Thu Oct 10, 2013 2:16 am

((For plot purposes, I'm going to use your team attacks against you since they were made without co-ordination and proper teamwork. Sorry to Iro who will suffer the most because of this, but don't worry! You have my permission to take minimal damage. It's just too soon to be killing off this hollow.))

It was good that so many people nearby were able to react and move to stop the hollow's mayhem. But Soul Society only assigns one shinigami at a time to a town for a reason. The ragtag "team" of shinigami and fullbringer had no coordination with their attacks as they were all launched separate from each other without communicating. Because of this the timing of their attacks was all wrong and actually served to help the hollow.

Things started going wrong when Iro decided to attack the hollow without regard for the safety of the soul it was using as a hostage. Even if the beast wouldn't use the soul as a shield, she did not know what its powers were and failed to realize that in this hollows hands the soul was actually a weapon. The shakkahou fired would cause the hollow to react defensively, jumping out of the way. This would cause it to move towards Remy and into the line of fire of her hammer. The golden blur would smash against the hollow's body and make a comical sound before bouncing off without doing any harm. In fact, the hammer had a rather positive effect. For a brief moment, the hollow's "luck" became the envy of the devil himself. It's footing on the pavement of the road slipped causing the large beast's body to shift just in time to jerk out of the way of Iro's elbow strike. It then quickly performed a high speed leap leaving nothing in the way of Epizon's Hainawa other than his own shinigami comrade, Iro. Remy's hammer, "luckily" for the hollow had also bounced under a nearby car making it that much more of a hassle to retrieve.

The hollow's jump would take it upwards into the air above Iro. The female shinigami had a bakudo incoming from one direction, but the hollow wasn't going to let her get off that easy, "Kyeeheheheheee!~ I didn't know you shinigami stopped caring about souls!" The poor man still impaled on the hollow's blade-like limb screamed in agony as the hollow slashed its arm through the air. The soul was thrown off the blade limb towards Iro only to burst in mid-air. The soul was now nothing more than spiritual flesh, blood, and bone, raining down on top of the shinigami. But something was off about this downpour of spiritual body parts. It was filled thick with the hollow's reaitsu and if any of it touched Iro she would find herself cut slightly as if the blood itself had been a blade.

"Kyee! How do you like that!? My power is to turn everything I touch into a blade. Even a flat ground or liquids will still cut after its been touched by my reiatsu!" The hollow boasted as it stood on thin air about 15 meters above ground. The soul that had been taken hostage was now lost, but the hollow was already scanning the area for another. From it's place high above ground it could see past the nearby buildings and spotted a soccer field where several children were playing. The blade hollow's mask twisted into an evil grin as it ignored the shinigami and used sonido to move towards the park. All the kids were playing ball without a care in the world. The hollow landed on the sidelines and snickered as it turned to face the direction he'd just come from knowing the shinigami would soon be on it's tail. Now an entire soccer field of children were it's hostages!

The hollow had yet to notice the fullbringer though and since it was on the other side of the buildings, now was a perfect chance for the two shinigami and fullbringer to meet and come up with a plan.

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