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on Sun Nov 27, 2011 3:36 am


OOC: I meant specifically what the combo looks like.

IC: Cobalt released the trigger just before the very close ranged attack at his joints to fire off another beam of energy straight for Ash's body. A point-blank shot like that would be, yet again, difficult to dodge. It was Cobalt's last shot, meaning that he would have to reload after this one. The thought of the reload was playing in his head. How much time would he have to do it? Would it go exactly how he envisioned?

It probably wouldn't.
Cobalt would use Light Bringer to jump in which ever direction Ash was and would simply reach for Ash's neck. If Ash had been blasted back by the huge beam of energy, Cobalt was going in for a direct attack. He had purposely left himself open so that he could stun Ash some so that he could grab the younger man's neck. If Cobalt could grab that neck it would be filled with those stinger cells and could swell up to the point that Ash could suffocate.


on Sun Nov 27, 2011 4:02 am


(Sorry left it open for you to choose which joints Ash would of attacked.)
The blast from cobalt gun is only just stopped by my armor dragon wall it still throw me across the room and while i was flying i activate my cloak of the shadow dragon and becoming nearly invisible and move because i thought that cobalt might try a melee attack and not wanting to be touch by him for the reason of his fullbring ability nasty thing and so i bind my time waiting for my energy to return and to see what cobalt would do.


on Sun Nov 27, 2011 4:16 am


"Invisibility?" Cobalt said, pausing and landed. He landed only to have to jump up in the air to avoid those bullets. Cobalt noticed something as he jumped in the air. Those bullets that were tracing them both were also looking for Ash. If Ash could give off any spiritual energy, heat, vibrations(from walking and breathing) or breath out moisture he would still be target and his position given away. Simple invisibility wouldn't enable him to hide all those special attributes. Cobalt had an idea that there were flaws in this invisibility, unless it was teleportation. If it was teleportation, he was lagging a little.

Cobalt ejected the magazine of his guns and held the next magazine in his hand. The Cutting Stinger Technique. Cobalt held the entire magizine, as well as touching the exposed bullets. He was looking around, waiting for some wave of dragon energy to fly out or for the sound of a punch coming at his back to sound. However, Cobalt was confident in those weapons. They'd uncover Ash's little hiding spot and Cobalt would bring this fight in closer.

Cobalt realized that his bullets were having trouble with Ash's armor. That was all just a temporary safety measure. That protection that Ash seemed confident in would be broken soon. Cobalt was absolutely certain that if this technique didn't do it he would find one that would penetrate those defenses.

Cobalt's own energy flared, becoming a light orange fire around him. The warm orange was light and clean. It was almost like pure energy was flooding his body and burning away at him. That spiritual energy was strong, fine toned, and just as stoic as he was in terms of emotional wavelength.


on Sun Nov 27, 2011 5:22 am


With me back to normal i think to myself.
I think it time to turn up the heat on cobalt let see if he can handle this with that i release to the next stage of my fullbring which made me visible again when my reiatsu flared up and burned away the cloak and left gold flames on my are van-braces and two dragon talon shaped mauls then i infused with the sprit of wraith then fusing with the shadows i then appeared behind cobalt and toke a swing with a mual to froce him back and then i formed my reiatsu blade to attack with the dragon dance attack i begin to swing the blade around in a complex pattern all the while i move like in a dance and if any of the swings hit cobalt they'll pass though the skin with no damage to it but under it is a different matter.


on Sun Nov 27, 2011 6:04 am


Reappearing. It looked like Cobalt wasn't the only one that was increasing his power and ability. Cobalt cocked his gun, the metallic click ran loud. As Ash's appearance and body changed Cobalt was sure to stay on his toes. The endless bullets flying at them both had not ceased, so remaining in one place for too long would result in being blasted by those painful bullets. Weary of that, Cobalt would dash in again.

I'll make a lance, Cobalt thought, though he skid to a stop when Ash vanished? Cobalt felt the surge of energy behind him but, as he was turning around, it was too late. Cobalt would have been struck by the back attack and would have been thrown back, if not cut, with most of the damage on his left side. Cobalt skid back about 4 yards, using his Light Bringer to slow his push back. Cobalt aimed his gun at the oncoming Ash.

Cobalt wasn't phased much by the attack. Sure, he could be injured, but he couldn't feel the damage. Because of that, recovering was extremely simple. Cobalt fired twice before Ash closed the distance that he created by blowing back Cobalt. The first bullet was bright orange and surrounded by Cobalt's extraordinary energy and the second bullet, fired almost a second after, was in the same bright energy. The energy connected in an instant, faster than the high speed bullets were traveling themselves, and created a bridge between bullet A and bullet B. Their combination caused the energy to flare up, creating a lance with sharp blades at the front and back. The lance of energy, traveling at the speed of a bullet, was large enough that the end points where the blades were ejected were larger than Ash's entire head. A blade tip larger than his head would be incredibly hard to dodge, especially considering the speed.

That would definitely interrupt Ash's series of slashes and swings, as it was between Cobalt and Ash. Cobalt would stick his hand in his pocket and pull out something. He would keep the gun in his right and, using only his left, he would unbind a coil of wire. This coil would fall down as he caressed every portion of it. There was exactly 300 feet of wire falling down in his hand, wrapped up tight like a measuring tape mechanism.

Cobalt would wrap one portion of the coil at the barrel of his gun. He was preparing something.


on Sun Nov 27, 2011 6:23 am


Ash keep the attack up slicing though the light bullets with ease even when cobalt fired his lance ash didn't stop shadows just formed a vortex around him to deflect it by then ash had finish the dance and i look around the room seeing that i had made a lot more shadows in the room due to the damage the room has gathered so far.
well it seem it the right time to use that move. with that thought i let my reiatsu flow into the shadows around making them rise up and move to attack cobalt what would he make of this?


on Sun Nov 27, 2011 6:47 am


Cobalt looked down at the ground and, using his Light Bringer, jumped up.

Controlling shadows on top of everything? Cobalt's logical brain really didn't think that shadows had the necessary substance to do anything damaging to his body, however his spiritual sense told him to be weary. Underestimating this opponent based on the assumption of nature and logic could end up in Cobalt's injury. It was because of that Cobalt shot a bullet at the ground, in no specific direction and watched carefully as the ordinary, non-spiritual boosted, bullet went flying.

Cobalt wasn't incredibly fast, to say the least, so if the shadows were quick they could probably reach him faster than he could use the light bringer to jump backwards, getting a little higher. If he was able to avoid them, Cobalt would run back, to the right, straight, to the left, jump back, then back to the right again all with Ash in the center of his evasive maneuvers.

Was all that going to fly uninterrupted?


on Sun Nov 27, 2011 6:54 am


with the activation of that last attack Ash reverts back to his first release form and watching cobalt jump around waiting and timing to make a attack that would be hopefully impossible to dodge and would be the last as well for ash was running out of tricks and energy as well. After the attack ash would ask out loud.
"So when does all this stop?"


on Sun Nov 27, 2011 7:08 am


Cobalt fired one more bullet up in the air.

The shadows were squeezed together and, with Ash at the center, a wire went in to restrict every shadow and Ash all together. The wire was a light orange like Cobalt's spiritual energy and was coming from Cobalt's gun in his right hand to his left hand where a majority of it was. Cobalt had trapped them both.

The wire had been forced to one point where the first, ordinary, bullet had been fired. When Cobalt tied it upon his gun, the bullet carried it along with it. When Cobalt moved around, dodging the shadows, he went around in a perfect square around Ash, centered around the boy and his current ability, and the wire down at the ground wrapped around the debris that causing these annoying shadows. When Cobalt fired up in the air it caused a tension on the wire to "go straight" however, because it had been forced in the ground it was anchored and because it had been tied around Ash, in that square perimeter, it would ensnare everything inbetween so fast that it would be hard to suddendly dodge and, even better, it would have grasped those shadows as a blanket to smother Ash.

The reason it grasped those shadows? The string was orange, coiled with Cobalt's spiritual energy. That mean, instead of simply cutting or passed through them, they were able to come into contact with them and they brought everything in with a smashing, dangerous hug.

What was even better was Ash's letting his guard down. Did he know this was going to happen? It was too late to say Opps as the wire was pulled and he was in the middle.

"I guess it can end now," Cobalt would say, looking down at Ash and his shadows. "You are capable enough," He added, and would be unsurprised if Ash was actually caught by the wire and, possibly, slapped by his own shadows. A special attribute of that wire was that it came into contact with Cobalt's hand. In fact, he impregnated the wire with his Cutting Stinger technique, which meant they were just as dangerous as his skin. The wire would burn, horribly, if it came into contact with Ash's own skin. Unlike Cobalt's skin, it couldn't and wouldn't penetrate clothing and the shadow may act as somewhat of a shield form the effect, but if Ash nulled the shadows to avoid being crushed by his own technique that wire would cut right through any non-metal clothes from it's speed and small size and would send that painful, agonizing sting everywhere it touched.


on Sun Nov 27, 2011 12:28 pm


As i was court in cobalt trap i said.
"Well played it seems that we both are about at the same level. it was a nice spar." and i did nothing waiting for cobalt to stop and end the tarp for the shadows that he had pined by the wire where acting like a shield for they wouldn't come into contact with me they keep a short distance between me and them and were the wire was they were starched to a point of insane thinness but they did not break. so i waited.

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