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#11 Re: Liars Of The Unknown [OPEN TO ALL] on Wed Oct 09, 2013 4:21 pm


Epizon noticed the cold air, but he wasn't much concerned with the weather. He was more fixated on the artifact that was the reason for this much trouble, and the boy who appeared to be risking his life for it. And according to him, he wasn't going to use it for "evil".

('So it has that potential as well? Can't let it fall into the wrong hands.')

As the boy replied, he remained calm, with the same emotionless and cold expression, to his question about killing a boy, he replied

"Without a second thought."

Epizon wasn't a merciless killer, he didn't want to kill anyone unless he had already harmed his comrades or was a threat to soul society or a innocent soul. Though the boy said it had no evil intentions, Epizon wasn't going to trust him right away. As he had already seen him freezing his fellow shinigami, almost to death at that. The boy could be just stalling him, or he could really be an innocent being, controlled by some evil entity near by. Though the root of the problem was this artifact that he had held in his hand. It had to be secured immediately, he found himself thinking of ways to secure the artifact. But the question yet still remained, does he have to kill this young boy? or he could just leave him there, paralyzed?

As he was still considering his option, Epizon sensed a sudden raise of reiatsu, and the sudden change in temperature. But he was still unaware of the boy's intentions. Though the reiatsu wasn't strong enough to be any threat to Epizon.

The boy launched an attack. For whatever reason, he may have to put his life in this much danger, he managed to break through Epizon's spell. It was more of a precaution not that Epizon needed it, his reiatsu was enough to even knock stun this opponent, he hadn't really used his reiatsu to that potential yet, but it appeared he was asking for it.

Taking the full extent of the attack, Epizon did not move, the attack didn't cause much damage, but it sure was cold. Holding the scabbard of his zanpakuto Epizon, swung it with great speed and force aiming for the stomach of the boy, he was just annoyed that even the fight was very much decided when Epizon had launched his attack. Still this young boy struggled for some reason, even without the slightest of hope. He didn't care if the attack actually landed, he was only trying to make a point. Even though the boy appeared to be hurt pretty bad, he wouldn't go easy on him just because of that.

"Your annoying me boy, if you wish to live stop doing what your doing, and start explaining. Otherwise I've been told that squad 12 needs a new test subject these days, and I'm certain you'd be more than happy to help them."

#12 Re: Liars Of The Unknown [OPEN TO ALL] on Thu Oct 10, 2013 3:36 am

Zee didn't believed what just happened. He just used his last resort to win and take the crest, but the shinigami just took it and manage to get his hand on Zee. These are one of those people that think fast, literally. For his perspective, he still got one more shot of strength left in his compartment and need one last hit to get that crest of the shinigami's hand. Zee was told to explain himself or what he is doing, so that he can be spared. The explaination was too sacred and too secret for me to tell anyone that is not a fullbring. Zee looked more angry than he alrready was, but also looked calm and still talked coldly.

"Explaining someone about my ordeals are prohibited for my and only sake alone. If I wanted to ask, I would have a change of heart and give you back the damn thing in flying colors, fast as you can say "die". You want to protect that whatchamacallit there, just tell me what it can do. If not, let me the hell go so we can settle this personally, soul reaper."

With willpower beginning to beat him back up to shape, Zee grabs the shinigami by the arm, flipping his body and threw him to a tree. He grabs his ax with one hand with ease as his reiatsu starts to slowly increase. The chance to win was polarized, but Zee wants to break that balance and get that artifact back, even if it kills him.
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#13 Re: Liars Of The Unknown [OPEN TO ALL] on Thu Oct 10, 2013 9:20 pm


As Epizon was slammed to the ground, he had his mind made up. This boy wasn't going to get away now, he's going to confront him and take him to get interrogated for the motives of his actions.

('That's it')

Epizon wasn't in the mood to engage in a fight against someone who was in such a bad shape, but he had been forced to get to it. It was unavoidable now, the boy had chosen that he didn't want to walk out of the premises. Releasing his reiatsu, Epizon tightened his grip on the hilt of his zanpakuto and the grip of his left hand on the artifact. He focused his reiatsu around his zanpakuto in the form of a drill.

"Drill strike"

The drill was of reiatsu so it was obvious, if the boy didn't block it, he was getting cut pretty badly. Though this was a bit too extreme considering the circumstances, but this was something that the boy had chosen for himself. Retaliating Epizon, swung his reiatsu reinforced zanpakuto, in an upward slash, standing while he slashed. If the attack didn't land, it would still be enough to take down any defensive barrier or shield the boy might use in the spur of the moment. Epzion didn't need to hurt the boy any more, his first attack had done substantial damage, just wearing the boy's reiatsu out would be enough to make him faint. Then he could drag him to the barracks of the squad 12 and they could have his way with this boy.

"You've chosen your fate boy. Get ready to face what comes with it."

If the boy did manage to elude Epizon's attack, he was getting ready to use hado # 4, byakurai right after the boy's response to his attack. If the attack did land, he wouldn't need to use it. That should cause enough damage, if he blocked it, a sudden attack using byakurai would be the defining factor in the battle. He was in the driving seat right then when he had released his reiatsu.

#14 Re: Liars Of The Unknown [OPEN TO ALL] on Fri Oct 11, 2013 5:44 am

Letting go on his morals to leave no causalities, Zee faced with a shinigami that suddenly gets straight to the point of putting him down. He realizes that the time to talk was over and that it was time to show the shinigami what can someone like Zee can do. He shows a change in fighting style when facing the shinigami. When he was going to jump in front of the shinigami, Zee sees him creating a collection of reiatsu going to a transform state of a drill.

"You can make drills, eh? That's cool. But... Can you use it to win?!"

Smiling in a devilish manner, he points his ax to the shinigami's arm. That caused a red line to his arm, as he runs into the shinigami with the drill still at hand. He turns to the shinigami's side, spinning in motion along with his ax.

"Polar Spiral Homerun!"

As Zee stops spinning, the ax starts to freeze in a spiky shell of red, frozen chloroform. He dodges the drill with instinct, standing in the side of his arm with sadistic thought around it. He wants to end the mission with no deaths whatsoever, and he still is on about the self promise. He wants to win, but he need to think a little bit better. Zee wants to hit the arm, but the leg is a more effective target. So he tilted the ax to the part without the blade and starts to swing.

"Hope you can SKIIIIIIP!!!"

He tries to hit the shinigami's leg in succession. Should the shinigami block it with his speed or take a limping leg that isn't that effective?
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