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#1 Liars Of The Unknown [OPEN TO ALL] on Fri Sep 20, 2013 4:56 am

A cold breeze calms the air as HE comes to a stealth like halt to the shinigami's struggle against the hollow. They tried their best to defeat the hollow, but one is down from its attacks. Finally, after a life threatening battle, the hollow was defeated as always. They were tired and hurt, so they called a squad to report about the defeated hollow and commanded them to make it back to the soul society. Before the shinigami was able to enter, a voice came into their ears as they were turning around. They saw a small boy with red hair and a white uniform that they were confused to witness.

"Wait a minute, kid. Do you think that its a bit late for you to be in the woods?"

"And for that matter, are you even around here?"

"I'm sorry. I got lost and I needed some directions."

"Directions? Son, you are close to the outskirts for goodness sakes. How can you ask for directions to a place that-"

When they were going to finish their little bantering about the boy's sense of location, the boy himself froze them both with a gust of red snow in the blink of an eye, luckily not freezing them to death. Instead, the red ice froze them into unconscious in an instant.

"I'm sorry. I'll thaw you two out in a moment or so. I need to do a little bit of... Satisfaction."

He didn't wanted to do that, but he had a mission to do. A mission that might take him to the top of his class. His name was Zee, a 13 year old, seasoned fullbringer and cousin to a very similar, but not-so-similar nutjob.

As he walks to the forest unnoticed, Zee found an entrance to a division that was containing an item, a crest that he would give his masters and would probably get their respect if he can properly steal. But on the other hand, he could keep it for himself and figure out what it can do and what makes it special.

He is quirky that way.
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#2 Re: Liars Of The Unknown [OPEN TO ALL] on Tue Oct 01, 2013 1:54 pm


The night was cold, and had the stench of blood in it. A squad had reported that the hollow that entered the seireitei had finally been defeated but his comrades were hurt. Epizon wasn't the type to go do things himself, but he was worried when he was told that his comrades were hurt during the battle.
Listening from his usual place, the branch of a tree located right next to the squad 6 barracks, he jumped down, and asked the squad for details about what had happened.

"I see, I'll head out there to check on them myself".

After asking for directions he began to make his way in the direction where the battle was fought, using shunpo to take as less time as possible to reach his comrades.

(You fools, what's taking so long? Come back already).

A bit mad that he had to go do something himself, he got more and more worried as the location drew near, and all he could hear was silence. He tried using his basic reiatsu detecting skills, he could sense their reiatsu , but it was faint, a little too faint for someone not heavily damaged in battle.

(If they were in such a bad shape, why'd the squad leave them there? I better hurry).

He increased his speed, getting more and more closer to the outskirts.

#3 Re: Liars Of The Unknown [OPEN TO ALL] on Thu Oct 03, 2013 9:27 pm


OOC: It's been 30 days since your last post, So I'll be abandoning the thread today. Sorry but I can't work with that.

#4 Re: Liars Of The Unknown [OPEN TO ALL] on Fri Oct 04, 2013 3:58 am

OOC: I couldn't post that much because of school. I just need to make up my activities during that time.

Zee saw a spot that he can sneak through, hoping that he can't be caught in the light of all things. He has a knack for searching for hotpoints and cover that he can say are comfortable during stealth missions. Zee sees two shinigami that was carrying the ones he just froze. They wanted to find the person that was responsible for something like this and wanted him in custody. The boy just got here and already was a hunt for his head, dead or alive. Zee rather be dead than alive, so he shuck a rock to the shinigami to gain their attention. They saw where the rock was threw, didn't saw the person doing it. Zee hanged from a tree on top of the shingami to make sure he gets a shot.

"*Thinking* Oh my god. I can't be caught. I can't be caught. I need to get that crest. It would be horrific if they get me. What would happen if I failed the mission? What?!"

~Moments before this~

Zee was walking to a hideout of his fellow fullbringers, who were kinda surprised to see Zee happy in his full extent. He was jumping, running, doing push-ups, they were completely enthralled to see him like this. Then when everything was going so well for Zee...

"Shiraza. I see you were eating sweets again out of boredom, were you?"

"Yes, Matanaka-Sempai! I was- *Stops jumping*- hungry?"

"Yes... Do you mind sign up for a mission for me? We need this to be completed in time for winter."

Zee stops being all hyper and goofy and goes back to his vintage self, calm and focused. He heard his master's voice being nice and somber before, so which means that this mission might be important and urgent. Zee replied briefly to his master's normal baritone.

"What is it you want, Matanaka?"

"I want you to find the nearest hollow site and wait for the shinigami to defeat it, so that you can enter their portal undetected. If you succeed entering, that is when you're next mission can commence."

"What do you mean next mission?"

"Just do as I say, or i'll gain back the powers I gave to you BY FORCE."

Zee shooked in fear and worry of his master's words, causing himself to run to the park that was infested with hollow. He want to impress his master like last time, but it wasn't enough. He needs to head to the hollow site, hoping for a fight that ends with the shinigami going back home. That is when Zee can make his move.
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#5 Re: Liars Of The Unknown [OPEN TO ALL] on Fri Oct 04, 2013 1:21 pm


OOC: Yes, please do manage your time, as you have replied now. I can't help but continue.

Epizon reached the location where he had sensed the fainting reiatsu of his comrades. He saw that other shinigami had gotten there before him and were supposed to be working on relief but it appeared that they were looking for something. Seeing his comrades in a frozen state and the other shinigami staring around here and there, angered him.

His reiatsu was still concealed well enough for the shinigami to not know that he was right there behind them. He shunpo'd right next to the shinigami that were looking around, and spoke in a voice filled with blood lust,

"What do you think your doing?"

Startled by the appearance of the seated officer, with killer intents in his eyes, the shinigami were dumb founded before they couldn't bring themselves to reply, before they could say anything, he said

"I was told that weren't any serious injuries, what's this? and how could a hollow had frozen.. them?"

He felt another presence, besides the fainting reiatsu and the other shinigami of the relief squad. There was some other being, close by. He thought that the battle had ended but it seemed as if the fight had only begun. He placed his hand on the hilt of his zanpakuto to avoid be able to dodge or block an attack if it came out of no where, or if he located the being that had done this to his comrades, he wouldn't have any second thoughts before slashing it into two halves.

Noticing the pause and the sudden change of expression of the seated officer. Finally bringing themselves to say something, the shinigami replied,

"Something's still here, Sir."

Epizon nodded to the shinigami, pointing towards the frozen shinigami, he spoke,

"Get them out of here."

He was more calm now.He began to use his reiatsu detection skills to find this 'something.' It had brought his comrades to near death, he wasn't going to let it go that easily. Thinking to himself,

('I will find you and when I do, your days of hurting my comrades will be over before they begin.')

#6 Re: Liars Of The Unknown [OPEN TO ALL] on Sat Oct 05, 2013 7:26 am

Zee went to the front of the gate undetected without any damage whatsoever. He starts to change in condition due to his fullbringer powers doing a number on his body. He starts to coughs ice breathes that liquefies to blood. He thinks about making it to the cabin and reaches for the crest in a determined phase. For that, he gains back control of his fullbringer state and senses others that are traveling to the spot he's in. Zee makes a giant block of ice that blocks the entrance. He wants this thing badly, so he can see what it can do to a man. He spoke to himself as he touches the crest.

"Finally... It's in front of me. I want this to be my grandest moment, because I want this to be my prize."

Zee pokes the item and it burns him lightly, not harming the skin. He sees the memories of the crest's use for nearly an entire minute and he grabs it to figure out its secrets. Later on, a squad of shinigami sees a red block of ice attached to the crest's home. They thought it was a hollow did it, but the reiatsu was different and felt more human like. They ran like rioters to the entrance desperately trying to break the ice blocking the way. The squad flustered out yells and swears of anger of their failed attempt to enter.

"Goddamnit! The ice is unbreakable! We need a fire user! We need a freaking plan!"

"I agree, but getting a person that ignites to melt the ice might cause a fire to this place, attempting to melt the ice. Did you thought about that?"

"Yeah, I know! But-"

"But nothing, idiot! Try once and we get flanked out of comparison. The failure protecting the crest will be traumatic in our experience! Do you forgot, you brainless anarchist?!"

"Anarchist?! As you can see, I'm a great role model!"

"Role model my ass! You always think that you can-"

"Uh, guys?"

"*Both* WHAT?!"

"I think the guy inside is opening the ice."

The shinigami, in shock of the sight of a boy carrying the crest, backed away as they were about to attack. They didn't care about a little child being a thief (Well maybe a little) for their duty was to protect all the artifacts of the soul society. The squad ran to Zee with their zanpakutous in their hands, just giving him a great point to strike.

"Sorry about this. I wanted to go out peacefully, but I guess I have no choice."

Zee puts out his necklace that instantly changes to a heavy white ax that lookd bigger than its wielder. He grab the ax like a baseball bat, releasing a cloud of red ice and snow on the edge of the blade.

"Scarlet Blizzard!"

Zee swings a giant gust of red clouds that freezes the entire squad in an unconscious state. He runs to the forest and hides in the trees, thinking that the move he made gain attention to other shinigami from another location.

He wants to end it without killing one. That's gonna be difficult to accomplish.
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#7 Re: Liars Of The Unknown [OPEN TO ALL] on Sat Oct 05, 2013 4:38 pm


Epizon's attention was turned to the screams of a squad of shinigami. He headed in that direction using shunpo to avoid wasting time, wanting to get there as soon as possible. So more damage could be avoided. He didn't want any more of his comrades to get hurt, and he wanted to catch the perpetrator. As he got into the visual range of the squad, he saw them getting frozen by what appeared to be a young boy.

"A fullbringer?"

He had seen the boy, use his fillbring. He couldn't reach in time to stop him from freezing his comrades, but he saw him heading into the forest. Epizon changed his route, heading into the forest, continuing in the direction of the fullbringer, he had locked on to his location using reiatsu detection skills.

('Oh, your not going to get away this time.')

With one more flash step, Epizon arrived at the location where the boy had headed. Sneaking up right next to him, he had noticed him holding something earlier. He was aware of the artifacts stored there, but he was unaware of the importance of the crest, he didn't care much about it. He just wanted to take down the one who had caused so much pain to his comrades.  

"I've finally found you, now your going to pay."

He had his zanpakuto unsheathed, he wasn't going to waste time asking questions. The motives of the human were pretty clear. He was aiming to steal the artifact that was in his hands, and was going to take down anyone who stood in his way. But if he wanted to do that, he'll had to take down Epizon, who was pretty mad at what he did to his comrades.

Epizon had noticed his ice type techniques, knowing that if he provided even the littlest of space, he might end up regretting it. In his mind, he had a very simple plan sorted out already. Go in, attack with all your might and take down the human before it realizes what was happening. And save his friends, possibly along with the artifact. If this plan didn't succeed, he hadn't think of another plan yet. So he implemented the plan he had thought about so far.

Not taking any chances he initiated the first attack. He had already shunpo'd in range, only half a meter apart from the human. Striking his zanpakuto on the ground with his reiatsu focused on the strike.

"Reiatsu Shockwave!"

Resulting in a huge explosion, in the shape of a sphere of 5 meters. The human appeared to be agile but even so, he thought it wouldn't be that easy to come out of his attack unscathed. It wasn't an attempt to kill him, he was hoping to do sufficient damage with a surprise attack. If the attack caused any damage, at all, it would have served it's purpose.

#8 Re: Liars Of The Unknown [OPEN TO ALL] on Tue Oct 08, 2013 7:00 am

Zee was on the brink of being caught, but luckily he used his scarlet blizzard as a barrier. He survived the attack and still got at hand the crest. He was breathing heavily, coughing from the injuries in his organs. Zee was desperate to escape without casualties caused by his mission, but already did he feel woozy from the powers he used to defend himself. Despite that, the shinigami's attack stunned him everywhere allowing him not to move. The damage was great, but it wasn't fatal to kill him. Zee starts feeling stuck in a problem that he needed to get out quick.

"*Groaning* I don't think I can survive this long. This bastard is a hard one to outrun. I think I need to cool him down a bit, but I need to recharge."

As he starting to go unconscious, he remembered the moment that he met his cousin during his start of the mission. His cousin was one that he can prefer as... special in his own kind of way.

~Moments before this~

Running to his location, he sees his cousin, walking to his apartment limping a little, with Gorni next to him. Zee wants to ask both of them that if his cousin needed help back home. He walked to his cousin to say the request. Zee sees a different eye style from him, realizing that he has shifted personas again as Zee talks to him in a calm demeanor.

"Yo dude. What's up?"


"Why you look like that?"

"He doesn't want to talk right now."

"Why's that, Gorni?"

"He... was doing things that have no intentions for your mind to think."

"Really? Well tell me that-"

"I'm really tired right now, Zekarai. Maybe later we can talk."

His cousin walked away by himself as Gorni followed him to the way back home. Zee was confused to the guy's change in tone and attitude. Luckily, he was still polite but was too grumpy and his voice was hoarse. He couldn't believed what happen.

Turns out that his cousin was an Adavette, so there was reasoning to his mood whiplash.
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#9 Re: Liars Of The Unknown [OPEN TO ALL] on Tue Oct 08, 2013 10:36 pm


As the explosion settled and vision cleared. Epizon noticed a young boy standing with something that seemed like an artifact. The boy was holding a weapon, as he stood there motionless, Epizon was sure now that the boy was caught in the blast radius, hence stunned. He went towards the boy, grabbing the artifact from his hand, though Epizon wasn't much of a merciful shinigami, he wouldn't hesitate to end the life of the young boy right there, as he had seen that the boy was indeed an enemy. But it wasn't clear that he needed to do so, he wasn't ordered to do so. He had set out on his own to locate his fellow shinigami, he was under no obligation what so ever.

Yet leaving an enemy that had caused pain to his comrades, he wasn't going to let him get away either. Before he could ask the boy any questions, he was going to make sure that getting away wouldn't be a possibility for him.

"Bakudo # 4 Hainawa"

A rope of reiatsu, emerged towards the boy, Epizon wanted to tie his hands at least so he wouldn't launch a surprise attack as the numbness wore off. He had his grip tightened on the hilt of his zanpakuto, the choice was simple, either the young boy wouldn't resist getting restricted by the spell or he would take another strike from his zanpakuto.

With eyes filled with anger and killer intent, not waiting to see if his spell would restrict the boy or not, Epizon spoke to him in a cold manner

"Give me a reason not to kill you right here and right now.

His face was firm as always. Neither did his eyes blink nor did he think twice before telling the boy to give him a reason not kill him. It was simple, he was ruthless when it came to his enemies who had harmed his comrades, or meant any harm to them or the soul society. With one hand, Epizon held his zanpakuto, ready to strike at any moment, and in the other hand, he held the artifact he had just taken from the boy firmly.

#10 Re: Liars Of The Unknown [OPEN TO ALL] on Wed Oct 09, 2013 5:26 am

Starting to regain back consciousness, Zee begins to look completely livid due to his lack of movement. He needed to get that artifact back from the guy, but he was powerful. He has a cold stare meaning that he isn't one of those people that don't play around. That's made Zee really angry as he strongly struggles to get up still with the rope on his body, teething hardly with a cold answer to the shinigami's question.

"Kill a child' eh? That;s hardcore, man. What make that thing so important to you? It's not like I'm using it for evil, jerk. I just want to know what it does. You understand that, right?"

He starts to release clouds of ice from his ax that was a few feet from him. The ax turns into shards of ice that looked like pieces of energy that was ready to surprise. As Zee looked the shinigami, he starts to talk in a peaceful manner when the shards start circling around the clouds of ice on top of him. The shinigami also wanted a reason, so Zee delivered.

"You want a reason? How about this?"

The shards speeds up in a tornado like manner that looked dangerous in hindsight. The winds from it cuts the rope out of Zee's body, completing a stage that looked almost like a tornado in general. Zee with all his might turns the tornado in to a red, crystallized ball with energy in the middle, holding it.

"Scarlet Snowstorm."

In a blink of a eye when Zee drop the ball on the ground, it created a strong snowstorm that created a dome of 4 meters that lasted 10 seconds. Proudly, the impact from this technique was tamed, so it won't be deathly for the shinigami and Zee himself inside it. The only problem is that Zee used a backup source of energy weeaking him even more, making geting back the crest highly difficult.
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