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on Fri Nov 25, 2011 4:27 pm


The passed week had likely been a huge learning experience for Ash. On top of being paid and having free travel, he was given a fine taste of the noble life. Fine foods, expensive clothes, exquisite travels and just about every luxurious want he could ask for. Money wasn't an option. In fact, it was never questioned.

For the most part, Ash traveled with Cobalt and whenever Cobalt needed something he managed to get it. Cobalt wasn't really the talkative type, especially when it came to small chit-chat or talking about himself. However, he did give Ash just about all the information that he needed to know. Like the credit card he gave him and about what his job was going to be.

Fight for hire. Cobalt explained that, as a hired gun, Ash's job was a simple one of assisting in the growing supernatural missions that he had his own division start to take an interest in. The entire goal of the company that Cobalt was apart of wasn't exactly clear, but it had many different sub-fields and task. What exactly Cobalt's job was wasn't clear, but they both worked for something known as Twenty-One and Cobalt said that was all that Ash really needed to know. His job was a simple one of being there to fight and protect whatever he was tasked too. If it made him feel any better, Ash was given an identification card with Twenty-One's logo and the job classification of "Security Management". If he wanted to get the money for his house to be in working order he would have it, as Cobalt put it, after a few jobs.

Cobalt did go into detail to explain what it was that he was getting these parts for. First, he had to fight a Vampire for a small golden disk. One that was smaller than a CD-ROM and could fit completely in one's palm. It looked completely made of gold and was light. Then there was the short golden rod that he acquired from Ash's home. These two items were being poured into weapons development. So, essentially, he stole from Ash in order to create some sort of weapon. There was one final piece of this weapons development and Cobalt's researchers were still searching for the exact position of it, but it was definitely in Karakura town.

Today, Ash and Cobalt were in a high tech facility. It looked from the outside like a bank and it was in a foreign town ways away from Karakura town. This bank had more rooms, hallways and personel than you could hope to count and everyone was busily tending to someone or something in haste. Cobalt had led Ash down to one of the lower levels explaining that there was a question of his abilities.

If Ash was timid or fearful of using his abilities out in the open he didn't have a reason to be. Everyone here, for the most part, knew exactly what a Fullbringer was, not that they were familiar with the term, and they were all critically trained in calculating and analyzing spiritual powers and how to focus their own talents and technology on improving the same. Cobalt wasn't one to go around trying to improve his powers and abilities, but he was requested to take part this time around. Of all things, it was a direct combat wavelength statistical compilation meaning they wanted as much data that they could get from a fierce, unpredictable battle scenario.

Unfortunately, Cobalt and Ash were the decided test dummys for this test and their opponents were each other. Cobalt was in the process of explaining these important details as they were in the elevator, going down towards the large training center down below. Cobalt was a man of short, concise details. He didn't elaborate unnecessarily, didn't express his own opinion, and tried to cut a conversation short whenever possible. It was that blunt and serious personality that did get him this far, after all.


When the elevator would hit the final floor and open, the two of them would walk into an incredibly bright room. One with more lights than you'd care to see. A few were cameras, some were sensors and others were specialized lights that were made to make certain phenomena visible to the human eye. The room smelled of wet iron, though it was completely dry, and was an enormous, clean metallic area surrounded by one-way glass where an unknown number of spectators were watching in wait. Cobalt would walk out first, left hand in his pocket. His foot steps, which were the rare tennis shoe, would resound throughout the empty metal box that was to be their sparing grounds.

Cobalt was dressed extremely out-of-character. He was a man of suits and formal attire, even in informal situations. However, here he was with a white wife-beater and navy blue shorts that came down to his knees and were made of a polyester-suede material rather than jeans. His shoes coordinated with his clothing, being a nice blue and white, and his socks were ankle short. The only other than Cobalt had on was his gun holster with his favored weapon asleep in it's short hammock and ammunition clips at his belt.

"Are you ready?" A female animatronic voice would question and Cobalt would look over to Ash.
"Say yes and it will start," Cobalt was apathetic, his voice seemingly even more mechanic than the computer program that was asking if they were prepared. Was Ash ready? He had a full night to get ready for this mission and only recently hearing what it was, could he be prepared? It was a simple fight with Cobalt, however Cobalt was definitely dangerous. Even if he wasn't serious, how much did Ash know about Cobalt's capabilities? None. Cobalt never shared his abilities and specialties with Ash.

What would Ash say?


on Sat Nov 26, 2011 2:37 am


the past week that i had was really out there. there were some things that i thought of as a misuse of power and/or money but i hold my tongue about those things and i learnt all about what my job was and what i was expected to do and i even got a business card as well. though i didn't learn all that much about Cobalt but that about what i had expected any way.

then i snaped back to the this moment and looked around the room was as white and as bright as it could be to him then they asked if he was ready.
heh no need to ask i am always ready for a spar but as Cobalt as my opponent i got to be careful to not touch his skin with my skin. then i answered.
"Of course yes i am but what will the sparring match type be?"


on Sat Nov 26, 2011 2:51 am


"Tactical Chaotic Combat. TCC is Level 2 combat, which makes it just above any ordinary boxing match," Cobalt would say, pulling out a gun. "Prepared," Cobalt would add, cocking the weapon and turning the safety off.

At the furthest end of the room target dummies popped up, each with a round, spherical chamber in their chests. There were only a rare few on the walls, though they each had that same metal cavity in the center of their bodies. They were rounded out, like a gun qualification silhouette, and they were a smooth metallic gray. The elevator would close the moment Ash stepped out and Cobalt take a mental count on the targets.

Metal clicks, a few distant pops, and the rare tremor underfoot sounded after the closing of the elevator as if the room were being mechanically locked and things being moved all around. From each and everyone of those targets a light pulse laser round was fired. These rounds, similar to bullets, are completely made of a low intensity energy that wouldn't pierce the skin or cause a burn so much as they would crash right into the body of the target with the force of a paintball pellet.

These bullets were being fired for Cobalt and Ash equally and in series. Every 4 seconds another round was fired from the ones on the ground and every 3 seconds they were being shot from the wall. Each was excellently aimed and were in large numbers. Cobalt would jump into the air, his own vibrant orange spiritual energy booming. Cobalt would turn to aim his gun at Ash.

"I suggest you prove you worth," With that he would fire an ordinary bullet at Ash's chest. Dodging Cobalt as well as the endless rounds of bullets would put a lot of pressure on them both. They wouldn't be able to stay and fight in one place for long and taking aim would be strained by the external dangers that this room easily provided.


on Sat Nov 26, 2011 3:00 am


Well well well this is just perfect for me for i like to keep moving as much as possible while fighting to make me a harder target and it also gives more more opening to attack with that i dodge the first light rounds with ease and i release my fullbring then i would then pull on the soul of the ground wall or roof were ever i landed to give me a speed burst then i would fire a flare dragon blast from my fist and the small dragon shaped flame would then streak towards Cobalt and i would already be moving to my next point and looking for an opening.


on Sat Nov 26, 2011 3:19 am


"Huh," Cobalt would jump up higher, evading some pellets towards his back and he would charge his gun. He didn't have the time to make the release overlarge either.

Cobalt pulled the trigger as his spiritual energy was welling inside his weapon and from it shot off a orange arrow of a bullet. The energy was flying fast, straight towards the dragon flame with the intent to fly straight through it. Cobalt's bullet was fast, enhanced by his catalystic spiritual energy running through the gun. It was a bright orange that would crash.

Would it be enough to overtake the dragon flame or would the dragon flame win? Cobalt wasn't going to waste his time waiting on it. Cobalt would fire another spiritual enhanced bullet, sending an orange arrow rocketing towards Ash just as fast as the first bullet for his chest.


on Sat Nov 26, 2011 3:31 am


The bullet would appear to hit Ash but then the Form of him would ripple like a reflection on water then Cobalt would turn to see ash heading towards him going to attack with gold flaming dragon looking talons in a cross sweep and the very air behind the talons would be rippling like mad due to the searing heat of the attack that would burn cobalt even if he dodge it or it would make the gun too hot to hold if it connected with it.


on Sat Nov 26, 2011 6:30 am


Cobalt let the Light Bringer drop him, causing him to drop down towards the floor, gun aimed towards Ash still. Cobalt would charge his spiritual energy into his quickly warming gun. Cobalt couldn't feel the warmth of his weapon. He couldn't feel the heat radiating behind Ash. It wouldn't hinder his aim or ability to focus his power in the slightest, regardless on how hot it became as quick as Ash was moving. It was a great advantage, though an even greater disadvantage.

Cobalt's spiritual energy flared and, at the tug of that trigger, a massive beam of spiritual energy came jetting out straight for Ash, right for those claws that had missed Cobalt ages ago, and was large enough to completely blast into Ash's torso. The beam was wide, fast and it too was hot. Taking that head on, which Ash likely would being as close as he was, would hurt as well as blow back Ash aways. Dodging that wouldn't be all that easy. In fact, considering Ash's position, dodging was absolutely unlikely.

The moment Cobalt would touch the ground he would move a left hand to his pocket, wrapping something around in his hand, and it would be absorbed directly into his palm as his own fullbring was initiated.


on Sat Nov 26, 2011 12:43 pm


it was to late for ash to dodge cobalt latest attack but then a wall of armored dragon flesh appear between ash and the attack blowing ash away then ash use it to bonce around the room dodge the ever attack light bullets using the time to charge a attack then heading stright to cobalt to start a combo that was powered by the fury of the dragons will it hit and what will cobalt do?


on Sat Nov 26, 2011 1:12 pm


Cobalt had a slight difficultly following Ash's sporadic movements, but he did manage to follow the shadow of Ash's movements. Cobalt aimed his gun at the oncoming Ash and fired with the intent to break the attack. He would fire continuously after that, trying to catch Ash with a bullet of two. If Ash could doge those bullets, which were arrows of orange energy that would deal more than a bit of damage if he were hit, he would be able to weave in there and hit Cobalt. However, how much would Ash be able to dodge while putting so much energy and strength in a straight forward charge?


on Sat Nov 26, 2011 1:36 pm


Ash simply begins the attack as Cobalt bullet come at him hitting them aside and gain more power to his attacking combo with his fury at cobalt rising all this time he attacking all the while heading towards cobalt but he was also thinking
I wonder how the people watching this fight are taking it? then he lunched the last part of the combo at cobalt aiming at the major joints and if they hit would hopefully reduce his movement ability alot before he jumps back and his movement now compaired to before are much slower. it also made dodging the light bullets a lot harder and Ash get hits by a few.
Well i am going to feel that tomorrow.

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