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#1 The Return of The Artist; Shou's Plan CLOSED on Tue Sep 17, 2013 1:42 am

Karakura Town. The basis of where most shinigami. Hollow and other spiritual beings exist. It's on the calm side for the day; nothing going on that would catch most eyes or ears. It was starting to be early evening in the city with the sun blazing against the horizon and brushing its rays off the windows of large skyscrapers. It is a beautiful sight once you could get the perfect angle on the hills in the park to see the sun just lay past the mountain like they were blankets covering someone's features. The sky had a mix of orange, violet, and blue here and there. Stars were appearing briefly before the lights of the city started to turn on; that's when they started to fade slowly and surely against the reflections.

"Aish.. Why do people even go out at night? It's meant for rest." A low tone shot out from an alleyway in downtown Karakura. Just beside the ramen shop and the department store, a flash of burning ash could be seen floating in the middle of the air; slowly fading away. A puff of smoke slowly appeared out of the air, while the ashes floating suddenly lit up slowly. Footsteps could be heard just briefly while the ash disappeared. Not even seen at the spot that random people could watch it float. A figure was at the top of the ramen shop, looking down on the street with their arms on the rails sighing again. "People acting like they're having fun when it's time to lay down? I mean, Humans are already weird enough, but this isn't an excuse to avoid the precious time of sleep." The figure shook their head slowly.

If one was to be able to see the clothing of the figure, the very first thing they would notice is the basket on his back filled with apples. The basket's top was enclosed with leather like substance that kept the apples inside the basket, but formed to the round curves of the fruit. The strap for the basket went diagonally downwards his chest and waist, making sure to keep attached and tight. His Shihakushō is modified from the original model, sleeveless and with shorter and less billowy legs for the sake of more mobility.

Covering his right eye was a leather eye patch stitched onto his skin. Even though the sight would look painful; he lost feeling in his eye a long time ago. His feet were bare, no boots, no sandals, no socks just simple bare feet that could step on rough surfaces from the tough texture of his skin. His hair blew from the mild gusts that came from the mountains every once and a while. Just as black as a raven the hair blew out of his face to show the single turquoise hue of his eye.  If someone didn’t even hear his voice he had pretty feminine features. He looked slim from the flow of his robes, and pants but underneath it all, he had a pretty fit body. His chest and collarbones were pretty defined for his figure.

Still just because he had a body of hard work didn’t mean he enjoyed it. He was the laziest idiot around for miles and he enjoyed having that title. The man reached behind his back and grabbed his tanto, slowly unsheathing the short blade with his fingers wrapped around the blue fabric that covered the handle. Spinning the blade in his fingers, a small voice entered his head. “Shou? Why are you here just judging people? Shouldn’t you be like..ya know.. Finding some information out? I know its work but, don’t you think it would be worth it just to find out how everything is going on there?” Shou rolled his eye and tilted his head back, shaking his head. He started to part his lips before turning his head towards the east, narrowing his eye. “Ink... Just... Stop for a moment, ok?” Shou thought to his self, speaking to the voice from earlier.

His body slowly turned around where his eye was pointing; tightening his grip on his blade, slowly sheathing the metal slowly. His lips slowly enclosed showing an expressionless face before disappearing to the edge of the building on the east side, looking over the park. “Someone is about to—“Before he could finish that sentence, he heard blood girdling scream come from the area he looked over.

“Die.” His tongue traced the side of his lips slowly, dropping to the ground beneath the ramen building, running towards the park. His body slouched and arms held behind his slides as he ran. This allowed him to gain speed and keep quiet with his steps. From his time spent in the soul society he learned how to keep quiet from being underneath multiple taichous from the 2nd squad, and learned even more in the Kido corps.
Appearing in the park, a large hulking figure jumped in the air, landing on the ground and forming a crater in the middle of the park. “Well! What do we have here?!”The large figure spoke towards Shou, who was surprised from the indication that he has been seen. “How.. I didn’t even show any kind of spiritual energy..” Shou stopped running, calming entering the park and smiling softly, rubbing the back of his neck.

He wasn’t going to become hostile first, he was going to –attempt- to be somewhat friendly first and see how the figure starts. Shou got a good look at the figure once he got closer to it and every thought he had was correct. It was a arrancar, and a newly formed one at that. His hair ran the course of his spine, red as newly dug up clay, his figure was so bulky at least the size of a bull dozer. The bone fragments ran down his sternum to his right hip, with his hollow hole in the crown of his head. “The name is Bragra.” The arrancar spoke. This threw off Shou completely. “An Arrancar that introduces himself first?! What the hell was going on with this guy?” Shou stood there in awe, looking up at the being. “I’m Shou. It’s a pleasure.”

Braga slowly rose both of his arms into the air beside his head, popping his bones in his upper arm and back.  " You can see me clearly then? Not half a blur like these humans?" The arrancar's expression was more of a combination of surprised and excitement. It's been a while since he had really met another spiritual being other than a human here and there that could see the outline of his body. Shou slowly placed his arms behind his back, lacing his fingers together and started to walk towards Braga.

"Yeah. I can see you, mate. I'm not Human." Shou didn't know if the arrancar was bluffing about not knowing if he could not sense his shinigami reiatsu. Shou did use shunpo to get to this area quickly; thus making him confused on the whole manner of not being viewed as a shinigami. " What is such a hulking mass of power doing hunting on the people that cannot defend themselves?" Shou tilted his head at Braga while yawning slightly. The thing that irked Shou the -most- was when stronger opponents hunt and prey on the weaker souls that require next to no effort to gain power from. Shou traced his right index finger up the palm of his left hand slowly; biting his lip shortly afterwards. A smirk played at the corners of Braga's lips; "Food is food to me no matter the power level of the soul."

From that remark alone, Shou gritted his teeth looking over his hulking figure. "You're an idiot for thinking that. Shou's hand slowly went on his chest, before facing his palm out towards Braga. " Up from the heaves, falling stars, come down and burn existence! Melt away the sins of the earth! Scorch all those who stand in the way of God, and burn the blasphemers into nonexistence! hado number 50! Tsuiraku Hoshi!!"  A white orb slowly forms in the palm of his hand. Pushing his arm forward he throws the orb towards Braga, aiming at his feet before the orb made contact with the ground. The orb explodes sending a large amount of fire around the area, catching the trees and benches and ground on fire with white flames. A large cloud of smoke appeared around Braga while Shou breathed slowly from the kido.

Walking out of the cloud of smoke, Braga brushed off his shoulders while smirking. "Is that all you got?" He began chuckling slowly, rolling his neck. "I didn't come here to fight but, I'll gladly change that."

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#2 Re: The Return of The Artist; Shou's Plan CLOSED on Tue Sep 24, 2013 10:17 am

[[ Been a week.. 1 more day or i'm deleting this post.. kinda majorly killed my muse.]]

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A distance away from where Shou and Braga were stood an Arrancar. She had been one for quite sometime and knew a great deal more than Braga. He hid her spiritual pressure but did sense Shou heading towards Braga. It seemed that the new Arrancar she was teaching didn’t sense him. She shook her head yet continued to watch. Manda was a good 6 feet 2 inches tall. She had a long, white, flowing dress on that went down to her ankles but showed off her rather large chest. Her long, blue and gold hair flowed in the blowing breeze as she continued to watch the interaction.

Once Manda saw that Braga was attacked she knew that this Shinigami was not some easy pushover. She feared she may have to step in. She watched as Baraga walked out of the fire and knew he was tougher than that, but felt the need to take care of the fire. She knew, however, that if she did that she’d make herself known to the Shinigami. She also knew that if she did not take care of the fire it may harm some children in the area, She may not fully like children, but she does have a somewhat soft side towards them. She fought a small war inside her between helping the children and keeping herself hidden. After some time she felt that she needed to stop the fire in the park.

Knowing that she would give her position away she closed her eyes and began to slowly draw some energy to her. Once she had enough she began to draw storm clouds over the park. Once the storm clouds were over the area burning she opens her eyes and softly says, ”Repentina Tormenta” Once the words were spoken it began to rain over the fire. Lighting ran from cloud to cloud but did not touch the ground. The lighting was more of a warning to the Shinigami to watch himself and not come after her. Manda would use the lighting against him if need be, but did not really wish to attack if she could help it. She stayed a distance away and controlled the amount of rain that was pouring from the clouds. She ensured that the fire was put out and kept watch so as to help Braga as needed from where she was. She would not engage Shou if she did not need to. Her arms were on her swords just in case however.

(not quite as fancy as your post, but a post none the less. Hope you don’t mind my joining.)

#4 Re: The Return of The Artist; Shou's Plan CLOSED on Thu Sep 26, 2013 11:48 pm


OOC: Yeah, my apologies. Work has been killing me. But... I'm here now and I'll arpee~

What were you expecting this time around? Commentary on a breathtaking skyline? Or did you perhaps wish to hear someone prattle on about the myriad of colors brought about as the sun descended downward, bringing us closer to the blue hour? Well, sorry. As it would seem, Karakura Town’s rather peaceful and mellow evening was coming to an abrupt end and there was no time to stare dreamily into the sunset.  Forces beyond the living world’s perception reared it’s unsightly hindquarters once again and thus, inexplicable chaos has come to fruition, swallowing up an innocent life in the process. The source of this mayhem? A behemoth carelessly roaming about, doing as he wished… kicking up a fuss all up in a children’s park. Though he looked to be nothing but a cumbersome neanderthal with more muscle than grey matter, he was surprisingly polite and as one might say, well spoken. But even with him still flapping his gums and trying to justify his predatory nature, a murderer was still a murderer.

He had to be stopped.

But what of the strange shinigami who carelessly engaged this hollow without considering the collateral damage he could create? Or perhaps the silent spectator from afar who moved the heavens upon a whim, attempting the quell and contain the fires created not too long ago? It didn't matter. The most important thing was taking out that chuckling, neck rolling bastard with the hole in his noggin. Since no one here was actually going to make a zealous effort in doing so, it seemed a certain young lass was going to have to take proactive steps on the matter. There she was, wrapped up within the shadows of an alleyway, concealing her reiatsu. She was a mere two blocks away from the fun, scoping out the view from behind a pair of black shades she wore so well. Her hair was wild and unkempt, jet black in contrast to her rather pale complexion.

But she could dress well.  Black slacks, black socks, black jacket, and black loafers? Nice. Smooth white button up? Classic look. The red tie with the half windsor knot looked crisp to boot. After she took a few moments to straighten her collar and adjust and center the knot in her tie, a single step forward swept her away from the shadows and directly into the fray. Brandishing nothing more than a bulky gray mallet within her own two hands, she flickered into view right above the hulking brute in the midst of a leap, mallet raised in a high arc, her weapon itself flowing with green reiatsu. With all of her might and strength behind the blow that she could muster and the additional force and speed from the very air surrounding her weapon and assisting in it's motion, she brought down the hammer with a single purpose in mind: She would kill him with a single blow. It would be swift... and he would pass from this world without knowing it. With his skull shattered and its contents splattered all over the ground, she could deal with the other two unknowns at her leisure.

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