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on Tue Sep 10, 2013 3:00 am


Among those of the 6th Division there were few whom could claim to possess the willpower and resolve of the current Vice Captain. Seiryo Ittousai was given the moniker, "Ittou" to represent his unwavering and tenacious nature to be as a blade would be. For many years, the man served the orders of the gotei 13 and it's captain commander. All knew of his past as a murderer on the outskirts of rukongai, but few ever heard about what made him change paths and begin to serve as one of the most loyal shinigami soul society had ever seen.

About a week ago, Seiryo received a letter from the captain commander himself while in the presence of most of the division including Osaka Kanegawa. Upon reading the letter Ittou sighed, a rare sight from him, and secluded himself in the Vice Captain's barracks. Every day, he would invite one of the higher seated shinigami to his quarters and spend the entire day with them. Those whom visit the Fukutaichou returned under vow of silence and refused to share what had happened with the other division members.

At last, Osaka's invitation had arrived in the form of a hell butterfly fluttering through his barracks window. It would land on his hand in the early morning and transfer the message that his presence was requested in the Vice Captain's room. Whether Osaka was already awake, or if the message itself broke his slumber, he was given only a short few minutes before he had to answer the summons.

By the time Osaka arrived, the sliding rice-paper door to Ittou's quarters would be cracked open slightly and Seiryo's voice would sound from within, "Come in 4th seat Osaka." The Vice Captain was able to identify him from his reiatsu and was sitting in the room in front of his zanpakutou. A variety of fine whetstones and grinding stones were set out in front of him. He was polishing and sharpening his zanpakutou. Many would consider such an act pointless as each soul slayer automatically repairs itself so long as the hilt is not destroyed. But for someone such as Seiryo, it wasn't surprising that he would dedicate so much time and effort into his blade. Truly, the name Ittou was not just for show. "Take a seat..." Ittou would gesture to a set of stones across from himself that mirrored the ones he had been working with. It was clear that the second set had been put out for Osaka to use, although whether or not he knew how to use them was unknown to the Vice Captain.

From there, Seiryo would continue to polish his blade in silence. It would be up to Osaka to inquire as to the purpose of this seemingly casual visit.

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on Tue Sep 10, 2013 5:47 am

Osaka rose from his deep slumber, bathing in the sun's bright rays as they beamed in from the open window. As he sat up, a rather large, fragile, and beautiful butterfly was perched on his nose. It was adamant on him taking the note it flew it's long way out to give to him. Osaka had an inclination to not take it, but if a butterfly was smart enough to insist on you taking a note it carried, it's probably important. Osaka turned his head, still confused, but he just decided to take it. "What's this?" He had asked, no one in particular, as he grabbed and opened the note. The butterfly flapped off of his nose and out of the room with such grace. Osaka admired such grace the butterfly and Akria had.

Osaka began to exit his bed as he read the note. It requested he meet with Seiryo Ittousai, Vice Captain of Division Six. Osaka found the message slightly peculiar, "Wha?", he said, scratching his head and yawning. He stretched out of bed and over to his wardrobe, opening the dutch wooden doors. All that was hung up were black and red long-coats, his usual, and belts. He looked into the drawers and grabbed a pair of socks, underwear, and blue-jean pants, along with grabbing a black long-coat, his usual Division Clothing, off of it's hanger. Osaka felt a draft slap his skin as it rolled in from the open window. "Oh, good, I'm naked, my window's open, and it's a windy day...", he didn't like it. Most days in the Soul Society were calm and nice, but today would be one of 'those days'.

Osaka began to get dressed, and quickly, he didn't want to upset the Vice Captain. He left out his door after petting Akira's pet German Shepard, Brutus. Akira smiled at him, she loved her little brother. Osaka headed on his way to the Vice Captains Barracks...

As stated, Osaka entered the room in which Seiryo Ittousai was sharpening his prized Zanpakuto. Ittousai gestured for Osaka to sit. Osaka nodded, his usual 'Grump Face meets Cool, Calm, & Collected Face' on. He looked around, the room was neat and organized, not too many paintings or too much of Ittousai trying too hard in the room. After only a matter of moments, Osaka decided to speak since his superior chose not to. "Hello, sir. May I ask why I was requested to speak with you?" He said, as calm as ever.

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on Fri Sep 13, 2013 2:42 pm


((This is a legitimate test which you can potentially fail. But my job isn't to make this hard to pass. It'll generally be a display of your ability to handle various facets of RP and grasp the responsibilities of your position. I'll be giving you prompts every few posts letting you know what I'm looking for from you. Follow the prompts and you should have no trouble passing. So lets try to make this legitimately fun :3

I'm time skipping by about an hour. Use this chance to show off your ability to rp a simple task such as polishing your sword. You can focus on the physical act, Osaka's internal thoughts, or even the setting. There are many ways to go about it. But find some value in the action worth writing at least a paragraph about.))

Ittou was at first silent, simply focusing on the delicate work of polishing his blade. But after he finished his current pass over the weapon he stopped and set the zanpakutou down before gesturing to the polishing stones in front of Osaka, "The reason why I called you here will be clear in time. For now, please take out your zanpakutou and join me." The Vice Captain would then remain silent for the next hour. Any attempts to speak with him further would be met with stoic silence and any attempts to leave would be met with an unyielding order to stay and continue sword polishing.

As time went on, Osaka would be able to sense a faint reiatsu coming from the grinding stones and oil being used. It was so subtle that it would be impossible to sense without making an effort to do so. But each time his blade is brought to the stones, the reiatsu within them reacts the the reiatsu of his own zanpakutou. This too would be a minor force, but it would be enough to notice and likely how Osaka would learn that this was not the usual tools for blade polishing.

After an hour's time, Seiryo would finally speak up, "You've heard the rumors about the letter I received and the men I've been speaking too in private." It wasn't a question, but rather a statement. "The captain commander has asked me to transfer to the 11th Division. I've been given just a few weeks to choose my replacement. You, Osaka Kanegawa, along with the other men I've spoken with these past few days are a candidate for taking over as Vice Captain of the 6th Division."  Seiryo would let that sink in for a few moments before asking a question.

"Do you want a promotion? If so then tell me why."

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on Sat Sep 14, 2013 2:51 am

Osaka's right brow raised in curiosity, but he decided to go with it. He nodded and sat in the nicely polished wooden chair and unsheathed his Zanpakuto. With a short gaze at Ittou, beginning to polish again, Osaka ran his hand down Bloody Crow. He felt it's sleek, cold, and sharp steel body. With that he lied his Zanpakuto, gently, onto the polishing stone before him. And so this polishing session Ittou brought him into began.

After a short while, Osaka began to wonder why he was doing this instead of receiving the answer to his question. However, one mustn't second guess their superiors, unless said superior is an antagonist to the Soul Society and Gotei 13. Osaka's gaze began to wander to other parts of the room since he wasn't getting an answer any answers soon. He noticed the large glass frame holding a map of the Soul Society. It labeled everything from shops to neighborhoods. It was...interesting...?

Then, Osaka began to feel a force clashing with that of his Zanpakuto, Bloody Crow. The spiritual energy from the Zanpakuto was being interfered with polishing rock? Osaka began to sense the energy radiating from the rocks. It wasn't strong, but it was noticeable. Osaka then began to realize that the stones weren't normal polishing stones, they were...different...

Osaka didn't ignore it, he just stored it in his brain. After a long while, Ittou began to speak about the meetings he's been having with other Shinigami in the Sixth Division. Osaka nodded, hearing more about what the meetings really were. His eyes widened when Ittou began to speak about needing a replacement and that the candidates were he and the other Shinigami for the Vice Captain position. A few moments past before a great question was asked...

"Do you want a promotion? If so then tell me why."

Osaka wasn't completely caught off guard, but it was surprising.

"Well," He began. "Yes, I'd like the Promotion. To be honest, I've never been too responsible for anything, but my high seat and Brutus." He chuckled, slightly. "However, I feel that stepping up to this big plate may prove my doubts wrong. I have worked hard to be in the position I am in now, and I feel that I might be just responsible enough to partially lead the Sixth Division and then maybe lead it fully."

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on Mon Sep 16, 2013 5:49 am


((Now I'd like you to display your character's shikai and with my next post we'll be moving into your inner world. From that point on I'm going to share control of the thread with you. You'll be the one deciding the test your zanpakutou will put you through to obtain bankai and you will determine Ittou's role in helping.))

Seiryo's crimson eyes watched Osaka carefully as he replied to Ittou's question. They'd known each other for a long time and the seemingly lack of confidence Osaka displayed would normally have ruined his chances. One without faith in themselves cannot possible earn the faith of others. But because of their past together, Ittou knew that the man was simply being humble. He'd proven time and time again on the battlefield that he had what it took to lead. He wouldn't be the 4th seat if that wasn't the case. So when Osaka finished speaking, Ittou looked back down to his zanpakutou and picked up a nearby pot. "Well, you aren't the only one..." as he spoke he opening the lid on the pot revealing a soft crimson glow from within. "...But out of all the men I've interviewed so far, not a single one has passed this test." There was a reiatsu coming from within the pot as well, but it was much stronger than that of the grinding stones and clearly had Ittou's signature. It almost felt as if there was a mini Ittou inside the pot burning off his reiatsu.

Ittou looked up from the pot and locked eyes with Osaka, "In fact, it caused all of their zanpakutou to break. They wont be able to fight again for about a week. Are you prepared to face the same possible fate?" The question was asked with a tone that would try and promote caution within Osaka. But whether it did or not was dependent on the bloody crow himself. Regardless, Ittou would reach into the pot with a ladle and reveal that what was inside was a softly glowing crimson oil. He poured a few drops of the oil onto a fine silk cloth next to his own polishing station as well as Osaka's and then returned the rest to the pot before sealing it up.

"If you're willing to accept the risks, then apply the oil to your blade and then follow me." Ittou would treat his own zanpakutou with the oiled cloth. As the oil is applied to a zanpakutou it wraps it in weight making the blade feel twice as heavy. Any reiatsu poured into the blade will cause the oil to produce even more pressure. If the reiatsu of the zanpakutou's owner is not great enough, their weapon will be shattered under the weight of their own power before they can even perform shikai.

With this dangerous oil now applied, Ittou would stand and walk out to the small training field just outside of his room. "Go perform your shikai with as much power as you can muster. If you can surpass the oil then you will have succeeded in passing the first test." As Ittou spoke, he returned his own zanpakutou to its sheath revealing that he always has his weapon under this restriction.


Item name: Artisan's Stones
Description: A set of seemingly normal grinding and polishing stones. When used one can feel a subtle reiatsu pushing against the blade.
Effect: The stones have been treated with reiatsu and kidou. When a blade is sharpened or polished using the stones they grind away impurities. When a zanpakutou is given shape by its users reiatsu there can be weak spots created by a lack of resolve or conviction.  These weak spots are so subtle that they usually don't make a difference in combat, however when using the Forge Oil, they can mean the difference between your weapon shattering or keeping in tact.
Number of it you have/possible/allowed: 5 sets
History: These stones were created by the 12th division at the request of Ittou whom sought to remove all impurities from his blade.

Item name: Forge Oil
Description: A small brown pot which is sealed tightly. Inside is the oil itself which is a lighter oil which glows with a soft crimson light. It gives off a reiatsu that is attuned to that of its creator.
Effect: The oil wraps a zanpakutou in reiatsu which has been treated with kidou to react uniquely. When reiatsu is put into a zanpakutou as one might do for performing shikai or bankai, the oil acts as a barrier which prevents any of that reiatsu from actually leaving the blade. This causes an intense amount of pressure and heat to build. The reiatsu produced must be strong enough to break the oil barrier causing a brilliant crimson display of light and sparks. If the wielder fails to produce enough reiatsu their own zanpakutou will shatter and be unable to repair itself for up to a week. It has been treated so only shinigami ready to learn bankai should be able to produce the reiatsu required to successfully break free of the Forge Oil.
Number of it you have/possible/allowed: 1 gallon
History: Another requested item from the 12th Division. Ittou requested it as a tool used for testing whether or not a shinigami was ready to tackle learning bankai.

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on Mon Sep 16, 2013 6:30 am

Osaka closed his eyes, smirking. Yes, he was a great Shinigami, however, his power hasn't been placed in such a high rank other than the fourth seat. He breathed in and out finishing the polishing when Ittou began to speak. He opened his silver eyes, peering into the shiny pot as the crimson shine bounced from the walls of the pot from inside. The interesting news poked at Osaka's brain, now knowing this test wasn't an easy one. Then, the pot peered back, except with a powerful energy.

The energy was stronger than most things, almost the same as a living beings'. Then, Ittou's eyes quickly shifted from the pot to Osaka's. He continued on and spoke of heart shattering news, "In fact, it caused all of their Zanpakuto to break. They wont be able to fight again for about a week. Are you prepared to face the same possible fate?" That opened Osaka's piercing eyes wide. It seemed that the strong oil would shatter his beloved Zanpakuto. Osaka shut his eyes, however, his brave heart didn't let him take even a minute before nodding. "I will." He said simply.

The oil was finally revealed to the eyes, it was sleek and smooth as it poured from the ladle onto the cloths below. Ittou poured both his and Osaka's cloths with the crimson oil. Osaka glared at the cloth, adamant on not even touching it. Although that's what his mind told him, his body couldn't resist. He took a deep breath before pressing his palm on his Zanpakuto one last time. He wrapped the crimson stained cloth onto his Zanpakuto, beginning the process Ittou had done right before him. This act reminded him of his life; the crimson drenched past of his.

He slowly rubbed the cold blade until he was at the tip, the determining moment. When he unwrapped the cloth, the katana doubled in weight, but Osaka's strength gripped and lifted the katana. It reminded him of his exercising regiment, weight lifting and hand walking. The weight was similar to that of the weights he lifted and his body pounding pain into his hands when hand standing. Osaka took a deep breath and smiled in his mind. Part one of the test...complete... He took a mental note. Osaka nodded to the walking Ittou as he reached his destination: The Training Field.

Osaka followed, exiting the barrack and letting the swift when gently slap his face. He walked over to the center of the field, holding his Zanpakuto in front of him, vertically and upwards, pointing to the sky. He began to take deep breaths, charging his energy. His Reiatsu charged and Osaka quickly opened his eyes. He quickly, with extreme speed, cut his right forearm with the serrated blades located in the ring on his left thumb. A pattern form around the cut and blood began to flood like a waterfall. "Cruentus Corvus, plunge this world into Darkness and Despair, fill them with the blood of the One-Eyed Crow." He said, the blood enveloping his Zanpakuto and seeping from it. After a matter of seconds, a fourteen foot sword created from blood appeared, still seeping blood. Osaka actually began to pant, the crimson oil pounding on his arm. "T-There."

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on Thu Sep 19, 2013 8:53 am


((Sorry for the short post, but since we're descening into your inner world I thought it only right to leave establishing that setting up to you.))

Ittou watched Osaka with his arms crossed and waited to see if he was able to best the oil or not. When the crimson blade of Osaka's shikai forced itself into manifestation, the oil barrier exploded in a flash of red light and reiatsu. "T-There" As Osaka spoke these words, the smoke from the burnt off/exploded oil would have yet to have cleared. However a hand would reach through the smoke screen and stop less than an inch away from Osaka's face. Ittou's reiatsu would then begin to increase causing the remaining smoke to clear away. "Good job, we'll move on to the next test right away. By besting the oil you've proven something...That you're ready to learn bankai."

With no further explanation, a bright crimson light suddenly shined from Ittou's hand enveloping Osaka's view. For a moment all sound and sense of touch would fade away, overtaken by the blood colored light. But soon even that light would give way to darkness...Their descent into Osaka's inner world had begun.


Technique Name: Conqueror's Descent
Technique Description: A unique technique Seiryo has developed which allows him to enter the inner world of other shinigami. He must place his hand close to the targets face and then transfer a large amount of his own reiatsu into their body pulling his own consciousness along with it. The time limit for this is only about a minute or 1 post for anyone NOT in the inner world. However due to time perception changes, it gives Seiryo and the target in question up to 10 posts in the inner world. At the end of that time limit, Seiryo is forcibly removed from the targets inner world, however the target may remain in their inner world for as long as they may wish.

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on Sat Sep 21, 2013 2:25 am

The weight of shikai had weighed down on him because of the oil, but he had the strength to trudge through such pain. Then, an explosion caused a large smoke cloud, coving the whole field. In a matter of seconds, Ittou's hand forced it's way to Osaka's face and stopped an inch away. Osaka was blinded by the flesh of the man. The smoke cleared through Ittou's strong reiatsu, and quickly. Osaka gulped, the hand was still sudden and unexpected, almost making him strike Ittou with his Shikai.

Ittou congratulated him, but just as quickly shot him with a blinding light. Osaka's bones clenched up, immobilizing him. He couldn't even move his mouth, and it felt like his shikai disappeared. His eyes wouldn't budge so he couldn't see his surroundings, Oh boy... he thought to himself. In a few moments, Osaka landed onto the ground, a little hard. The red leaves crunched underneath his head as he moved it, groaning. He began to twitch his eyes open, his eyes beginning to focus in the dense reiatsu. It made Osaka feel crushed with disparity, saddening his mood. However, just as quickly, he sat up, the mood breaking away from his mind.

The sky was barely seen, and if it was, it was jet black. The trees plunged into the darkness, blocking it's view. They were blood red and dipped into a blood red abyss of red fog and essence...dark, dark essence. The moon was white with a dark red aura shrouding it. This place that Ittou had sent him was weird and red, too red. He tried to stand, but was instantly pancaked back down; the density of the atmosphere weighed on his body. He struggled to get up again, but after a few tries, he got used to the environment.

"Is this place...My Inner World?" Osaka managed to say. "I haven't been here in a long while..."

((I'll let you come in and get used to this world.))

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on Fri Sep 27, 2013 3:29 am


((Forcing myself to post since I'm holding this up. I apologize. If you find someone else to rp Ittou, you can have them replace me if you'd like a faster poster.))

"It's not like you haven't been able to. You just never visit me." A sarcastic voice sounded through the crimson haze behind Osaka. Ittou was next to him and slowly standing against the gravity as he turned to see the source of the voice. The spirit of Osaka's Zanpakutou stood several meters away from the two men with his arms crossed as he looked at them both. First at Osaka, then to Ittou, then back to Osaka. "This is the first time you've brought a guest...but I understand the situation. You're both here for "that" right?" The spirit said referring to bankai. Ittou nodded and spoke up, "As Osaka's leader I'm willing to vouch that he's ready. I'll stake my "blade" on that endorsement."

Corvus would scoff at Ittou's declaration and knelt down to touch the blood red earth beneath their feet. "I don't want your blade. If you want to pay the toll, the currency is sacrifice. That goes for you and Osaka alike." The ground between them suddenly grew countless blood vines with crimson flowers blooming out of them. "If you want to learn Bankai..." The spirit spoke directly to Osaka, "Then survive this path and reach me. Show me how much you want it." The spirit then looked to Ittou and frowned, "You can go first. Whatever you manage to walk Osaka wont have to. But it'll be much worse for you. You cou-" Ittou did not let the spirit finish, holding up a hand. "I know the consequences better than anyone..." and with that, the man began walking forward.

The added weight and pressure of the red mists was already bad enough, but from the first step Ittou had taken onto the vine covered path it was clear that this world had much worse to offer. Stepping on the vines caused sharp thorns to stick out puncturing Ittou's feet instantly. Blood would begin to pool beneath Seiryo's feet as he clenched his teeth...but the man kept walking. Each step he took, the vines got worse and grew to wrap around his arms and legs. Ittou did not scream or panic, but he couldn't hide the way his body was shaking with pain after just 12 steps forwards. He started to take another step but suddenly stopped as if he realized he was at the precipice of a limit which he knew he should not pass.

Ittou would then sigh and hang his head, "Alright, the rest is up to you Osaka. This is as far as I can go." Seiryo said. Corvus seemed displeased with how far Ittou had made it, but snapped his fingers causing the vines up to Ittou's position to disperse into crimson reishi. There were only 10 steps bewteen Osaka and bankai. But Corvus took on a dangerous smile as the vines grew to be even more violent than before. "Now come Osaka. Are you really prepared to sacrifice everything?"

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on Sun Oct 13, 2013 7:32 am

Osaka was silent, there was a slight, dry wind that grazed the right side of his body. It was time. Osaka nodded and began to walk forward, stepping onto the vines and passing Ittou. With that, the vines became violent, practically hacking and slashing with their dangerous thorns, cutting a lot of Osaka's epidermis. Blood seeped through the openings, pouring and dripping onto the dirt. It seemed as if Osaka's blood was food for the soil, drinking the blood almost instantly. He grunted and winced, the pain getting to him, and the heaviness of the environment not making it any better.

"Grugh..." He managed to mutter, only five more feet from his goal. A vine whipped at his back, causing him to drop to one knee. Even though it seemed he was done, he managed to keep his knee from the ground, practically one-legged. He limped towards the bankai, his body seemed as if he had a thousand cuts, in every place imaginable. He coughed, falling directly into Corvus, blood drenching Corvus' back from Osaka's mouth. "...D-Done..." Osaka muttered, breathing heavily, his eye closing, dipping into the dark abyss of unconsciousness.

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