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#11 Re: Candy Crisis CLOSED on Sat Sep 14, 2013 3:19 am


(OOC: all events are assuming that this the most current chronological event from RPs up to this point)

The night air hung heavy over the town, dark and oppressive with a slight tingle in the air. There was a storm coming. As the clouds rolled in, small flashes of lightning could be seen within. If one with any spiritual strength had looked up into the sky that night, they would see another cloud below the storm, smaller and lighter than the rest, but moving gently along with it's larger companion. If not for the smaller clouds tight formation and movements, one might think it simply and extension of the larger storm cloud.

As Byakko moved through the air, concealed by the smalls cloud of Mists, he watched the town quitely sleep below. He had always liked the Rain. Humans now there days saw the Rain as oppressive and depressing, keeping them from their tasks. But they forgot that the Rain is what renewed the Dry Earth, the Rain was what wasted away the filth and decay, the Rain was what quenched the burning Flame. Truly the Rain was a gift from God. Yet even still, Byakko could not help but feel uneasy. The night had been quite for the most part, the Shinigami had stepped up patrols in this area, but Byakko's mind still raced with the events of the past few months; of John's betrayal, of the Arrancar called Eden, of his own Weakness. The world was changing and it seemed that he had no choice but to be swept up in the current.

His mind still lingering on the events of the Past, Byakko barley had time to react as a Senkaimon appeared in front of him. Quickly closing in with his Mists, Byakko hid himself as the Senkaimon slowly opened. Had he been targeted? The Recruits had gotten more intense lately, but this was the first time he had been attacked outside of Soul Society. As the door opened, Byakko braced himself for an attack. Only to have a small girl walk through. With a sigh, Byakko dispersed his Mists and stared down at the young Shinigami, his voice as a older man scolding a child, "Ms. Shikyō, What are you doing here? I have had enough of your pranks already. Do you not understand how difficult it is to remove gum from fur when you have no Hands?".

As Byakko spoke, Yuu simply looked up at him with a sweet, but mischievous smile. Byakko knew that smile, It always meant trouble. Carefully watching the young girl, Byakko slowly backed away, planning to open a Garganta and drop through before Yuu could act. As if sensing his plan, Yuu began to slowly creep forward, grinning even wider as a bright yo-yo like object formed in her hand. In a Flash, Byakko opened a Garganta, but the instance his eyes left the young girl, she was gone, appearing again on top of Byakko's back, moving with speeds far surpassing what he had known her for. In surprise, Byakko cried out, "W-What?!, Ms. Shikyō, what do y-". Before Byakko could finish, Yuu wrapped the yo-yo around neck and muzzle, in the fashion of a harness, gleefully grabbing onto the reins as her mischievous smile grew even wider.

As the young girl tugged and swayed on his back, Byakko struggled for control. Something was not right. Byakko had know that Yuu was quite strong, but this speed and power where on a whole other level. And Yuu herself was acting very strange as well, reckless even. Had the Girl been simply holding back this whole time? No, this was something else. Probing Yuu with his Mists, Byakko found that the girl's Reiryoku was through the roof, but also dangerously unstable. Just what had happened?

#12 Re: Candy Crisis CLOSED on Wed Sep 18, 2013 12:41 am


Yuu had exit the Senkaimon prepared to cause a lot of damage within the realm. You could only imagine her excitement when she felt the familiar reiatsu of Byakko, someone who she came to prank often. Her eyes flickered over to him, her body turning so it properly faced him, a mischievous grin upon her face. She could see Byakko inching away, and had the urge to frown, but a yo-yo appeared in her hand.

Yuu wouldn't have Byakko ruin her fun by retreating to Hueco Mundo, no he shall stay here to play with her. The moment the Hollow took his eyes off her, Yuu shunpo onto his back. She than wrapped the yo-yo around, using it as a makeshift harness for her new steed. A giggle escaped her lips as Byakko was clearly trying to get her off him, but it would be no use. Her hold on the harness was firm, and she wasn't going to be shaken off.

Though it was fun, Yuu decided to tame her new ride, tugging very hard on the harness as a warning that she would choke him to death. "Play with me Byakko-chan," she said, once the Hollow was done with his futile attempt to get her off. "We gonna play hide-n-go seek," she chimed, wanting to start hiding before Hiiro got through the Senkaimon. Her finger pointed south, and she look down at the Hollow.

"Run that way at full speed," she stated, "we must get out of this area before he comes through." And with that, the two were gone.

#13 Re: Candy Crisis CLOSED on Thu Sep 19, 2013 9:23 am

((Since my character wont get there until 10 minutes after Yuu, you guys can have a round of posting without me. Go raid a candy store or something lol.))

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#14 Re: Candy Crisis CLOSED on Mon Sep 30, 2013 6:45 am

(OOC: I'm joining in. Treat me nicely.)

Dorian was bored as always, even having powers too important to share. He was tired, lonely, and out of water to drink. He has no intentions to do this in the first place, running around the town and all for the sake of it all. He suddenly has more headaches during the day for it was about the same thing: souls. He realizes not one but two spirits away from where he is standing. Either his shinigami's powers are out for some reason or is it paranoia and delusion starting to affect him from the tiresome feeling he's less likely enduring. Dorian was without a doubt mentally troubled, so he concluded that he was paranoid all the time to the extent of his own mind. He says things to his extreme agony and effective anger of his decision making skills.

"Why in the Sam Blue, blob kicking hell did I decided to do this?! Dori, you frickin' diphead! Now I need to rack up more bucks to buy a freaking bottle of water! Gaaah!"

Talking to himself like the psychotic weirdo he is, he starts to see things that was out of his reach. He thinks that he is falling off his human body, going to his reaper state. Dorian still needed control of his inner shinigami so that he won't get caught by some people. Struggling to control himself, he sees something moving in a fast pace. Dorian points out its a little girl riding a tiger-like creature. Maybe it was just an mirage of exhaust or it was THOSE two. He didn't wanted to interfere with their doing, but he was confused and followed anyway to his naivete.

"What were those two? Maybe it was that Muelin girl and that tiger creature? Or maybe figments of my deluded imagination? Somehow, i'm waiting for Tanzi-Sama to respond. Can I follow? Yeah. I should."  

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#15 Re: Candy Crisis CLOSED on Mon Sep 30, 2013 7:57 pm


"Halt Byakko," Yuu shouted, having down another piece of candy from the bag. She had felt another dear friend close by, and it seem like he was following them. Why? She didn't know nor did she care, she just wanted to play. Upon stopping Byakko, by force of course, she turned him around, by force of course, to face Dorian, by force of course. Placing the other end of her makeshift rein in her left hand, she waved at Dorian with her right hand.

"Come play with us Dorian," Yuu shouted. She thought for a moment before promptly adding, "Byakko wants some company." A grin on her face she waited for Dorian to join them in their game. But she wondered, though it was brief, where Hiiro was. She wanted to introduce him to all of her friends, and he should be here by now to continue the game. But it didn't matter since she had all of his candy.

#16 Re: Candy Crisis CLOSED on Mon Oct 21, 2013 10:19 pm

Dorian looked confused as all hell. He thought the heat was going to screw him in the mind, but instead something like this come to him, talking. It wasn't a mirage, a trick or anything. It was something that he felt, but that feel was not an it, it was also a "SHE". Then Dori notice that it was Muelin in all her grace. Was she her for a mission, or was it something personal to a person she hates? Actually nether, as Dorian sees them with their own eyes without the eyes of paranoia clouding him. For that, he replies to the request Muelin wanted for him to do.

"You want me? Ok. But can I touch you to see if you are real or not?"

He do not want to be tricked by the image he faces. Normally, Dori want to talk to prove her presence, but that would make him look silly and completely stupid. So, he decided to take the hands-on approach once more to a person.

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