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#1 Candy Crisis CLOSED on Tue Aug 27, 2013 5:38 am


It was bright outside, though that was to be expected since it was the middle of the day. Or was it early in the morning? Either way, Yuu had just got done doing something that would land her in huge amount of trouble, but she didn't care for the moment. She had grown bored inside of the barracks of the 1st Division, and her guards refused to entertain her. So she constructed a flawless plan of escape.

She had, for the second time since coming to the boring place, had destroyed several walls of the 1st Division. She knew that they would all run to see what the commotion was, since it could possibly be an invasion or a stray hollow. Make that multiple stray hollows, since she had destroyed at least one entire wall while damaging any other she had sent her origami creation towards.

Yuu shook her head as she walked down the streets of Soul Society. She believed she heard something, something that was intriguing. But was it worth potentially getting caught in order to see what it was. The answer would be yes! So, turning on her heal, Yuu made her way to the 4th Division barracks. She heard someone talking. Was it a secret! Yuu liked secrets, and she would squeeze it out of the man.

Her interest was now on getting that secret from him, no matter the cost. But she would have to do it quickly, so taking a deep breath. "What ya doing," Yuu asked, her voice sweet and filled with interest.

(Let me know if anything needs to be edited.)

#2 Re: Candy Crisis CLOSED on Tue Aug 27, 2013 11:20 pm

A panicked shinigami rushed around the outer walls of the 4th division barracks. He wore a simple shihakusho and had no badge or anything else to set him apart from all the other unseated individuals in the division. He had silvery white hair which was unique, but aside from that he was as plain as could be from the looks of him. But what he was saying aloud is what probably caught Yuu's interest, "Oh no! Where is it!? If I don't find it soon the Captain's secret will be found out! Ugggh, I'm gonna be given a ton of work as punishment. I just know it!" The shinigami sounded like a child whining as he scurried along the wall looking for something.

Eventually he began ruffling his own hair and a grunted in frustration as if his patience had suddenly burst. "Grrrraaaaaaarg! I give up!" He then stretched his arms out and allowed himself to fall backwards landing himself with half his upper body in the shade of a nearby tree. "Maybe I should just go tell the Captain now...But then he might not trust me with another secret so important again...Not that I want to be involved with anything that would require more work..." The shinigami now began talking to himself with his eyes closed. So long as Yuu kept her reiatsu suppressed, she could probably approach unnoticed.

The shinigami's name was Hiiro and he was one of those individuals whom choose to remain unseated despite possessing a shikai. Never one to take on more responsibility than he had to, the young soul was more concerned with finding good places to take naps. He would reach into his sleeve and pull out a piece of grape flavored candy. Without opening his eyes he would undo the wrapper and toss the candy up into the air opening his mouth. So long as nothing interfered the candy would arc high into the air before dropping into Hiiro's mouth for him to enjoy.

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#3 Re: Candy Crisis CLOSED on Wed Aug 28, 2013 12:46 am


Yuu's attention had been stolen by the candy that was thrown into the air. And without a second thought, she jumped out of her hiding spot and grabbed the candy before it could be eaten. She landed a couple of feet in front of the Shinigami, her back facing him. Before the man could even try to retrieve the candy, Yuu popped it into her mouth.

Yuu believed her addiction to candy was a bit of an annoyance, since she would do some unnecessary things, like she just displayed, to get her hands on it. But she found this one well worth leaving her hiding spot. The candy was better than she had thought it would be, and it tasted lie grapes. She found the need to have some more, and she turned to face the man.

"More," she asked kindly, holding her hand out. She was eying the Shinigami, clearly having not forgotten that she wasn't suppose to be out here. But she doubted the person in front of her knew that, so she was alright for now. A smile spread across her face, her eyes closing as she said the magic word. "Please."

#4 Re: Candy Crisis CLOSED on Wed Aug 28, 2013 3:16 am

"Ahhh....huh?" Hiiro was looking forward to his candy, however the sudden rush of air and the light sound of Yuu landing on the ground told him that something was off. When he realized that the candy was taking too long to fall his eyes opened and he quickly sat up. He looked at Yuu's back and watched as she quickly popped something in her mouth. It was quite clear whom the culprit was, but since she looked like a young girl Hiiro found himself grinning softly instead of getting upset. "Well, hello there." He sat up a bit more to get comfortable and let his troubles fade away as she turned around and he introduced himself, "Wow, aren't you the beautiful young lady? I'm Hiiro, of the 4th division. Nice to meet you." He was about to extend his hand to shake, but then Yuu spoke and he realized what she had truly extended her hand for. The girl wanted more candy.

Hiiro hesitated, but as he looked into Yuu's gaze and heard her ask politely he figured it couldn't hurt. He always carried plenty of candy on him. "Alright, but you need to tell me your name now. Deal?" He asks as he hands her a strawberry flavored jaw breaker. He then pops a banana flavored jaw breaker into his own mouth and wraps his hands around his knees using his arms to prop up his head as he watches Yuu enjoy the candy, "What brings you to the fourth division? Are you hurt? On a mission?"

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#5 Re: Candy Crisis CLOSED on Wed Aug 28, 2013 4:28 am


Yuu popped the strawberry jawbreaker into her mouth, a little too enthusiastically for her taste. But now she had to tell the young man her name, since it was a deal. Though she didn't verbally agree, she did eat the candy so it was the same thing as agreeing. But the question of her name was followed by why she was there, and she truly had no answer to that question. She pondered answering it, but decided there was no harm and bending truth just a little bit.

"My name is Yuu," she said, politely smiling before deciding what else she should say. Yuu could't tell him what division she was a part of, having not earned the trust needed to be placed into one. And blowing things up weren't actually helping her one bit. But she could always say her old division, he didn't look like he would actually doubt her answer. "I'm part of the 5th Division."

Now it was time to answer the easiest question of them all, what brought her to such a place. "I'm on my way to the Human Realm to... um... get rid of some hollows and happened to walk by," Yuu stated, a little unsure if that was even believable. But she was quick to change the subject. "So, what you doing out here? Shouldn't you be working? Or something?" those were the questions presented to Hiiro.

Now she wanted more candy. "Can I have some more," Yuu asked, god this being nice thing was killing her. But the candy was so good, and she couldn't help herself. Yet, she really should be leaving before an entire search party arrived. The Human Realm sounded like fun right now, and she may even drag her new 'friend' with him. Only to have his candy of course, but would he come. "Would you like to come to the Human Realm with me?" she said. Her mind completely forgetting the pervious questions she had asked.

#6 Re: Candy Crisis CLOSED on Wed Aug 28, 2013 2:32 pm

Hiiro hummed contently to himself as he watched Yuu enjoy the candy. He rocked side to side and gave the girl a cheery smile as he listened to her reply. It was as if the frustration he had before melted away along with the sugary candy he was now enjoying. Hiiro knew that looks could be deceiving when it came to age, but this "little girl" honestly seemed to be a young child in her responses. The 4th Division member almost couldn't believe that such a small girl was ready to go hunt hollows. Since Yuu was hiding her reiatsu as well to evade the guards whom were looking all over for her, she'd also appear very weak. Hiiro was beginning to think something was off here. Was she a freshly graduated shinigami from the academy? Maybe she'd gotten lost on her way to her first mission but didn't want to admit it. "I see...Good luck with your mission! As for me I'm....doing something for the Captain...yeah. Let's go with that." He said cheerfully.

Hiiro stood up thinking it was about time for them to part ways when he received two requests from the girl. The first was for more candy to which Hiiro happily supplied a lolipop. But the second was a bit unexpected. Join her to the human world? "I've got my own duties to handle here. But I can help you on your mission in another way..." He drew his zanpakutou and said it's release phrase, "Overflow! Ame Izumi!" The blade would glow with a soft green light before morphing shape into a simple brown bag. Reitsu would begin to get denser inside the bag and the suddenly a small blue candy popped out of the bags opening. Hiiro caught the candy and then handed it to Yuu. "That will give you a boost of power. Save it for when you're about to fight and it should make killing hollows much easier!"

Hiiro had intended to give the girl an edge she could use in the middle of battle. But the last thing he expected was for her to eat it on the spot, or to steal the bag held defenselessly out before her. This would prove to be very...very...very bad for Hiiro.

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#7 Re: Candy Crisis CLOSED on Thu Aug 29, 2013 10:10 am


Yuu had been a bit disappointed when Hiiro didn't take her up on the offer, but it vanished pretty quickly. The reason was because Hiiro had released his Shikai, something that Yuu was intrigued by, and handed her a piece of candy that came out of a bag. Her hand quickly took the candy, and ignored the advice given, eating the candy on the spot. She hadn't expected for her reiatsu to suddenly go through the roof, nor did she expect that she would suddenly have a craving for more of the candy.

Yuu actually found herself stealing the pouch from Hiiro, shaking the bag violently upside down. Her attempt to get more of the reiatsu boosting treat, though it really wasn't for the reiatsu. A devilish grin appeared on her face as she looked up at Hiiro, having stopped shaking the bag. "Let's play tag," the child exclaimed happily, before running off at full speed, the poor boy's pouch in her hand. Yuu knew the perfect place to drag the poor soul to, it was also perfect since it served as a playground for herself. The Human Realm would be the perfect place to have some fun, while getting to eat candy all the while.

So, without further thought of how much chaos would occur in the Human Realm, Yuu made her way to such a place.

#8 Re: Candy Crisis CLOSED on Sat Aug 31, 2013 12:57 am

Hiiro chuckled happily as the young looking girl seemed to enjoy the snack, "Well now you've wasted i-" He was cut off as Yuu snatched the bag from his hands and began trying to get more candy out of it, "It's no use, it takes time to make another one. This time, don't eat it right away." He sighed and closed his eyes as he shook his head...critical error. This would give Yuu a clear change to run off. When she mentioned playing tag Hiiro opened his eyes just in time to see her vanish with a shunpo.


Hiiro was paused in shock before exclaiming his surprise as he chased after Yuu shouting all the while, "Wait! You don't understand! Eating more of that candy is dangerous!" Since he was unable to seal his shikai without touching it himself, Hiiro had no choice but to chase after Yuu. Since the gates to the world of the living were almost all guarded, she would have to commit yet another crime to get to the world of the living by trespassing on a noble family's property and using their personal senkaimon. As Yuu passed over the wall to such a noble house hold's manor Hiiro began to have a terrible feeling. Was she really some noble's kid? "You can't go in there!" He would shout, but his worry for her safety would grow as he followed her over the wall.

((Don't worry about the actual counters for the candy. Since it's just being used as a plot element you can just keep eating it once per turn and adjust how addicted Yuu is at your own pace. The next post feel free to bring us through the senkaimon and set Byakko's entrance.))

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#9 Re: Candy Crisis CLOSED on Sun Sep 01, 2013 10:03 pm


Yuu had Shunpo herself to the wall of a noble family compound, a grin spreading across her face as she felt Hiiro had given chase. Her eyes examined the wall for a second before she scaled the wall, ignoring the shouts from Hiiro. Yuu landed on soft green grass, but it would soon be replaced by polished wood. She knew where exactly the noble's kept their senkaimon, one of the first things she had discovered after being released.

And she was heading straight for it. Though she doubted that anyone would see her use the senkaimon, there was no harm in being absolutely sure. A mischievous grin spread across her face as she dispatched several origami, the appearance of lions, towards random rooms. Those who were still in the house would direct their attention to the commotion outside, thus leaving the room the senkaimon was in empty.

It was a ingenious plan, though she didn't factor the people who she may kill or severely harm with her little exploding origami, but she didn't actually care either. Yuu finally found herself at the room that held the senkaimon, completely abandoned as she had planned. Entering the room, she promptly made her way to the senkaimon. Her time was limited since she didn't want to get caught, though it be obvious who had caused the damage outside, nor did she want Hiiro to catch up to soon.

Yuu unsheathed her sword, holding it out in front of her and turning it. The sword was quickly resheathed as the doors of the senkaimon opened, and Yuu calmly waited for Hiiro to show up. But once he did, she would wave at him before shunpo'ing herself through the senkaimon, yet not before she consumed another reiatsu boosting candy. She would than appear in the human realm, prepared to cause chaos for the realm. Though she would meet a hollow, how strange and interesting the day would be.

#10 Re: Candy Crisis CLOSED on Tue Sep 10, 2013 3:42 am

Hiiro was far less skilled at being sneaky than Yuu. As he scrambled over the wall he fell down and landed on his bum painfully, "Ouch..."

"Who are you!?"

A guard would shout after spotting the poor 4th division shinigami embarrass himself. Hiiro's face was painted with the hopeless despair of a victim as he realized he had just committed a crime even though he was trying to prevent another. But then he caught sight of Yuu and resolved that he had to catch her if he had any hope of proving his innocence, "I'm sorry but I don't have time to be captured....HEY! WAIT UP!" he called after Yuu before chasing after her with another set of guards chasing after himself.

By the time he caught up with Yuu, the entire noble household was in an uproar as guards searched for the intruders. He would get there just in time to see her entire the senkaimon and in his panic, chased after her. The gate would then close behind them just before a guard entered the room. He'd look around and see no one and then continued his patrol not thinking that the intruders would have come there for the personal senkaimon. Instead, their focus was on protecting the noble family from assassins.

Because time works differently in the Dangai, despite being shortly behind Yuu, he would arrive in the world of the living about 10 minutes after her. This would give the mischievous girl a head start in the world of the living...alone...unsupervised...with super candy...god help whomever she encountered first.

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