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#1 The Living Dead (Dorian) CLOSED on Tue Aug 27, 2013 3:00 am

Link to RP Request:

The Living Dead
Dorian has just woken up after the events which led to his possession of shinigami powers. It is his first day after that strange night. Was it all a dream? What happened to those black and white cloths he was wearing? Where did his sword go? What about the monster? There were so many questions and no clear answers. How will Dorian react?

((Have your character go about his daily life. The NPC will approach you at some point after your first post.))

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#2 Re: The Living Dead (Dorian) CLOSED on Fri Sep 06, 2013 3:12 am

I was waking up, sore as usual for the second time in Karakura Town. I heard the radio plays my MP3 from the jack of its port, loud and blaring. I was a bad idea for my sake that I would do that while I was falling asleep last night. That night changed me for the better, because not only did I have a purpose to do what I need to succeed, but to protect what is necessary or worthy. I had this strange feeling that I saw. The sword I had with me from that night was gone, so were the clothes I had. Clothes, I need after this for I woke up naked.  

“So you’re finally awake.”

“Please, don’t.

“Don’t ignore me. You know what I’m gonna say.”

“Please, don’t!”

“Put on some clothes, man.”

“*Confused* What? *Looks down* Oh shi-!”

“*Laughing* I knew you were so paranoid! What you thought I was gonna say?!”

“Nothing! Just leave me alone and let me put some clothes on so I can train!”

“Train? Who are you training with?”

“I-I-I don’t know myself. *Stammers* See! I knew you're gonna say that! I need to train, but you say, "BUT WITH WHO?!" NOW LET ME GET MY BACK UP CLOTHES SO I CAN WASH THESE! GOD!"

"*Sighs* Someday, that boy need therapy and tranquilizers."

For me, it was a mess waking up. I tried on some clothes, but they were all dirty. So I went to the cleaners to have them bleached. They were white, so I had a reason to go wearing a black jacket with a phoenix’s pattern. It was weird so far, but that’s not all of it though. I had a weird feeling that I was talking to a feather, woke up naked with short explanation, and that was in the first hour. I need an answer.

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#3 Re: The Living Dead (Dorian) CLOSED on Sun Sep 08, 2013 1:25 am


As Dorian made his way back from the cleaners a few strange circumstances would occur. The air would shimmer for but the briefest of moments. So quick that blinking could miss it. Everything would appear to be normal physically, but there were suddenly no people around. It wasn't just the people that had vanished. There were no more cicada's chirping away and no birds flying overhead. It was possible that Dorian' would fail to notice the scarcity of a population, but even so his latent and unpolished spiritual senses would be able to tell that something was off filling him with a sensation he would be unable to suppress. Whether he felt this sense as fear, anxiety, or even excitement depended on him.

A man wearing a black coat dressed in fine clothing stepped out of an alleyway a few feet in front of Dorian and stood in his path. The man was smiling and looking right at Dorian as if he knew him. This stranger was Yusuke Kagamine, a man of vast spiritual power and knowledge. To Dorian he would be just a stranger, but there would definitely be a presence about him even though he kept his reiatsu masterfully hidden.

Yusuke would give a light bow before introducing himself, "Greetings, my name is Kagamine, Yusuke. I've been waiting for you Dorian." The man then snapped his fingers and a garganta opened up nearby. From the black abyssal depths of the gaping maw between dimensions crawled a particularly weak hollow. The way it stumbled out of the garganta made it look as if the beast was forced through against its will and the shillouette of a tall figure with gleaming golden eyes could be seen on the other side of the portal just before it closed.

The hollow was small, hardly bigger than a man, and it scrambled to all fours looking around in a panicked shock just as confused as Dorian probably was. The well dressed gentleman would then suddenly vanish with the use of a shunpo leaving Dorian alone with the hollow and no way to defend himself.

As for the hollow itself, the beast had a long tail and a fairly unarmored body with a dog-like mask. It would roar loudly before setting its gaze on the prey before it. Dorian. But he had no way of leaving his body making him an easy target. The hollow would pounce at Dorian, but it wasn't particularly fast. Should he dodge the attack and manage to survive Yusuke would reveal his position on a roof top near by as he called out, "Good instincts, but you might want to use this!" He then would swipe his hand through the air sending a card with a flame symbol on it flying towards Dorian. Should he let it hit him or catch it, his soul would suddenly be removed from his body. Dorian would then find himself donned in a shinigami's garb with zanpakutou in tow. How would he retaliate against the hollow with nothing but a blade in hand?

Used This Post:

Item name: Spatial Stasis Box
Description: A small black box roughly 1inch x 1inch x 1inch. When activated the cube unfolds leaving a cross shaped mark on the surface it is on. This then causes a larger cube 1km x 1km x 1km to form with the device at it's center. The formation of this cube makes the air shimmer for a moment but is otherwise visually unnoticeable.
Effect: The field the cube generates looks for spiritually aware and powerful beings and creates a pocket dimension that copies the physical surroundings. Only spiritual beings can enter the field. While inside the field, any damage dealt to the environment will not be reflected onto the original location that the pocket dimension was created. If the box is destroyed however, all damage done to the environment will be instantly dealt to the original dimension as the field collapses. It is possible to sense spiritual signatures from within and from outside the field and only serves one purpose. Keeping non-spiritual humans from being dragged into spiritual conflicts through collateral damage.
Number of it you have/possible/allowed: 3
History: This item was invented to allow forces in the world of the living to handle spiritual threats without having to worry about the safety of innocent lives.

Item name: Soul Removal Pass
Description: A small black card with a blue flaming skull design printed on the front side. When it's effects are activated it shines a soft blue and causes a gentle but audible sound of reishi separating.
Effect: Placing the blue flame symbol onto any object or creature will forcibly separate any souls within. This can be used to exit Gigai and other similar tasks.
Number of it you have/possible/allowed: 1
History: This item was developed to make life easier on shinigami stationed in the world of the living. It has also been proven useful in removing human souls from objects and animals on the rare occasion cruel hollows see fit to do so.

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#4 Re: The Living Dead (Dorian) CLOSED on Sun Sep 08, 2013 3:39 am

I made it to the cleaners in time before it can be crowded for the whole day. During the day, I started to have headaches for some reason. Every time I think, I see flames of some apparel. They were talking. Whispering. I have no idea what's going on, but the white's of my clothes are now looking good as usual. Fortunately, I need a drink so I went the dryers, got to the soda machine, buy a soda, waited for the dryer with my clothes to stop, and left the cleaners paying for the wash.

"What did I just saw? I swear those flaming orbs of something were speaking for some apparent reason. Maybe I should stop watching those scary logos at night. That mask from that Russian T.V. company can leave a man-child paranoid. *Laughs quietly*"

Suddenly, I saw a man with a black garb walking to my location, as if he wants to talk to me. He looked at me and walked over as I stopped walking myself. He gave me a light bow and greets me by my name.

"You was? Wow. Maybe I was special after a-. Huh?"

When the man held out his fingers and snapped, a mouth-like portal appears out of thin air and coming out of it was a dog-like creature that looked like the one from last night. It came after me in full motion. I was jumping, rolling, ducking, and running for cover with with shock in my face. It would've been a hilarious turn this morning if it wasn't so terrifying. After the monster ran out of breath as well as I, the garbed man was spotted with something in his hand. He through it to me saying its the only way for survival.

"Catches something" A card? A FREAKING, GODDAMN CARD?! JESUS CHRIST AM I IN FOR A- *Soul gets out of body*- Huh? These clothes again. This power. This sword. Am I that...that-."


"Yeah, Shinigami. Thanks, Tanzi. Thanks for reminding me- *Stutters*"

"Yeah...I shoud've told you about that moment you had yesterday. You see, if a human gets killed by a- *Looks at hollow* LOOK OUT!"

I saw the hollow pouncing in front of me and in a blink in an eye, I've blocked the attack with a slow, but lucky parry. My arms feel so heavy, but I learned how to relax my muscles for a single hit. The hollow uses its claws behind me and hit me in the head so hard, I've started to bled normally. I felt nothing, but I got extremely groggy after the hit. The zanpakuto in my hand has my blood dripped to it. I had enough for one day and I just started to get a second wind.


"*Groaning, Breathing heavily* I want know what you are. Tell me, and I can reply back."

"*Roars loudly*"

"Roar? I don't understand Roar. Maybe you can speak in fluent English, please?"

"*Grunts in confusion*"

"Okay. I understand that you're a monster. Got that. But as a monster, you can tell me what you want you say. We can be friendly to each other and-."

"*Roars Angrily*"

"I don't need this. I have a life to finish. I have no idea how to use this power and for you that's an advantage for you, but- *Cracks necks*- A man's spirit its his OWN advantage!"

As I pick myself up in a minute, the hollow pounced again and I used instinct for once. For that, I amputated one of the hollow's leg, slowing it down. I am still bleeding from the head under my hair, causing my vision to be fuzzy and my body to lose balance. Shockingly, I've pulled through and tried to breath for a straight up kill. I notice the hollow's weakpoint and dashed to it, ignoring and taking the hollow's attacks straight on. The damage is starting to take full effect and I missed the weakpoint completely. I couldn't stand up for one dodge and just have to block all the attacks in the ground.

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#5 Re: The Living Dead (Dorian) CLOSED on Tue Sep 10, 2013 3:43 am

The gentleman watched Dorian as he spoke to himself and gained an amused smile, "Is he crazy or eccentric?" He chuckled to himself under his breath. Yuuuke seemed content to not get involved as Dorian fought the hollow. He simply observed and evaluated the boys natural talent. It was impressive how much spirit he had, but it was clear that he didn't have a wealth of combat experience. The fight that ensued was surely going to end with Dorian's death if no one came to his rescue. Sighing, the man stepped up onto the roofs edge and performed a stealthy shunpo.

The hollow was looming over Dorian and prepared to move in for a final blow when suddenly Yusuke appeared in between the beast and the boy with a swishing sound. The hollow's attack was stopped bare handed and the gentleman snapped his fingers once more, "Hai, hai, thanks for coming hollow-san but we wont be needing your services again for a while." As he said this, a garganta opened behind the hollow and Yuusuke pushed the masked monster back into the abyss. The gaping maw would then close leaving Dorian alone with the strange man.

Yusuke would turn around and then offer Dorian a hand up, "Sorry about the surprise, but typically it's easier for people to understand with their bodies rather than their ears. This was faster than just talking. As I'm sure you've realized, you are not a normal person anymore." He then nodded towards Dorian's body which was now face down on the sidewalk.

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#6 Re: The Living Dead (Dorian) CLOSED on Tue Sep 10, 2013 5:12 am

I was in quite in a predicament for once in my life. The hollow was pinning me down so long, that if my body had to take 4 or 3 hits, I would've died brutally. Luckily, the man was there to save me, looking like he didn't want to help at all. Was he having second thoughts? Was it a plan to make me remind myself of my insanity and loss of reality? It was confusing, but wise for him to put me in danger, even if I was lacking on skill. The way he done something like this was getting weirder, as he told the hollow about to kill me that "It's done. You can go home now". He did this ON PURPOSE? Well...THAT escalated quickly, didn't it? He came to me trying to tell me that I wasn't a normal person. To tell him the truth about me, even in birth, I wasn't a normal person to begin with. He held my hand to pick me up, and I was a mess. Bloody I was, but I don't care. As long as I'm alive, I can live with no lungs and I would survive for 3 to 2 years if possible.

"So... What do you want, my good man?"

The man looked at me in confusion, as he remain skeptical for who I am. I can already know that this life was really, and I mean REALLY, going through a nose dive. Me, a colleague with a feather as the voice of reason, living in an apartment that can house 3 people, currently a resident in Karakura is being consider not normal when he faced a monster while wearing a black uniform that smelled of old? I think I'm starting to like this place.

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#7 Re: The Living Dead (Dorian) CLOSED on Fri Sep 13, 2013 2:20 pm

When Dorian asked what the gentleman wanted, a smooth smile came over Yuusuke's face, "Ah~ That's just the thing, isn't it? Everybody has wants and needs. But this meeting isn't about what I want. It's all about you." As he said this, the man pointed his finger at Dorian. "I see that you're not all too surprised by what just happened. That's good. But you should know that the beast you just fought was the weakest of hollows. It was quite literally born the same night that you found yourself...awakened to your spiritual potential, it couldn't even speak yet." The man didn't stop to elaborate on the fact that those monsters could talk. Dorian had tried talking to one already so it would have been a waste of time to explain just how intelligent they could get.

The boy would soon come to understand everything first hand, but first he needed to be taken somewhere safe. Yuusuke would gesture to Dorian's body and speak, "You should enter your human body again. Just...lay down into it. Your soul will know what to do and handle the rest." Yuusuke would wait for Dorian to comply. Once he was back in his living body he would find that the pain from his wounds vanished and he simply felt a bit fatigued. "Your living body and spirit body take damage separately. If your living body is destroyed, your soul will continue on. But if your soul is destroyed it's game over. So be are you ready? If so, then follow me." Yuusuke then turned around and pulled a card from his sleeve. After waving the card through the air a silver rectangular gate would open up. A bright light would shine from the gate, but Yuusuke walked forwards into it anyways.

If Dorian followed Yuusuke he would find himself in a very different place as he crossed the threshold of the gate.

Yuusuke would be standing on the other side to greet Dorian as he entered a strange metropolis of dull grey buildings with a red sky. "Welcome, to another Karakura Town. This place exists on top of the Karakura Town that you know. Think of it as being neatly tucked between dimensions. You'll be spending the next three months here with me. I'm going to teach you what you are and how to use your powers. Do you have any questions before we begin?"

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#8 Re: The Living Dead (Dorian) CLOSED on Fri Sep 13, 2013 10:46 pm

I wouldn't believe it myself for the first time, but I have to do what I need to approve. The power I have is slow to obtain and hard to control in the beginning. He told me that he was gonna train me to control my powers that I just got. So I listened and followed him to the next world. Suddenly, I felt kinda weird entering; maybe because of the first time. The man told me that I'm about to stay here for three months, so I can receive control of my powers. He also told me that if I had a question or two before we start. I had only one to say to him?

"Now that you mention it, I do got one. What is these powers and when do I know the origin?"

Calmly, I delivered the question to him. I was still confused about this place and is urging for reasoning to this. Deeply thinking, I thought some more questions.

"And for that manner, What is that thing I just fought? How do you know me? When can I start to understand your meanings for-for THIS surreal, anime-like day, good sir?!"

I was out of breath for the moment, as I sat on the ground sweating and coughing in exhaust.

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#9 Re: The Living Dead (Dorian) CLOSED on Thu Sep 19, 2013 9:19 am

Yuusuke paused after Dorian's questions and smiled a bit as he considered how best to reply.

"The powers you possess are called shinigami powers. They were given to you by a full fledged shinigami although I do not know all the details as to why...The source of this power is called reiryoku and the strength of that power is called reiatsu. It is spiritual energy." The man revealed another soul card and placed it against Dorian's forhead causing him to fall out of his living body once more. He'd find that while he was still wounded he would no longer be bleeding and most of the pain would be gone. "That is your spiritual body. It is much more durable than your living body and will heal faster as your reiatsu recovers over time. This alternate Karakura town has more latent reishi than normal, so you should find it a bit harder to breath at first. But you'll also recover faster here."

The man then turned and began walking signalling for Dorian to follow. "As for the monster, that was a hollow. When living spirits die some remain chained to earth because they hold regrets or desires. If they remain that way for too long, they become hollows. Beasts that feed on the souls of others. It is a shinigami's job to send spirits to the spirit world and to purify hollows. As for how I know you, I monitor all the spiritual activity in Karakura Town. I make it my business to check up on those whom are new to the spiritual world such as yourself. You still have much to learn after all. You're a danger to yourself an others if you don't learn how to control your powers."

Once they were a good distance away from Dorian's living body, Yuusuke stopped and turned to face Dorian, "Lesson One. Reiatsu and why it is so important." The man held up a piece of paper and took a fighting pose. "Try to cut me with that sword of yours and see what happens." Yuusuke smiled at Dorian and kept a calm attitude despite being armed with a mere scrap of paper.

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#10 Re: The Living Dead (Dorian) CLOSED on Fri Sep 20, 2013 3:52 am

I wanted answers, and I was shocked to hear them. I am have shinigami powers from last night by another shinigami. That was the kicker to the mystery this whole time. That's probably the reason why I have these weird glowing balls in my head. That was other people. The thing that tried to kill me was a hollow and I thought it was a monster from another dimension. This day can't get any crazier than this.  And to make it even more surreal, the guy wanted me to fight him as he got a sheet of paper. That was a low for even I won't understand, But I listened and face the man and his paper-(Seriously. Why?)- as he command me to. I dashed to him as he stands calmly and collected.

"You wanted it sir, SO I'M GONNA DO IT! I hope this works!"

I breathed in the air as I posed in a lawful stance that people in kendo do. I looked at the man with an intense stare, focusing my spot to strike. In a burst of full determination, I ran to the man with the sword in my hands dragging to the ground. As I swung my sword to the man, I broke my ankle from a misstep and fell in pain. Suddenly, I got up and limped my way to the guy despite being slower than usual. I was determined to do something like this, but it was a piece of paper.

"I think I ran a little bit off. Can we try again? I can still go."

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