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#1 Sakiko Tsuchi Done on Mon Aug 26, 2013 12:58 pm

Who are you?

Here I go welcome to my funeral…without you, I don't even have a pulse.
Here I go, This is my confessional….A lost cause, nobody can save my soul.
When did I….become such a hypocrite….Double life, lies that you caught me in.
On the floor…I am just a zombie….who I am…is not…who I wanna be.
This is it, now you’re really gone this time…never once thought…I’d be in pieces…left behind

Sakiko Tsuchi

Maiden of the Hidden Garden


Age of Appearance:



Character Alignment:
She is Neutral for the most part unless pursaded otherwise  


General Appearance:
Sakiko doesn't have the normal one shade hair color of brown and such. Instead she has  soft strawberry red tone to her hair. Sometimes, she wishes it was a normal color like strawberry blonde or a deep chocolate and sometimes she is happy to have her hair the way it is. Her hair isn’t to say long unless you consider her hair reaching to about her bottom to be long. She would cut her hair but she kind of has a fear of scissors or anyone cutting her hair for no real reason. Her hair is normally let loose and allowed to move freely without any restraint other than a black bow that held three different feathers; a black and white feather, a rainbow colored feather, and a very special green feather with deep ice blue vines reaching down towards the tip. This Black bow and feathers represent things or the only people that understood the true girl hidden behind her strong, silent posture. Her hair is generally always clean and organized. The only other style she wears is where the top half of her hair is pulled back into an elegant bun by the black ribbon while the feathers stuck out from within the bun elegantly with a flower tucked beside her ear. With both styles her bangs are short in front of her eyes are pulled to the left.

Sakiko’s eyes are not the typical eyes of a harden warrior who has the fiery of a phoenix with the passion for battle. Hers is one that holds all her sorrows. She use to have the fiery passion of battle and the bright want of living life to the fullest but now her eyes are that of a stranger, they are sad, lost, they bare no happiness only sorrow of all the deaths and things she had to do and have seen over the years. Her eyes are a gentle emerald green with a slight hint of purple towards the outside of her eyes. The shapes of her eyes are that of big cat shaped eyes.  When she is in battle and actually wishing to fight instead of not wishing to fight for some unknown fear the sadness and sorrow within her eyes harden and literally her emerald eyes bright and become a glowing green with a soul piercing  glance of a harden killer with no mercy left in her cold harden heart..

Sakiko has soft angelic like features of a small nose and nude colored lips that don’t stick out much. When Sakiko is lost in thought she often has a peaceful, sleeping look to her face that would make one wonder if she was actually asleep or awake. When she is in one of her ‘life means nothing’ type moods of her depressed state coming to the suffer she looks kind of like a sad drunk with a limp body that is just laid out without a care. Her head is typically tilted towards the ceiling or her face in looking down into her lap as either way her eyes are always halfway closed with a empty gaze to them. When she is actually in a angry state her eyes are narrow and the depressed look to her eyes instantly disappears as a heartless killer look comes out, giving anyone her eyes look at chills down their spines. However, for the most part Sakiko is one of those that try to hide behind an empty smile so no one would attempt to see what is wrong under the surface.

Sakiko has a very thin but not the ‘omg I need to starve myself more, I can’t see my ribs yet’ type thin she is more of a healthy super model thin with a slight muscle tone of an Olympic runner athlete mixed with the flexibility of a famous fit gymnast or a fit freestyle dancer. She has an even balance of legs and torso along with her arms being around the right length for her body as she stands at 5,3 with an estimated weight of 103.Her chest is in the ‘ oh my god I am about to suffocate in her cheat’ but more of “they are noticeable in a very not the ‘Bam Big Chest right here.”  Sakiko has been known for her elegant curvy figure that was actually balanced out and not weird with big hips but small chest and vise versa.

Sakiko has a range of many different outfits when it comes to different occasions…let’s talk about only a few of them starting with her uniform. Sakiko’s uniform is a lot like the other uniforms like many of the shinigami usual uniforms for the fact of the typical colors of black and white; however, her uniform is more form fitting towards her slim hourglass figure but still loose enough to keep up the mystery of her full figure. Her uniform has the typical top but hers has the sleeves cut off from the shirt. The sleeves rested under her armpit, held on to her arm by pink and purple ribbons weaving in and out of the sleeves at the top and the bottom, making a kind of hem for the clothing.  The sleeves themselves reached three inches past her fingers. She likes her hands not to be seen for the fact of her enemies will not know what she might be holding or doing when her hands are covered. Sakiko also has a purple sash that wraps around her waist, where she holds her zanpackuto. Her pants really arnt that different from the normal shinigami uniform because she actually likes the looseness of the legs and it is comfortable.

  When Sakiko is sent to the human world she wears a typical kimono top that again hides her hands with the obi and everything, unless instead of the skirt, she wears a pair of bell bottom jeans along with some high heels. Yeah she is one of those types of girls that will actually fight in high heels and not break an ankle or foot

As for formal wear she wears the simple skinny black dress that lines her figure elegantly. The skirt reaches down to her ankles. Her dress has the long slit from the hip to the end. As for the top of the dress is a simple long sleeve of the shoulder.

Sakiko’s skin is very fair with little to no scaring unless one has been able to seen her back along with her legs. Both have scars from when they were burnt in her past life that carried over into this new life. Most people think a hollow caused the scars and she was brave. She really never told them the truth feeling it was better to let them believe what they want.
Sakiko really got the burns and scars on her back and legs from protecting her three younger siblings from their drunk father and from getting killed in a fire. Both times, she had used her own body to shield them and take all the pain herself.

Sakiko is one who is easy to approach with problems and a lot of times she has the solution that might be simple and sometimes she would even help. She has been considered as the ‘Mother of Squad 4’ for the fact she is a lot like a mother figure and a dear friend for her other squad members. When she is not in one of her depressed moods, She is a very caring woman that Loves to help her fellow members become better whether it be with training their zanpackuto or just becoming better at healing. She is also one that would whether chit chats over a cup of tea then kill senseless hollows for the hell of it. She will kill when it is necessary to save lives of innocents or when she needs to help her teammates fight but otherwise, she would whether not draw her zanpackuto.  
When Sakiko is at parties or celebrations she is much like a wall flower, one who is pretty but stands quietly, enjoying the fact everyone else is having fun. Now when she has had a bit too much to drink is when her happy personality comes out and really causes her to come out and enjoy the party.
However when she is forced to draw her zanpackuto, She becomes a completely different person. The soft sweet Sakiko is replaced by a blood thirsty, serial killer Sakiko. This side she tries to keep locked away, which is another reason she is in squad 4 instead of the other squads that love to fight. When she is faced with an enemy, she attempts to not fight by talking them to death. However, when her blade is out she isn’t one for much talk other than to ask like how their blood tastes and for them to not beg for mercy. A truly darker side she hates.

When she is meeting new people. She puts on a smile and greets them. She tries her hardest to keep nice and happy instead of her depressed self when she is by herself. She is kind and enjoys to answer questions and do things with others like shopping, hanging out, and training for the most part.

Now when she is in her depressed state, normally she is alone in her room, sitting on the floor by her window, sitting on her window sill or laying in her bed in front of her window. Most of the time she gets depressed because something reminding her of a tragedy that happened when she and a few friends had gotten originally signed to Squad 11. It was after the tragedy she transferred herself to squad 4. Every now and then she goes back to squad 11 barracks, or is asked by some of the older members how she is holding up in the medical squad.

Sakiko absolutely love to read along with write anything along with drawing. The reason why Sakiko love books are the way they hold stories along with how the author’s voice would speak of the struggles and victories of the characters. In a way this is to help her escape from her own world and her own inner demons. In honest truth, if she could she would lock herself up in the world’s largest library and never come out again.

When it comes to strawberries, Sakiko is like a little kid. She loves the sweetness of the fruit, the color, the taste, everything about the fruit. She has yet to resist the call of the fruit. She personally has a small strawberry garden under her window that she grows to sometimes make treats for her squad or for some of their patients that want a little tasty treat.

Respectful people
Give respect when respect is deserved’ is a saying Sakiko lives by. She will only give respect to those who give her respect first. Those who don’t give respect typically sees a side of her she tries to hide

Helping others
Sakiko loves to help others as she finds helping to be rewarding as well as the reason that she is a sap when it comes to children and helping others. No wonder her nickname stands true sometimes

Animals and Plants
Sakiko loves animals for they are cute and cuddley…hell she even likes snakes, hates spiders and bugs for they don’t really help anyone. And they are creepy and never tell you when or where they are. She often takes walks and feeds some of the animals around the seritei and the other smaller districts along with water some of the plants or grow some of her special plants to help whoever needs it  

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#2 Re: Sakiko Tsuchi Done on Tue Oct 01, 2013 12:39 am

Enclosed spaces
Sakiko really can’t explain why she hates enclosed spaces…maybe she is claustrophobic or something. She never really liked being indoors. Too restricting, she would whether sleep on the roof of the barracks then sleep in her own room if she really had a choice.

Fire has never helped anyone, it only destories and takes away life. The only good it ever does is give warmth when it is actually contained for once without losing control of it. Sakiko also has a bad history with fire and fire just makes growing plants harder for herself.

Sakiko absolutely will not go to a funeral for the fact that when she first died, she attended her own and just saw the sadness and sorrow as the only other funeral she went to was the funeral of three of the only shinigami she ever truly cared for. The memories of their deaths and her own is too much. She also won’t go because of the fact that she will feel helpless and blame herself when it wasn’t truly her fault.

This is a true contradiction to Sakiko, She is in a organization that must kill to save others. She absolutely hates to kill for the fact of her past. She should have left the shinigami after the accident, being as unstable as she truly was. Yet she continues to be a shinigami for a promise she made with her lost friends.

Messy Places and People
Sakiko CAN not stand messy people or places for the smells, the sights, the creepy bugs running around. It disgusts her and most of the time she scares the living daylights out of the messy person and makes them clean the mess or she will if she just can’t stand it.


To get over her past and get back the fighting passion she once held
Ever since the tragic accident that happened to her friends in the academy and within her first squad, she has truly lost that passion of killing stuff. Before the accident, she enjoyed to fight and enjoyed the rush of killing, but now, she fears to even draw her zanpackuto or even summon forth her shikai in fear of what happened to happen once again.

Becoming a captain or even the captain commander
She  made a promise in the academy with some friends that they would rise in the ranks and get to the captain spot or to even the captain commander spot. Sure that is a long ways away but when it comes to promises she keeps them till her dying breath for she knows promises are deeper then anything beside blood. The main reason she keeps her promises because in this world, someone has to stay true to themselves.

to be remembered for something good
Sakiko knows she isn’t as strong as other shinigami or have an awesome past the others would worship her over. She doesn’t want to be remembered at a powerful shinigami whenever her time comes. She whether be remembered for her kind acts and deeds towards others and her dying loyalty to her friends and allies.


Calmness through combat and stressful situtations
Sakiko is one of thoses that stays calm in stressful and combat situtations that could make some people panic. She doesn’t let her enemy enter her mind and she logically thinks about what she needs to do to hold victory over her opponent. She will also easily let herself be captured for the since of a person on the inside while she lets someone save her unless she needs to save herself.

strong minded
She is one of those shinigami where she is nearly impossible to manipulate or even nearly impossible to get into her head to mess with her thinking and thoughts. She learned to train her mind.

Motherly Figure  
Sakiko is a great listener and is the type of person. one who is in trouble can run to whether the someone is in trouble or just needs an ear. With her motherly instrinct, if she does not see one as a enemy, even if they are an arrancar, she will listen and help if they need it but as long as you are not hostile to her she won’t be hostile back.

Showing no mercy
When it comes to battles where Sakiko is actually wishing to put forth the effort to fight, she is truly a worthy opponent. She won’t back down or hold back when the lives and those she cares about are at risk of death. When she is fighting, she puts her heart and soul into her blade and wouldn’t care if she was sliced down and died as long as the innocent ones she fought for were safe and sound.

The ability of having an open mind for every person and situtation
Sakiko has always had a open mind to everything but when it comes to death but that is a different story. She is often found listening and giving advice to situtations and often empathizing with others about many things, even with the very hollows she ends. Often she would whisper for them to forgive her and silently grieve alone for not being able to save their souls even when it wasn’t her fault.    

Fears & Weaknesses:
Being forgotten
This is one of sakiko’s biggest fears is being forgotten. She just doesn’t want to be another shinigami statics of failures to survive. No she wants to be remembered and have others remember that even through all she been through and seen and have done to keep pushing on for a possible better future for the younger generation. She knows what it is like to throw everyone away and she knows what it is like to be tossed around like a ragdoll unable to do anything to protect anyone or herself. She knows what it is like to live for everyone and live for no one. She main goal is to have everyone remember life is a unsure thing and to live to be remembered and shape the future generations not to make the same mistakes she has.

Fighting in vain
She doesn’t like to fight and lose cause then all the blood shed and uneeded death was in vain. She enspecially hates fighting for a promise and losing in vain. She holds her promises dear and if she lose in battle without fulfilling her promise then she feels unworthy to ever hold a blade or be seen by anyone to forever live alone in shame.

A sucker for being too motherly
being a mother figure is a blessing along with a curse cause when there are the small kid looking shinigami she often likes to act like a mother towards them, which often ticks them off and often she has to restrain her motherly instincts but that is harder then it looks.

Losing to her own madness
She curses her zanpackuto and often is caught whispering to herself to no one to shut up or hold small arguments to herself when no one is around. She hates her zanpackuto for its blood thirsty personality even though it is amongst the beautifully known zanpackuto amongst the shinigami court squads. Beauty is a curse and has its own madness. Often she gets cursts of her zanpackuto’s wants for blood and often is seen holding her head in pain before regaining her own control to push back the images to regain her sainity.

Being used against those she cares for or about
she hates being manipulated. Most of the time it doesn’t happen but sometimes her own want to help and being fooled easily sometimes causes her to let down her mental guards and allow herself to become manipulated. She tries hard to remember not everyone is so innocent and some people just holds a mask of innocence to bring others to their deaths.

Battle Specs
List of 'Known' Skills:

 Basic Reiatsu Detection

    Fighting Style:
Sakiko herself doesn’t have a martial art skill that she knows of. She is basic hand to hand combat and not the best at it but she tries her best. She isn’t the best fighter but when she is into a fight or have the want to actually fight then she can become a worthy opponent when there is a true reason that she must fight then she will put her heart and soul into fighting.

When it comes to training she prefers hand to hand training instead of swords since she knows she needs to learn her hand to hand combat better so she can protect herself if she was ever to become unarmed. Most of the time, Sakiko restricts herself and holds back a lot for the fear of harming her partners for the fact sometimes she tends to lose control of her bloodthirsty inner self and tends to over do it. So far luckly she has managed to keep her inner self under wraps and under control. However, she doesn’t know how much longer she can keep control of herself without the help of restriction seals and other needed things.

When it comes to true battles she would whether stay in the back and be more of a healer and defense for those who wish to battle head on. The less she has to use her blade, the better she is off. She likes to observe and help when she knows she won’t get in the way of her partner’s attacks. If she has to fight solo, she allows her opponent to wear themselves out before she strikes and tries to get the upper hand with little effort. Now when she gets the upper hand in the battle she tries her best to keep the upper hand and most of the time allows her blood thirsty side to take control and try to win the battle as quickly as possible but sometimes if her bloodthirsty side has been hidden for long enough then she will make the battle drag on and make her opponent suffer.

When it comes to being the underdog. She goes on the defense till she sees a opening that could change around the battle. When she is pinned in a near death situation, her blood thirsty side takes over no matter what as it absolutely hates when she is losing and often is yelling at herself of how pathetic she is for not being stronger and a lot of other insults. When Sakiko manages to gain control she will try to escape to either a safer distance and stand her ground or escape to live on. Which at that time she once again gets in a fight with herself of how she ran instead of kicking her opponent’s ass

Personal Abilities:

Shizen'nomegumi ( Nature's Blessing) 

Sakiko has a unique relationship with the earth to be given this ability. This ability allows Sakiko's own reiryoku to physicall be manifested into plants. Her plants grow to produce things like berries that help heal and other things. her abilitiy isnt just for helping the wounded but she can use her Reiryoku to be used in attacks or for defense. 
The more Reiatsu she uses the faster and stronger the plant will grow and be to her want.

General Techniques:

Technique Name:
Hīringufurūtsu (Healing fruit)

Technique Description:
Hīringufurūtsu is a technique, Sakiko perfected to have a small red berry bush form where she needs. Her berries have a swirl of white and red moving in varying ways.These berries have simple healing properties that help heal one's wounds to help one to last longer in a battle. It takes her a few seconds to an instant to grow a small plant with one fruit but no matter how much fruit she creates on that plant it would take her about 5 posts before she can recreate the plant once again

Technique Equivulient:/b]
[[b] depending on the amount of energy she focus on each berry depends on how much healing it does if she puts tons of energy and focus in a few she can heal deep cuts to minor life threatening injuries

Technique Name:
Otome no purotekuta ( Maiden's protector)

Technique Description:
this technique is more of a technique that produces 14 vines to sprout from the ground below her feet to rise up. These vines will produce dozens of white flowers on their stems and wrap around a small 3 foot area that can expand to a max of 6 feet more reiastu she feeds to the plants. These vines will form a wall like structure or a shell (depending on what she needs) The vines are strong on their own but the wider the protected area, the weaker the wall of vines is to attacks against them. To make her vines protect and move she also moves her arms and body in the direction as her vines follow her movements

Technique Equviulient:
Can withstand up to 2 bala type attacks

Technique Name:
Otome no kakusareta-gun (Maiden's hidden army)

Technique Description:
Otome no kakusareta-gun is a side technique she can use while using Otome no purotekuta or on its own only this technique allows up to 14 vines these vines make the flowers turn to thorns and to lash out at her opponent. To move these vines requires her to move her hands as if she was using a whip type weapon, which often she looks to be dancing while her vines attack.

Technique Equvilent:
the thorns from this type attack would leave deep gashes and would often leave large and small thorns, much like splinters in the wound, which is difficult to remove in battle and move in the wound causing pain

Shinigami's Partner

Zanpakuto Name:
kisetsu aka Futaba

Zanpakuto Element:

Sealed Weapon
Her blade looks like an ordinary blade unless one looks closer to see a beautiful engravement of rose’s and vines covering the blade as in the groves of the engravements is a red liquid that looks to be moving and pulsing, as if blood of the blade’s fallen’s foes pulsed through it. Her hilt is in the shape of a rose with gold and sive vines outlining the pedals. On the end of her blade is a silver rose with black liquid swirling within it as if it was ink in water. She has two things hanging from the end of her blade, a pink ribbon with a scene of a flower garden on it going all the way down as the other thing hanging was a rose chime that held a bell. This bell actually helps Sakiko regain control by the sound of its ringing when she loses control of herself.

Spirit Appearance:

Spirit Personality:
kisetsu aka Futaba is the opposite of Sakiko and is truly a twisted two sided spirit for one moment she will be calm and sweet just talking calmly and all nice till she will suddenly become angry and bloodthirsty, always telling Sakiko of how she is a weakling and why she won’t give in to who she is truly meant to be, a cold hearted killer that was meant to only kill. She sometimes tries to take over, every time Sakiko even touches the hilt of her sword for kisetsu aka Futaba wants blood and to see people die to see them cling to their pathetic lives to see them squirm under her blade pleading to be spared. Very rarely does she actually encourage Sakiko to be confident and such along with some helpful advice.

Inner World:

kisetsu aka Futaba lives in a very Victorian type fancy tea parlor, often sitting at the table sipping some tea infront of an beautiful stain glass window that mostly holds two images of Sakiko sitting on a window sill. One is basking in the sun as the other is unside down basking in the darkness. When Sakiko is depressed the sakiko’s become one and the surroundings of the stain glass becomes dark as Sakiko is sitting under a dead tree in a field of black roses with varying graves around her. She would be hugging her knees burying her face in her knees as her zanpackuto spirit would have her arms wrapped around the crying depressed Sakiko sitting in the rain.

When Sakiko gets in an argument or pushes her zanpackuto’s influence back the inner world is in a state of chaos, breaking apart, repairing itself constantly till her zanpackuto spirit gives up for that time being

Shikai Release Phrase:
Submerge them in your fragerance of sadness and madness, kisetsu aka Futaba!

Shikai Appearance:
her zanpackuto becomes that of a dagger composed of gray rose pedals that are as tough as normal zanpackuto steel that compose the blade of her dagger as her hilt is that of a rose at the but of the sword and the hilt itself being a think group of thornless vines that she holds.

Along with her zanpackuto changing a large field of flowers will form from her reiastu to spread out to about 10 meters around her at all angles. These plants are purely grown from her reiastu so even if she is in the air or on the ground these flowers will grow. They will also trail her as when she is far enough away the ones out of range will simply fade as new ones form and take place around her, kinda like a constant group of fans.

Shikai Appearance:
Her zanpackuto becomes that of a dagger composed of gray rose pedals that are as tough as normal zanpackuto steel that compose the blade of her dagger as her hilt is that of a rose at the bit of the sword and the hilt itself being a think group of thorn less vines that she holds.

Along with her zanpackuto changing a large field of flowers will form from her reiastu to spread out to about 10 meters around her at all angles. These plants are purely grown from her reiastu so even if she is in the air or on the ground these flowers will grow. They will also trail her as when she is far enough away the ones out of range will simply fade as new ones form and take place around her, kind of like a constant group of fans.

Shikai Abilities:

Otome no kakushi yūjo (Maiden’s hidden courtesans)
The effect is a simple one of where a vast meadow form at her feet no matter where she is. this meadow actually loves the drain the reiastu of her enemies but also of her allies. this small meadow also bares many different fruits with many different abilities for each of them. She can produce up to 6 fruits in a turn. But a 2 post charge time for the fruits to grow. However she can produce two fruits instantly with a 1 post cool down before growing any more.

Shikai Techniques:

Technique Name:
Maiden’s gift
Technique Description:
This is one of the many fruits that forms up within her shikai ability where this specific plant is a special one for it actually restore some of the holder’s reiastu. It is a snow white plant with a blue swirl on it.

Technique Equviulient:
Replenishes all of their lost reiastu with one whole fruit. It takes 5 posts for the fruit to fully replenish the reiastu

Technique Name:
Maiden’s humor
Technique Description:
This fruit is more of a gag for her own humor by the looks for when it is picked off the plant it actually causes a tiny explosion, getting a paint like substance of any color on her opponent or ally. It may be harmless and messy but in truth this fruit gives Sakiko an advantage of detection of the person or thing that touches or picks the fruit, helps to detect those who are stealth or too fast for Sakiko to physically keep track of

Technique Equviulient:
allows Sakiko to detect her opponent up to five posts

Technique Name:
Maiden’s surprise
Technique Description:
This tech is a simple one for it is a literally exploding fruit that has a blast radius of 1 meter about a minute after being picked from it’s plant. This fruit is coal black with a white stem, reminds people of a cartoon bomb. The effects of the blast radius decrease the farther one is away from the range ( the effect chart below is of opponents hit at point blank range.)

Technique Equviulient:
Blast is strong enough to send opponent or holder flying back about 3 feet with burns and wounds that are very deep

Bakudo known:
1, 4, 8, 26, 37, 61, 81, 99 –inemuri,
Hadou known:
12, 31, 33, 54, 63

Tell me your story...

Sakiko’s birth was unexpected because she came a few days sooner than expected because of her mother not following doctors’ orders of ‘bed rest means staying in bed till the baby is born’ but due to complications Sakiko’s mother nearly died when having Sakiko but luckily she was saved and Sakiko came out just fine, no problems. Her mother often told her that the world became brighter and life grew greatly the day Sakiko was born.

Family life
Sakiko’s family life was well, the picture perfect family, father was a lawyer and came home every night her mother was a stay at home mom that loved to cook and care for her kids. Her siblings were a lot older than her beside her younger brother that was about a year older than her. Her siblings often would describe her as a wall flower that doesn’t wish to bloom since she was the youngest and wasn’t really one of those that wanted to be seen, more of wanting to be alone with her plants. Sakiko was the most loved out of them all as almost everyone who knew the family could tell.

As a Kid, she never really wanted to make friends and do things but she did love to deal with plants and help them grow. Her mother and father saw her love for plants and had a greenhouse and tons of seeds and supplies brought to the house for Sakiko. Hell when she was about five she barely got out of the green house as her mother brought her food to her a lot and often found her asleep at her work bench having finished her homework hours before and was working on making some plants grow with different methods and having notes on each of them. Sakiko was a very smart girl, probably smarter than what she let on. By the time she was five she was actually in second grade, she was well advanced above her class and for her intellect, she was often teased and made fun of, which is a reason she didn’t want friends cause no one understood her anyways, that is one reason she loves her plants cause they don’t judge her or make fun of her, her plants accepted her just the way she was so she considered them her friends and like her own children.

The day of her eighth birthday was the day she first saw the spirit world. She had seen glimpses of people and dark creatures out of the corner of her eyes and has heard things and seen things move it wasn’t till her 8th birthday that she first saw a true living spirit. It was on her way to school that she first saw a little boy looking into a florist’s flower shop. At first the kid looked normal but she noticed he didn’t have a reflection, which nearly made her heart jump. What human doesn’t have a reflection? Curiosity got the best of her as she crossed the street over to the kid. She looked at the kid and asked what he was doing. He spoke of how the woman in the window had forgotten about him. This had confused her but he explained how he was kidnapped and killed a few blocks away. He spoke how he tried to get someone to hear him but no one would.

In all truth, Sakiko was scared by this, she was speaking to a spirit of a boy that was killed a few years back but never found. She honestly felt sorry and promised to help him as she followed to where he knew he was laying, underneath a dumpster. It took her awhile and a help from a few older boys that noticed her and knew her siblings to help move the dumpster a little bit , getting out the almost fully decayed body. She was horrified but found a dirty rusty locket around the decayed body. It held a old photo of the boy and his mother. She had the older boys call the police as she went to the florist with the boy. It took some explaining of some dream she kept having. Sure she had to lie but if she right out said ‘ your son’s ghost has told me where he was and here is a thing he cared for’ the lady would think she was a freak. She never had seen a woman in such shock. Within a few minutes Sakiko lead her to the body and told her the truth that it was her son that lead her here. The lady seemed like a skeptic but thanked her with a hug. Sakiko looked towards the boy who she was was fading, finally put to rest. She never cherished life so much as she did that day and her heart felt good cause she did help and got recognized in the newspaper about discovering the body. She didn’t tell all the truth just spoke of dreams and her gut saying to check around there…she couldn't say a spirit showed her it was already crazy how an eight year old found the missing body.


As a teen, her siblings thought she was weird but that is where she felt safest in her green house, examining her flowers, plants and herbs as she took up a side study of healing and medicine and helped out part time at the hospital at the pharmacy and in the wound and burn unit where she learned about treating wounds and caring for them.

It was around her 14th birthday, about four months before her birthday that her worst nightmare had come to life. All that month, the local spirits she had seen and talked to seem too slowly disappear one by one strangely. She didn’t know if they were resting themselves, finding their own resolutions or someone was helping them better than she was. She also lately have been feeling a darker presence around her, like evil eyes watching her when she was out and about going to school and what not.

It wasn’t until three nights later that Sakiko’s worst fears came to be. She had to work late at the burn unit and finally got home. The house looked normal but what stuck out to Sakiko was the front door was open…her mother would never let that door be open at night. So Sakiko moved quickly inside finding her mother in the doorway hurt from maybe falling. Sakiko quickly called for her father as he helped her get her mother to the couch. Sakiko found her mother’s leg swollen. Sakiko got some stuff from her green house before going back in to treat her mother.

lt took while she was treating the injury, the dark presence she been sensing but haven’t been able to find till she heard a roar that made her heart spike a beat as the gravity in the house seemed to increase. Her father and mother didn't seem to notice too much but she did and her fear could be seen on her face as a huge black monster like figure with a mask was looming behind her father. It didn't take long for her to actually be thrown a wall, causing some dewberry to fall on her. Unfortunately her father had gotten in the way on pure accident seeing his daughter just sent flying by an invisible force. Unfortunately all Sakiko remembers was her father yelling her name and a loud cracking sound followed by a roar. As her sight slowly faded she saw a figure in black come in through the hole in the wall she had made. She saw a long blade but that was all she remembered seeing before she blacked out and woke up in the hospital. The Police questioned her and didn't believe her when she saw a monster came into a house. They were declaring it as freak animal attack, which frustrated Sakiko cause she knew it was not. every time she thinks about it that figure working black with the blade always came to mind.

Early adulthood/ Death’s calling for innocent souls

It took several years of counseling to get over her parents death, sure she had pills to take and had to come to the sessions that were pointless in her case because she knew they didn’t understand her or what happened, how could they? They didn’t see what she did and she tried to explain that but again no one believed her so she just told them what they wanted to hear so she can be out of therapy. At the age of twenty, she had achieved her dream of becoming a nurse in the wound care section of the local hospital. It was a stressful day and a stir crazy man was in a very bad morning stage of just losing his wife to internal burns due to his mistake of falling asleep with a cigarette.

Sakiko and the other nurses tried to calm him down because he was starting a scene but the situation got worse quickly when a gun was drawn by the man pointing at everyone. While some of the other nurses were trying to get his attention and keep him from shooting. Sakiko called for security and tried getting several of their patients out of the room, so they all wouldn’t be harmed. Sakiko had gotten most of the patients out of the danger zone as security came trying to get the man calmed down before she heard some shots were fired. She didn’t know who the man shot at or where all she knew was she ducked but something hit her in the stoumach as she was hit by the stray bullet that hit a few things but bounced off. As her own life faded she heard more gun shots and someone or maybe a few people go down before everything faded to black as her life had came to a end….or so one would think

Life as a Shinigami / The horrible madness awakens
Sakiko doesn’t remember anything about her beside her name. She had found herself in the Junrinan district and spent several years roaming the district, first to understand where she was before she had made some friends with some local ‘rebels’ She considered them more or less a group of friends that are just doing what they can to survive and live. It took her awhile to get adjusted to three main friends that would pave her unseen future.

It took what seemed ten years to her before her and the three color friends of her to finally decide that their little gang isn’t going to last forever and at some point they are going to need to grow up as it seemed a few hours later Sakiko and her friends decided to join the soul reapers by going through the academy. Sakiko had a fun time going through the entrance exam without much problem as her friends did. There was just something about the thought of serving a better cause that excited her as later that day they got their uniforms and papers. Sure they celebrated later but she was more concerned about what challenges they all would face. Her fears were quickly extengished by the comforting sound on her friend, kira masamoto that always reminded Sakiko that no matter what happens they will always be a group inside each of their hearts and nothing could tear them apart and the hollows have to fear them. What a bone head right?

Months went by as Sakiko and her little group moved along the academy having a field trip to scout for some foes or hollows. Sakiko wasn’t sure cause she never paided much attention unless it was about fighting with their blades, leaning new kido. This was her favorite thing, fighting…training…being the best she can be while having fun She met many foes and had made many enemies but with her three friends with her…she was safe and strong with them there to support her when she needed it…they weren’t friends…no…they were her family right?

There were many times Sakiko has been in a corner when fighting but somehow she always managed to take back control of the fight and come out on top for the most part, sometimes she lost but she never was the type for revenge. She managed to get towards the end of the final year where her and her friends were finally going to graduate and become shinigami. Graduation day happened and man was Sakiko excited to receive her uniform and become a shinigami at last. This was her dream until she noticed her three ‘friends’ were not at the ceremony either. She found this odd and gave them a few days, it was just odd how all three were not there till she heard word that three young academy students went missing. This Shocked Sakiko cause she was the last one to have seen the three missing students a few nights before. Sure she went into investigation on the case but she wasn’t found guilty cause she herself was in shock of what happened to her main support group…even to this day, she didn’t know where they were but she marked three graved under their favorite tree outside the seritei and every now and then go to that spot to think.

Present Day and Future Goals
It seemed decades since she last seen her friends or even thought of them other than just the feeling of betrayal. She had just finally achieved her shikai and have learned a few techniques for her shikai. She had achieved to become part of the fourth division due to her abilities, which was fine for the most part. So far life as a shinigami has been great, due some missions here and there, treat the injured and hardly seen true action. She has trained hard in her own time to learn her bankai as her goal was a simple one for it was of a promise four close friends made before their long journey started. The Promise was to become the Captain commander…Sure she didn’t have a offensive powerful zanpackuto. Sometimes it never seemed to be worth being called anything but a personal flower shop, but hey stranger things have happened before right? In all honest truth, Sakiko really can only see herself becoming the 4th division captain with her unique zanpackuto, She would be amazed if that wish even became true but her first step is to become the 4th division vice captain and that was one spot she was determined to get no matter what she needed to do.

RP Sample:
It A good thread that I think by far is the best thought of mine

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Appearance: 3+
Personality: 3+
History: 10+
RP Sample: 6+
Overall: A good character with depth and stigma. She has flaws which make a character seem more real and a strong theme as a healer and motherly figure. Approved for 3-1.

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The character app is well detailed, not to mention the balance in the character. It bears a lot of potential to grow and development, IC. With that said, I too approve the character for a 3-1.

Have fun rp'ing.

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2-3. Approved.

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