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#1 Genesis of a Frozen Path CLOSED on Thu Aug 15, 2013 9:35 pm


A white masked figure, dressed in unrelieved black, bowed once to Saelien before rushing away, blending into the endless night of their world and vanishing from sight, leaving only the unfortunate news they brought etched into a few scraps of paper behind.  Saelien could have sighed, really, upon reading the information that had been brought to him - others might have been afraid, or angry, but not he.  What some would consider a troubling matter he merely considered a...mild annoyance.  An annoyance with potential snowballing consequences, to be sure, but an annoyance nonetheless.  A small portion of reiatsu coalesced in Saelien's hand, and at once the paper he carried was destroyed, it's contents available for no other to read.

Not that many would find anything entertaining or useful in the words, but Saelien wasn't in the habit of leaving any evidence behind when he did not have to.  No, the words he had read were only for him...or rather, would only have been for him a few years ago.  Now there were others to consider - one other, the arrancar he had found and deemed suitable for something beyond a mere member of an information network.  He would inform her of what he knew, and whilst it would not mean much to her initially, she was certainly clever enough to grasp the full scope of what lay ahead of them.

Tessilith.  He had abandoned his old home centuries past, leaving it to the dust and ravages of time, secure in the knowledge that neither would prove sufficient to cause much harm to it.  He had built Tessilith to last, just like he lasted, and he had sealed the doors when he left, leaving no opportunity for stray hollows and arrancar to enter and make it their home.  They were not fit to live within Tessilith.  He had abandoned the fortress due to his own machinations and the enemies he had made from them - he had brought a sliver too much attention upon himself and he would not have his home damaged unnecessarily because of that.  Better to leave it behind and lead fools on a merry chase through the Hueco Mundo.

Today, all of those enemies were dead except enemy, and all his peons, his glorious soldiers.  It was a shame that the last of his enemies was also the greatest since ancient Fjorsak Martial, and twice the shame that it was also the first of his enemies, the tyrant who broke his mask as a hollow and sent him on the path of an arrancar.  It was a being of ferocious power that Saelien had encountered three times since and failed to kill on all three occasions, a collection of failures as disappointing as they were unheard of.  He had not exactly lost those exchanges, however, and the knowledge of the results painted an interesting picture when combined with the news he had heard.

His home had been seized by the forces of his enemy, Val’nyne Malovist.  The warlord himself was not there - he couldn’t be.  Saelien knew where Val’nyne was.  Which meant that it was likely that a few of his more trusted and powerful subordinates had led the attack and now occupied Tessilith.  A daring move.  They had to know that Saelien would respond; some might have considered it playing into a trap by punishing such an obvious transgression, yet Saelien did not think of it as a trap.  It was a challenge, a final call to battle.  The age old conflict between him and Val’nyne would be coming to a close soon, and so the door would be closed on the last of those who knew and had opposed the Cold Lord.  There were other strong arrancar in the desert, but they were not united by anything.  They all craved power whilst wishing for greater power to serve.

Saelien stood alone in the desert, no real notable landmarks nearby, the wind calm and the sands quiet.  Hollows could not sense his reiatsu but they could sense the cold, the icy harbinger of death, and they stayed far away for the most part.  Clothes of black and white hardly stood out in this world, but for anyone looking for him, they would know him immediately.  The messenger who had delivered the news of Tessilith was travelling to a nearby location to inform Saelien’s chosen subordinate, his assistant, that her presence was required.  His assistant was a new factor in the whole situation, and in a way Saelien intended to see her true quality in the battles to come.  Death and life would hang upon the edge of a blade, and whoever emerged in the end would be quite different to the girl he had found in the desert years ago.

She had stood beside him before, but he had never brought her into the darkness in which he worked.

Ah, to reclaim Tessilith and eliminate Val’nyne.  If it went smoothly, then he would neatly return to the shadows, more legend than man to the people of the Hueco Mundo.  And if it didn’t go smoothly...well, the legend and man would simply stand as equals.
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#2 Re: Genesis of a Frozen Path CLOSED on Fri Aug 16, 2013 5:53 am


Yuki Seika ;; 3-2 ;; Arrancar ;; Female

Yuki did nothing much these days but mill around in boredom. There was little in any world to actually entertain, and once again she secretly wished again for the life of a simple-minded human, with so much to do for entertainment and amusement. As an Arrancar, however, thinking such things could be a weakness, and now she suddenly felt regret and remorse for wishing.

Admonishing herself in utter frustration, Yuki began to fight to keep her cool. What if someone saw her like this? Well, they would be dead before they could blink again. But what if Saelien or someone else had? Even more enraged with herself, the Arrancar attempted to stop the azure-colored reiatsu seeping from her soul in the form of konpeki flames that were cold to the touch and could freeze someone with prolonged exposure. Still, now she was just being a fool allowing her presence to be known to all who were nearby. Taking her clawed right hand, she squeezed the area between the shoulder and elbow of her right arms, making it easily bleed from the sharp, black claws that were a natural replacement for fingernails.

Blood that was turquoise in color, Takoizuchi, seeped from the self-inflicted wound. The blood was a personal ability that could easily give frostbite to an area if touch and uncleaned. Thankfully, the harm it could give did not apply to Yuki. Gritting her teeth as the sharp pain from the claws stung, she felt some peace. At least it was well-deserved from her pathetic thoughts. She had vowed never to think about humans again as something to envy, but Yuki had broken her vow countless times, and punished herself for it each time. Pretty soon if this continued, five small puncture scars would appear, and remind her each time of her weakness.

Sighing, Yuki suddenly sensed a small bit of reiatsu. A weak Arrancar- probably normal or Gillian made- used Sonido and appeared to the side of her. Turning her head, Yuki listened to the message the Hollow had to relay, and was now quite thankful she had managed to get out of her rage. If she was still angry with herself, there was no telling what would happen to this messenger. Most likely, she would have lashed out and killed her with either a well-charged Cero or a fully-powered Hu Shenzhou. That, or the victim would have simply, yet painfully, been clawed to death and used as a scratching post for the Kitsune-shin. Giving a nod of understanding, the messenger flashed away and Yuki was left to think about what her master wanted.

So Saelien needs me for some place... Tessilith.

Never before had she been informed of this place, but the name did ring a bell. Perhaps Saelien-sama had mentioned it sometime in the past, if that. Either way, Yuki did feel a battle was underway. It was about damn time.

Right now, Seika had to focus on getting to the Arrancar whom had mentored and trained her. He obviously was of need of some assistance. One thing she always avoided saying was that he needed her help. Yuki knew good and well that Saelien would never need help; only assistance and anything he wanted. Her master could easily do things himself, and was one of the most powerful Arrancar she had ever met and was sure ever would meet. Using her Sonido to gain speed, it was about fifteen minutes before she appeared before him on one knee and with her head low.

"You called, Saelien-sama?" she asked, always making sure to show respect around him. Yuki's respect and dignity was never wasted, and the only souls in this universe she had shared some with was Saelien, the Cold Lord, and Eden, the Cero Espada. The rest of her esteem was solely for herself. Perhaps she could lighten up around him later, but it had been awhile since she had last contacted him. He deserved her regard. This was obviously important, but would at least provide some needed entertainment to cease her boredom.

Location;; Hueco Mundo Deserts
Muse;; 7/10
Word Count;; 681
Tags;; Saelien
OOC;; Sorry I'm unable to match your wordcount. ^^; I'm definitely not as literate as you.
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