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The Adjuchas Hollow's response to Kakushi's offer was a bit...strange. Kakushi began to feel as if something wasn't right with the situation. Was is because the hollows words were lies and only meant to confuse him? Or was it because if the hollow was speaking honestly than it meant that there was more behind his contract than the old geezer who gives him work was willing to let on? This only served to make it even harder for Kakushi to steel his resolve against the hollow. Because of this, the fullbringer couldn't fight at full capacity and he was about to pay for it. But first he'd respond to Byakko's demands for more information, "I can't give away my contact even if I wanted to! I never learned his name, it's just some old man that likes to sell papayas!" The agitation in Kakushi's voice would be apparent through his shouts, but they were more due to his internal frustration. Why couldn't he just go all out against this beast like he did with every other hollow in the past? Something was still holding him back.

This made his reactions a bit slow as the tiger of mist emerged from below. Thankfully it hadn't used a highspeed movement skill so he was able to recover well in time before the hollow's claws slashed in an attack. Kakushi held his blade ready at the front to guard and summoned three more beetles, but instead of floating to the surface of his blade they stayed "submerged" and now swam inside the metal of his fullbring weapon. They gave a soft green glow from within and looked as if they were floating in the safety of a womb. As time passed by these beetles would increase in number, but for now they were seeds Kakushi had planted so they might sow a victory for him later. But for now, he had an attack from the front to handle...or so he thought. As the tigers attack came, it burst into mist. He knew immediately that this was bad and began moving forwards to escape the mist.

That forward movement would turn out to be helpful as the sound of Byakko's void step was heard from behind. Since he had already started moving forward, the depth of the wound would not be as great as it could have been. But Kakushi still suffered a long cut that spanned from his shoulder down to the back of his bottom set of ribs. But even more importantly, Kakushi's best suit had been ruined! "Tch..." He sucked his teeth in disappointment, Kakushi had thought he could handle his without even getting dirty. But now he hand a long cut that was bleeding stains right into his suit. The fullbringer grit his teeth and turned to slash Byakko in revenge, but the hollow had already retreated back into it's mists so Kakushi did the same and retreated upwards even further still.

He'd leave his own highspeed moving looking down upon the misty park. He was now an impressive 70 meters in the air and would have much more time to see any attacks emerging from the mist before they could become a threat. "What's the big idea anyways? It isn't very nice to attack someone you're trying to negotiate with!" Kakushi shouted as he tried to buy time to let his beetles breed.


Technique Name: Incubation
Technique Description: Boring Bomber can keep the beetles it produces inside it's blade and let them incubate there for up to three turns. While in the incubation state, the blade can no longer produce new beetles. However for each number of turns incubated, the number of beetles inside the sword double. No new beetles can be produced until all incubated beetles have been released. While incubating, the beetles do not explode. However, after incubation, the beetles become more volatile and will explode on impact thus losing their boring capabilities. In exchange, their explosive strength increases.
Cool Down - 6 turns from start of incubation.
Range - 5 meter blast radius.

Technique Effect Chart:

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: Blasts can deal 1st degree burns and leave behind a numb sensation that dulls movements for 5 turns.
Opponent is One Tier Lower: Blasts can deal 2nd degree burns and leave behind a numb sensation that dulls movements for 4 turns.
Opponent is Equal Tier: Blasts can deal 3rd degree burns and leave behind a numb sensation that dulls movements for 3 turns.
Opponent is One Tier Higher: Blasts can deal minor burns and leave behind a numb sensation that dulls movements for 2 turns.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: Blasts hardly do any damage beyond dirtying the target with smoke and leave behind a numb sensation that dulls movements for 1 turn.

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(OOC: This post introduces Jonh Doe, to be here after played by another Poster)

Byakko watched as the the retreat farther into the Sky from the Mists, he considered the His words. In over 4000 years of life he had learned to read people. The Boy honestly did not know. Still, something did not sit well with Byakko, something was about this whole thing. Why did the Guardians use such methods? had they sunken so low as to hire a common assassin? or had they no other choice? Was his original though true? Where those that sought his Life truly Guardians? Or had another put on their clothes to torment him, like Ghosts from the Past? What even the reason, Byakko did know that the Boy was right on one point. This Pointless fighting was getting them nowhere.

After a few moments of uneasy silence, as Byakko spoke up through the Mists. "Your right Boy, this is getting us no where. Besides, If I kill you now, then I lose my only lead...", Byakko chuckled slightly as his attempted at humor, "...However, if you truly wish to "talk", then show a old man a sign of Faith. Land, enter my Mists. Come without hostility and you have this old "Man" of God's word that you shall leave unharmed." Byakko did not expect the Boy to trust him, but he had at least called the Boy on his own call for peace. Now it was time to see if he could pull something useful out of this night or not.

Several moments of silents, till Byakko contemplated once more trying to subdue the Boy, when, to his surprise, Byakko felt the Boy slowly descend into the Mists. Was the Boy truly that foolish? Or was he just naive? No, from what the Boy had shown him so far, he may be unmotivated, but was a anything but careless. No doubt the Boy has something planned if things turned sour. For now however, the Boy showed no outward signs of aggression, and Byakko would keep his word. Approaching the Boy silently from the Mists, Byakko finally met the Young man face to face, the Mists thinning enough so that the Boy could see his full form for the first time; a massive White Tiger, the boy's head not even reaching Byakko's shoulder. golden eyes gleaming early in the Mist filtered light.

As Byakko drew closer, he turned his head to that one massive eye looked directly into the young man's own as he spoke in a deep, rumbling voice. "You wished to Speak, yes Boy? Then we shall Speak", using tendrils of Mist, Byakko removed from his tail a large ornamental bracelet, Six golden wings sprawled across an intricately carved Ebony wood surface, in near perfect condition despite it's obvious ancient age. Dangling the bracelet in front of the Boy, Byakko spoke "This is my Signet Boy, give it to your 'Employers' and you will be payed. As the boy reached for the bracelet, Byakko stanched it way, a stern, cold gaze crossing his eyes, "Do not think that such a 'Prize' does not come with a without a 'Price' Boy! I still have questions of my own. If you want to...."

Suddenly, Byakko felt something enter his Mists. Something small, tiny, and traveling increasingly fast straight towards him. No, there was TWO of them! In a Burst of speed, Byakko moved backwards just in time to see a small object slam into the ground beneath him. In the next instance, Byakko wrapped the Boy in a thick tendril of Mist and pushed him in the opposite direction, just as the second small projectile crashed into boy's prior position. What had happened? Had the Boy betrayed him now  that he had reviled his trump? No, the Boy had been attacked as well. Then what? another? What about the Projectile? Bullets? No, he has not heard gunshots, nor did he smell any gunpowder. Then what?

As Byakko pondered this, the ground beneath him quaked and two massive cactus like plants burst violently from the ground, reaching upwards to 20 feet tall and easily 8 feet in diameter. Quivering slightly was they swayed in the night air, they slowly began to swell in size. As they did so, the Mists around them began to quickly thin out, like Fog in the early morning light. It was then that Byakko realized with horror, that the strange Cacti where absorbing his Mists. Quickly, Byakko pushed his Mists backward, away from the Cacti in an attempt to save what he could, but a good portion of the Mist had disappeared, stored away in the strange plants.

Scanning the Mist for their attacker, Byakko picked up a strange signature, It was definitely human, but there was something different about it was well, something....familiar. As Byakko tracked the signal, the sound of clapping began to echo through the Mists, till finally, from the Gloom, an Old man stepped out of greet them, a strange smile playing across his face. "Impressive, Very Impressive Seraphiel. You always had been quick in both mind and body. It seems that not even the "Curse" could take that away from you". Seraphiel! That had been Byakko's title in the Guardians. How did this old man know such a thing? How did he...And then it hit him. Like a wave, the memories rushed back threatening to over take his mind; memories of Paradise, memories of the kind old Farmer would tended to both Paradise's Physical and Spiritual needs. His body visibly shaken by shock and confusion, Byakko cried out in a voice that was both a question and a exclamation of deep sorrow, "JOHN!!".

A strange, cruel smile played over John's face as he held open his arms in mock greeting, "Why Yes! It is so good to see that you remember me Seraphiel after all these years. One would think that after slaughtering your own People, you would have forgotten about little old me". As John spoke, Byakko's shock and confusion turned into anger as he roared back, "Slaughter? There was no Slaughter! The Experiments where solid, the Principal sound! If not for the Accident, It would have Worked! I only needed a little more time! It would have worked John!!" As Byakko spoke, John let out a cold, chilling laugh, one filled with as much Sorrow and Loss as Hate and Anger, "An Accident? AN ACCIDENT?!" . Suddenly, the Old man's face took on a grim, hate filled countenance, "2000 LIVES BYAKKO!! 2000 Innocent soul condemned to Absolute Oblivion!! No chance of Heaven, no chance of even Hell, just a eternal Non-Existence!! Wiped away as if they never where! YOU DARE CALL THAT ACCIDENT?!?!"

Running his sun-withered hands over his face, the Old Mans face returned once more to the calm, smiling old man of before, and he reached for a small leather pouch on his belt. As he reached inside, the pouch gave off a crackle of electricity and he withdrew two small black seeds. placing them in the crock formed between his thumb and forefinger, as if to flick them away, John spoke once more in the calm voice he had used when he first showed himself. "But that is the Past, and this is the Now. No reason to dwell on what can not be changed. But yo know, I had hoped that you two would play with each other a little more, I did not want to get my hands dirty so soon. Goodbye Seraphiel". With that, the Small seeds shot out of his hands with a soft whoosh, speeding once more towards both Byakko and the Boy.

Bullet Seed
Range: 2m ~ 40m
Technique Description: A long range tech used by John Doe to quickly and silently deliver his Seeds to a target. With decades of practice, John has mastered the skill of Fullbringing the Air and Seed together, propelling the seeds at high speeds with a range and stopping power rivaling that of a .40mm Handgun. If these seeds hit a target, they will feed on the targets own Reiryoku, quickly sprouting into tangling vines that restrict the targets movements. If they hit the ground, they can sprout into any number of plants John can use to then attack his target with from a Distance.
Technique Effect Chart:
--Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: Large impact damage, plant sprouts and trap the target.
--Opponent is One Tier Lower: Major Impact damage, plants sprout and cover the target, slowing them down.
--Opponent is Equal Tier: Major Impact damage, and cover the limb, disabling it.
--Opponent is One Tier Higher: Fair Impact damage, Plants sprout and cover the impact site.
--Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: Minor impact site, plants do not sprout.

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((Since your app doesn't possess a technique that allows you to create these "tendrils" I've posted as if you never used them.))

As the hollow beckoned Kakushi to enter the mists he would look down at his incubating beetles and watched as the numbers doubled. "Six beetles, it should be more than enough explosive power to blow away the mists if it's a trap..." The fullbringer thought in his mind before sighing and scratching the back of his head and shouting, "Alright..." He then allowed himself to let go of the air he had been fullbringing to stand on and then let himself free fall. Once he neared the ground he fullbrought the air once more to slow his descent. As the mists enveloped him, Kakushi felt a chill run down his spine. Being in the middle of so much hollow reiatsu was strangely...familiar. It made the whispers of hollow power crawling within the depths of Kakushi's soul quiver. Quite the unpleasant feeling. Like a metaphysical stomach ache in the core of his soul.

Kakushi remained silent as Byakko amused himself and teased the signet before snatching it away once more. When the hollow trailed off in its sentence Kakushi took the chance to interject, "I already told you everyth-" He was then suddenly cut off by the sudden sound of something impacting the ground between himself and Byakko. Kakushi's eyes went wide and his instincts kicked in telling him to use bringer light to swiftly move away from the point of impact. Doing this just led him deeper into the mist which made it impossible for Kakushi to see much. Until that is, the Cacti that had appeared began devouring the mist. As things cleared up Kakushi looked on rather stoopified. Where the hell did a giant cactus come from? It probably wasn't Byakko's causing Kakushi to jump up and out of the mists once again to start looking around. It wouldn't take long for him to spot the only other person in the area, "O-Old man?" He was surprised to find that the old man he'd gotten jobs from for years was now standing before him wielding fullbring powers.

Kakushi wanted to ask what was going on but Byakko and the old man had a much more heated exchange. As they went back and forth Kakushi began to feel ignored and his eye twitched in irritation. As John went on shouting at Byakko Kakushi would reach into his sword with the glove and grab one of his beetles. "Oi! I don't know what's going on here but it's pretty clear that you've kept some things from me. Care to explain old man?" as he said this, he threw the beetle and accelerated it with fullbring causing it to smash into the cactus and explode on impact. The resulting 5m radius explosion would burn off some of the surrounding mist and even some of the mist inside, but for the most part it would release the mist that had been stolen. "Just so we're clear, I'm not sure who's side I'm on. But both of you have been keeping secrets from me it seems. So lets have an even playing field eh? What's up old man? I could have been hurt by that cactus you made...If I didn't know any better I'd say you were trying to attack me too..." Kakushi was now standing on top of a street lamp in the park and turned his body so he could both look in the direction Byakko had been before as well as keep an eye on John.

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((Bumping this because we need a third person to play the NPC John. Got any takers?))

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