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"Oi! Lookin' for fresh produce!? I've got the best papaya's in Karakura town!"

A vendor shouted out spirited invitations for passing citizens to browse his wears. The old man was in his 60's but he was still built like he was in the prime of his youth. He continued his attempts to reel in customers all morning until a young man dressed in nice clothing leaned against his stand and lit up a cigarette, "Got anything for me?" The young man asked as he took in a drag of smoke deep into his lungs. The happy vendor suddenly got a bit serious and took a seat. "Kakushi, eh? It's been a while since I've seen you." He reached his hand out and Kakushi handed the cigarette towards the man without even looking. It was clear they've had this exchange many times before. When Kakushi was growing up, he'd use the old man as a contact to get jobs related to his...unique talents.

As the man took his own lung full of smoke Kakushi turned his head and gave him a look that said Kakushi wasn't exactly glad to be there, "Sorry old man, I don't have anything against you. I busy..." Kakushi took the cig from his contact and inhaled one last late before dropping it to the floor and stamping it out with his foot, "Got somethin' or not? The old man gave out a heart-filled laugh, "Bwahahaha!~ Busy huh? You found another lady friend, but she dumped you when you ran out of money again. Is that it? Ahahaha!" Kakushi sighed and ruffled his own hair...the old man was right on the dot.

"Alright, alright, I'll give you a break. I was approached recently by some group of weirdos, call themselves "the guardians" or something like that, but long story short, they want a specific hollow targeted..." The man reached into his sleeve and pulled out a piece of paper with the details. He handed the paper to Kakushi who accepted it begrudgingly. "Payment is 20 grand. Paid on completion of the job." Kakushi nodded as he looked the document over and said, "Thanks old man..." And with that he turned down the nearby ally waiting until he was out of sight. Bringerlight then crackled at his feet and Kakushi jumped off the now extremely elastic asphalt bringing him all the way to the roof of one of the buildings.

The man looked out over the city of Karakura town and bringerlight crackled again, this time on the paper causing its ignition point to lower. As the document burst into flames Kakushi considered what was written inside. It was a revenge mission, not something he was fond of. But apparently this hollow had already caused a lot of casualties in their group. What were they? Some kind of cult? Regardless, he didn't like the smell of things. But apparently they knew where his target would be. In his everyday life, Kakushi tried to ignore his powers, but they were a good way to make money, and fast. All he wanted was to live a normal life and get a girl, but it seemed like the only way he could do that was by using his powers. What a drag.

~Time Skip - 10pm~

Kakushi made his way to the park where his target was supposed to show up and sat down at a bench that overlooked the place. To any one nearby he'd seem no different from a normal human. Perhaps waiting for a date. He closed his eyes and ignored the spirit of a small child that was playing on the parks swing set. If he gave away that he knew it was there, any hollows nearby might suspect him. So instead he remained seated with his eyes closed ans sensed for any nearby reiatsu. It didn't take long for a hollow to appear, but it was frog-like and very weak. Not the tiger-type adjuchas the documents had said to expect. Kakushi cursed under his breath as the frog hollow began to move towards the park. It was probably after the child soul nearby. Kakushi didn't want to blow his cover, but he couldn't just let the child spirit be eaten. He wrestled with his convictions and his desires as the hollow came ever closer. "Damn...why does this always have to happen to me...?"

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Byakko Ramiel ;; 3-3 ;; Adjuchas Hollow ;; Male
Somewhere in the outskirts of Rukongai

Byakko awoke with a jump, banging his head on the low cave ceiling of his mountainous Den. Shaking His head clear of sleep, Byakko stepped out into the cold night air. The Den offered a nice view, a small cave, high in one of the large mountains of the Outskirts. The nights where chilly, but the difficulty of getting to it deterred most would be attackers. It seemed that those that wished to make a name for themselves by defeating "The Boundary Lord" had increased recently. Already he had had to switch Dens 3 times in the past Month, and this one would not last long either. Taking a deep breath, Byakko held in the fresh mountain air before releasing it in a thick cloud of mist and ice, as his mind wandered back to the Dream.

He had dreamt of Paradise, the base of operations for The Guardians, and one of the few permanent settlements in the Outskirts. In fact, the only Human settlement in the entirety of the Soul Society. He had dreamt of the experiments, of his goal to finally bring a true, lasting peace. He had dreamt of a sea of blood, of screams and of fire, he had seen once more ruin and destruction which words could never fully portray. And then He had seen it all suck once more into Nothingness, that absolute void, that perpetual Oblivion, that....

With a furious roar, Byakko shook himself violently in an attempt to clear his mind of the memories. The past was the past, he could do nothing more to correct what had been done. He did not need regret, he needed more power. He needed to eat. With a sigh, Byakko walked a short distance to a overhanging cliff near his Den. Byakko could still feel the sadness and anger of the dream bearing down on him like a weight, but hopefully a good nights Hunt would help to clear his mind. Standing on the edge of the cliff, Byakko gave a mighty heave and lept off, passing through a opening Garganta moment before hitting the ground below.

Karakura Town square

The Cool night air gently blew through the semi empty town square, carrying with it the sounds of a sleeping city. High in the sky above the town, unseen by those below, a gasping dark hole opened, though nothing came through. Instead, a gentle rolling mist seeped out and cascaded into the night sky. As the people in the square scrambled to avoid the sudden bank of fog, a large shadow exited the hole and quickly merged with the small bank of rain clouds silently moving out over the town.
As Byakko moved through the air, concealed by the smalls cloud of Mists, he watched the town quietly sleep below. He had always liked the Rain. Humans now these days saw the Rain as oppressive and depressing, keeping them from their tasks. But they forgot that the Rain is what renewed the Dry Earth, the Rain was what wasted away the filth and decay, the Rain was what quenched the burning Flame. Truly the Rain was a gift from God. Yet even still, Byakko could not help but feel uneasy. The night had been quite for the most part, the Shinigami had stepped up patrols in this area, but Byakko's mind still raced with the events of the past few months; The world was changing and it seemed that he had no choice but to be swept up in the current.

Location;; Karakura Town
Word Count;; 624 words
OOC;; .

Template (c) Yuki Seika

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Kakushi would open his eyes and cast his gaze in the general direction of the park so the spirit of the child would be within his view. Suddenly, an abnormal mist would roll in from the direction of the town square. Kakushi didn't give much thought to how unnatural this was, instead he was worried about what that meant for his ability to keep an eye on the kid. At this distance, he wouldn't be able to see the child through the mist, and the frog hollow was already about to pounce. As much as Kakushi wanted to keep his cover, he couldn't just sit there and watch an innocent soul get eaten.

The frog hollow's eyes flashed in the darkness of the night and the beast leaped into the air. It's tongue would shoot from it's mouth like a harpoon and speed towards the child whom turned his head just in time to see the beasts attack flying through the air quickly accelerating past any point that he'd be able to react to. The mist would flow through the air and encompass the boy before the tongue would reach him. The hollow would land, perched on top of a nearby slide, his feeling of touch being the only sense to tell whether he'd hit his mark or not. Instead of the fleshy body of a spirit, his tongue had hit something hard and solid. It had a strange taste that was metallic and slightly hollow in nature, but otherwise entirely foreign to the hollow. "W-What's this!? The mist would engulf the frog hollow as well, but a sudden increase in reiatsu would cause enough mist between the hollow and the child to part so the beast could see what its tongue had met.

A human dressed in a dark suit stood between the frog and it's meal with a large blade in hand. The sword was stabbed into the ground and had been used to block the harpoon tongue. Kakushi had finally stepped in at the last moment, but the look on his face was not that of a hero. He turned and knelt on one knee getting eye-level with the now terrified spirit child, "Get out of here kid. Find someone dressed in all black." He looked and sounded more annoyed than anything. The child ran off into the mist almost just as afraid of Kakushi as he was of the frog hollow. Speaking of which, the hollow wasn't at all amused by the way Kakushi turned his back to it, Damn human! You stole my meal!...Tch, guess I'll just have to eat you instead!" The frog retracted it's harpoon tongue and prepared to launch it again, but Kakushi simply sighed and let the sword in his hand dissolve into reishi leaving only a small piece of amber with an ancient beetle trapped inside. Kakushi pocketed the amber and turned away from the hollow, "Beasts like you that are already dead should just be quiet and leave the living alone." He couldn't have sounded more apathetic. This enraged the hollow and it fired its harpoon tongue for another attack, but Kakushi ignored it an continued walking. The harpoon would stop just inches from Kakushi's head as the frog hollow made an unnatural grunt, " to me!?"

Kakushi sighed as he moved back to the bench that he had been sitting on before and pulled out a cigarette along with a lighter. "I told're already dead. Be quiet." And with that a sudden explosion took place from within the hollow's skull destroying its mask and killing it instantly. Kakushi lit his cig and took his seat once more, looking up through the mist trying to spot the full moon. "This damn tiger better show up soon. I don't have time to handle every hollow that shows up in the park."

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Byakko trodden though the park at a steady pace, gaining on the presences with each passing moment, careful to keep himself hidden within the Mists. By the pressure the Hollow gave of, It was a pretty weak by all accounts, most likely only recently turned. It would not sate his hunger, but at the very least it would focus his mind on something else, like a cat playing with a mouse. After this, he would see where the night took him, what the city had to offer. For now though, he pressed on towards his midnight snack.

As he neared the park center, suddenly a scream pierced the night. With a burst of speed, Byakko raced forward, turning a corner just in time to feel the impact of a small soul on his massive chest. As the Child bounced off of him and hit the ground, she looked up at him, terror bright in her tear filled eyes. Cooing softly, Byakko wrapped the Child in a layed of soft Mist, using a tendril to wipe her tear soaked cheeks. In a deep, yet soft, rumbling voice, like a ancient Waterfall, Byakko spoke to the Child, "There there little one, all is right, no need to Cry, You are safe. Tell me Child, where are you coming from? what has you in such a fright?" Eye still glistening with fear, the Child raised a shaking hand and pointed in the direction she had come from, eyes never leaving Byakko's imposing form, obviously not believing that she was truly safe.

With a gentle smile (as gentle as a tiger's could be), Byakko pushed the still shaking child up with a puff of Mist and pushed her along the way he had come. He could leave her for now; as long as she stayed within the Mists, she would be Hidden from any other Hollows that may be lurking near by. For now, he would deal with what was ahead of him. With a Burst of speed, Byakko speed forward once more, towards the center of the park and the Presence....No, wait, now there where two?

Byakko neared the park area just in time to see a Frog like Hollow approaching a Younger man in no later than his early 20s. On instinct, Byakko moved to help the man, but stopped short of clearing the trees. Something was off, the Hollow's movements where strange, poor, as if it could not fully control it's body. In the next instance, the Hollow burst from the inside, flecks of Reishi drifting away on the wind. Weary, Byakko slid back into the Mists, watching the Young man with a sharp eye.

Finally, curiosity got the better of Byakko, and as he slowly circled the Man in the Mist, Byakko spoke to him in the same manner as the child before, but his voice filled with authority, as a older man speaking to a younger,  his voice echoing off the Mist so that it seems it was coming from everywhere and nowhere. "And Who are you little one? Have you not been told it it not safe to wander the Park alone at night? One never knows what might lurk in the Darkness".


Techs Used:
A Voice in the Wind
Range: Hearing
Technique Description: A sound based skill that allows the user to project not only the sound of their voice, but other sound such as footfall and breathing, to different areas. This skills true power shines when coupled Kirino Nakano Kemono.
Technique Effect Chart:
--Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: Same as Equal tier
--Opponent is One Tier Lower: Same as Equal tier
--Opponent is Equal Tier: The target is unable to pinpoint the origin of surrounding sounds.
--Opponent is One Tier Higher: The target has some idea where the sounds might be coming from.
--Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: The target has a reasonable idea where the sounds are originating from.

Kakushi would do little more until Byakko arrived aside from enjoying his tobacco. Each puff of smoke he breathed out would dance around as it mixed with the mist in the air and Kakushi entertained himself by watching those mystical movements. It was almost as if there was a life to the wispy visuals aside from simply kinetic movement. In fact, the suit-wearing fullbringer was in the middle of calmly watching a particularly nice swirl of silvery mist and gray smoke interacting when the sound of Byakko's voice sounded from within the mist. It was apparent that Kakushi was surprised by the sudden question. He had been sensing for hollow reiatsu thinking the mist would be useful in concealing himself. But he had never considered the possibility that his target might have mist powers, which meant that he had been at the mercy of a hollow for quite some time now. But the fact that it didn't take advantage to launch a surprise attack meant that things weren't as bad as they could have been.

The voice was clearly hollow and now that it had spoken, Kakushi could sense some hollow reiatsu lingering about, but it was all throughout the mist and he couldn't really tell the exact direction. Nor could he really tell what direction the voice had come from. He had an expression that was almost self mocking as he shook his head before replying, "I'm just a really unlucky guy I guess. You see, I accepted a crazy job. Some nut jobs think there is some kind of tiger known to show up around here. You wouldn't happen to know about that would you? The sooner I finish this job, the sooner I can get out of here and away from those things in the dark you were talking about." He reached into his jacket and pulled out another cigarette. He held it out to the side offering it to the strange voice without looking, "Smoke?"

Perhaps offering a hollow a cigarette wasn't the best course of action, but Kakushi hardly cared at the moment. If he could avoid a fight, he'd prefer to take that route. Time worked differently for hollows after all. 10 years is nothing to they who live to be several centuries old and still show no sign of aging. Perhaps he'd be able to convince his target to go into hiding and pretend that the job was done. Surely, it wouldn't want more people being hired to hunt it down...right? Then Kakushi remembered the nature of some hollows, he'd met a couple who would welcome more powerful souls to try and take it's head. While it would be risky, it also means there could be tasty souls to eat. It was still unclear whether or not it was even possible to settle matters peacefully with a hollow, but Kakushi was willing to give it a shot as this was the first opportunity he'd ever encountered.

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It was a strange site, a strange site indeed. How many years, how many decades had it been since he had seen a Human so bold? Humans, such timid and fragile things; and yet there had always been something about them, some spark that spoke of greater things, like a gem let to be touched by a Master's hand. That potential gave Byakko great hope for the future he invitation. As well as filled him with Fear. As the young man stood calmly center of the park, Byakko stealthfully probed the young man with his Mists.

He was not a normal Human by far, though he did not need his Mists to tell him that; the few remaining specks of Frog like Hollow attested to that. Yet what his Mist did tell him puzzled him deeply. This was no Gigai, no artificial body used by the Shinigami, the boy who stood before him was true Flesh and Blood. Neither was he a Quincy; the blood of that clan held a particular scent about it. Nor was he one of the Guardians, his own Kin from a Lifetime ago. Then what was he? Byakko could not tell. The boy's Reiryoku gave off a strange feel, Hollow like almost, but not quite, almost like a whisper of a whisper, a single grain amongst thousands.

It peaked Byakko's curiosity once more. Was this man some kind of Hollow himself? Somehow possessing the body of this Boy? Or was he something different. What ever he was, Byakko realized that this may just be the kind of diversion he had been looking for. Normally he would so his best to avoid a fight with beings other than Hollows, but this Boy interested him. And if he played his cards right, there was no telling what the Future might hold for the Boy.

Still circling in the Mist, Byakko spoke inquisitively "A Tiger you say?", smiling to himself, Byakko gave a small but deep chuckle that vibrated through the Mists, before continuing. "Funny, you do not strike me as Animal Control little one. As for if I has seen such a beast, I can not rightfully say. Big Cats tend to be a rare site in such a small town. Now we do get the odd bear coming down from the Mountains, but how one would mistake such a thing for a Tiger, I do not know."

Byakko knew that his jests would not hold, but the Boy's mannerism and speech spoke of a Apathetic nature; If Byakko wished to see what the young man was capable of, he would have to draw him out. Something did strike Byakko as strange though. This was no simple matter of someone seeking him out. The Boy has said someone had hired him. But Who? and Why? Watching the Boy carefully, Byakko spoke in a soft voice, projecting the sound so that it would seem to becoming from within mere inches of the young man's ear "But then again, I must ask, why would one want such a beast? I hear they are such frightful creatures."

Kakushi remained in his seat and sighed as Byakko began to speak. He heard every word, but it was hard for the fullbringer to believe that the ancient and hollow sounding voice was that of anything other than a hollow. The old man facade was pretty feeble, however what really made the beasts words fall to deaf ears was the lonely cigarette held in Kakushi's hand. He had offered it to Byakko as a sort of peace offering, but that offering had been denied. Kakushi was a simple man, so denying his gesture wasn't really taken as disrespectful or in any way offensive. But it did make one thing clear to Kakushi. He wasn't trusted by the hollow, so Kakushi could not trust the heartless soul in turn. As Byakko asked his question Kakushi would stand from the bench and brought the cigarette to his mouth. He tried to take a drag off it before replying, but the mists had put the cherry out. An unpleasant frown came over the fullbringers face and he closed his eyes for a moment to think about the situation. He couldn't afford to waste any more time out here. If this was his target then he'd need to eliminate it and even if it wasn't, he couldn't just let a hollow go.

"Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt to tell you." Kakushi sounded more apathetic than ever and there was no desire to kill in his eyes whatsoever. He brought one hand up to his mouth and curled his finger near the tip of his cigarette. "Ever hear of...Fullbringers?" As he asked the question, Kakushi flicked the finger and as it nipped the end of the tobacco bringerlight crackled in the air. He lowered the ignition point of the cigarette and used that to light it. But the bringerlight didn't stop there. Kakushi's right hand had reached into his pocket and retrieved the amber encased beetle from before. Another large crackle sounded as Kakushi exhaled a puff of smoke before speaking the name of his fullbring. "Boring Bomber..." He sounded as if releasing the weapon was the more unappealing act on earth, but one he was forced to commit due to circumstance.

More bringerlight filled the air around the amber as its form changed shape into an elagant sword with an elaborate guard that resembles the legs of an insect. The crackling sound of using fullbring would then continue still as Kakushi swiped the sword through the air using the flat side of his weapon to produce wind and then fullbring that wind to become more intense. The resulting vortex of air and wind would blow away enough of the mist for Kakushi to confirm one thing. His eyes darted left and right until he finally saw the outline of a tiger near the treeline. Kakushi then fullbrought the ground beneath his feet to become more elastic allowing him to jump high into the air, "Rarely, a woman pregnant with child finds herself the survivor of a hollow attack..." Having confirmed that this really was his target, Kakushi became even less excited about the prospect of fighting. So he continued to speak as he ascended through the air above the reaches of the mist until he eventually reached the peak of his trajectory only to fullbring the air beneath his feet into a stable platform to stand on.

"...but the reiatsu of the hollow lingers and embeds itself in the childs soul. When they are born, their powers eventually mature. This often leads to them becoming outcasts or...worse, abandoned for being too different." This creates "Fullbringers" which are humans that have the power to remove the souls of objects and change their properties using reiatsu. Some items that have special value to a fullbringer will transform, like my Boring Bomber here." As Kakushi commented on his weapon he held the blade out parallel to the ground and a small beetle made of steel emerged from the surface of the weapon like it was floating to the surface of a pond of water. "It has the power to make these little guys. They burrow their way into spiritual flesh while releasing an anesthetic so the victim doesn't feel a thing. Then, after a few moments, they explode. Here, have a look for yourself."

Kakushi then flicked the end of his sword up sending the beetle airborne. Then he fullbrought it to increase its speed and momentum while also changing its trajectory. This would accelerate the beetle in a direction of Kakushi's choosing at rather high speed. It was nothing Byakko would be unable to dodge at this distance, but even so, the beetle wasn't really aimed anywhere in particular. It would pierce into the ground and begin burrowing where it would wait before eventually exploding. "Now that I've explained to you why I'm not afraid to hunt tigers, how about you explain to me why a bunch of cult weirdo's calling themselves "The Guardians" would want you in particular killed? What, did you ruin one of their spiritual rituals and eat the strongest souls of their group?"

If Byakko were cleaver, he'd be able to deduce how Kakushi used this power to kill the frog hollow.

Used This Post:

Pre-Evolved Fullbring

Pre-Evolved Fullbring Name: Boring Bomber - This name is a play on Kakushi's apathetic and "bored" nature. But the real meaning is to "bore" into something like you do with a drill.
Pre-Evolved Fullbring Appearance:

Kakushi's fullbring takes on the form of an elegant blade and a pair of white gloves that seem to possess black nails on the ends of the fingers. This is mostly for aesthetic design and serves little purpose, however the gloves can also be used as a medium for Boring Bomber's ability. The weapon itself is made from two types of metal. A lighter grey that almost seemed to be tinted with a hint of blue color for the blades edge and parts of its guard. Then a darker grey that makes up the handle and the core of the guard. Speaking of which, the guard itself takes the shape of insect legs and resembles a beetles legs in particular.

Boring Bomber is also capable of producing small metal beetles. They emerge from the flat end of the blade or from the palms of the gloves and have a fully metallic look despite possessing life-like beetle movements.

Pre-Evolved Fullbring Ability:
Boring Bomber possesses the ability to produce up to 3 beetles per turn. The beetles possess only two traits, they will burrow into whatever spiritual matter they come into contact with, including barriers and spiritual attacks such as a cero. Then, at the start of the next turn they will explode. The explosions themselves are fairly small and if detonated externally deal damage based off AR differences. However, should the explosion take place while burrowed inside of a target they take "off guard" damage as mentioned in the AR system. Thus, it is impossible to lower the damage from a blast with reiatsu if it takes place within your body. But even then, the explosions can hardly blow off a limb by themselves and they are hard to aim making it near impossible to strike vital organs unless they are released at point blank range.

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Byakko watched the young man with interest as he moved about the park area, chuckling slightly as the cigarette burst into flames as it felt from his fingers; a neat trick. As the young man moved from the Ground to the Air, forming the large blade out of a the small piece of Amber, Byakko had to admit that he was impressed. As he had originally thought, it was similar to a Hollow's own powers, taking the Heart and giving it form. When the young man swung his sword outward, Byakko watched specks of light dance within as the power of the wind increased, pushing the Mists back to the treeline. As the Mists cleared Byakko gave the young man a Tiger like grin. So much for his ruse.

As he explained the concept of a Fullbringer, Byakko raised a eyebrow within the Mists. He has heard tale of such beings before, though he had never encountered one himself. Tales of Humans born with Power beyond that of mortal men, Power enough to challenge Hollows. Or even the Shinigami. Yes, tonight would be a interesting night indeed. Bracing himself for what might come next, Byakko listened intently, nimbly dodging the small metal beetle, an the resulting explosion. Looking at the resulting small crater, Byakko's mind went back to the Frog like Hollow. He would have to be careful. None the less, Byakko smiled, it looked like his little ruse had worked after all. On principle, he did not attack Humans or Shinigami. But to defend himself? Now that was a different matter entirely.

However, In the next moment, Byakko's excitement turned into surprised, confusion...and anger. His body shaking as a sea of conflicting emotions welled up inside of him, "BOY!!", as he spoke, The air and Mist in the area shook violently, the lights of the park burst and windows in the near by buildings cracked as the powerful shockwave rocked the area, plunging the park into the true darkness of the night. "How do you know that Name?!"

The Guardians? How long had it been? Decades? Centuries? He had known that a few had survived the Event, Mikhaḗl among them. But why target him? Had he not paid his price? Or was there something more at play here? Perhaps one using the name? But who but him still remembered such and old Order? And why target Byakko? As questions and possibilities raced through his head, Byakko focused his eyes on the Young man. Here was the key to his questions. "You will tell me what you know Boy! Soul Rake!

There was a tiny flash of light within the Mists near the Treeline, and with the sound of rushing water, 4 large blades of energy rose from the Mists, aimed for the young man. The attack was only a feint however; as the boy dodged the blades, the Mist would raise stealthfully behind him, and a pinprick of light would from within. In a instance, the light would grow to the size of a softball, and the Mists would wraps themselves around it, forming a transparent shell. In the next instance, the Cero would release, sending forth a screaming beam of energy towards the young man. Byakko no longer wished to play around. He would have Answers, and he would not be denied
Techs Used:
Voice of the King
Range: 1m ~ 20m
Technique Description:  A powerful skill that infuses Reiryoku into the throat, then with a roar, expels it outward as a powerful shockwave of energy, able to topple trees and shatter rock. Because of the strain placed on the vocal cords, it can not be used consecutively. (One post cooldown)
Technique Effect Chart:
--Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: Sends out a powerful Shockwave that can break bones and cause internal injury
--Opponent is One Tier Lower: A powerful shockwave that can cause major injury and throw the target back.
--Opponent is Equal Tier: A Strong shockwave that can cause Injury and break the targets guard
--Opponent is One Tier Higher: A strong shockwave that can break a targets guard.
--Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: A shockwave that can force a target to put up their guard and push them back a bit.

Soul Rake
Type: Unarmed
Range: 1m ~ 10m
Technique Description: Focusing his Reiryoku into his paw and strikes out with a vicious slash, sending out 4 sharp shock waves that travel for several meters before dispersing.
Technique Effect Chart:
--Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: leaves major wounds, enough to cut a limb off.
--Opponent is One Tier Lower: leaves deep wounds, life threatening if untreated, but not as major as lower ranks.
--Opponent is Equal Tier: Powerful attack able to leave deep wounds.
--Opponent is One Tier Higher: Strong attack, able to leave intermediate wounds. not threatening on it's own, but multiple attacks can add up.
--Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: Leaves minor wounds and pushes the target back a few feet.

Cero Niebla (Zero Mist)
Range: 2m ~ 20m, no closer than 5 feet near a target
Cero Color: Mist grey with glowing white cores.
Description:  A form Cero that allows Byakko to form Cero within his Mist itself, wrapping a core of Cero energy in Mist and directing it towards the target.  Because the Cero does not need to be formed in his main body, Byakko is able to use this skill to attack stealthily from the mist.  This Cero's main benefit, other than it's mobility; is that, unlike most other Cero, Cero Niebla does not disperse the Mist when fired.
Technique Effect Chart:
--Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: Powerful blast, causing major wounds, enough to remove a limb
--Opponent is One Tier Lower: Powerful blast, causing major wounds, and throwing the target back
--Opponent is Equal Tier: Strong blast, causing serious wounds, breaking their guard
--Opponent is One Tier Higher: Strong blast, causing minor wounds and breaking their guard.
--Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: large blast causing minor wounds and pushing them back.

Kakushi's eyes were looking around for any sign of attack from the mists but he wasn't expecting the sudden roar that Byakko made at the mention of The Guardians. Something didn't seem right about the way the beast responded. It was a bit too angry about it...but then again, it was a hollow after all. He brought his sword forwards defensively as the shockwave from the sound of the roar reached him and pushed him back a few meters forcing him to fullbring the air to act as breaks causing bringerlight to crackle at his feet. As he skidded to a halt the bringer light faded and Kakushi summoned three new beetles on the surface of his sword. As the tiger adjuchas demanded information it also launched an attack through the mists. "Tch, I don't know anything other than the fact that they'll pay good money if I get rid of you!" The fullbringer would shout his retort as he used bringerlight to ascend. He would jump straight up knowing that his best bet would be to stay far away from Byakko's the mist and attack at range in order to avoid getting surprise attacked.

As Kakushi flew through the air straight upwards and looked down at the mists to see if he was being pursued. This would allow him to notice the mists that were trying to sneak behind him. The dim light of the cero that could be seen within the mists made Kakushi feel cautious, but it also gave a good opportunity to test the limits of his opponent's fog. Kakushi would flick one of his beetles with his finger causing a dazzling display of bringerlight to spark out from the point of impact. The beetle was then sent fying for the pillar of mist that would connect the ominous charging light to the rest of the cloud. The intent was to let the beetle explode and cut glowing section of mist off from the rest. Would this cut Byakko's like of reiatsu to the cero and cancel it? Or could the beast still fire the technique remotely. Either way, Kakishi wasn't going to just stand around and find out if his experiment worked. He would immediately activate bringer light again and retreat higher into the air dropping the other two beetles as he did sending them roughly in the direction that the initial claw attack had come from.

If the cero did fire, Kakushi would have enough distance to react and use his bringerlight to maneuver around the blast. But at this rate, he'd never be able to hit Byakko whom could be anywhere throughout the mist. Kakushi would have to get serious if he had any hope of defeating the hollow before he was worn out. Kakushi had already used his bringerlight more than he had used it all week. Thus was the weakness of ignoring his powers and never training for so long. "Tch, I'm going to have to be a bit more careful lest I wear myself out...Oi! Your name is Byakko right? Is there any chance you could just disappear for a couple hundred years so they think you're dead? Go eat hollows in Hueco Mundo for a bit. I get paid and you don't have to die. Sound good?" Kakushi wasn't expecting Byakko to comply after getting attacked like that, but the fullbringer had still not committed himself to go all out yet. He just wanted his money and a new girl friend. What did the grudges between a cult and a hollow have to do with him?

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Byakko watched with keen eyes as the young man quickly put up his guard as the Shockwave hit him full one, pushing him back several feet, then moving upwards to avoid the blades that came shortly after. As the young man rose, Byakko took the opportunity to from a clone, hidden in the Mists. With a annoyed grunt, Byakko spoke through the Mists, "Do you take me for a fool Boy? The Guardians do not simply hire Assassins. If they sent you, they sent you for a 'Purpose', you are not telling me the full story boy. Who is your contact?"

As he spoke, Byakko watched the Cero Niebla form underneath the young man. But so did he. With a flick of his wrist, Byakko watched the young man send out more of those strange bugs, watching at the first made contact with the pillar of Mist. It was a nice try, but It would not work. As the bug exploded, the Cero's core shook slightly, then violently sucked in the remaining Mists, finally expanding in a violent explosion. As the two other insects neared Byakko's position, he nimbly dodged their path, allowing them to burrow ground before exploding. Hidden in the Reiatsu rich Mists, the Beetles would not be much of trouble, though at closer distances Byakko would have to be Careful.

As the Mist Clone leapt from the Mists below, Byakko hid his presence in the Mists and circling around to the back before Attacking. As the Mist Clone swung down with a seemingly powerful blow of the paw, it dissolved in a puff of Mist, obscuring the young man's view. In the next instance, hidden by the Mists, Byakko launched himself skyward with Vacio Andar, attacking from the back, hidden by the Mists, slashing downward with a powerful swipe of his claws. IF the Feint had been successful, the young man would take a large slash across his back, before Byakko melted back into the Mists.
Techs Used:
Range: 0m ~ 1m
Technique Description: Byakko hides his presence and attacks suddenly from the surrounding mist, before dissolving back into the bleakness.
Technique Effect Chart:
--Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: Byakko is hidden completely from the users scenes.
--Opponent is One Tier Lower: The target has extreme difficulty locating Byakko within the Mist.
--Opponent is Equal Tier: The target struggles greatly to find Byakko within the Mist, but those with sharp scenes may find him.
--Opponent is One Tier Higher: Byakko's location is muted by the Mist, but the target has a basic idea of where he is.
--Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: While dulled by the Mist, the target is still able to make a reasonable guess of Byakko's location.

Vacio Andar: Bosque de Sombra (Void March: Forest Shadow)
Range: 0m ~ 5m
Technique Description: A Defensive variation of Vacio Andar that uses Byakko's Reiryoku laced Mist and high speed movements to create ghostly After images.  Each use is able to produce up to- 3 after Images, each of which is able to last for several seconds.  These images can be used to draw attacks to a location within the Mist, or can be use as Feints or distractions. Different than a Normal Afterimage, each Image is able to attack independently based on preprogrammed movements. 1 post cooldown per image (I.E if 2 images are produced in the same post, there is a 2 post cooldown before it can be used again).
Technique Effect Chart:
--Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: The Target is unable to differentiate the real from the fake at all
--Opponent is One Tier Lower: The target may make a guess, but they are not always right
--Opponent is Equal Tier: The target struggles to differentiate between the fake and the real, but they have some idea
--Opponent is One Tier Higher: the Target is able to see the flaws in at least 1 fake
--Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: The target is able to see the flaws in at least 2 of the 3 fakes.

Vacio Andar (Void March)
Type: Unarmed
Range: 0m ~ 30m
Technique Description: A variation of the Arrancar's "Sonido". It is a movement technique that allows the user to move faster than the eye can follow. The focal point that determines the basis of this technique is speed. As speed is the main point of the technique the method is best characterized by how fast one can get from point A to point B in the least amount of steps.
Technique Effect Chart:
--Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: Byakko moves with blinding speed, which the eye can not follow.
--Opponent is One Tier Lower: Slightly slower
--Opponent is Equal Tier: Byakko is able to be tracked, although movement is still very fast.
--Opponent is One Tier Higher: A bit slower
--Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: Byakko's movements are quite clear, if a bit faster.

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