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Participating Character: Byakko Ramiel
Power level: 3-3, +1 AR

Byakko sighed heavily as he patrolled the daylight lit forests that made up the most of his Lands; the large surrounding strip of land that separated the majority of Rukongai from the wild, untamed Outskirts. It had been quite the past few months; normally his days consisted of clearing the surrounding lands of Hollow nests, helping the Shinigami patrols from the shadows. "The Boundary Lord" they had taken to calling him, and his unspoken mutual agreement with the Seireitei made for a good life; keep the Outskirts under control and the Shinigami pretty much ignored him. Sure, every so often a brave new recruit would test a virgin blade against the whispered "Nebelung", the Beast in the Mist, but for the most part they left him be.

Lately however, the Forests had grown quite, the raids on Rukongai by Hollows had slowed to a trickle. Even the Shinigami patrols had begone to slow. He smirked at the idea; Typical Shinigami, a little peace and they lower their guard. He would have to move deeper into the Outskirts soon if he where to find better feeding grounds. For now however, he would continue on and do what he came here to do.

As the Sun began to rise higher in the sky, Byakko neared a small clearing in the forest. Movement silently, Byakko eyed the small bed of roses near the Center. Yet every rose has it's thorns. The clearing had been made by a Young Adjucha, fresh from the Outskirts. The Adjucha had been luring young Women from Rukongai into the field using the roses, and swiftly devouring them as they drew near. Byakko has come to put a stop to it.

As Byakko slowly circled the field, considering his options, a small shadow emerged from the Forest on the opposite side of the clearing. From the shadows, stepped a young woman, appearing no more than 24-25 years. Calm and determined, the young woman walked towards the rose bed. Byakko, heart racing, moved to stop here, but it was too late. like lightning, the ground shuttered and thorny vines bursted forth, surrounding the young woman in their painful grasp.


Participating Character: Eden Alexandria
Power Level: 2-3, +1 AR

Soul Society. Home of the Shinigami, or Soul Reapers. There was a particular reason I was here, though it was somewhat risky due to not informing the high-ranking officers of my approach. This wasn't going to be an issue though. I was to be here and gone, as quickly as any could be with such a task as tracking a beast. Yes, my task was to bring down an Adjuchas who happened to travel away from Hueco Mundo and into Soul Society. However, it was actually running from me so it was only fair that I cleaned up the trash before I got blamed for leaving it around unattended.

The woods in this particular area of the Rukongai was rather dense and it proved to be a bit of a work-out to get through to my destination. The Adjuchas was so close by that even a human with a little spiritual power could feel its presence. It had grown stronger since when I last confronted it. The beast must have been feeding on the nearby villagers in the nearest district. So shame at all, huh? Definitely not worth keeping alive, and more so for eating souls that had been passed on. Unforgivable.

Arriving closer and closer to the creature, I caught on to the presence of another Adjuchas, though it didn't feel like the one I was hunting. No intention of eating the souls of this world. Not my prey then. Good; less for me to clean up. Walking several more steps forward, I came to a clearing in the woods that seemed to be naturally made, which was good for me. No more reason to tear the creature to shreds. Finally, I made contact with the beast who lay at the center of the clearing. It was my chance to rip its head off. I then began my b-line toward the creature, keeping tabs on the other Adjuchas at the other side of the clearing. A rather large cloud of mist or other debris in a somewhat circular shape, most likely to keep the Adjuchas from being se- but just then the beast began approaching me at a somewhat quick pace. I could not allow it to get to me before I got to my target. My "heart" began to race as I quickened my steps toward my prey, hoping that the other didn't plan to fight with me.


Byakko sped forward with a burst of speed as the Adjucha reached out it's thorny vines to ensnare the young woman. As he did so, the young woman put on a burst of speed as-well, as if to rush the Adjucha herself. As Byakko watched, he would not help but feel surprised, Was she insane? or did she think she could fight it? Her presence did not feel like that Shinigami's, no, Byakko had to hurry or she would be devoured. As the two neared the Adjucha from either side, Byakko shot forward with Vacio Andar, pulling the Mist with Him, Like a Mist covered bullet. As he stopped, the Mists rushed forwards to meet him, their sheer speed acting as a physical force, slamming into the Adjucha and young girl, the Mists quickly filling the clearing.

As the Mists settled, the stunned Adjucha let out a shrill streak as it reeled from the force of the shock-wave. Probing with the Mists, Byakko confirmed that the Young girl was still presence. His Mists would hide the girl's presence from the Adjucha, and allow Byakko to attack while hidden. Slowing down to a stealthy trod, Byakko began to prod the Adjucha with several false slashed from his large claws. As he near the young woman's position, the ground shuttered, and the Adjucha let loose another screech, sending up a dozen sharp thorny vines from under Byakko's feet.

Moving forwards, Byakko nimbly weaved in and out of the attacking vines, confused on how the Adjucha could find him within the Mists. And then it stuck him. His footsteps. The Adjucha did not seen to see him, or even sense his presence. It could hear the "sound", the vibrations of a persons footsteps from underground. Caught off guard by this revelation, Byakko stubbed as a root burst forth and ensnared his hind leg. The Adjucha gave a soft chuckle as a small light flickered through the Mists from the direction of the Rose bush, and a Rose Red Cero screamed towards him.
Techs Used:
Vacio Andar (Void March)
Type: Unarmed
Range: 0m ~ 30m
Technique Description: A variation of the Arrancar's "Sonido". It is a movement technique that allows the user to move faster than the eye can follow. The focal point that determines the basis of this technique is speed. As speed is the main point of the technique the method is best characterized by how fast one can get from point A to point B in the least amount of steps.
Technique Effect Chart:
--Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: Byakko moves with blinding speed, which the eye can not follow.
--Opponent is One Tier Lower: Slightly slower
--Opponent is Equal Tier: Byakko is able to be tracked, although movement is still very fast.
--Opponent is One Tier Higher: A bit slower
--Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: Byakko's movements are quite clear, if a bit faster.


(OOC: Sorry for the long wait. This is going to be a somewhat short post again.)

Rushing the adjuchas at the center of the clearing was likely the smartest option for me, considering I was most skilled in close combat, but the other seemed to have other thoughts in mind. As I reached closer to my target, the Hollow's vines began to rush toward me, a grin stretching across my excited face; the other Adjuchas continued to rush toward me, and as it got to me and my target, the strange mist surrounding it seemed to rush just behind and slammed into me.

Though, the force was little more than a nudge, I was still able to tell that it was not intended to harm me but my target. At the moment, it didn't matter to me who this other Adjuchas was except that it better move out of the way before it got hurt. The last thing I needed was another piece of trash to throw out on top of the soon-to-be corpse in front of me. In this case, however, it was not me who was going to get hit first. I could here and feel the sounds of multiple vines rising from the ground, though they were aimed toward the other instead of me. Perhaps the creature relied on its sense of sound to tell where the other's location in the mist was. As long as I remained still within the mist, I would not be noticed by my target. That wasn't my style, however.

I wanted to tear the beast apart with my bare hands. Yes, I wanted to hear its screams of agony before it died and lick my lips from the satisfaction of finally having killed my prey. It was too bad this mist was stretched so thin. I was able to start seeing the shadows of the two creatures, but then I saw something far more noticeable. A cero charged by my prey was going to be shot at the beast who was trying to give help to a being who didn't need the assistance. Then again, all this time, I had been hiding my spiritual pressure; the other Adjuchas must have pegged me for a human soul due to said hiding of spiritual pressure.

"Young Adjuchas, I thank you for your assistance in this matter. However, I think it is best that you step away or you may get caught in my spiritual pressure."

I will have waited only a moment before unleashing only half of my spiritual pressure. This amount will have been more than enough to stop my target's cero. Walking toward my prey, I licked my lips again at the terror resonating from the creature's body. Such a splendid feeling it was to be able to just feel the fear coming off of the victim of my power. Even though I hated killing at all due to my past, I loved every waking moment of it whenever I decided on my prey.


As the red Cero screamed towards him, Byakko heard a soft voice come from the mist, that of a Young woman. Had the girl not taken the chance to escape? Maybe she was insane after all, poor girl. But as the thought crossed his mind, a crushing wave of Reiatsu rushed over the field, slamming the fast approaching Cero to the ground and breaking the hold the Adjucha had on Byakko. What Force! but where had it come from? Had the Shinigami finally sent someone to deal with the Adjucha's Nest? No! This Presence was different, but somehow familiar, like a taste Byakko could not place. Then suddenly, he remembered, those being who sought to cross the boundary between Light and Darkness. This was an Arrancar! Yet why was such a powerful Arrancar in the Outskirts? and where were they now? Probing his Mists, Byakko could find none other than the Girl and the Adjucha.

Then the realization Hit him. Turning his head, heavy under the force of the Reiatsu, Byakko watched through the Mists as the shadowy outline of a Young Woman walked towards the crippled Adjucha, her body crackling violently with raw Reiryoku and Electricity. As if on instinct, Byakko withdrew the Mists from the surrounding area, quickly forming a thick blanket in the clearing, shielding himself from much of the Reiatsu pulsing from the young girl. As Byakko watched the young girl approach the Adjucha with a cold smile, Byakko withdrew a good distance, watching the Arrancar with a steady eye, as a deep growl began rise from his chest. When he finally spoke, it was deep and rumbling, like an ancient Waterfall finding new life, echoing through the Mists "What are you doing here 'Arrancar'..." Byakko spit the word out like a poison, not hiding what he thought of her kind in the least, "...These are the Boundary Lands, This is MY land. By what Right do you claim entry? For what reason do you enter the territory of the Hollowbane?".

Hollowbane. It was an Old title, even older than before he came to rule the Boundary Lands, before he was known as the Nebelung. Dating back to the year following his Hollowfication, when he had rampaged across the White Desert, striking out at any that crossed his path in an attempt to quench the Sorrow and Pain. To the Shinigami the name meant nothing, he was the Boundary Lord, but to the Hollow of Hueco Mundo he was Hollowbane, the being who drenched the White Sands black with blood. He did not expect one of this power level to be intimidated by such tales, but at the very least they would know Byakko was not one to be so easliy trifled with.

Arrancar did not simple show up in the Soul Society, and especially not this close to the Seireitei. Something had brought her here, and Byakko intended to find out.


This feeling...Kimochīi...I breathed slowly, blushing from the intense feeling coursing throughout my body. I always felt so weird whenever I got like this during a fight. No normal being gets aroused while in the midst of a fight, and that was why it was weird for me. Regardless of that, though, I couldn't help it. It was not my fault I was raised in a time period where war was most common; where red was the color of the time. Perhaps, the greatest fear bestowed unto my opponents was the ecstatic expressions on my face just before I tore them to pieces. Kimochīi...

I looked into the eyes of my target, staring seemingly into its "soul" and watching it cower before my power and unable to do anything about it. It was a feeling I both hated and loved. Even though I loved to fight while in the midst of fighting, I still loathed war and bloodshed for the pain and suffering it had caused me in the past. Nothing ever came well of war. Only tears of sadness and tremors of fear, disgust, anger, and more bloodshed. An endless cycle that had been circling infinitely over the course of countless millenniums. Looking into the creature's eyes now, it forced me to relive my memories of war, and without fail that feeling always allowed me to deliver the killing strike. It allowed me the ability to breathe and move forward, regardless of how horrid it was to kill in general.

I then took three steps in front of the creature, my target being crushed against the ground from the density of my spiritual pressure. Half my spiritual pressure seemed to be more than sufficient to bring it to its knees. As it shivered and cried out, I looked down upon it and pitied its existence. 'Twas so frail in comparison to most Adjucha in the Hollow realm and it was somewhat sad to put such a weakling to sleep, but it had to be done. It was not intended for the creature to leave there in the first place. Raising my right arm half-mass and making my hand as that of a spear, I spoke to the creature, as a judge would to a criminal before sentencing them to death.

"I pity you, young Adjuchas. You are far too young to die, but now it is too late for you. It is time you joined the rest of your kin in eternal rest. Fare thee well...young one."

I then thrust my right hand into the mask of my target, forcing its body to grow into a balloon-like figure and explode; the pieces turning to nothingness before they could touch the ground. Having completed my duty, I looked blankly toward the other Adjuchas present in the area who was covered in the mist-like substance. Hollowbane? I had never heard of such a creature. Perhaps it was due to the fact that I had never truly cared enough to stay in Hueco Mundo for longer than a century at a time. The place had the capacity to be far too dull with nobody around to talk to. I then spoke in a kind but somewhat serious and curious manner toward the Adjuchas who thought I would know him.

"I'm sorry, but I do not know any Adjuchas who calls themselves by the name of Hollowbane. I have only just returned from my two-thousand-year journey between worlds. I am also not very good with names unless they are well-integrated in history or unless I know them personally. If you would be so kind, would you mind telling me who you are first? It would be rude of you to ask a lady first, even if I am an Arrancar."

I had no expression in particular on my face as I spoke, but the way I spoke was indeed sincere. I wondered what the Adjuchas would say in return to my own response to his.


Byakko stood silent in the Mists as he watched the young Arrancar. 2,000 years between world, and never heard of him? That would mean she was most likely one of the Ancients was she? That would explain her lack of knowledge. And Power. The Ancients, beings would have lived for more Millennia than could be counted on your hand. Even Byakko, with over 4000 years, of life fell short of being counted among their ranks. He would have to tread carefully; Byakko had only met 2 Ancients in his life, and while both wise and powerful, such long lives tended to have a strange effect on the mind, making them both dangerous and unpredictable.

Still, Something did not sit well with Him. For one, the Arrancar where a relatively new Race, and yet here stood one who might very well be an Ancient. The Ancients where prideful beings, the Hollows among them often taking a Supremacism view. Had one thrown away such thoughts in the search for greater power? or was she truly an Ancient Arrancar? Hidden from the world for 2,000 years? Why had such a being remained hidden? Why show itself now? Why come here? These and a thousand other questions raced through Byakko's minds as he formulated his actions. They say curiosity killed the Cat, but Byakko had always found that information could be more important on the battlefield than brute strength, and something told Byakko that he would need every advantage he could get if he where to survive this encounter.

Byakko chuckled slightly at the Arrancar's request, an Arrancar requesting formalities? Maybe Hell had frozen over when Byakko had not been paying attention. None the less, Byakko's pride as a Gentleman would not let him refuse. In a deep voice, cold and plain as it echoed of the Mists surrounding them, so as it seemed his voice came from everywhere; "Little One, this is my Land, Is it not within a Man's right to demand the name of an Intruder? But very well. You seek my name? I am Byakko Ramiel, a simple Man of God who watches and Protects these Lands from those that wish to do Harm. And you, Little one, by your very presence, are doing Harm. Again, I ask, who are you? and why have you entered my Land?"

Techs Used):
[*]A Voice in the Wind
Range: Hearing
Technique Description: A sound based skill that allows the user to project not only the sound of their voice, but other sound such as footfall and breathing, to different areas. This skills true power shines when coupled Kirino Nakano Kemono.
Technique Effect Chart:
--Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: Same as Equal tier
--Opponent is One Tier Lower: Same as Equal tier
--Opponent is Equal Tier: The target is unable to pinpoint the origin of surrounding sounds.
--Opponent is One Tier Higher: The target has some idea where the sounds might be coming from.
--Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: The target has a reasonable idea where the sounds are originating from, thought not perfect.

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