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#21 Re: Trained For Respect CLOSED COMPLETED on Sat Sep 14, 2013 1:10 am


(OOC: Finally Back, Woot!)

Byakko watch silently from the Mists as the Young girl unhesitatingly descended into the park. Was this girl just as naive as the young boy? or did she simply have confidence in her own strength? Either way, something did not set well with Byakko when he looked at the young female Shinigami. He would stay hidden unless provoked, there was no need for another Fight. Yet as Byakko watched the two Shinigami exchange words, Byakko could not expel a nagging feeling in his gut.

Tonight had just be two strange. First, a Small Girl, targeted by Hollows for no apparent reason, a Adjucha appears in the Human world, leading a small army of Hollows, and the only Shinigami for miles in a young boy, who while admittedly has potential, would have had no hope of fending them off without help. No, something did not add up here, and Byakko attended to find out.

With a silent gust of Wind, Byakko moved tendrils of mist into the surrounding area, quickly probing the park for anything he might have missed.

#22 Re: Trained For Respect CLOSED COMPLETED on Sat Sep 14, 2013 1:45 am


Yuu grinned, having been offered cake wasn't something she had expected. But she was going to accept the offer, having always been fond of anything sweet. Yet her mind and body was still alert, still wanting that Hollow to come out and introduce himself to everyone. If she found him friendly enough, she would allow him to live. If she found him hostile... she would end his useless existence. Even though thoughts ran rampant through her head, Yuu's face didn't show not one sign of having hidden agendas. No, her face remained friendly, and it would stay that way until further notice.

"Cake sounds nice Dorian-chan," Yuu happily said. She wouldn't mention the Hollow, the thing haven't even moved towards them yet. Her mind discarded the notion that the creature was a threat, since the Hollow had every opportunity to strike but hadn't. So she deemed that there was no need to be worried about the Hollow until further notice.

"Ah~ I forgot to introduce myself," Yuu said suddenly, her mind searching through names to pick from. "I'm Muelin," she finished, deciding to take the identity of her dead friend.

#23 Re: Trained For Respect CLOSED COMPLETED on Sat Sep 14, 2013 7:09 am

Muelin... A name that I have heard for the first that gave me confusion about the English language. I wanted to ask her about of the intentions she have here, but she was sweet and kind for my senses to decode. I was a guy that wanted things to go right, but hell wants to strike earth with things that I have no idea what they lived in. The world to me was pretty with a lot of flaws and a girl, a little female soul, save my life from deep peril. I wanted to swear risque words of sin and profanity, but gladly I don't. I am nice, but abrasive. Calm, but passionate. I wanted to thank her some more, but it wasn't the time. Tanzi told me it was time to go home and enjoy the day. That gave an idea. I ask her in an act of kindness if she mind taking the day off in my apartment.

"Along with the cake I promise to give you, do you mind if you want to lay back and rest in my humble abode for a moment as I get the ingredients for dinner and said cake. Say it as... an act of hospitality. How about it, Mue-Sama?"

"Yeah. You can totally- Wait. Wha?"

She blushed at the proposal as she made me wait for an answer. I waited for one for seconds until she replied.

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