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#11 Re: Trained For Respect CLOSED COMPLETED on Sun Aug 25, 2013 9:28 am

Still shaken from a failed attempt on trapping the adjucha, Dorian loses an advantage to the hollows, as he is beaten to no end one hit at a time. He need to find a single weakness on the adjucha's body as he is weak on his knees and and is bleeding lightly. Dorian told Tanzi that his body feel heavy and sore, but not weak enough to forget a last strike.

"If you had enough strentgh left, you can get a shot at this. But you are not skilled enough for a burst of reiatsu.

"My spiritual pressure is still in its will, so I need to get one hit on him. A hit to prove that does have a weakness."

"I don't I understand what you are trying to tell me, nor that you don't understand what I'm saying to you."

"Looks like words...*Turns tsuba back to fire* an extravagance when talking to me. For moments like this, all reason is shattered and a perfect decision is all it takes to win."

"Dorian Adavette, you can't-"

"I know this move like you do, so don't back talk."

"...*Sighs* 45 seconds.


"You got 45 seconds left until your shikai is reverted.

"Well THAT escalated quickly! Better make it 30!"

Dorian dashed to the adjucha for a shot to become the victor. As the adjucha fought back, he realizes that the wounds he caused to Dorian sealed up. Dorian has one shot for victory. He only has 10 seconds. He uses his favorite signature.

"Hope this works! *Blue fire ignites, phoenix spirit screeches* MUGEN SHOTOTSU! TAKE THIS, YOU BASTAAAAARD!!!!!"

As Dorian charges at great speed, the impact was highly explosive and windy, causing the mist to scatter greatly but still appear. When the damage is done, the adjucha is finally wounded and effective was the wound was at his leg. Dorian smiled as his shikai converted back to its sealed state.

"*Coughs blood* In your face, skull head."

"...Don't get to cocky, boy."

"*Shocked* THE FU-?!"

When Dorian thought he won, the adjucha slices his torso and shoulder. Dorian backed away bleeding a little bit harder. He is screwed beyond belief, as he ran out of gas to fight back, so he decided to plan another strategy and doing it must require stealth. The only problem is... Dorian isn't quiet and stealthy like a ninja or something. He sweatdropped in fear and ran to a place to think while the adjucha is pursuing him.

Abilites Used :
Technique Name:Inferno Healing
Technique Description:Dorian can produce flaming reiatsu that heals instead of burns by filling the wounded up with energy. The rate of healing is as follows:

Technique Effect Chart:

*For each rank weaker a target is, the number of posts for each level of healing decreases. For each rank higher, the posts increase by one.*

1 post: Heals small cuts and injuries. (Small)
2 posts: Heals small cuts and injuries. (Small)
3 posts: Heals moderate bleeding cuts and injuries (Minor)
4 post: Heals broken bones, heavy cuts and injuries. (Heavy)
5 post: Heals broken bones, heavy cuts and injuries. (Heavy)

   Technique Name:Mugen Shōtotsu (Infinite Collision)
   Technique Description:A charge attack that uses blue flames as an acceleration burst. 5 posts until another use.
   Technique Effect Chart:

   *The effect chart is for damage, durability, or any other after effect of a technique. The damage/effect/etc will be based off of tiers.*

   Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower:Stab the opponent in a critical manner, causing the opponent to bleed heavily. Causes heavy damage. Opponent barely dodges.
   Opponent is One Tier Lower:A stab to one of the opponent's limbs. The limbs are bloodied and limped after attack. Causes minor damage. Opponent normally dodges.
   Opponent is Equal Tier:Dorian hits opponent, but opponent is slightly injured. Causes light damage. Opponent highly dodges.
   Opponent is One Tier Higher:The opponent dodges successfully and gets low damage. The opponent gets a small gash.
   Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher:The move doesn't hit the target at all and causes very low damage whatsoever.

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#12 Re: Trained For Respect CLOSED COMPLETED on Sun Aug 25, 2013 10:51 pm


(OOC: Since it looks like Anubis is joining us, you guys want to simply do a "turn-based", [Dorian, Me, Anubis], or would you rather just have it "Post if you can post" kinda think? The first option would be a bit more organized, but second will be quicker posts.)

Byakko Lifted his head up as he felt another spiritual signature appear a distance off, Not even attempting to hide itself. It was Different than the Boy's; This was not some Wet-behind-the-ear recruit, they had Power, at least that of a Lieutenant. Had the young Shinigami's squad come to assist him? It was possible, but for now, they simply seemed to Watch from a distance, so Byakko would do the same and keep an eye on them, hidden by the Mists.

As the Young Shinigami retreated from his failed Attack, Byakko frowned. It had been a good attempt, but an Adjucha would not be so easliy dealt with. Even a freshly made one. As the boy moved back, Byakko realized in an instant the retreat was merely a feint. The Adjucha, too over confident that it had won, did not. As the Boy's blade burst to life with a Blue flame, he rushed forwards like a ball of fire, pushing the mist back as he traveled. As the startled Adjucha was struck, Byakko heard it give a cry of surprised, and then pain. As the black blood of a Hollow dripping to the ground, Byakko smiled.

As the Adjucha reared from the attack, the Boy backed off again, exhaustion was clear on his face. That had been his last ploy, and he and failed to finish the Job. This was the end, and the Boy knew it.  As the Adjucha moved to deliver the final blow however, the Mists rushed back in to cover them. As they did so, Byakko appear behind the Adjucha, eyes flashing with a golden light from within the Mists as he spoke "Did you forget? The Shinigami is not your only worry 'Child'". With a swipe of his large paw, Byakko sent the Adjucha soaring to the Mists to the side.

Knowing He only had a few moments before the Adjucha recovered from his Surprise attack, he moved towards the young Shinigami, noticing as he did, the small flames that licked across his wounds, slowly mending them as they moved. Interesting, he would have to keep that in mind. As he approached the Boy, Byakko leaned down, turning his head so that one large, circular pupiled eye stared him down, only inches away from his face. With a deep bellowing laugh, Byakko spoke to the Young Shinigami, "I Like you Boy, you've got Gusto. That is good, You'll need it if you want to survive in this world." As he spoke, tendrils of Mist began to wrap themselves around the Boy like a cloak, "Uses my Mists Boy, they will hide your Reiryoku and cloak your movements. Use them to finish what you Started, show me what you can do. Or use them to Run and Hide, maybe a Adjucha is simply out of your league at the moment. The choice is yours."

Then, like a Memory, Byakko faded back into the Mists. He had provided the Boy with the tool he needed. Now it was time to see what he would do with it. Would he take the opportunity to run? Byakko would not fault him for it, any sane man would do the same. Or would he carry the fight on against the odds? Yes, today was turning out to be very interesting indeed.
Techs Used:
Range: 0m ~ 1m
Technique Description: Byakko hides his presence and attacks suddenly from the surrounding mist, before dissolving back into the bleakness.
Technique Effect Chart:
--Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: Byakko is hidden completely from the users scenes.
--Opponent is One Tier Lower: The target has extreme difficulty locating Byakko within the Mist.
--Opponent is Equal Tier: The target struggles greatly to find Byakko within the Mist, but those with sharp scenes may find him.

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#13 Re: Trained For Respect CLOSED COMPLETED on Mon Aug 26, 2013 1:09 am


"He has potential to become a strong Shinigami, but he's reckless and doesn't seem to have the current power to defeat the Adjucha," Yuu said to no one in particular. There was someone else here, made evident by the fact that the boy had disappeared for a moment. She knew the boy was to weak to sustain this mist, nevertheless, to completely disappear in it. So the only other thing it could be was a Shinigami or a Hollow. But now came the question of why, if it was a Hollow, would such a thing help rather than kill the boy.

"It could be possible that it isn't like the rest of its species," she answered for herself, looking around. She wondered if the Hollow would come out of hiding, but she doubt it would. Yuu should had known that the mist wasn't something the boy could produce, and if she had realized that quicker she would had hidden her own reiatsu. But it was too late, and she would had still been visible even if she had lower her reiatsu.

"Should we meet this hollow and boy after the mist clears up," she asked herself. Her head nodded, acknowledging her own question and thus agreeing that she would want to meet the two that got along. But for now, Yuu would wait for the fight to end before she made anymore observations.

(Guess we went with option one, though I know everyone did. That left it as my turn going by the posting order)

#14 Re: Trained For Respect CLOSED COMPLETED on Mon Aug 26, 2013 1:58 am

Dorian gone back to square one, as he hides in the mist still bleeding in the chest. He huffed silently in agony and sneak behind the adjucha in hindsight, punching his leg. The adjucha fought back and hits Dorian in the leg as a hint of payback.

"It's amazing how you able to bare this kind of  punishment. You've been dead if you hadn't used a fast block.

"*Breathes heavily, coughing*I don't need complements yet. I need a good idea on how to defeat it. How about we dig a hole and-"


"Oh. Well, how about we burn his leg off and impale him from the front?"

"It would inquire throwing me, point blank to the guy. He would've killed you if you done that. But to be fair, hitting the same leg will slow him down."

"I hit him in the knee so the joint in his leg is paralyzed for now. I can't use lightning attacks without shikai, meaning that we have to distract him."

"You want to heat up the mist so he gets too heated to move? That's my idea if yours failed."

"I think your idea works better. Let's try it."

As Dorian inhales the mist, he stabbed the ground, causing cracks that would act like vents of burning flows of heat. He condenses his reiatsu to his zanpakuto and slowly releases a technique that ignites blue flames. He is also worried for the safety of the tiger like hollow in the mist.

"Hope I'm careful. Aohono no Eiyko."

As he release his technique to the ground, the cracks starts to vent heat to the mist, causing it to increase in temperature. Dorian sees the adjucha breathing heavily but not low on spiritual pressure. All Dorian needs is a strike on the leg, so he lets go of his zanpakuto and hit the adjucha's leg with full force. The acjucha's sense caught Dorian, but Dorian dodges and rolls back into the mist. Tanzi realizes the heat not only makes the mist boiling hot, but the mist is actually thicker than before. Dorian looks at the adjucha as he is sensing two spirits that are stronger than Dorian, despite having no idea where they were. The adjucha's senses starts to weaken as the mist heats his body harmlessly, making it thinking slowly.

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#15 Re: Trained For Respect CLOSED COMPLETED on Mon Aug 26, 2013 2:38 am


Byakko watched from the Mists as the young Shinigami fought on. Byakko had to give the boy credit, he was trying. The boy was still at a major disadvantage, but he was adapting to the Mists well, using them to preform hit and run attacks on the blinded Adjucha. As the Fight dragged on, Byakko could feel the Adjucha's growing tension. While boy was growing weaker, the wounds he was inflicting where starting to starting to slowly become noticeable. If things remained as there where, Byakko would not need to interfere again. And the Adjucha knew that as well.

As the Fight dragged on, the Adjucha became more and more reckless with it's attacks, and the boy began to gain confidence. With a sudden movement, the Boy stabbed the ground in front of him, releasing a large, super heated plume of mist from below the ground. Taking advantageous of the young Shinigami's ploy, Byakko drastically increased the concentration of his own Mists in the area, till the Mists where so thick that it was unlikely the Adjucha could see it beak in front of it face. Deprived of Sight and Sound by the smothering, superheated Mists, the Adjucha began to pain. The Adjucha was in such a flutter, It could not even tell as Byakko slowly approved from behind and raised up, a single massive claw jutting from his paw, ready to silently slit the Adjucha's throat and end this.

As Byakko's claw hovered mere inches away from the Unaware Adjucha's throat, He pause. Should he do it? or let the Shinigami claim this victory? As he pondered the thought, the Adjucha gave a sudden jerk, brushing against Byakko's claw. As if on instinct, massive feathers burst for the Adjucha's half-wing arms, and it soars up through the Mist in a bid to escape Byakko, the Shinigami and the superheated Mists below. As It broke the Mist line, the Adjucha hovered there for a moment, looking down at the Mist with a crow like smile. Then turning to retreat, the Adjucha bumped into something small and squishy. There, floating beside him, was a little girl, no more than 11 or 12 years old, smiling sweetly up at it, as if it where a long lost friend. With irritation, the Adjucha opened it's mouth to crow at the girl and swipe her away, but found that it could not. Looking down, the Adjucha found the blade of a Zanpakuto jutting from its chest, the hilt held firmly in the hands of the small girl, that same sweet smile still on her face. Then with a flick of her wrist, the injured Adjucha was no more.

Watching silently from the Mists, Byakko stared up at the young girl hovering over his Mists. This was defiantly the Spiritual signature he had sensed earlier. Byakko figured that he should be grateful towards her for removing the Adjucha, but something did not set well with him when he looked at the girl. The Adjucha had been dealt with, but it seemed like another problem had shown itself.

#16 Re: Trained For Respect CLOSED COMPLETED on Mon Aug 26, 2013 2:51 am


Yuu resheathed her blade, having gotten rid of the hollow with absolutely no problem. Her eyes closed as she ran her fingers through her eyes, reopening her eyes to glance down at the mist below. Now that that problem was gone, it was time to meet the individuals that had been engaged in a dance with the now dead hollow. But first, something had to be done about the mist, something she had found to be annoying while she was in it.

Taking a deep breath, Yuu allowed her smile to slightly change a bit to that of enthusiasm. "Come out you two. The bad hollowy is dead," she sang, her voice sounding very childish. She motioned with her hand for the two individuals below to join her up in the air, making sure to not seem in the least deceptive in her way of doing so. She was really intrigued with the duo, and wanted to see if they were worth being pawns or allies. "I won't bite," she said, reassuring that she was no threat.

And there she waited, she probably should had asked the hollow to dispell the mist but she doubted that he would bring it up in the air. It could be taken as an act of hostility if he were to do so, which would give Yuu every right to cut him down. She wondered if the Hollow knew that, but she would soon find out anyways.

#17 Re: Trained For Respect CLOSED COMPLETED on Mon Aug 26, 2013 3:23 am

"*Confused, chuckles*Uhhhh.... What just happen?"

"Another Shinigami, Dori. She just effortlessly defeat it with out no help whatsoever."

"Well that sucks. She's more talented to be precise compare to my rookie ass. I should call her."

"No, Dori. Let her notice you. That way she can see how you put your all in this bat-"

"Don't finish that sentence, Tanzi. I'll stop and let HER see me. I don't have to show my scars that will disappear the next day for attention. I'll just sit here until you're ready to heal me."

"Oh fine. You're just a kid, but you are my master. After this we get your body and get some rice."

"Let's make it spicy. I need a kick in order to reach my potential. I'll just- *Struggling* Oh, sweet jesus- Lay down."

"I still have no idea what you're saying, but i'll allow it. *Laughs*"

Dorian lays in the floor as he relaxes for comfort, despite looking mangled. He closes his eyes waiting to be notice by the shinigami. The tiger hollow looked at Dorian with an annoyed, but impressed grin as Dorian's zanpakuto starts to ignite fire on his body, trying its best to heal him while Dorian is sleeping.

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#18 Re: Trained For Respect CLOSED COMPLETED on Tue Aug 27, 2013 8:16 pm


(ooc: Short post, awwwww)

Byakko stared up at the little girl, both caution and surprise dancing across his mind. Despite begin heavily injured, as well as freshly evolved, an Adjucha was still an Adjucha. To have so easily dispatched it, Byakko surmised his initial estimate had been correct; Despite her apparent age, this young girl could have easily crossed blades with a Lieutenant. Had the Young Shinigami's squad finally arrived? If so, why had she waited till now to intervene? Byakko would have to be careful, there where still to many unanswered questions.

As Byakko watched the young girl hover above his Mists, the young boy lay down silently in the Mists. Had he let his guard down now that a "friend" appeared? or had he finally succumb to his wounds? No, the boy was heavily wounded, but it was not life threatening, and if Byakko had guessed the Boy's powers correctly, they where not as serious as one would think. As if to confirm Byakko's thoughts, the Boy's body started to crackle with brilliant lines of fire, delicately flowing across each wound, slowly mending them as they moved.

With a thought, Byakko quickly moved the Mists away from the boy, revealing his presence to the young Girl, as if an invitation to descend. Even still, Byakko stayed silently hidden within the Mists. He would not show himself just yet, He still needed to know if this young girl with power beyond her apparent age was trust worthy or not.

#19 Re: Trained For Respect CLOSED COMPLETED on Tue Aug 27, 2013 8:48 pm


Yuu was quite happy that the mist had moved in order to reveal the boy, but was a bit annoyed that the Hollow didn't decide to show himself. But she wasn't one to complain about something that wasn't even worth complaining about. She casually dropped to the ground, casually walked over to the boy, and casually stopped a couple meters away from him. A yo-yo made out of her reiatsu appeared in her hand, something to entertain her for a little bit. It was also a weapon if need be, to subdue the Hollow.

"What's your name," Yuu asked, her attention on the boy. She thought it best to get his name before she started to call him an idiot. She was unsure if she had met a bigger idiot than this boy right here. Her thoughts wondered to if the boy was arrogant, or just plain stupid. But she couldn't fault him on wanting to get rid of a Hollow before it caused damage. He may have a better sense of integrity than herself, since she would had left the Adjucha to roam around the place, eat a few souls, and damage a few building before she would had slain it.

What can she say, she really wasn't apathetic.

#20 Re: Trained For Respect CLOSED COMPLETED on Wed Sep 04, 2013 8:15 am

As the sun starts to gleam on the zanpakuto on his hand, Dorian lightly breathed easily, as he stands up to witness a small shinigami. Its was the girl that killed the adjucha within a second. Willing for answers, Dorian tells the shinigami questions right before getting hit in the head by her.


"I want you to tell me your name, moron!"

"It's Dorian! Dorian Adavette, thank you very much!"

When Dorian was letting off steam at the girl, he wants to also thank her again in a peaceful manner. He let go of his head and bowed in front of the shinigami as a gesture of gratitude.

"I'm sorry for yelling at you madam. I thank you on defeating the hollow I risked my life to slay. *Blushes* Can I give you a cake for my thanks?"

"Oh my god, Dorian. You always have a knack for being polite to girls during this kind of phase."

"*Angrily* Quiet, or i'll put you on liquid nitrogen like last time."

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