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#1 Trained For Respect CLOSED COMPLETED on Tue Aug 13, 2013 9:24 am

The sun shines through Dorian's dirty face as he wakes up for a new day of training. Summer was a few weeks away, so he got ready for school and enjoyment of a higher degree. He got out of his bed with no shirt and shaggy hair that looked like if he was in a all-night party. Slightly tired due to the fact waking up early, he turned on the radio at full blast and danced all the way to the bathroom. He quickly took of his underwear and started the shower. He washed up the smell of sweat of his back and cleaned the mysterious gunk of his head. As he dried his hair and brushed his teeth, he command an wardrobe change from his crystal feather.

"I don't want to go to school like this. Tanzi!"


"I want my original look, please."

"As you wish... *Sultry* Dori-Kun."

"*Shocked* WHAT THE?!"

"*Laughed* Just kidding! I'm not that kind of guy."

"Guy? You're a feather. A FRIGGIN, GODDAMN FEATHER!"

"A feather that can transform and shove your head up an elephant's ass!"

"Just please turn my clothes into my school ones again. *Tiredly* Please?"

"*Annoyed* Fine."

Tanzi shoots a small, blue fireball to Dorian and sets him on fire. After the fire distinguish, Dorian looks like an average student and have shorter hair like before. He went back to the bathroom and dreaded his hair from strand to strand. He effortlessly put his dirty clothes back in the basket and made a sandwich made out of apples that he got from a market. Suddenly, the door was knocking in a gentle matter. Tanzi transforms into a middle age looking man and open the door.

"Let me guess you want Dori to come to school, Gonri?"

"Nope. I want to come in to tell him that school was cancelled for some reason."

"*Calmly* What? *Eye twitches*"

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#2 Re: Trained For Respect CLOSED COMPLETED on Wed Aug 14, 2013 2:53 am


Participating Character: Byakko Ramiel
Power level: 3-3

With a flick of His wrist, Byakko sent the small Hollow into oblivion, sighing as it slowly faded away into nothingness. This was the third Hollow to attack the small park in Karakura Town in a week. Turning around, a small blur lept into his vision and he struck out, his mind still racing from the fight. A small squeal broke the silence of the day and his massive paw sweated inches above the head of a small girl. A look of concern on his face, he moved to calm the whimpering child, softly nudging her head with his muzzle as she warped her arms around his large neck.
He had found the child spirit wandering the park about a week ago, as he made his own patrols. His initial plan had been to simply watch her until a Shinigami found her, but it had been over a week now. With a sad look, he looked down at the child's chest where the Chain of Fate hung loosely; she did not have much time left. Typical, the Shinigami claimed to protect the people, but they only looked out for their own interests, letting a innocent child go Hollow for lack of care. With another sigh, Byakko lead the child back to the small shelter to wait once more.
Suddenly, a chill swept over him, as he caught a familiar scent of the air. Leaving the child at the shelter, Byakko moved swiftly, cutting through the park as quick as the wind. When he finally broke through the trees, he spotted in the distance a young boy and a older man, by all other accounts perfectly normal. Except for the large Spiritual pressure that seeped from them, a pressure that screamed Shinigami, even though their Gigais.
Silently hiding himself in the surrounding trees, Byakko watched the pair walk by, contemplating how he might guide the two towards the young girls Soul.
As he watch the two, a shrill scream of a young child split the morning gloom. In a flash, Byakko was off, returning to the middle of the park, praying all the way he had not made a terrible mistake.

#3 Re: Trained For Respect CLOSED COMPLETED on Wed Aug 14, 2013 3:46 am

As Dorian was going to reply angrily to Gorni, He sense something powerful and destructive that would shatter his day. He realized what Gorni said about school being cancelled and for a reason. He noticed a hollow, and one with good surrounding it, depressed. Dorian told Tanzi to convert and also told Gorni to go back home.

"GoGo, I need you to go back home and stay put. I'm about to go scouting for a hollow. *Grabs gigai* I also need you to protect my human body, so it won't get caught by another hollow. Got it?"

"Yes, Dori. I'll protect your body. Is it ok to bring it with me?"

"Just don't do... THINGS to it."

Dorian ran to the door and dash to the location of the hollow, to try having it to change to good due to its alignment. Hopefully, Tanzi said that the hollow is near the park and it would take 2 minutes to make it. Dorian smiles in relief and ran faster to the park.

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#4 Re: Trained For Respect CLOSED COMPLETED on Wed Aug 14, 2013 4:13 am


Byakko raced forward on the wind, swiftly making his way back towards where he had left the young Girl. As he ran, His Mask slowly broke apart, chipping away and forming into a thick blanket of Mist that streamed past him, quickly filling the Park; the flowing cloak of Mist that normally surrounded him melting into the expanding blanket reveling the sleek tiger like body underneath.
As he drew nearer to the center, Byakko hid his presence within the Mist and slowly approached.
There in the middle of the park, was a pack of Hollows, 6-7 strong, slowly surrounding the weeping Girl's Soul. What where they doing here? and in such numbers? Why had they been targeting the Park? Byakko felt that all was not what it seemed to be, something else was going on here, something was drawing the Hollows here, and he would put a stop to it. From within the Mist, Byakko struck out, grabbing one of the Hollows from the back and silently dragging back in. Instantly, the Other Hollows where on alert, scanning the surrounding Mist, trying to pinpoint where he was. Again, Byakko stuck out from the Mist, sending 4 large shockwaves towards one of the smaller Hollows, reducing it to nothingness. That was 2 down, 5 more to go.
Suddenly, a familiar scent caught Byakko's attention, and the Young Shinigami he had saw momnets before stepped into the Mist covered Battlefield.
[Used this Post]


Kirino Nakano Kemono; "Beast in the Mist"
Appearance: "Beast in the Mist", in it's dormant state (non-activated), appears as a markless, eyeless, white mask covering the top of his head and running down his snout, the edges of the mask stopping at his jaw line. the back of the mask drops down to a few inchs passed his neck. In it's activated state, the mask devolves and forms a large blanket of think, white mist.
This Mask's main power is the ability to activate Byakko's "Mist Form", in which the Mask dissolves into a large blanket of Mist, and Byakko's body takes on a Ethereal, almost ghostly appearance, Perfectly blending in with the surrounding Mist. Because the Mist is made up of Byakko's mask, it masks his Reiatsu almost perfectly, allowing him to easily hide and attack from within, controlling the Mist at will. However, because of it's Mist like nature, powerful winds or strong flames can quickly disperse it, leaving Byakko exposed. (1 post "recovery" for dispersed Mists, all Mist based Techs are disabled for this post).
Strength: Allows Byakko to move counseled within the Mist, as well as attack at a distance by shaping the mist into Weapons, greatly increasing his attack range and potential. Condensed spirit particles may violently explode under certain conditions, allowing Byakko or his Allies to use his Mist in direct attacks.
Weakness: Like true mist, the Mist of Kirino Nakano Kemono is easily dispersed by Wind and Heat. As well as this, Lighting and electric based attacks power are multiplied greatly within the mist, harming all within, both Byakko and the User. Condensed spirit particles may violently explode under certain conditions, allowing targets that learn of it's properties to potentially use the Mist against Byakko, although their inexperience lowers it's effectiveness.

Range: 0m ~ 1m
Technique Description: Byakko hides his presence and attacks suddenly from the surrounding mist, before dissolving back into the bleakness.
Technique Effect Chart:
--Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: Byakko is hidden completely from the users scenes.
--Opponent is One Tier Lower: The target has extreme difficulty locating Byakko within the Mist.
--Opponent is Equal Tier: The target struggles greatly to find Byakko within the Mist, but those with sharp scenes may find him.
--Opponent is One Tier Higher: Byakko's location is muted by the Mist, but the target has a basic idea of where he is.
--Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: While dulled by the Mist, the target is still able to make a reasonable guess of Byakko's location.

Soul Rake
Type: Unarmed
Range: 1m ~ 10m
Technique Description: Focusing his Reiryoku into his paw and strikes out with a vicious slash, sending out 4 sharp shock waves that travel for several meters before dispersing.
Technique Effect Chart:
--Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: leaves major wounds, enough to cut a limb off.
--Opponent is One Tier Lower: leaves deep wounds, life threatening if untreated, but not as major as lower ranks.
--Opponent is Equal Tier: Powerful attack able to leave deep wounds.
--Opponent is One Tier Higher: Strong attack, able to leave intermediate wounds. not threatening on it's own, but multiple attacks can add up.
--Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: Leaves minor wounds and pushes the target back a few feet.

#5 Re: Trained For Respect CLOSED COMPLETED on Wed Aug 14, 2013 4:42 am

Dorian breathed heavy to his location as he saw a hollow that looked human like and has a power extremely exceeding his. The mist make Dori's eyesight hard and difficult to use when he enter to reach the hollow. But suddenly, another hollow behind him scratched his back, causing Dorian to bleed a little bit.

"Hmm! *Slashes sword* Damn! They got instinct, I give 'em that. Tanzi, heal!"

"I can't yet, Dori. You're not yet in your fullest."

"My fullest? Well crap, I don't need a heal yet anyway. Aohono NO EIKYO!"

As a bright wave of fire came out of Dorian's zanpakuto, another hollow took him by surprise and Dorian redirected the wave to it as a way of defense, burning it strongly.  

"Ok. That one out cold. But that other hollow's still alive. Looks like this is gonna be difficult. *Smiles devilishly* Hell yes."

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#6 Re: Trained For Respect CLOSED COMPLETED on Wed Aug 14, 2013 5:20 am


(OOC: make sure you check the Spoiler for the moves used, remember, Byakko is in the form of a Tiger, and his presence is hidden by the Mist. So I'm going to assume that the Humanoid Hollow you mentioned is you describing one of the Hollows in the Park?)

Byakko watched silently from the mist, His presence hidden from Shinigami's. As the Hollows gathered in the park noticed the new arrival, Byakko watched as one of them used his own Mist to circle around the Shinigami. Byakko contemplated dispatching the Hollow, but decided it would be a good test of the young Shinigami's power; Byakko immediately regretted the decision  as the circling Hollow struck out and hit the Shinigami on the back. Lucky, the wound seemed to be Minor, as the Shinigami immediately counted with a swing of his Zanpaktou, quickly destroying the Hollow.
In the next moment, The Shinigami's Zanpaktou burst into Flames, causing the some of the Mist to disperse as the wave of flames dispatched another of the remaining Hollows. Byakko had to admit, he was impressed. Under even normal circumstances, dispatching two Hollows for such a young Shinigami would have been a difficult task, but this young man had been able to do so even with his scenes dulled by the surrounding Mists.
The problem however, was the three remaining Hollows. The two larger ones where powerful, but they where nothing more than normal Hollows. The Third and smallest however, was another thing altogether. Byakko could feel it's power even through the Mist. It was an Adjucha, most likely freshly evolved. It was most likely the ring leader of this group, using the Park as it's feeding grounds, luring weaker Hollows and Souls in. The Boy would not be able to stand against it alone.
However, Byakko still wanted to see all that the Young Shinigami was capable of, although he would could at least even the odds a bit. Leaping from the Mist with a deafening roar, He snatched one of the lesser Hollows in his massive jaws, placed his paws on it's chest and quickly broke his neck. He gave both the Young Shinigami and Adjucha a silent look in the eyes before leaping back into the Mist, the lesser Hollow still clenched in his jaws.

Last edited by Byakko Ramiel on Wed Aug 14, 2013 7:45 pm; edited 1 time in total

#7 Re: Trained For Respect CLOSED COMPLETED on Wed Aug 14, 2013 6:16 am

Dorian looked at the tiger-looking hollow, as if his senses were mixed saying that the humanoid hollow is the one with the evil presence. He sensed the humanoid hollow's spiritual power and shook his head in shock of its power. Tanzi gave Dorian a slow healing process and told him to think on what to do.

"Dorian, that human like hollow is an Adjucha. They are a special kind of hollow that is stronger than a regular hollow. He's the one that is leading the regular ones. You need an idea to take the leader down."

"Is it ok to use shikai? I think I'm in my peak."

"It's okay. You can awaken my release form."

"Alrighty then. Then let's hope that I have a chance, because I can't let those guys ruin another human's life. Not when I'm having fun!"

Dorian switch into a stance and let out his remaining reiastu that is a shifting blue. He stomped the ground letting out a bit of steam. He roared in effort for a burst of power.

"I have no intentions of fighting you, but you are a menace to humans everywhere! You must be punished at all cause, man! *Confused*Or hollow."

"*Frustrated* Dori..."

"Oh yeah, sorry. *Clears throat*Alright!"

Dorian points his zanpakuto to the sky and blue fire comes out of the ground, so as a bolt lightning comes out of the sky surrounds Dorian. The zanpakuto shines in a blue and yellow aura as Dorian exhales in preparation.



"Hollow! Prepare to your groupies burned to ashes for the sake of innocents! Turn up the lights! Furaingukyōki!"

As the zanpakuto creates a small explosion covered in smoke, it becomes different and more longer. Dorian has now looked determined to win.

"Now, it's personal."

Dorian's Shiki :
Zanpakuto Name:Furaingukyōki
Zanpakuto Element:Fire and Lightning
Sealed Weapon Appearance:A katana with a black and blue long tsuka. The tsuba is a circle with gold lightning bolts one on side and blue fire on the next.

Shikai Release Phrase:Turn up the lights, Furaingukyōki!
Shikai Appearance:Furaingukyōki grows a inch and the tsuba is now a phoenix and a dragon flying in a circular motion. The blade now has a black carbon body with a iron edge. The tsuka is now straight and has a rope with a steel ring with an infinity symbol.

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#8 Re: Trained For Respect CLOSED COMPLETED on Wed Aug 14, 2013 8:11 pm


Byakko smiled to himself as he watched the scene play out before. It seemed that Byakko's display a moment ago, and the young Shinigami's speech had put the remaining Hollows on edge. The Adjucha was not visibly shaken, a combination of newly evolved bravado and the Shinigami's apparently young age allowing the Adjucha to remain confident, even if more tense and on guard than before.

The Lesser Hollow however, had seemed to reach its limit, its large body visibly shaking and its breath steering the Mist is great heaves. In and instant, the Lesser Hollow turned and bolted, dashing mindlessly into the deep Mist. The two left in the middle of the Field would hear silence for only a moment, and then a horrible scream, as Byakko did his job.

Returning to the field, Byakko could see the Adjucha had tensed up even more. It knew it was alone now, and Byakko could see its mind racing to plot its next move. It had realized that it no longer had just this young Shinigami to deal with, but a Beast lurked in the Mist, and it would not let him leave. Nor could it open a Garganta and escape while in Byakko's Mist. It was Trapped.
Slowly circling the two in the Mist, Byakko watched carefully as a sudden gust of Wind cleared away a bit of the Mist, finally revealing the Adjucha's obscured form.

Four pitch black eyes dotted the Crow like Skull resting on the almost human like body, large tuffs of jet black feathers jutted from the back of it's arms, glistening metallically in the Mist filtered light, each finger tipped with a viscous claw.As the Mist covered the Adjucha once more, Byakko could see it tilt it's head bird like in his direction, a smile playing over its eyes.

#9 Re: Trained For Respect CLOSED COMPLETED on Thu Aug 15, 2013 4:04 am

Dorian looked at his shikai and saw the adjucha's true face that resembles a mutated crow. He breathed one last time and struck the adjucha, but missed for some apparent reasons. He tries another approach, and hold his tsuba like a dial for a clock.

"He can handle the heat, but can he handle flying sparks?"


As the tsuba glows, Dorian's zanpakuto changes his emotions to highly insane and extremely hyper.


As Dorian's reiatsu turns from a crackling blue to a flashing yellow, he starts to smile like a madman and his attitude turns drastically as he dashed to the adjucha, creating small bruises to its chest, stomach, and back. The adjucha's grunts in annoyance and uses a disappearing technique on Dorian. He hits Dorian's left arm, leaving it limp. Desperate for a chance in victory, Dorian uses on of his signatures.

"Looks like I have no other choice. Shōmei bōsai!"

Dorian's zanpakuto creates a currents of lightning to trap the adjucha, but slightly manages to trap it. For that, Dorian misses his chance for victory, making him think for another.

Abilities Used:
Name:Elemental Switch
Effect:Dorian now can from fire to lighting by a single command. "Burn" for the fire element and increase of endurance to lower damage and "Spark" for lightning and increase in speed to heighten defense.  

Technique Name:Shōmei bōsai (Lighting Disaster)
Technique Description:Dorian creates an electrical current on the ground to trap the enemy. 6 posts until use again.

Technique Effect Chart:

*The effect chart is for damage, durability, or any other after effect of a technique. The damage/effect/etc will be based off of tiers.*

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower:Opponent will be trapped for 2 posts and shocks burns and paralyzes the opponent's body. Opponent can barely dodge.
Opponent is One Tier Lower:Trapped for 1 post and opponent's limbs are paralyzed. Opponent can dodge from it.  
Opponent is Equal Tier:Will be effective, but shocks the opponent lightly.
Opponent is One Tier Higher:Opponent can attack and shocks are slightly harmless. Can dodge.  
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher:Opponent can use heavy attacks, but gets damaged. Cannot get shocked. Can dodge from technique.

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#10 Re: Trained For Respect CLOSED COMPLETED on Sat Aug 24, 2013 8:45 am


Yuu had arrived in Karakura Town the moment she was able to ditch those at the 1st Division. It hadn't been very hard, she possessed far superior speed than some of those within the division and she was very discrete about her escape. Though she knew that many wouldn't call blowing up a random wall of the division to be discrete, but it worked nevertheless.

Now she was in the human realm, finding the other two options to be troublesome at the moment. Going into Hueco Mundo would be a pain since she would have to be alert during her stay, and staying in Soul Society would only cause those from the 1st Division to find her. That's if they even noticed her sudden disappearance. Yuu shook her head, the division really needed to up their so called security. It was a sad day when a child could slip away by causing a distraction, and it wasn't that huge of an explosion to warrant those that watched her to leave her side.

Yuu sighed deeply, looking around the area to see anything that could possibly interest her. She wasn't worried about being seen by anyone below, and those that could see her wouldn't actually believe their eyes. And if they did, telling someone would only earn them a stay at an Asylum. She giggled at the thought of someone saying that they saw what appeared to be a person standing in the sky above. If someone had ever told her that while she was alive, she would had immediately believed the entire thing to be rubbish.

Yuu's head snapped to what she knew to be a park, having felt several powerful reiatsu within the area. A grin spread across her face, though that wasn't unusual. Being the ever curious child she was, Yuu decided it was best to investigate. Turning her body to face the direction of the park, she dashed towards the area, stopping a little ways from the beings that seem to be in a fight.

Yuu's eyes flickered with interest, sitting in a tree as to get a better look of the situation. It was interesting to say the least, and something that she would stick around to watch. Perhaps she'll find a powerful ally, rather it be the Shinigami or the Hollow. Either way, she would watch until the very end, and maybe interfere.

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