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on Wed Aug 28, 2013 2:46 pm


By the time Imaza had dispatched the fighters around him and moved to back up Fuma and the Virtues, they had almost finished off the remaining thugs by themselves. Fuma had yet to move an inch however and it was the Virtues whom had done all the work. They didn't even draw their zanpakutou as they effortlessly disarmed and disabled one opponent after the other.

As Imaza expressed his offering to help, Fuma would close his eyes and reach into his sleeve. "No need." He then pulled out small ball and shouted, "Eyes!" which was a signal in the 2nd Division to cover your eyes. He didn't wait long to give people the chance to react however as he threw the ball to the ground causing a sudden bright flash of light. It was a flash grenade used to stun opponents. By the time the light from the grenade had faded Fuma could be seen leaving a shunpo appearing more or less here he had been standing before. All the thugs that were still standing up to that point were now suddenly on the ground and unconscious. "We'll wait here for the others to catch up. Those of you who made it this far, you can now eat your lunches." At the sound of that, one of the other seated members collapsed to the ground out relief. "Except for him. A 2nd Division member doesn't fall to the ground like a weakling after something such as this small ambush." He then turned away and moved towards one of the knocked out thugs to be used as a seat while he ate his own lunch.

The division member whom had been denied his own lunch sulked to the shade of a makeshift awning and would sit down to wait for the others to eat their meals. He was joined by the other seated member and together they would wait for the other two whom had fallen out to catch up. The Virtues remained in a group as they ate, but they were not flocked around Fuma as usual and were instead in their own separate group. The reason why suddenly becoming clear as they each took turns blocking others from seeing behind the mask of the one that was currently eating. They then switched off with two people blocking as the other eats. Obviously there was something more to their masks than mere aesthetic value.

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on Thu Aug 29, 2013 3:07 am

OCC: Do I need to fill out a Division Request?

As the Division began to eat their lunches or at least those that were allowed, Imaza moved to a darker part of the area they were in to eat his lunch. Imaza was very careful in how he ate considering that it was mid day and the sun was overhead, his face still burning slightly from the sudden exposure during the fight. Imaza looked out at the lower seated members, Fuma and then upon the Virtues and how they ate, he came to three conclusions. First they either were horribly disfigured, they were dishonored and wore the masks because of that dishonor or they were like him unable to be in the sun. Imaza finished up his ration for lunch and got himself set up to move around and walked over to Fuma.

I know you do not like me and I know that we have our issues but I have to ask why have you not told the men of my "handicap"? I know that it would be like creating dissension and I know some know nothing about my "handicap" but I have to know why. After this will try to be a better soldier because I truly do not want to see this Division destroyed from the inside out

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on Sat Aug 31, 2013 12:44 am


Fuma's lunch was surprisingly meager, consisting of only a few pills and a drink to wash them down. So by the time Imaza had arrived to ask his question, the man was already finishing his "meal" off with one last gulp of water. "The real question, is why have you not told them yourself yet?" Fuma didn't look at Imaza at all as he put away his rations and turned his gaze to watch the others to gauge when everyone was done eating. "Look at that..." He gestured with his head towards the lower seated members and then pretended to look away from them. As he did, Imaza would be able to see the members whom were allowed lunch trying to sneak some food to those who were denied a meal.

"Those men trust each other enough to "disobey" orders. Although I never said those who were allowed lunch couldn't share. Why don't you trust them enough to share your weakness?"

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on Sat Aug 31, 2013 5:37 am

Imaza thought about the question, some of the men knew but looking around he knew of only one that knew.

well to be honest most people treat me like I am a monster or they try to kill me

Imaza looked around once more and noticed that the man who helped him earlier was looking and pointing at him as he talked to the others. Imaza's thoughts began to race somewhere deep inside he was afraid of something but he managed to quell it. Imaza looked back to Fuma

well it seems that Ill have to address it now anyway, do you see that man over there he knows, that is why he came to my aid so quickly. He always knew

Imaza looked back toward the group of Division members and spoke up...

Everyone I need your attention, as long as it is ok with the 3rd seat id like to tell and show you all something

Imaza trailed off and looked back to Fuma waiting for comfirmation, he had begun to understand his "cousin" more and how different he actually was now.

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on Thu Sep 05, 2013 1:02 am


Fuma stood up casually and adjusted the zanpakutou at his waist as he commented, "I don't mind but make it quick, we need to go." He would then turn to face the forests edge and watched the trees carefully as if he were inspecting it for enemies even though the Patrol Corps. would ensure that no hollows made it this close to rukongai.

Imaza was free to say what he wanted to the men, but now that he had the chance, what would he say? This was also a test from Fuma. Would Imaza seek compassion from his men? Or would he seek to make his weakness known for tactical purposes? Perhaps he had an entirely different mindset and approach. Either way, despite seeming uninterested and looking away, Fuma would be secretly paying close attention to Imaza's next words.

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on Fri Sep 06, 2013 3:05 am

Imaza nodded slightly at Fuma's response to his question, Imaza looked out at the members who now stared at him. Imaza walked toward a darker part of the area he removed one of his gloves checking to see if it would be safe to expose his skin after ample time pasted and he had no reaction, Imaza turned back to the division.

I have a question for everyone here, do you all know why I wear this mask and these clothes?

Imaza waited and listened to the members of the division that were there mutter between themselves after a few minutes Imaza continued..

I have a condition that causes me to be sensitive to sunlight also I do not look normal

Imaza stressed the word normal as he started to remove pieces of his "protective" outfit, when he got to his hood he removed it slowly his white falling out across his shoulders. Imaza hesitated slightly as he reached to remove his mask, Imaza slowly removed his mask when he was finally revealed his eyes were closed.

This is what I look like and if I were to walk into direct sunlight or be caught out in the sunlight unprotected I would die. Also the one feature that tends to disturb people are my eyes

with that said Imaza opened his eyes so that everyone could see them, there was at least one sound of shock as they looked at the ghostly pale and red eyed Imaza.

this is my great secret and my greatest weakness, now you all know and that Information is yours to do what you will with it

Imaza waited for the shock to resolve and started to re-apply his protective outfit, he lingered slightly before putting his mask back on. Imaza looked at everyone and then back at Fuma and the Virutes.

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on Sun Sep 08, 2013 2:35 am


"Alright, enough show and tell. The training starts now."

Fuma looked to his three virtues and nodded. They seemed to understand his intent as they each revealed a few tags with writing on them. There were 9 shinigami there total including Fuma and Imaza. Unsurprisingly there were 9 tags total, however not all were alike. Six of the tags were labeled, "Shiro" for white to imply purity. The other three were labeled "Kuro" for black and were of the same color with white ink used to write the title. But soon after being exposed to sunlight, all the tags turned purple.

"Everyone take a tag. From this point on we'll be splitting up into groups of three. Those of you who receive a Kuro tag must try to steal the Shiro tags of the other squad members. All the Shiro tag holders will be trying to find out who the Kuro tag holders are and capture them alive using force. This is an order. Treat your fellow shinigami as the "enemy" for this exercise. Assume the Kuro's are traitors to soul society that have already committed their crimes. Failure to do so will earn you a resignation from the 2nd Division."

As Fuma spoke, the 1st Virtue collected the tags from his comrades and then mixed them up randomly at incredible speeds. Even he would not know where the Kuro tags had ended up. He then passed them out one by one until everyone had their tag. Now everyone has the tags, but no one knows who the Kuro's are, not even themselves.

"All you need to do is keep the tag out of sunlight for a while and your color will be revealed. But we will be in close groups where everyone will be able to watch each other. So a need for stealth even when checking your tag is vital. If you are the Kuro tag holder, then play the part of the bad guy. Lie your way to the tags or take them by force. The final catch is that you all may decide who is in each group. You may split up however you choose but you must have at least three different groups even if there is only one person."

It was then left up to Imaza and the others to decide how they should split up. The Virtues were silent, but all looked to Imaza clearly expecting him to take the lead. He was the 4th seat after all. Whether he had realized it yet or not, the Virtues would follow his orders and differ to him as a leader above themselves.

A few suggestions would come from the other seated shinigami present as to how the groups should be split:

"Hmm...maybe an even split would be best. The least amount of people would have to watch each other that way."

"Perhaps we should think about it a bit more than that. We don't know that the Kuro's would be evenly distributed as one per group. Worst case scenario, they all end up in the same group together and manage team up right at the start. What do you think Imaza 4th seat?"

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on Wed Sep 11, 2013 7:20 pm

Imaza listened to the Division members and using their input he decided on how this should be done. Imaza decided that he would split up the virtues and place Fuma with him knowing that his greatest potential threats are Fuma and the third virtue. The other two groups of three would consist of the remaining division members and the other two virtues, Imaza looked over at the first division member who knew his secret. The man looked back at Imaza looking worried, his name was Shu he had promised to help Imaza after finding out about the secret.

Assuming I am not overstepping my boundaries, 3rd seat I have decided to split the groups into this configuration. Group 1 Fuma, Myself and the 3rd Virtue, the other two groups will be lead by the remaining Virtues.

Imaza walked over and grabbed one of the tags and then looked back to Fuma.

Is that satisfactory 3rd seat?

Imaza looked back toward Shu and nodded to him in reassurance.

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on Thu Sep 19, 2013 9:01 am


Fuma watched as the division members gave their input and Imaza made his choice. In the end they evenly split into groups of three. Fuma nodded when Imaza asked if the set up was fine, but he kept any comments to himself. But from the way the man was smirking at Imaza it was clear he had some kind of thoughts on the matter. Regardless, it was time to split up. The two Virtues would take different actions with their groups. One would head into the forest while the other decided to stay near the starting point and have everyone reveal what color tags they had.

It was up to Imaza to decide what his group would do.

((Sorry for the short post. But you have to make a choice here. Stay and witness the tags of the group at the starting point? Follow the group that left? Or take your group deeper into the forest? You still need to discover which tag you possess as well.))

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on Sun Sep 22, 2013 7:31 am

Imaza looked at Fuma and the 3rd Virtue, the creeping feeling that they might have white tags and he had a black one came into his mind. He cleared that from his mind and approached them.

Well Fuma and 3rd we should get the hard part over with.

Imaza looked down at the tag he held firmly in his hands, holding his arm out he opened his hand and let the sunlight reveal his tag color. Imaza closed his eyes and held his breath as his fear came true, his tag was black. Imaza looked at the 3rd Virtue and Fuma, then back to his tag as he exhaled and then he looked back up to Fuma and 3rd. After a few moments he spoke up quietly...

well it looks like I am a traitor to soul society, now it is time to see if you two are with me or against me. After that we can find out where the other groups stand and if you're against me we'll have to settle this now

Imaza put his tag into the folds of his outfit and waited for Fuma and the 3rd to reveal their tags.

OCC: sorry about the delay on this my daughters were sick and Ive been having to take care of them and work at the same time. My posts should become regular again shortly.

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