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#1 Dominion CLOSED on Tue Aug 13, 2013 1:36 am


The night was a bit cloudy, a cool air wavering through the landscape. An ominous wind blew through as if signaling something would happen and would happen quickly. The violence of the wind made wind chimes sound more like alarms, warning that a war would be present soon. Then above was a moonless night, the pollution from the cityscape blocking out the light of the stars.

That night, two shinigami were patrolling. A third seat and an unseated shinigami. The unseated shinigami was there on a mission, the third seat only there to supervise. And though he was only supervising, the third seat's power was still suppressed to prevent him from doing too much harm in the physical world.

Together they were slaying hollow, but also handling another important mission. There have, as of late, been reports of strangely high spiritual energies and the soul society needed some to investigate it. If they found the signature, they could have Shinsuke's power be fully released so that he may confront the power, hopefully without backup.

"Alright, I think I'm sensing something" Shinsuke said "I'll need you to check it out."

The unseated shinigami nodded, slightly afraid, but wanted to prove himself. He wandered through an alleyway where something would likely try and get him. "I-I don't see anything here!" he said.

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