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on Sat Aug 03, 2013 12:40 pm


Yuki Seika ;; 3-2 ;; Arrancar ;; Female    

"Well you're in the Soul Society. What else did you expect? Coming here and not seeing or fighting a Shinigami? Don't make me laugh," Yuki said with an amused grin, turning to where the Soul Reaper reiatsu was coming from. The comment wasn't an insult, but simply letting the other Arrancar know that she was looking forward to the upcoming skirmish, if you will.

Unsheathing Toketsu-en, her zanpakutou and weapon, Yuki gazed hungrily at the small group of Shinigami. Counting five unseated officers, she gave a somewhat disappointed sigh. "It's not even worth using my sword on you pathetic lot," she said, glancing at the other Hollow and back. They were outnumbered, yes, but the enemy was clearly outmatched. Yuki debated simply allowing her new acquaintance to handle it. "Listen, if you don't want to die, turn back and grab someone worth my time."

The request was, as expected, ignored. One Soul Reaper ran towards her, sword unsheathed and ready to deliver a decent blow to Yuki. However, her hierro easily deflected the attack. The opponent backed up, relieved to see someone that she noticed was a high seated officer.
That's better,
she thought, charging forward in the attempt to land a blow with her sealed sword.

Muse;; 6/10
Word Count;; 215
Tags;; NPC soul reapers, Yalena
OOC;; Feel free to have the attack land or not with the NPC. ^^ I was thinking it with a tier of 3-3. That's one tier below Yalena and Yuki, and with their strength combined, they can easily defeat him.

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on Sat Aug 03, 2013 2:58 pm


While Yuki was having fun with what appeared to be a seated Shinigami, Yelana was enjoying her time tangoing with the unseated Shinigami. She was ducking and weaving from the Shinigami poor attempt to harm her. She hadn't even retaliated yet, having found it far more amusing to see the Shinigami try so hard and fail. Yelana wasn't the least concern on how Yuki was doing in her own fight with the seated Shinigami, believing that the Arrancar could easily dispatch the threat.

But the game between the Shinigami and herself was beginning to grow tiresome and if she was to prolong their inevitable death, she would only allow time for more Shinigami to arrive on the scene. "I'm done playing," she had muttered, a warning to the Shinigami that they should leave unless they wanted to taste her sword. But of course Shinigami were arrogant and believed that they had a chance of defeating someone like herself, even though the evidence said otherwise.

Yelana lashed out with a kick to one Shinigami jaw, quickly using the momentum to twist her torso in order to deliver another kick. That would leave one Shinigami down for now, but there was still two others to focus on. Wait a second... there was originally five, if you didn't count the seated Shinigami, which meant two were missing. Yelana shook her head, if they were planning a sneak attack, they shouldn't have bothered but it was different if they were going after Yuki.

Her eyes flickered over to the fight Yuki was having with the Shinigami and assumed that the missing Shinigami had either fled or were planning to take Yuki by surprise. But Yelana was never the type of person to warn those she fought with about the dangers, believing that her 'comrade' should be able to pick up the threat on their own. She returned her focus to the two standing Shinigami and thus left Yuki to her own device.

Meanwhile, the seated Shinigami had seen the Arrancar coming and had quickly blocked the incoming zanpakuto with her own. She quickly switched hand and held her zanpakuto in a reverse grip, bringing it down to stab the Arrancar. If she was to miss, she hoped her subordinates would surprise the Arrancar.

on Mon Aug 05, 2013 10:10 pm


Yuki Seika ;; 3-2 ;; Arrancar ;; Female

Her attack was unsuccessful, and Yuki gave an irritated grunt as the sword was brought down on her wrist with a quick switch-motion maneuver. "I shouldn't underestimate you," she said with amusement in her blue eyes. She picked of hints of reiatsu behind her, but knew that taking her eye off of the Seated Shinigami would be deadly. Leaping up in the air with Sonido, and avoiding any other attacks her opponent tried to make, Yuki switched her katana to her left hand.

As soon as that deed was done, and while in midair, Yuki raked her claws through the air, parallel to the ground and Soul Reapers. "Hu Shenzhou!" she said, knowing that those words were what made the slices of reiatsu truly become a weapon and attack. She had used it at full force, and began falling from the air. Landing on her feet, she knew that the attack wouldn't have hurt too many targets, as it was simply a diversion. For some reason, in Hueco Mundo, Hell, and Soul Society, one could not walk on the air. However, in the human world most spiritual entities could. It wasn't too much of a problem right now, but still a bit annoying.

Part of Seika wondered if releasing would be smart. Besides, this was a Third seat or so. She was well worth their time, and a bit of a match for the hungry Arrancar. Turning her head to her 'comrade', she gave a simple order with a grin. "Stand back a bit, and take care of those little ones."

With those 'orders', or rather to the Gravekeeper, 'suggestions', Yuki switched her sealed sword to her right hand once again. Her gaze firmly on the high-ranking Shinigami, Seika put the part of the blade near the guard in between her index and middle finger. "Steal, Raposa," she said, taking the two fingers and running them down the blade of her chisa katana. With the words and movement, there was a large burst of reiatsu. The azure, flame-like spiritual energy flowed from Yuki as her form switched to that of her Resurreccion.

No longer with the average appearance of an Arrancar, Yuki now had two black fox-ears on top of her head, and her humanoid ones were simply replaced with locks of hair. Her short hair grew much longer, hanging down to the middle of her back. From where her tailbone is, a large, fluffy, black fox tail. Body now coated with dark fur, Seika had become the Kitsune-shin, or Fox Goddess. She took pride in the form at each release, and would take any excuse into having the opportunity to unleash the power of her zanpakutou.

Toketsu-en now flowed with a freezing blue flame all along the blade. Yuki was ready for action, and would take on this Third Seat single handed... or pawed.

Right now, the only thing that would stop her was the arrival of others. However, she didn't know if others would show up or not. From the energy the release took, it wouldn't be all that surprising. "You first," she growled, rushing towards the seated Soul Reaper. As soon as she was a meter in front of her, Yuki aimed to slash the opponent. Her Yakedo, the freezing reiatsu on her katana, would scald and freeze the enemy at the same time, inflicting major pain even on a minor injury. It was her favorite technique, and always automatic on Toketsu-en.

Muse;; May I borrow your muse? :3 You have lots. *bribes with cookie*
Word Count;; 600
Tags;; Third Seat shinigami, Toketsu-en, Raposa, Gravekeeper
OOC;; I haven't released Yuki's zanpakutou on this site yet. I've been desperate to do so. ^^; I'm sorry if it's not your plan.

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on Tue Aug 06, 2013 6:37 pm


Yelana raised her eyebrow in amusement, she recognized those words as a order rather then a suggestion, but decided to take it as a suggestion. She used sonido to bolt into the air before landing right next to her zanpakuto. With one fluid movement, she picked up and swung her weapon. She succeeded in forcing the approaching Shinigami back, which gave her time to retaliate. And retaliate she did. Yelana assaulted the remaining Shinigami, intent in only incapacitate rather then killing them.

She wanted to get this fight over with before higher ranking Shinigami showed up. And if that meant just incapacitate the group in front of her, then so be it. Yelana though wasn't happy that Yuki had released in the realm of Shinigami, but it was to late to say anything now. She focused on her fight, incapacitate one Shinigami at a time.

The seated Shinigami on the other hand had just discovered the pain Yuki could inflict with her sword. She had managed to evade the attack, but had received a minor cut. She had thought herself fine until she felt unimaginable pain. Her hand flew up to quickly hold her side as she glared daggers at the Arrancar. The Shinigami wasn't going to stop because she was in pain, no, all she had to do with stale the Arrancar until those of higher rank arrive.

The Shinigami took in a deep breath, gripping her weapon tightly before shunpo'ing in front of the Arrancar. She preformed a downward sweep, followed by a slash.

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