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#1 NPC Rules on Sat Jul 27, 2013 10:05 am

NPC Rules

These rules apply to both members using NPCs as thread masters as well as the Mission Mods using NPCs. So it is very important to read as it will let you know whether or not your mission mods are abusing their powers.

NPC Creation:
Anyone can create an NPC. In fact, it is encouraged that everyone pitch in and help fill up the NPC Database and we will be holding regular events for doing so. NPCs are to be created with a certain level of vagueness. They have no history, their powers are not yet determined, and they have no assigned position such as captain or espada(although you can recommend one).

The use of all NPCs, including mission mods, must abide by the following rules:

1. You may not kill, cripple, or otherwise permanently scar/wound a player character using an NPC unless it is allowed by the characters rper and specifically stated in an RP Template. This does not mean you can't cut off limbs or seriously injure people. However there must be a way for them to be restored IC before the thread ends.

2. Inversely, an rper may not kill, cripple, or otherwise permanently scar/wound an NPC unless it is allowed by a mission mod or there is a way for them to be restored afterwards before the thread ends.

3. Mission Mods may not kill off NPCs unless it has been discussed with at least 2 other mission mods and approved in the staff section. If there are not enough mission mods available, then any staff member will do as a replacement.

4. You may not make drastic changes to NPCs after they have been used once and given a role. If an NPC you wanted to use as a bad guy rogue exile gets used as a good guy captain first, then too bad. That is the NPC's role now. It's a first come, first serve basis.

Nameless NPCs
These NPCs don't truly have to have no name. The term is used to describe minor NPC characters who are simply there to die or serve some other purpose to move the plot along. It's that poor unseated shinigami that Mayuri Kurotsuchi used as a bomb. Its the ghost of that little boy that Ichigo beat up some thugs for in the first episode. It's the nice man who just sold your character an ice cream cone.

1. All nameless NPCs must be 4-3 or weaker.

2. You may godmod against your own nameless npcs, however you may not godmod against someone else's without their permission. For example, the Primera Espada can pick his own nameless NPC fraccion up off the ground and pop his head like a cherry. However, if he is attacking soul society and attempts to kill nameless NPCs of a division, the highest ranking member of that squad is the one who writes out whether they were hit or not.
(Note: This doesn't mean a Vice Captain can say his unseated squad member survives a cero from the Primera Espada. It means he is able to attempt to save that squad member or have him try to run away.)

3. Nameless NPCs may not be used to gain an advantage of any kind in battle unless it is agreed upon by all members in the thread or mentioned in a RP Request Template.

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#2 Re: NPC Rules on Thu Sep 19, 2013 1:27 pm

NPC Limitations or Lack Thereof

There is something important to understand about NPCs. They are not bound by the same limitations as normal player characters. You can create techniques and powers up for them on the spot without requiring approval before hand. They are also capable of possessing powers which are normally banned. It's also important to note that all players can use any NPC. There will be chances to earn "owned NPCs" through events, but aside from that exception even important plot NPCs such as captains can be used by anyone. So what limitations are there?

1. Anything created on the fly for an NPC must still be written out as if it were being submitted for approval and added into your post as spoilers. Click this link for a good example. The two items listed in the spoilers of that post were created during that thread.

2. All abilities, techniques, items, and anything else created for an NPC during a thread does not require approval before hand. However it does need to be posted in the NPC Submission/Updates area.

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