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#1 What Is A Thread Master? on Sat Jul 27, 2013 10:01 am

Thread Master Explained

You may have noticed that many of our systems reference the position of "Thread Master" and perhaps you are wondering what that means.

The Thread Master acts as the "DM" or "Dungeon Master" for the thread they are overseeing. They are essentially the person running the plot of that thread and posses several powers and responsibilities.

NPC Control:
Thread Masters can create and use npcs freely. There is no need to get an app approved or even the powers. You can create any kind of NPC with any kind of power so long as it is not an exact copy of another character on the forum. These NPCs are to be used as tools for moving plots along. The restriction is that these NPCs cannot be used to kill player characters(they exist to be defeated and make players stronger) and they cannot possess a leadership position such as captain/lieutenants or espada/fraccion as those positions are reserved for player characters and special NPCs.

Use of Leader NPCs - You may pm a mission mod and request the use of a captain or espada NPC. But you must explain to them how they will be used. If the mission mod places restrictions or limitations, they must be followed or else your privilege to use plot npcs can be revoked.

Thread Rule Management:
It is the Thread Master's job to regulate any rules that were imposed upon the thread using an RP Template, assuming there are any. It will also be the Thread Master's job to try and settle disputes and arguments within their threads before staff gets involved. Staff will not settle disputes unless a clear effort to reach some kind of compromise has been made by the Thread Master or the RPers involved.

Plot Responsibility:
While it can be said that it is all participating rpers responsibility to move the plot of a thread, the Thread Master is especially considered to be responsible due to their powers they posses to determine plot events. This doesn't just mean NPCs, but anything involving the plot of the thread. Thread Masters can change the weather, introduce new npcs, and even determine the outcome of equal clashes should they so choose.

Becoming Thread Master

The original creator of a thread is Thread Master by default. However, using the RP Request Template, players can choose to share the position or assign it to others who are participating in the rp. Through this, it is possible to be Thread Master in a thread where your actual character is never even present.

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