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on Wed Nov 23, 2011 9:33 am


Fujioka tapped his foot as he waited above the building, he hated to wait. He gradually began to get closer and closer to the ground so that others wouldn't see him and ask questions. If they did he'd have to kill them or frighten them into submission. It took him a little while to get to the ground but when he finally did a tower of orange energy erupted from the ground. For a moment Fujioka thought it was his own but his reiatsu was nothing like that. Actually this energy was laced with the assets reiatsu.... Fujioka didn't wanna believe it the asset could do something like this yet he needed him?

"That bastards really going to pay extra for sending me out of my way. It looks like he could've did this himself. I must not think like this I'm getting paid after all." Fuji started to talk to himself. He rubbed his eyes and yarned while he waited for the asset to come out of the building. Fuji stepped back a few steps when the asset came out of the rubble. He didn't want this dirt to get on him so he stood back. He listened to what the asset said next and stared blankly at the ground. What was supposed to be down there?

Fuji took his glasses out of his pocket and put them on. The asset hadn't saw him without his glasses before and now he had. That was a terrible slip up he could lose credibility. "The other jobs done." He said in a very straightforward and to the point manner. He didn't give any hints as to what the job pertained for any devious listeners. Fuji pointed at the ground and raised an eye brow, "Wanna feel me in on what just happened? There is client/asset confidentially so you can keep quiet if you want." Fuji asked, wanting to know what happened. Though he had to remain professional and realize that the asset didn't have to say a word. He spoked of his clients as assets all the time so it would make it seem like he was the actual client. He waited patiently for Cobalt to say something, his continual foot tapping stopped gradually at the same time.


on Wed Nov 23, 2011 10:12 am


"Alright," Cobalt said. He didn't add a thanks or a good job after that either. The job was done. That was all there was too it. There was no point for telling someone thanks or good job for doing what they were supposed to be doing.

"As for what happened: this spot was lined with security measures by the Vampire that lived here. She fled, but I didn't come here for her. I came here for something that was buried 700 feet under ground. That's two hundred-" He said, pausing to count, "And 11 Meters?" He guesstimated, "You were hired because you have the ability to see the abnormal[/i and were called the perfect [i]worker. Enough so that you wouldn't be surprised by a falling castle," Cobalt said, unbuttoning his top button and putting away that dart tun as he turned around to look at the devastation.

Where there was once an elegant and tall castle there was just a pile of stone and rocks. What an extravagant waste of money, that was all Cobalt could think of as he looked at just what was left. How many minutes, hours, days, weeks, and months it took to construct such a thing, all the labor and work and money, was all leveled in an instant. Cobalt would never be so wasteful. "We can dig, unless you have some other way to get rid of all that," Cobalt would say, pointing at the monstrous mess. Cobalt wasn't one to really offer anything. He knew that there was definitely a way that Fujioka could get rid of that, or find someone who could, so that they could both get out of here quicker.


on Wed Nov 23, 2011 11:10 am


Fuji looked around as the asset told him what he needed to know about the area. He couldn't help but wonder why someone tried to crush his asset probably too greedy. Nevertheless he stood there and listened to Cobalt, his asset tell him about his next assignment. He was slightly shocked that his name had been passed around so carelessly. He told all of his assets to simply pass on his card without mentioning anything. He was a little disappointed in the lack poise and confidentiality some people had. He was expected to somehow dig seven hundred feet because he was the perfect worker. "I guess your information source was pretty smart. My name isn't passed around much." Fuji mentioned succinctly. He started to walk around to gauge the area and the softness of the ground.

When he was done he returned to his asset and nodded simply with a bored expression. He walked ontop of the rubble to about the center if it was unstable he would stand on the hair. He looked over at his asset one last time before he was gonna get started. "Stay back." He warned concisely. He didn't care if he Cobalt watched because he was infact the person that shot that blast earlier. Fuji flipped on his mask and his reiatsu spiked something wicked. Even from a distance it would be hard for his asset to breathe and it could be possibly crippling. Two dark energies seem to collide as his reiatsu continued to raise higher and higher. One energy was reckless and explosive like a rhino on a rampage, the other ominous and mysterious. Combined it felt like he was being watched by more than a thousand people, all of them looking at him. He was the center of the attraction but something unsettling was coming through the crowd. It was building up angst as it got closer and closer. It was a nauseating sensation for most.

In a flash Fuji pulled his sword from its loosely hanging sheathe and stuck it into the rubble. A bright light came from the deepest part of the rubble until it exploded. The flash was instant and blinding but all of the rubble was now gone. The broken castle and everything that was in it vanished just like that. For a moment the wind and the air was all red. The red wind cleared away and the only thing that remained was Fuji standing there over a massive vacant area where the rubble once was. He slid his sword in its sheathe and pointed his finger down into the empty square. A purple light started to glow at the base of his finger. As the light got larger Fuji's reiatsu got higher and higher until the light was the size of a base ball. Cero he thought mentally as he released the cero. The entire square and Fuji was consumed by a bright purple light when he released the cero.

Fuji took off his mask and sighed once more before clearing his throat. When he cleared his throat the sound came from behind the asset. His reiatsu was gone and his expression the same as before. "Done, you'll have to dig ten feet to reach the exact margin you requested." Fuji said putting it in a nut shell. He pointed to a nearby shed that he hadn't destroyed. He wasn't going to dig for the item unless he was meant to see it.


on Wed Nov 23, 2011 11:11 pm


Cobalt felt the extraordinary power coming from Fujioka and took a few careful steps back as his power grew sharper and more malevolent. Bright lights and explosions came as Fujioka threw out his super power. Cobalt relaxed his own power as soon as Fujioka was finished with his own performance.

Cobalt would walk over, quickly recovering from the spiritual wave that Fujioka had indirectly thrown at him. Cobalt would jump down, hoping on the air as he made his way down, so that he would land at the base of the crater. It was sizzling after the large, hot attack.

Cobalt walked somewhere near the center, pulling out his phone and started to wave it around as if he were using it as a sonar. In fact, he was. He was using it to locate the signal of what exactly he was looking for. Cobalt bent down and started to move around some dirt. Fortunately, it wasn't destroyed. It was probably a little less than 700 feet and buried under dirt, but it managed to handle the significant destructive powers that Fujioka released.

Cobalt pulled what looked like a safe out from the ground, most of the bottom still in the soft dirt. He angled it so that he could properly put in the combination. If Fujioka drew closer, he would realize that there was some sort of strange energy radiating from it. Almost a pressence that existed because it gave little to no indication it was there. Like a black spot on a sonar. This safe was made of some sort of spiritually resisting stone or metal that practically made it invisible. However, it still took some damage from that cero, being cracked and burnt all over.

Cobalt turned the padlock to put in the three combination numbers, which were between 0-99, and withdrew a key from his pocket to stick it in the center of the lock. When it opened and Cobalt stuck his hand out he pulled out a small, hand sized box.

"This is it." Cobalt would say, looking the box over. That was too big to go in his pocket. Cobalt left the key in the safe and jumped back up to get out of the enormous, deep crater. It was time to go now.

"Are you interested in one last job?" Cobalt would ask Fujioka. It was the last piece of the puzzle.


on Thu Nov 24, 2011 1:29 am


Fujioka didn't follow the asset into the hole, he didn't wanna know what he was after. He looked up to the sky for a moment and wondered why he was here. He was a shinigami and somehow he got himself banished. He was doing meaningless work in the human world for copious amounts of cash. To those in soul society coming to the human world was a luxury and vacation. To Fuji this limiting plane of existence was really boring. He loved how humans whined and posted all of their feelings on the internet. They all deserved to move on to the next life so they could experience soul society at least once.

Getting lost in his own thoughts Fuji took out his phone and started texting. There was this girl that he had been talking to for the past few days. She was one of his assets not too long ago. He saved her from being hunted by a hollow but he had to erase her memories after it. Though he erased her memories she kept his number on a piece of paper and found a way to call him. When she called the second time it was the same problem yet again. She had a pretty decent amount of reiryoku and she constantly attracted hollows. Fuji didn't return her offer but he texts her to see if everything is alright.

He started laughing because of the last text she scent him. She said she remembered everything. "Ha ha oh man humans!" Fuji said, laughing out loud. When the asset returned he listened to the things he said and nodded his head once. He flipped open his phone and canceled his next meeting. "Sure." That was all he said before closing the phone.

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