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on Mon 21 Nov 2011 - 23:22


The door bursts back and reviles a a very small person wide hall that lead to a stair case that goes up in a spiral, but the hall was person sized and he would half to squeeze through it. The door was not able to fit fully and so it was smashed to pieces. She hopes he will not go on she knows what lies ahead. At least with the upstairs door it just opens to a wall. That entire part of the castle leads no where. but to false exits and traps.

Glass decided she should put an end to this. She builds up energy to use one of her abilities, bells slowly start to form around Glass as she builds up energy. She would not need to do much but just incapacitate him. She hopes that he will give up instead of continuing on his endevers. She asks "What do you plan to accomplish? I don't won't to hurt you but you are forcing my hand." She hated playing dungeon master. She would much rather just talk with him. Over a nice dinner.


on Mon 21 Nov 2011 - 23:51


"I have a proposition," Cobalt repeated, not a fan of repeating himself. "I'm looking for something here. This place was abandoned until a short while ago, but then rennovations were made and a castle was laid upon these lands" Cobalt explained smoothly, squatting down as he looked down the strangely narrow hallway. Cobalt could only do so much with his talents and walking into that tight of a trap.

"Huh," looking up he would jump back into the air, slipping his useful gun back to his pocket. "Unless you will just allow me to take it. I do have something to offer in exchange, but I had intended to take it without notice," of coursehe would. There was nno point in giving unnessescarily. That's why he planned this out the moment of her disappearance, but it didn't look like his luck was holding out.


on Tue 22 Nov 2011 - 0:06


With the bells formed she new that she would be able to enable him if the time came. She picks up the microphone and talks gently her voice now much kinder, "I am very reasonable. What is it that you want so bad." She hopes it's not to much of a pain for her to get. She does not want to elevate the situation and make an enemy. She puts her hands on the monitor that was currently showing cobalt. He looked kinda familier but it is still kinda blurry. She still confined to her room full of monitors.

She remembers snow and a little boy but she is not sure what this has to do with the current situation. She rubs her hand against the cold monitor. "I am so sorry you have been trapped like this," she says like she really means it. "I just don't know how dangerous you are" she continues. The bells in the air stay as still as the earth, for the slightest move could be taken as an attack. She wonders weather telling him her name would be appropriate. She is not sure so she just waits.


on Tue 22 Nov 2011 - 9:54


Looking up one more time, Cobalt decided to go for it. Cobalt started walking down the "oh so narrow" hallway, withdrawing his gun again. "What is it." He said, thinking the words over, "Classified. Though, I'd be more inclined to offer information were you to show yourself," Cobalt explained, his tone equal and balanced as always. unintimidated and unhindered. He was a tough guy, mentally anyway.

If she could even still hear him as he was going down the stairs he would offer a bit more information, "It's not something you likely knowingly posses in any case. It was buried here some-" He thought about the number, "60 years ago?" Checking the weapon, Cobalt cocked it and held the gun up in his hand around shoulder level of his right hand.

"But, if you are feeling reasonable," He would say, stressing the word, "Then we could make a compromise. I could trade you something for this something I'm looking for. So long as you don't destroy another set of perfectly good stairs," Looking down under foot he was about to use Light Bringer to ensure that he wasn't going to set off another pressure trap. "Because, upon being compromised myself, I was given a single proposition to offer. One that would, naturally, benefit the both of us." Really, if she hadn't of gotten here so fast, Cobalt wouldn't have had to even worry about that proposition. But, now he absolutely had too and was going too. That, or just take it and leave.


on Tue 22 Nov 2011 - 11:23


(Glass your post should be 3 paras at least for org leader...)


on Tue 22 Nov 2011 - 20:29


Now irritated by the fact that he keeps avoiding what she wants to know. She takes a key board out from a desk across the room as he makes his way through the the hallway. She knew the stairs just went on and on till he was two floors under ground. She waits for him to get out of the hall way. She is certain that he is not going to tell her unless his life is on the line.

The second he gets to the stairs she clicks enter on the key board the doors slam shut behind him. If he won't tell her what it is she will force it out of him. She wildly types on her key board. If he thinks she stupid to face him one on one he must be stupid. She has found nothing of extreme value in these grounds anyways. She would either smother him or he would give his true purpose.

Five bricks fall down from the roof above and behind those bricks sand poors from the top of the stairs. Glass continues typing, and seconds later gushing water can be herd from the bottom of the stairs. "I can stop this, but you have given me no reason I should," she says smugly. "I tried being nice, and you decided to continue playing your games," she says this confidently. She says this but truly she hates that she has been pushed to drastic measures. at the end of the passage is just dirt and small pipes pumping in water. and above him tons and tons of sand. The walls on either side of the stairs is meters upon meters of hard stone. He was caged.


on Tue 22 Nov 2011 - 20:52


Another trap? Cobalt said, hearing the sand coming down and hearing the mighty roar of the water down below. Cobalt was impressed actually. Having made it the very bottom after the water started pouring out he noticed that a small puddle had already formed. It was a few centimeters in height so it was nothing to worry about yet.

"I don't play games." In fact, Cobalt hated games. They were the worst wastes of time that he could think of. Having an offer, yet not explaining what it was he wanted...That was business. He couldn't compromise his search, nor could he give her some leeway over him as to use his information against him. That was the nature of this venture. He would keep her in the out so long as he needed too.

Cobalt moved his hand to his phone and dialed a few numbers before putting the phone to his head. It was an encrypted satellite phone, so it would work even here underground and against any sort of defenses she had. Unless there was like solid iron all around, his signal would reach.

"Hello, yes. Plan B," He would say and, without another word, would hang up. Cobalt would pull out his gun and, as the room was filling up with water, he would aim at the small pipes. If they were large pipes this probably wouldn't have been as easy, but they weren't. He charged his spiritual energy into his gun, boosting it's firing ability, and he was welling it a lot. An orange aura of spiritual power surrounded him that looked like orange flames. Cobalt fired a bullet and his spiritual energy rocketed out with the bullet, fast and enormous. It was like an orange arrow of devastating energy. The pipe would meet the empowered bullet and it would crash into the pipe, pushing it forward, and causing it to curl inwards as the bullet pushed far back and into the wall. As if Cobalt couldn't shoot through metal with spiritual bullets. As if Cobalt couldn't blast a big ass hole in this room with a spiritual bullet. As if Cobalt couldn't could send his power into those pipes and cause them to crack their setting, destroying their alignments. But, he didn't need too.

Cobalt watched as he fired again and again, closing each and every pipe. Her plumbing wouldn't hold. In fact, with how tightly he closed them, they would explode from where they were transporting water and, likely, destroy every portion of her plumbing system and, quite possibly, devastate her land. She could leave them on if she wanted, that would just result in a self damaging back up.

Cobalt looked down at the water that had managed to collect already. Cobalt, keeping his gun in hand, pushed something that was not visible into his chest. Something under his jacket and shirts. From there, Cobalt slid off his black outer jacket and was in his light orange dress shirt, black pants with very light orange pinstripes. He loosened his tie before dropping it unto the wet floor with his jacket. Cobalt would squat down before he would pull out an unused magazine and dip it in the water. All the ammunition would be soaked by the water, which couldn't be good for his weapon, and he would switch that magazine with the clip in his gun, dropping it to the floor. There weren't any bullets left anyway.

By now...Plan B would be enacted. Plan B was a wild one, but it was only necessary to shake her up a bit. There wasn't any point to keep this up overlong, now was there. Cobalt held his gun down, lazily at his side, and moved his left hand for his pocket. After wiping his hand and gun off with a handkerchief, Cobalt withdrew his cellphone again.


on Tue 22 Nov 2011 - 21:29


She types game over on the keyboard. A secret trap door opens underneath her. the entire castle starts to fall apart the bricks above cobalt falls dropping a huge wall of sand and bricks in a big glob down on him. She types this right as he says he hates games. She refuses to let him suffer on with this game. The trap door was so she would be able to escape deep deep underground in a small tunnel she added on her self. No signal could get out from that deep under. She knew that this game had gone on too long. He was acting to confident to be acting on his own. With her hundred years on this earth she had learned to read people like a book.this was the safest strategy. The phase game over also sealed off her side of the castle making everything but her room just one solid brick. She was sure this would be the safest way to get away.

Her typing game over also sent out a signal to the paramedics. Tho by the time they would get there cobalt would be under the full wait of the castle two stories under ground. By the time he would have gotten out the words plan B Glass would be gone. She was still in her fussed form her abilities enhanced along with he strength and speed. She was not scared of restarting she had done it many times. She had a feeling in the back of her head this would be how it ended.

She had places all over the world loosing one would not be that bad. This had made to much of a seen. She picked up speed as see moved through out her tunnel. When in the tunnel it has many paths. Glass was the only one who knew where each one lead. She picked one of them and runs on her path. By now she would be out of the town.


on Tue 22 Nov 2011 - 21:43


Fuji squeezed the sides of his temples as the frustration began to pile on. His asset hadn't showed up for the meeting...who would dare not show up for a meeting. Fuji couldn't stomach the thought of being watched and skipped out on. He slammed his hand on the table and broke it, "Assets such insufferable little beings." He roared lowly to himself as he stood up. It wasn't going to be hard to find this asset and kill him. Fuji started walking quickly and as briskly as he could. This asset was dead and he threatened this Cobalt individual when he hired him. Fuji went over the assassination in his head to make sure it was perfect. This cobalt individual had plenty of stipulations and rules to the assassination including a plan B if he didn't show up.

Fuji leaped into the sky and adorned his mask for a brief moment, he removed it not a second later. He thought a few crude things in his mind before he started to shunpo. Being an ex member of the second squad he was no slouch when it came to travel. He was wearing his favorite outfit today. His black cotton jacket with white cotton stitches running through it. Underneath that he was wearing a bright neon short sleeved shirt. His pants were just like his jacket black and stitched with cotton. His sword was tied to a piece of yarn that he rested over his abdomen. More or less his sword was waving in the wind. He always kept his cellphone in his hand should an asset need to call. He has a strict rule of answering his phone within the first dial and he tells his assets this.

"He's going to pay extra for this" Fuji said his blank expression became a devious smirk. He always looked for a way to overcharge his assets. Fuji looked down at the crumbling castle the last known location of his asset. The only thing he could think of was a suicide or a counter attack. Fuji rethought the assassination could he have been wrong, no way. Could he have chosen the wrong target, no way. This was a mistake on the assets part. Fuji turned to leave but the energy didn't seem to fade. The asset was still alive under all of that rubble. Fuji pointed his finger a the rubble and grinned with a crazed expression on his face. He could kill the asset and blow up the rest of his castle now.

Fuji decided against it and waited to see what would happen. If nothing happened he was going to fire a cero just to the right of the assets spiritual energy and go down there and see what was going on. The cero would be small enough to create a perfect hollowed out escape route for him and the asset should he be injured or worse.


on Tue 22 Nov 2011 - 22:15


Cobalt was turned around towards the stairs when he heard a loud creaking and cracking. Cobalt looked up at the ceiling as some sort of explosion happened. Of course, the building wouldn't instantaneously fall down, but it was going to come down fast regardless. Glass had to activate this, through her typing, and she had to fall down a tunnel that would be pointless if it were collapsed under her own trap. So, there was at least a few seconds delay.

Having stripped off his coat and tie already and was moving to pull out that handkercheif and cellphone, he paused there and his eyes grew wide as the entire roof seemed to break open. Cobalt used Light Bringer to jump up the stairs, only enough so that he was somewhere in the middle of the second story.

Cobalt aimed his gun at the ground and, charging it, fired. The fire was stronger than his prior bullets, using a large amount of his abnormally high spiritual energy. Cobalt would use Light Bringer to jump down that hole, legs first, and would aim his gun up as he was falling down the super hot safety hole he created. There was only way in this hole, not that the rubble was even large enough. The beam had been long enough to drop Cobalt down more than 15 yards down, which was more than enough to be safe and, thanks to slowing himself down with Light Bringer, he wasn't going to harm his legs. An additional beam of spiritual energy came from his gun as he fired again. This one was hot, thin, and fast. It shot straight up and, like a laser, it cut through everything in it's path by destroying it with a hot shockwave. The bullet, fired off fast and with spiritual energy, was enough to destroy stone and rubble. Though there was a limit to Cobalt's spiritual prowess, stone and rock was easy for him to shoot through if he used his full power, as he was now. If there was someone perfect when it came to channeling his spiritual energy into a solid object it was a Fullbringer with his Fullbring active.

Cobalt would land, slowly, holding a consistent beam of energy straight up as he destroyed everything that dared to fall near or in that small hole of his. Sure, he didn't destroy all of 3 stories of building with his gun, but he could destroy a little of this by lowering his surface area. He could have done the exact same if he decided to shoot at the rubble and simply jump up through the hole he created. Sand, rock, building, metal it would all be pushed away and aside by that bullet of hot energy, which would be followed by another and another.

The tremors would cease. Just like Glass, Cobalt used her ground to support himself. There was even a possibility that he was standing ontop of her secret tunnel, which would explain why it was stopped at around 15 yards, but he didn't know. She probably didn't know either. Didn't know that they had just passed each other.

Once the rubble would stop and a clear path, thanks to Cobalt's spiritually boosted bullets, was clear Cobalt would use Light Bringer to jump right out of that hole and out a straight tunnel of 4 collective stories of castle to the exit. Yes, his bullet went through all of that and yes, it created a 2 foot wide tunnel that he could slip through. Naturally, everything went as planned.

To those outside, who were spiritually aware, they would see a straight tower, though small, of orange energy shoot out before dying only to be followed by a twin. That energy was half as tall as the Castle once stood, though when it all caved in it was more than tall enough.

Cobalt would be standing in the air, lightly moving a hand over his heart. I must be careful with Light Bringer. I can only use that so much in a row, he thought, and he was only being careful. Cobalt didn't want to kill himself by heating his body up from the inside and not being able to sweat. Jumping that much in a row wasn't all that big of a deal, but he had to allow himself a cool down too.

Cobalt moved his hand to his pocket, a clip in his hand for another load for his gun, but the weapon fell apart in a hot, messy spill of parts down towards the obstructed castle. Cobalt moved his hand and slipped it to his side holster which held his tranq gun. Cobalt didn't bring a spare gun. Well, why would he? He hadn't intended on fighting.

Cocking the weapon, he looked over to see who it was that was over there. With excellent eyesight, Cobalt realized it was his gun-for-hire, Fujioka Auditore. Cobalt would head down there to him, leaving his position standing on the air.

"It's buried here," He would say, clear enough for Fujioka to hear, "Now, we will have to dig for it," He'd add.

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