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#21 Re: The Newest Soul CLOSED COMPLETED on Sun Jul 28, 2013 9:42 am


While he seemed nice before, the power of the hollow which Shinsuke had just discovered was staggering. If he had so much power to hide, perhaps he had much more, and if he was hiding so much he could also be hiding his intentions. What intentions could he have behind blocking the way of the girl? Why did he suddenly release so much energy? Just more notes for Shinsuke.

Shinsuke ran forward to try and help the girl, but the power emitting from through this "Anamist" was quite stifling. Still, Shinsuke powered through in hopes that no one would have to die except maybe one or two hollow.

"So you're evolved huh?"

Shinsuke remarked. Regardless of how 'evolved' Anamist had put himself out to be, he was still a hollow and Shinsuke's job was to destroy hollow; or at least he though it was. Shinsuke tried to keep himself from pondering to much what with a job to do.

His gigai dragging him down, Shinsuke forced himself outo f the false body, popping the pill back into his mouth his mod soul quickly kneeling as it assimilated into the doll-like gigai. Without hesitation, Shinsuke grabbed the frozen body of the girl and pushed her out of the alleyway, using all his strength to shove through the hollow.

Establishing a distance, Shinsuke put his left arm on his sheath, ready to draw his sword.

"Alright, I didn't want to do this at first" Shinsuke declared "But I have a job to do, and you're keeping me from doing that job."

#22 Re: The Newest Soul CLOSED COMPLETED on Mon Jul 29, 2013 6:54 am


Miss Kiyomi, be reasonable; if I had intended to eat you or anything... why would I bother to help you find the pendant?.... you know you do t stand a chance against me, I am an evolved hollow with powers far greater than the average hollow. Please understand that I do enjoy your presence.

Anamist spoke in a stern voice as he looked down on Mio, along with releasing a sudden striking power that was hidden probably for the same reason. His form began to change along with his inner power growing forward that made Mio shiver where she stood unable to move from her physical position. Both his hair and eye's began to turn into a bloodish red that began to glow, but his "spiritual power" was what struck her down the most.

Feeling as if being crushed by multiple thorns upon her from above it was even a bit hard to breathe where she stood before the young boy caught up with them once again. She suddenly felt her back being pushed forward out of the alley and onto the sidewalk. Tripping over herself she landed on her chest with a large cracking sound from underneath her, slowly getting up she can see the crystal shatter onto the pavement and only left the silver decor connected to the string around her neck. But what she care more about was if she was going to survive whatever was happening before her.

#23 Re: The Newest Soul CLOSED COMPLETED on Mon Jul 29, 2013 1:15 pm


Anamist did not bother to stop the shinigami from pushing past him, if he intended to escape with the human girl... Anamist would be sad but he would let them go. However the shinigami had knocked the girl down and broken her pendant... even now he was ready with the hikt of his sword to strike Anamist down. Anamist was a polite and respectable person even if he was a hollow by nature, but ill-manners always brought out the worst in him.

If that is how you want it Shinigami, then I will fulfill your desire. Your kind has always hunted me without trying to understand. Its stab first and ask questions later.

Anamist held out his open palm and a wisp of crimson riaetsu formed a katana in his hand, the same thing happened in the hand behind his back- hidden from sight. Anamist would let the shinigami make the first move, Anamist thought it impolite to attack his foe without any warning or provocation.

Come at me then shinigami, see if you fair better than all those others who would not listen and are no longer here to testify!

His voice was meant to be insulting and angry, but he could not help but feel sorrow at the same time. He glancdd over at the human girl to see if she was badly hurtit was never good to take your eyes off of a foe, but Anamist wanted to see that this girl remained unharmed.

#24 Re: The Newest Soul CLOSED COMPLETED on Mon Jul 29, 2013 9:46 pm


Shinsuke didn't bother to look back at the girl. He heard some kind of clicking noise but it didn't sound like bone, which was good. Off the corner of his eye he could tell that she was safe, and that nothing seemed off with her. That was also good; Shinsuke was in charge of whether she was alive or not, what happened to her jewelry was no concern to him. Shinsuke kept his eyes focused on Animist's glasses. It seemed like the appropriate place for him to aim toward if it was true what Shinsuke believed; that they were actually his mask.

Shinsuke reached three steps forward pushing his sword from its sheath, and reaching his right hand over to grab the handle. Then, before Anamist could react, Shinsuke used Shunpo, quickly moving toward the wall slightly pushing himself up so that he then stood at least five feet in the air against the wall.

"I'm sorry we couldn't get along" Shinsuke lamented "maybe in another life, when you're not so... hollow-y"

His words meant little but a distraction. In front of Anamist was a spiderweb-like string, Shinsuke's reiatsu string. It looked no different from that of a spider web, and was little more significant, but Shinsuke had a plan with it.

Still on the wall, Shinsuke's zanpakuto pushed back into its sheath, he held his hand forward.

"Hado number one! Sho!" A circular screen of white light shot forth from Shinsuke's right hand and was aimed toward Anamist. While Shinsuke was intent on hitting, he did not use full force, only wishing to incapacitate his foe so that he could get more answers without the risk of his own life.

#25 Re: The Newest Soul CLOSED COMPLETED on Wed Jul 31, 2013 11:27 pm


Mio slowly began to rise from the ground, from onto her knees and slowly making her way up onto her feet through the force of their spiritual forces pressing against her own. She didn't know how to explain it but it felt as if something was trying bring itself out from within her as well as their power pressing down on her. Large thumps began to occur that she assumed only she noticed as the two began to look at each other ready to exchange blows. Her chest feeling like it'll rip apart before her head started to ache.

She toppled over onto the brick wall that was on the right building near the entrance of the alleyway. Placing her hand onto her forehead as it continued to thump as if about to explode, before listening to something that sounded like a large crack that appeared within her head. Stopping her movement completely before her eyes widened slightly from the sudden power rush she was given from some kind of energy within herself and allowed her to push forward even more through the shinigami and hollow as they spoke to each other.


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