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#11 Re: The Newest Soul CLOSED COMPLETED on Sat Jul 20, 2013 12:21 pm


The young lady had introduced herself even before the butler had properly introduced himself: this was quite the predicament, it was only proper that the gentleman should have introduced himself first. He bowed again at the waist and smiled more friendly as one arm was stretched across his chest and the other was held out in a display of elegance and good manners.

A pleasure, Miss Kiyomi Mio. Please forgive my rudeness for not introducing myself earlier, I must have startled you when I offered to help so suddenly. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Anamist Souigetsu: Primera to some and butler to all.

Now that the pleasantries had been done, Anamist felt better about himself and the situation. Suddenly a strange presence caught his attention, he frowned- it was far too early in the day for any shinigami to be out and about.. seemingly distracted, he pulled out his dazzling watch from his pocket and checked the time just to make sure. He noticed Shinsuke enter the shop and look around half-heartedly, the appearance of this person seemed human enough, but he reeked of shinigami. Anamist had no problems with shinigami in general, but it seemed they had something against him and his kin as a whole.

Anamist was enjoying the time with this human girl and wished not to drag her into an ageless conflict, he busied himself to pretend not to notice Shinsuke looking around- instead he was trying to help Kiyomi look for something that she might like. he had been studying the girl and now the new male in the room, he noticed the piece of jewelry that Kiyomi had suddenly caught interest in; though her attention was turned away when this man suddenly put a necklace around her neck.

If there was one thing that bothered Anamist the most, it was impolite actions, ill manners or plain rudeness. A gentleman does not simply walk up behind an unknown woman and be as presumptuous as to put jewelry on her. Anamist's temper flared for a brief moment underneath his smile, his powerful riaetsu seeping out for a brief moment before he suppressed it to nearly invisible again.

Please, kind sir- it is quite rude to walk upon a lady in such a manner and put jewelry on her without her consent. I do believe that this pendant would suit her much better.

He purposefully reached down and picked up the pendant that had caught her attention previously, he held it up in the dim sunlight that managed to seep in through the window and refracted brilliant light combined with the neon sign. Anamist pushed his black glasses up the bridge of his nose again with his elegant white gloves and glanced over at the fat clerk.

How much for this pendant?

He purposefully asked and not the girl, because he wanted to intimidate the man and not give him the chance to swindle the young lady.

Uhh uhh.. today only 30% off

Even with the 30% off deal, the pendant was quite expensive, but it was a true work of art and Anamist could not help but admit that it really was worth that much or more. It could easily sell for a whole week's worth of a job: Anamist looked at the girl, he was not judging her...but he was quite certain that she did not have that much money.

Miss, allow me to buy this: consider it an apology for not introducing myself properly when we first met.

Anamist would not have it any other way; in all honesty, the pendant matched the young lady quite well and it would be a shame to see her spend all her hard earned money and still not get what she desired. He held the pendant up in one hand in front of her and his other hand behind his back, his concealed hand produced a dull red glow briefly as a stack of cash appeared in his hand. He pretended to pull it from a pocket and then counted it just for the sake of appearance before handing it to the clerk.

Anamist was always a schemer and careful thinker, his actions had been tri-fold: one to get the young lady what she desired, two to undermine Shinsuke's ill-manners, and three to provide himself an opportunity to see how Shinsuke would react to a small release in riaetsu. Anamist continued to smile his friendly façade and he set the pendant in Kiyomi's hand and closed her grip around it.

Please, I am a wealthy butler and have little desire for tangible things in this human world: I get true joy from seeing beauty complement with beauty- you owe me nothing but a chance to see you wear the pendant.

#12 Re: The Newest Soul CLOSED COMPLETED on Sat Jul 20, 2013 8:06 pm


Whoever this weirdly dressed foreigner was, he was quite powerful and his power definitely felt like that of a hollow. Shinsuke saw that this man was smiling, but was too dense to really figure out why. Perhaps there was some kind of clever trick up the man's sleeve that he wanted. Maybe he was actually a nice guy. Shinsuke couldn't know for sure.

Anamist, as he introduced himself seemed to be put off by Shinsuke's actions. While he was taught etiquette back at the academy, it was quite a boring class and four years was enough to forget everything. Then again, this other guy seemed like he had the manners of a noble from the eighteenth century.

"Oh, I'm sorry" Shinsuke smiled embarrassingly "Did that bother you? Young miss? Possible David Bowie impersonator?" The David Bowie impersonator seemed to refer to himself as something called a "Primera". It seemed like a gaijin word, but probably simply because it was difficult for Shinsuke to pronounce in his superior Nippon dialect. "P-Pu-lee-may-la" Shinsuke mumbled trying to get the pronunciation right. If the man really was a hollow, Shinsuke would have obviously had to notify the soul society.

But maybe it was just something weird about the guy's glasses. Then again, glasses don't emit hollow-like spiritual energy- but there was only one way to be sure.

Shinsuke smiled nervously as he reached into his pocket and quickly popped a pill into his mouth. Out of the human body popped a ghostly figure that was the real Shinsuke, a figure of about the same height wearing a black kimono with a green tank top and blue trousers. The cloth looked a bit baggy on Shinsuke. Instead of human ears, it was the fox ears that Shinsuke was actually used to.

In his spirit form he moved passed his gigai and lunged toward the man's glasses. Hopefully in that form, no one would notice him. Shinsuke grabbed the glasses and pulled them back allowing them to fall. All the while, his gigai moved on to flirt with the girl.

#13 Re: The Newest Soul CLOSED COMPLETED on Sun Jul 21, 2013 12:59 am


A pleasure, Miss Kiyomi Mio. Please forgive my rudeness for not introducing myself earlier, I must have startled you when I offered to help so suddenly. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Anamist Souigetsu: Primera to some and butler to all.

She stood there as he spoke in his usual and polite tone being the butler that he was, he was no joke and took it very seriously. She nodded as he spoke his name before giving him a gentle smile.

"It was no problem, you were just being helpful was all and I'm glad you came out of your way to help me."

She replied toward him before getting attacked from behind by a unknown figure, seemingly placing a necklace around her throat before she had anytime to react and just stood there frightened with her eyes widening slightly and clenching her fist before he spoke.

"Is this what you're looking for?"

He asked sounding puzzled but what was more frightening was his power and he held it tightly within himself, it seemed he was something that she's felt before but something far deep into her mind that it actually hurt a bit to recall of the memory. She turned her head slightly to the right to get a better view of the person, and he seemed not all dangerous probably a student around her age just trying to get closer to the group that was of herself, Anamist and the clerk.

"No thank you, but thanks for asking."

She said slowly removing the necklace from around her neck and placing it onto the counter. She listened to Anamist speak to the boy in a stern voice, probably because he didn't like how he was acting, but he was a young guy they do many things without thinking and suddenly went for the pendant that she was eying at for a while. With puppy dog eyes she watched carefully at Anamist holding the pendant hoping that nothing bad will happen to it within his hands. The boy apologized to Mio for placing the necklace onto her without permission.

"No its fine, I'm guessing you just wanted to help was all."

She said still eying the pendant as Anamist spoke to the clerk behind the counter that mentioned a 30% off deal with the pendant. She placed her hand on her chin, thinking it over within her head, it wasn't idea to come here after all and she might be able to save some money while she's at it as well. Though before she had any time to answer him or take the money from her pocket Anamist spoke again.

Miss, allow me to buy this: consider it an apology for not introducing myself properly when we first met. Please, I am a wealthy butler and have little desire for tangible things in this human world: I get true joy from seeing beauty complement with beauty- you owe me nothing but a chance to see you wear the pendant.

Mio was shocked at his good nature but this was going to far as to pay for something she wanted just because he forgot to introduce himself properly. It was something that she couldn't allow and wouldn't allow. She acted quickly removing the money from the greedy clerks hands already starting to count it before placing it back within Anamist's hands and taking the pendant from him.

"I'm sorry but I couldn't allow you to do something like that, it wouldn't be right if I continue to abuse your kindness for helping me this far and I'd appreciate it if you understood and allowed me to pay for my own expenses."

She spoke to him in a stern voice as she suddenly struggled to remove the money she was given from her pocket before placing it on the counter for the clerk to snatch it away probably mad from the money grabbed right from under him. She ignored the clerk before the mysterious boy began to flirt with her for some unknown reason, making her back away slightly trying to gain some space between them

#14 Re: The Newest Soul CLOSED COMPLETED on Sun Jul 21, 2013 12:43 pm


Of course... this "highschool" boy was a shinigami, Anamist knew right away when the boy used one of those gigai pills to substitute his physical body. The shinigami had not quite thought this through however; what if Anamist were hostile... which no doubt that Anamist figured he was against a hollow like himself. The shinigami had left his physical body and taken spirit form, Anamist pretended not to noticed he hoped the shinigami would be fooled and be convinced he was "normal"

The shinigami had other ideas though, he had suddenly grabbed the glasses on Anamist's face.... a very rude gesture that Anamist would not overlook with a mere smile. Fortunate for him, the glasses were attached to his face and the shinigami had only managed to pull Anamist's face downward. Anamist's face suddenly jerked from the "invisible" force and he pretended to play it off as a nod of understanding to Kiyomi's words. He respected her decision.

Anamist turned sideways as he grabbed the shinigami's hand and twisted it with inhuman strength before attempting to toss the spirit form through the wall. He glanced at the shinigami from his side view and glared at him briefly as be tossed the shinigami.

A shinigami should have more manners than to rudely assault someone.

To the humans who could not see spiritual things, it would look like an explosion. However Kiyomi had the ability to see ghosts, right?

#15 Re: The Newest Soul CLOSED COMPLETED on Sun Jul 21, 2013 10:18 pm


So as to avoid causing any collateral damage in the human world, Shinsuke made a quick air recovery just barely tipping the glass as he used his hands to push himself forward, keeping him from moving back any further. This man with hollow energywas strong, perhaps just as strong as Shinsuke was, maybe even stronger. Whatever the case, Shinsuke had to be careful. Though, he didn't seem too hostile.

The glasses attached to the man's face seemed to be just that- attached to his face. Perhaps they could be his hollow mask- albeit a very small hollow mask that didn't cover the man's face. This made another good note for Shinsuke to return to the Soul Society.

"A shinigami should have more manners than to rudely assault someone."

Said the man. Shinsuke felt the need to attack the man- perhaps cause the ending of a few lives. Who was to know how many lives the man had taken in the human world. But the man was not acting with malicious intent. In fact he seemed quite casual. But his hollow energy put Shinsuke off. He didn't want to ignore it but he felt like he had to.

"Sorry, just doing my job"

Shinsuke as a Shinigami had to investigate all paranormal activity which happened in his work place. While the Soul Society had not sent him any warning of a strong spiritual presence. Was he perhaps a shinigami himself? One of the 'vizard' which Shinsuke had heard about? Whatever it was Shinsuke couldn't take it too lightly, but he wasn't sure what to do.

He could confront the man, but he also couldn't. A lesson Shinsuke had learned as a Shinigami was that he shouldn't rush in to fight without really knowing his enemy. But at the same time, he couldn't just have a nice quiet interview with the man. Could he?

"So... Anamist right?"

Shinsuke leaped back into his body, coughing out the small pill, then putting it back into his pocket before anyone could notice.

"The name's Yojime."

Shinsuke held out both his hands, gesturing a hand shake from both the girl and the man. He did not give his first name, however.

"Nice to meet you" he smiled.

#16 Re: The Newest Soul CLOSED COMPLETED on Fri Jul 26, 2013 12:19 am


OOC: Sorry guys for the long wait guys, I have college on Mondays and Tuesdays and so I was just really tired on Wednesday so I just took it easy. But now I'm ready so I should post more regularly till Monday again.


Mio saw Anamist nod toward her in an oddly fashion but at least she knew that he was ok with what she wanted to do. She smiled looking toward the pendant within her hands before placing it around her neck, with the necklace itself a bit leaving the pendant to lay on her chest a bit, cause her to puff her cheeks in annoyance before trying to adjust the length of it before witnessing a man floating toward Anamist before he took hold of him and threw him to the wall only to stop him self by bouncing off the wall to propel himself and reduce collateral damage. Anamist spoke to the man in reference to a shinigami or death god and what did this "shinigami" mean by doing his job?

Mio's eye's widened from this crazy situation that didn't seem to explain itself and rushed to grab hold of the boy in front of her trying to help him escape as it seemed he wasn't able to see them seeing as he still continued to flirt with her before noticing the resemblance within the two and releasing the boy in front of her and began to walk further away from them all.

"Errm...Umm...thank you for the pendant...."

She said stuttering as she spoke before rushing out of the store and running through the alley way.

#17 Re: The Newest Soul CLOSED COMPLETED on Fri Jul 26, 2013 1:38 am


This shinigami was interesting, even if he was a bit inexperienced. Anamist was not too keenon having a battle with a shinigami at the mmoment- he wished to not drag a human girl into this ageless dispute.

I am Anamist Souigetsu, an arrancar of the hollow race. The Red Butler.

Anamist was not at all too surprised at Kiyomi's reaction, he was only a little surprised that she had been able to see the shinigami in his spiritual form.. Anamist knew the girl had an unusually high spiritual power. Still... he did not wish to leave the meeting between them as it was suddenly. Anamist glanced at the shinigami for a second before disappearing from vision.

In an instance, Anamist was in front of Kiyomi and blocked her path. He smiled his masked smile and held out a white gloved hand to the girl for her to take.

Please Miss Kiyomi, don't be afraid of what you just saw... there are worse things here than a shinigami with a sword...

#18 Re: The Newest Soul CLOSED COMPLETED on Fri Jul 26, 2013 2:27 am


Shinsuke continued his handshake, the sweat of his gigai soaking Anamist's glove. The boy boy smiled nonetheless.

So his hypothesis was true and this Anamist individual was infact a hollow and if that were true his glasses must actually be a hollow mask. The reason for why he was called the Red Butler though was obvious: He had red hair and was dressed as a butler. Nothing too clever there.

Nervously, Shinsuke tried to start a conversation. Perhaps if he could keep the hollow there for a little bit, it would at least be a second less for it to be slaughtering and eating humans. However, If "Souigetsu" was his last name, it would have been unusual. Shinsuke had never before met a hollow with a last name; they were usually just words often with double letters; more notes for Shinsuke to give the Seireitei.

"So... Anamist. Is that with a double n or a double m?" Shinsuke squeaked twiddling his fingers.

#19 Re: The Newest Soul CLOSED COMPLETED on Sat Jul 27, 2013 2:13 am


Stopping at the entrance of the alley she began to breath heavily with her chest pumping while looking both ways on the sidewalk hoping that she could get away without having to much trouble, well more then she already was. This mysterious little play through was getting to be to much for her to handle, her heart couldn't take it as if she was placed in some kind of fantasy setting and what she saw was actually a ghost, but it seemed that Anamist could see it as well, let alone speak to it and make physical contact with the thing.

Clenching her fist she knew the only thing she could do for now is rush back home and act like nothing happened in the first place. Before taking a step forward Anamist suddenly appeared without notice making her bump into his chest. Jumping back she fixed her glasses upon her nose before looking back at Anamist.

"I'm warning you! I know how to defend myself so just leave me be and go continue being what ever arrancar's from some houlluw's race somewhere else!"

She shouted, not knowing what to say and her fear just took flight through her mouth.

OOC: I didn't misspell Hollow's just so we're clear XD

#20 Re: The Newest Soul CLOSED COMPLETED on Sun Jul 28, 2013 9:12 am


Anamist was not one for brutish thinking or pointless violence, but even he understood the need for occasionally letting nature answer some questions. Anamist crossed his arms in the middle of the street and blocked Kiyomi from escaping- he was certain the shinigami would have things to say momentarily. Anamist looked into Kiyomi's scared but fierce fighting spirit, she was motivated to fight even if she didn't believe she could win.

Anamist revealed more of his hollowific form, appearing less human than he had previously. He red hair took on its unnatural likeness to the color blood and his eyes glowed with a evil red that he had been suppressing up until this point. He let a considerable amount of riaetsu flow out and encompass the human girl- surely his heavy spiritual powers would prevent the human from moving... she would feel weighed down and sense the gnawing hunger of his aspect of death.

Miss Kiyomi, be reasonable; if I had intended to eat you or anything... why would I bother to help you find the pendant?.... you know you do t stand a chance against me, I am an evolved hollow with powers far greater than the average hollow. Please understand that I do enjoy your presence.

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