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on Tue Nov 22, 2011 7:17 am


A large castle like structure that stands in the city. The Castle is european stile it stands 4 stories high. It is surrounded by a barrier that protects it from the weathering in the harshest weather. The barrier also sends a signal to Glass's cell phone if someone enters or if the barrier is shut down or if it is tampered with.  This gothic stile building has many hidden secret rooms, within it's confounds. There are many traps in the castle once you get it witch can be easily avoided if you have the right know how. There are two humans who have been hired to patrol around the building. They are not allowed within the building. Entrance to the building is granted by Glass. It is rather a large building, and also half of the castle is under ground.

The moon hangs high over the castle. A faint ringing can be heard coming from within. One of the guards pockets. He picks up the phone and there is a pause "I under stand, yes miss glass" Only  One side of the convocation can be heard. The guard hangs up the phone and puts it back in his pocket, and walks over to the other. "Miss glass, and her companion are in the park there not sure when they will be back.  She was just checking in on us." He says. They continue walking around the building. Clouds start to roll in as it gets ready to snow.


on Tue Nov 22, 2011 7:40 am


"I understand," Cobalt said, his words low even for his deep voice. A whole in the surveillance system had been strategically calculated by judging the camera's detection abilities and their scope. Though the range was deep, their positioning was absolutely perfect. Though, the guards and the estimated defenses were mighty enough that Cobalt had been told that it could very well be a danger to approach without the proper motivation.

Cobalt's vehicle wasn't that far off, tactfully designed to match the treeline excellently, as well as certain anti-spy cloaks that would prevent heat, sound, and sonar style analysis devices. Cobalt came here fully prepared, though for what? Pocketing his phone, his mission was in his own head. What had he been sent here for? He wasn't a spy. He wasn't a military officer. He wasn't any sort of government agent or some terrorist. Cobalt was here for a "benefical plan for the betterment of others", well, that is what the plan is called.

Cobalt had managed to slip through the castle security, having a small little thumb drive that would have allowed the sensory instruments to mistake him for a buzzing fly or something around that size. Technology wasn't exactly Cobalt's forte, but he did have some of the best that humans could offer. Not, that these human mechanisms would do much against certain individuals, that was for sure.

"Ahem," Cobalt would clear his throat, to ensure he had the attention of the guards. Whether they caught him or not, there wouldn't have been any reading or signal or alarm to warm of his approach. Now though, if there were any cameras, he would definitely be on video.


on Tue Nov 22, 2011 8:00 am


The human guards cell phone rings agin. He picks it up quickly he pauses before replying "I will send the limousine for you then." He nods at the other guard, and the guard runs across the street and into the parking garage across the street. This was where they kept the cars.

Moments later he is peeling out of the parking garage the. He knows that if Glass is kept waiting in the cold too long he might be fired. The car dives off into the direction of the park speeding past other cars. The guard hangs up the phone. He goes to the door ready to great Glass. The cold wind blows on the back of his neck. He hugs him self trying to stay warm. Snow builds on the streets.

ooc: naturally even with speeding this would take a while so you have the next post before they would get back.


on Tue Nov 22, 2011 8:09 am


"Huh," Cobalt would say, unable to be disappointed in the guards lack of vigilance. Cobalt pulled out a gun from his coat pocket and, as the guard was standing there, almost in a daze, Cobalt took aim. It didn't take him long to fire. The gun had a nice, thin silencer on and it was a great deal lighter than his favored gun, which was in a holster at his back. This was a tranquilizer gun and, if it hit the guard right in the neck where he was aiming, the guard would be out like a light. Though, this was a fairly ordinary tranq gun. If this guy wasn't a legitimate human it probably wouldn't work.

Cobalt walked, shadowed by the looming darkness and unfettered by the cool night air, as he made his way to the entryway that stood wide open. All he had to do was hear the thump of the incapacitated guard and step right into the castle. However, it wouldn't all end with walking in. No. It definitely would be that easy. Unfortunately for Cobalt, getting passed the security measures outside was as far as his intelligence went. Despite all the measures he had to slip in, staying in would be all on his own abilities and limited equipment.


on Tue Nov 22, 2011 8:30 am


A car can be heard off in the distance. It approaches quickly the driver tries to slow down, but the ice on the road was not helping. "Driver ditch the car it's not worth your life," she calmly says, "we will buy another." Before she opens the door she fusses with her doll. She opens the door and hopes out. When she lands she does not even stumble. She looks back and sees her driver had jumped out of the car a long time ago. She forms an invisible gun with her hand and points it at him. Spiritual pressure build up in her hand. "Bang" she whispers and moments later the human drive goes flying back. "That will teach you to ditch before i say you can." She walk the rest of the way to the house she will be at the door next post she is just right down the street. Moments later the car crashes into a distant building. "Darn that was a good car," she says in a cheery mood.


on Tue Nov 22, 2011 8:35 am


Cobalt made his way inside. Knocking the guard unconscious was easy enough and, from the get go, there wasn't anything major that was in his way. The guards too had to get through this passage, so there probably wasn't anything too bad at the very beginning. However, the deeper Cobalt went in the more traps and contraptions would show up.

Cobalt had already tucked his gun away, having taken the dart out of the neck of the last guard. It would look like the guard was as passed out as he really was. Getting in was a lot easier than Cobalt would have thought. Cobalt crossed his arms, carefully walking through the grand castle halls. When would the first trap set? Cobalt was starting to think this place was more docile than he first figured. Anything minor he would take care of before it became a huge problem.

Cobalt reached some stairs and, if nothing was up with them, he would make his way up them. The highest point in the castle was his aim.


on Tue Nov 22, 2011 9:01 am


The second he steps on the stairs they all fall apart all at once. The halls behind him start to get closed off by falling ston walls starting far away from him each a meter thick. At the top of the stairs he hears a bang. Speakers can be herd all throughout the house making hi pitch bat like noises. This is happening all over the castle. Then the loudest bang of all comes off from the distance witch was a 5 meter thick stone wall. The second floor was composed only of walls that would drop down.

Hearing the alarm Glass runs and pushed a stone that opens up an entire new entrance the other entrance was a false opening. She walks down to the monitor room in the basement. Once down there she would be able to see every square inch within the false part of the castle. She walks down the stairs to the basement figuring he is not going any where. All that she can wonder is how far he got into the castle. There was pressure plates all throughout the castle it would be rare for someone to make it to the stairs. The slightest tap on them would set them off tho.


on Tue Nov 22, 2011 9:09 am


Cobalt jumped into the air, losing contact with the collapsing stairs as a small wisp of energy appeared with each jump. Weightless? That's what it appeared as Cobalt no longer needed solid ground to leap to the top portion of the trapped stairs. Cobalt would look down at the extremely hollow cannon that was once a grand stairwell.

What a waste of money, The thought was the first that registered as Cobalt watched as furniture, finely polished wood and fresh carpet was all crushed, smashed and torn apart as it self-destructed by one mistep. Even if the individual was wealthy, it was still such a showy waste of resources. Looks like there's not much above me, Cobalt would look around before he caught the all familiar camera.

Cobalt pulled up his jacket and dusted off the shoulders. I could have miscalculated when I thought the owner was up, Cobalt was looking as high as he could. How tall was this castle? Cobalt, standing upon the open air, a mere human even, crossed his arms as he thought for a moment.

Then, looking down, Cobalt decided to drop right down towards all the collapsed stairs and traps. If it would make things easier, Cobalt would simply disable all these tedious traps from their base. He was headed for the floor of the first floor.


on Tue Nov 22, 2011 9:23 am


Once at the bottom he notices that the wrecked stairs had reviled a door. As he goes back down to the first floor, Glass is sitting down at a desk in the monitor room. "WOW, he made it to the stairs," Glass says surprised. Glass takes out a microphone that is synced with the castles speaker system. "Welcome, why did you enter this place," she asks friendly? She is thinking of how she can disable him with out hurting him too bad. She hates that if he opens that door it could end him. Tho she is not worried enough that she would tell him not too. From her control room she could control the entire castle. There not much she can do for she does not want to get him hurt.


on Tue Nov 22, 2011 9:31 am


"I'm looking for a-" Cobalt said, landing on the ground next to the door to the stairs. Traps huh. Cobalt slipped his hand in his coat and pulled out a gun again. As he held that gun in his hand that warm orange energy started to erupt out of his body appearing almost like an aura of fire of the purest, cleanest orange.

"A woman named Glass," With that, Cobalt would well his spiritual energy into that gun and a massive missile of a bullet would fly straight into that trap door, crashing through it with the intent to disable anything and everything in its way. Cobalt would be ready to jump away, in the case of an explosion or some free flying arrows. Though he wasn't the fastest in the world, he still was quick enough for something like that. No reason to walk around carelessly now. Not when his sources had clearly explained the danger in this situation.

"I have a proposition," Cobalt would say that a little lower, though his deep, bass voice would carry the words easier. He had a strong, rugged voice that only seemed to emphasize the mature body that he held. Cobalt was no child. If nothing came from the trap door or from landing down on the floor once again, Cobalt would look back up at the ceiling. The highest room. Wasn't that the typical cliche? Not the gungy, dark basement? Cobalt was still mulling over which location to inspect and, despite the stairwell he just blasted clean open with his "super bullet", he was still tempted to go up and not down.

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