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on Wed Nov 23, 2011 3:49 am


OOC: If no one minds or objects I'll be posting in here from now on as well.


Bounto? Ha ha ha The last of my bount subjects escaped. A looming shadow in the dark schemed sinisterly as he watched. His brown eyes flickered green for a moment, he was getting too excited. He raised his hand and rubbed his sharp fingers against the wood. Blood from a nearby hollow fell down into the snow and lingered there for a moment. The good doctor steps on the dripping blood and heads towards the innocent fellow. The purple puss that had grown from his full bring receded into his skin before he stood over Keoni. He had a crooked and devious expression his intentions were undoubtedly sinister.

"What an interesting sculpture you have there. It's is soo well crafted and artfully created. You must be a college student around here?" The good doctor admired Keoni's obsession. He looked over towards the departing vehicle from which he felt a mysterious energy. It seemed like he had just another specimen escape. That was something he would not soon forget. Before making a move the good doctor was going to find out where Keoni's doll was. Many of his abductions were botched because they could activate their dolls while even bound up.


on Wed Nov 23, 2011 4:07 am


A forbidding shadow replaced the skin. Sure, the sky had already been dreary but...maybe the clouds were trying to warn people about storm..? Glancing up and seeing a man's face, he leapt making. "Sorry!  My bad, I... did 't realize you were there." Keoni informed the man, with a bright smile drowning his face. "College~?" This man thought he looked like a college kid?! Even if he was lying, Keoni would pretend like he was actually confused for a college student.

"No. I'm in high school." Technically Keoni wasn't lying; he was attending a public school online. "Thanks." Keoni was one go take a compliment when they were given. "It's not nearly as great as the real thing though..." Keoni whispered under his breath as his attention returned to the snowman. If the man listened well enough, he's hear a irritating ticking coming from around Keoni's neck, where a golden pocket watch rested under the snowsuit.


on Wed Nov 23, 2011 4:34 am


(If no one minds i be joining in on the RPing)
Now here i was just walking around in the park looking for a few places to do a bit of free running in once it warmed up a bit. And i was also getting strange looks from people it must be because of the cloths that i am wearing they would be considered light for the weather i had my fav cloths on with a jacket thrown over them open of corse and i was thinking of going t go and get something to eat when out of the corner of my eye i see a man and a boy talking there also a snowman that the boy must of made but something tells me to stay and keep a watch on these two and see what happens.


on Wed Nov 23, 2011 5:15 am


The good doctor stepped out of the way when young Keoni jumped. He had no intention of surprising the young lad or maybe he did. He pinched down onto his chin and listened carefully. His brow eyes boring right into Keoni's skull. The good doctor didn't care for anything this boy had to say he was more interested in the inner makings of his body and his doll. His crooked grin faded into a reassuring smile, "Its fine I didn't mean to startle you. So who is this person you admire soo dearly?" The good doctor questioned trying to get a bit more information out of Keoni.

When he heard the sound of jingling his eyes flickered green for a moment. The excitement was raising and he couldn't contain himself. His fingers were tingling at the thought of dissecting this boy. Of the wondrous things he knew he was going to learn. His eyes roll up as though they were gonna go into the back of his head. For a moment he was high off of euphoria but it was all destroyed instantly.

The good doctor peered over his shoulder at the overseer. This guy had come at the worst time. He couldn't have his trouble ruined by an onlooker. His eyes searched the area for something he needed more on this boy. He couldn't simply ask to take himself that would destroy his cover. The good doctor never sweat, he turned to Keoni his smile unwavering.

College students, and high school students were driven by one thing. If this boy was driven passed obsession this man had to be an entertainer. "Where is your obses-your friend now?" The doctor nearly slipped and made Keoni's obsession clear. The good doctor was gonna wait and see what this onlooker did before make a hasty decision.


on Wed Nov 23, 2011 5:26 am


What a kind-hearted and interesting stranger~! Modern people really worried too much and stranger danger. After all, a stranger is just someone you haven't meet yet. "Cobalt Baltic. He's this really young, successful businessman. "Only twenty-one and he already had an amazing job..." Keoni explained, the warm smile still on his face. Staring up, transfixed by the snowman, Keoni let out a happy, relaxed sigh. "But... he used to be in the circus and he was amazing~!"

Keoni pointed at the snowman's mouth. "He'd spit fire and swallow swords without harming himself!" Keoni began to circle the snowman, itching to see Cobalt again. Even if he wasn't talking to Cobalt, just looking at him would be enough. "I... don't exactly know..." A look of bewilderment spread across his face.'Why the heck didn't he know?! "But... I can find out where he is..! That's what the internet's for~"


on Wed Nov 23, 2011 6:07 am


hmmm that man there for all i know he could be the kids father but i don't think so i am getting a bad vibe from this guy and i can't do anything unless this guy make a wrong move but he not going to do anything while i stand here. with that thought in mind i look for some were that i can release my fullbring with out being seen then i spot a group of trees not to far away so i head towards them and enter but keep my senses train on the man and the boy and to make sure that the man doesn't sense my rise in Reiatsu if he can i mask it and release my fullbring and activate the cloak of the shadow dragon and become nearly invisible and i slowly moved out of the trees mindful of the fact that the snow will show where i stand.


on Wed Nov 23, 2011 6:35 am


The good doctors generously warm smile never left his face. Keoni was making this all too easy, he was like a fountain of information. He figured if he asked Keoni for his social security number he would tell him. For now the conversation was going in a wonderful direction. "He sounds like a really interesting person I would love to watch him perform. Come to think of it I think a person like that moved here, to Japan. I can't remember." The good doctor kept the conversation going springing the young lad along.

Feeling it was time to introduce himself the good doctor looked up into the sky. "Ah here I am asking about your life. My names is Ubimino Hakase, I'm an aspiring doctor. I would really like to solve all this worlds problems." He revealed being a bit optimistic. After his own introduction he started to walk around the snow man for closer inspection. "This is very well done as I said from before. But it needs a name plate." He insisted as he walked over to a tree. Upon reaching the tree he reached up and grabbed a branch pulling it off.

He looked in the mysterious individuals direction and his eyes flickered green long enough for him to notice. The doctor was politely trying to scare this individual off. Any human would freak out at the sight of green eyes. He wasn't sure what this person was or what he wanted, but he needed to leave. Taking the branch back over to the snow man he wrote the name Cobalt Baltic in the snow. "There we go it should be perfect now." The good doctor commended as he tossed the stick over his shoulder towards that individuals location.


on Wed Nov 23, 2011 6:51 am


Keoni nodded in agreement. "He is and his American accent... Well, it's cool, you know?" Keoni explained. Cobalt... The young bount wanted nothing more then go converse with the stunning man again. Would it he impolite if he randomly showed up at Cobalt's house or hotel..? Or... he could always attempt sneaking into his place and waiting until he appeared. His thoughts were stolen away by the man's words. "Moved here..?" Keoni lunged forward and went to reach up to grab the man's shoulders. If he managed to grab him, he would rampantly start shaking the man. "Where?! You don't understand... I have to know!" 

Keoni would soon release the man and listen to his introduction. "I'm Keoni." He greeted, touched by this man's profession. "A doctor? Well, the world does have a lot of problems it needs solved. Like... cancer... Wouldn't it be great if that could be cured..?" Keoni glanced at the snowman's title and smiled. Meeting two amazing people today was, well, amazing. Keoni was reassured to know kind people still existed.


on Wed Nov 23, 2011 5:08 pm


I see the man turn to me then his eye flash green.
Wait could he be a demon.... no he hasn't the Reiatsu for it but i wonder it would be good to know what he is. then when the man was finish with the stick that he got he throw it towards me does he know where i am no he must be guessing but then i get the feeling that he will not do anything while i am here so i got to get away to a point were he can't see me but i can still keep an eye on them and see how this turns out. so i look around till i see a old building that would hide me but still let me see what going on so i head over there.


on Thu Nov 24, 2011 1:17 am


The good doctor was startled when he was grabbed but nevertheless he was happy. This was an excellent excuse for them to leave this park. His everlasting smile vanished, his face was no riddled with curiosity. He scratched his head and looked down at the snow. "Can I help you find him? Maybe we can ask if he'll do another performance?" The good doctor suggested halfheartedly. He was playing on this boys heart strings and he knew it. Whatever it took he was going to get himself a new specimen at the end of the day. This was also a chance for him to see the pendant around his neck. Pointing at it the good doctor raised a finger to his own lip. "Huh whats that?" He inquired naturally wanting to know what it was.

Even though things were going great here there was something bothering him. Their onlooker would he follow continually or would he go away eventually. This seemed like a pretty honest and natural conversation between a demon and a human. If he was going to slay him for being a hollow he would've done it already. The good doctor was sure this wasn't a shinigami or a vizard. They would've made their move already, possibly it was another with a devious goal. To try and reveal the hidden danger the doctor started to look around frantically. "Does it feel like someones watching us?" He pondered out loud. This was to make himself seem innocent and possibly make a stalker run away.

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