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#1 A Pleasant Day To Rule CLOSED on Fri Jul 12, 2013 7:14 pm


Anamist sat upon the extravagant throne in the center of the floating fortress- this throne was pure white and made of some ancient bone, it was neatly carved and decorated with bands of gold and crimson cushions. The surface of the throne was smooth and always warm, no matter how long it had been since anyone sat in it: this was the throne of the Primera. All around the room were hollow knights, they served as the first line of defense in the fortress and served Anamist's every need- they had followed him after he had turned over Soul Society to the shinigami; he still remembered the bewildered looks on their faces.

The whole throne room of New Los Noches was that of an off-white with black outlining- the whole scenery looked like something from a dimensional rift where depth perception and reality barely mattered. Directly in front of the throne down a set of long steps was a long white table with ten tall white chairs around it- this was the table where the Espada would gather and discuss some things of importance, but this was not their main meeting area.

Anamist turned to one of his servants who immediately bowed and placed their left fist across their chest and their head bowed- these knights were ever-loyal and eager to serve.

Send out messengers, I would like to seethe remainder of the Espada.

The white bone-armored knight pumped his fist across his chest in a sign of acknowledgement and disappeared in an instant to send forth the message- the message would be passed on to other arrancars and hollows and then communicated back to in the world of the living and the other inter-joining worlds. Soul Society was now set apart from the other worlds again and restored to its glory; New Los Noches just preoccupied the airspace in this world until Hueco Mundo could be captured once again.

The shinigami's avoided contact with the arrancar as much as they could, their leader had demanded that they not cause trouble between the two races that had been at war for centuries- Likewise Anamist had decreed that fighting amongst them was also prohibited. Occasionally there was a dispute which would lead to a fight, Anamist was not surprised on these occasions but still dealt out punishment when necessary to show that he had the final say over things- sometimes this meant executing an arrancar who would not bow their head to him. Also sometimes it made him request the shinigami leader to deal punishment to perpetrators from their side as well: all in all, the fights were little compared to the peace that had been made recently.

Anamist shifted in the comfortable throne, he was eager to meet the surviving arrancar who were worthy of being named Espada. He had dressed in his best butler clothes and was now wearing a fresh set of white gloves, a crimson handkerchief  protruded from his breast pocket- the handkerchief was folded neatly so that all four points were lapsing together and sticking out from the pocket, a single royal purple rose was nestled neatly within the pocket and the blooming flower stood in beautiful contrast to the red.

Despite being a "monster" that he was, he still had fashion and etiquette- these had been a rather large part of his human existence and even now carried over to his hollow life. Often he got looked at by humans or shinigami when they saw his refined personality, but sooner or later, they had all been amazed by his manners and politeness- even if he could be a ruthless killer. His smile was almost never genuine, but he still smiled ayways: the best way to undermine a potential enemy's confidence was to show "concern" and friendliness, it was never considered too much in this day and age where there were no rules.

Now this world had been restored and rules had been set in place, Anamist needed capable followers and comrades who would help him in achieving a greater existence. Sooner or later the uneasy peace between the hollows and shinigami would shatter and they would be trying to kill one another again: Anamist needed to know how strong his followers would be when that day came.

#2 Re: A Pleasant Day To Rule CLOSED on Fri Jul 12, 2013 8:34 pm


Certainly there were better things for one to do at the moment, but other things needed to come first, no matter how loathing or boring. Sighing as she received the message, the Espada closed her eyes for a brief second and dismissed the messenger. What did the primera need at this time? Yuki did not have much to do, but assumed it might be something important if one was to disturb her.

Then again, it seemed she was always bored these days. The worlds were slowly being repaired, and there was a small truce with the Shinigami and Arrancar. Still, they were enemies no matter what. An average Soul Reaper would jump at the chance for purifying a lone Hollow or Arrancar. Well, there was no reason to get to this meeting in a hurry. Yuki planned to take her sweet time getting there.

Yawning, the Septimo Espada made her way to wherever the meeting was, as her roleplayer had no idea what the place what or what it looked like.

Yuki had not met this Anamist personally, but planned to sometime. Acquaintances did not really matter, nor friends. Very unsocial as always, Seika knew few and could never remember a face or name to save her life. However, before long she knew it wouldn't hurt to get to know a few other arrancars for allies or a Fraccion. Still, it was a long way off. Right now, there were more important things to worry about.

OOC: Bored with low muse. Sorry for the short post.
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#3 Reply on Fri Jul 12, 2013 10:49 pm

Erida Seika

[OOC: as new rule, i may rp if my character is not approved. actually it is not ready either. She is going to be eight espada, head scientinst of arrancar. Her element is biokinesis; ability to control organic material. Click for image Sorry for the short post, can't do better right now.]

''What is it?'' Asked the head medical examiner of all hollow, when the soldier of her primera stepped into the room. An order, from...'' The knight started, but the espada stopped his sentence. ''Anamist. He wants to meet me. Doesn't he?'' Scientist's voice was excited; she wanted this soldier to nod, even if she would have to force him to do so. Octava Espada had meet Anamist only once, when he was not ruler of espada, and she was a lower ranked fraccion. She demanded the answer, a special look in her eyes, with a whisper; ''Am I right?''. Her heart started to race harder than normal, the espada wanted really meet his highness personally. The soldier nodded, but did not bother her by saying, that all espada are summoned. Scientist's eyes were closed at the moment, she heard it. Octava's eyes opened, and her excitement grew.

Still something bothered her. ''There is more, isn't there?'' The soldier nodded again, this time, he knew, that octava would be angry, and insead if he would not answer, he would die on that very second. ''All of arrancar are summoned... not only you...'' Blaze in her eyes, Sai Mente, the octava espada took a step towards the soldier. ''Repeat!'' The soldier tried to run, but he knew his body would not move, unless espada wanted. That was the power of a single espada; take full control upon somebody like mere soldier. ''Repeat!'' Sai shout at him. The soldier repeated and felt the invisible grip at his throat. Suddenly octava smiled at soldier. ''Be your soul, release of all harm of your acts''. The soldier tried to shout no, but his body was first rotting painfully, before it would die to searing, merciless pain caused by octava's biological power. The body did not vanish, but fell to the floor.

Sai's employeers appeared from the door. ''Cleanse the mess, destroy all evidence. Say, that he died, when he touched one of my venom-acid mixes.'' She adviced the hollows, putted on her lab coat and glasses, then stated ''I have my bussiness with Anamist''. Opening a garganta to Aincrad, Anamist's throne, she realized, that she did not knew the reason, primera was calling arrancar. Would this be then something really important? Either way Sai wanted to be the first to arrive into Aincrad.
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