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on Tue Nov 22, 2011 10:39 pm


due to vibrato Densening the air around the Kaze O Kiru The friction of the air around it caused a spark thus flashing a yellow light inside the kaze o Kiru. The attack faded but This did it. It finalised Raidens theory of a final ability. Its true. You can do that. Jujika kaze spoke with a calm voice. Genkeishitsusen ( Plasma beam) The final attack i can teach you. When in Bankai. Aim me at your enemy. Focus your spiritual pressure in the blade at your maximum strenght. Although it requires a catalyst. that will be hadou #4 Byakurai. Fire it along the back of my blade. then Thrust if forward. Call out the attacks name and change the composition of the air. Heat it up as much as you can. I ofcourse will aid it. All you will have to do is lend me all your strenght. Raiden smiled and warned Tazuma. This will be the final attack for now. Brace yourself my friend. I will most likely not be at its full potential. Closer to half but i will not be able to hold back. Raiden started spinning his blade focussing his reaitsu in it. Bankai! His sword changed to his scythe form. his reiatsu surging at full strenght. Focussing it all into his blade. He took aim (charge up post 1 of 2 i can fire at post 2 )


on Wed Nov 23, 2011 12:14 am


seeing the head captain go bankai was indeed a shock(spirit) you know what just be it now or you'll never know power.
I nod" my captain I would be a fool to belive I could handle this attack in shiaki while you are in bankai."
I take my sword and hold it blade across my body"bankai" a rush of reiatsu turns from red to silverish white. When the surge ends,the blade is gone
Instead an electric guitar is across my normally short hair is long past my shoulders. My,entire outfit is red. A siver half mask is across my mouth
(in raidens head) my captain,i hope you can hear me. It is a my hope that,the former captain commander told you of my secret. I can't speak in bankai,my voice is a destructuve force I cannot yet control.

I break off three string from my,guitar. Two I shape into a spike on the left hand and the other connects to the end of the left string and hangs down my right,arm."i'm ready"(in raidens head)


on Thu Nov 24, 2011 1:57 am


I understand my friend The charge was coblete as the bankai schythe glowed plae yellow. Jujika kaze spoke to Raiden This will not be full strenght. more to a quearter of that but it is irrelevant focus on the blast itself. make it work. for it you dont it will kill you. Raiden knodded. He understood perfectly. After all about his ablility's his sword never had een wrong once. His perfected his aim and spoke the words His sword layed on his lips. Be sure to do something my friend. His reiatsu flared To its maximum. All seireitei swould have felt it press against their ears if it werent for the barriers in the dojo. Here goes His mind was fully focussed. He jumped up high. now he was about at a 45degree angle with Tazuma Taichou. Hadou no Yon (4) Byakurai [/color] instantly after that he spoke [ Color=#686868] Genkeishitsusen{ Plasma beam)[/color] A 4 meter wide beam came roaring down on the other captain it seemed. with literally the speed of lightning. The beam held for about 2 seconds. It was a specatular display of yellow blue red and green light glowed in the beam as all the gasses in it plasmafied. Raiden came down on the Dojo floor with amazement on his face. on the sheer power of the attack . he looked at his blade and spoke Genkeishitsusen ey my unltimate technique.It isnt perfect but it will get there He got ready for battle again after he thatnked his sword for explaining the technique to him


on Thu Nov 24, 2011 2:12 am


Seeing his captain commanders amazing final tecgique impressed me(in raidens gead) "i don't know if this is going to work, but i'm glad to be the first to witness this."
The beam is fired and and the head captain said do something. I drop the right string into the ground under my feet. I take the point end and thrust it forward into the plasma beam.just before it hits I charge the strings with my reiatsu. At,impact an amazing sight befell us the beam expanded from the ground several feet behind the head captain.
(raidens head) if I wanted to kill it would be under you. I charged my strings with reiatsu and basically used your blast like a strum the other end is in the ground. I am burned from the heat. Well done my captain a truely amazing technique.
My chest was burnd where the strings touched my skin.


on Mon Nov 28, 2011 12:09 am


Raiden just stood there. Amazed by the force of his attack. But that was not what he was most amazed by. not by a long shot.
The fact Tazuma Taichou took that attack head on.
it was sheer insanity. But he respected him for that.
Even more then he already did. He sealed and sheathed his sword. whilt he quicly walked towards Koshi.
We are done for today i believe Raiden said with a smile. He lifted the barriers.
The idea was that he wanted to go and heal Koshi. For Raiden had done that damage. So he would go and fix it too.
Raiden was treuly amazed.


on Mon Nov 28, 2011 7:46 pm


I disperse my bankai. I look up at the captain commander smiling" hy captain did you forget my barrier had two functions. The first was to protect others from our attacks and the other was to heal any damage after it is taken down".i open my robes, showing my wounds mending. "see my captain no need to worry.i would have a cup of tea however." I say chuckling

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