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#1 Clearing a Path CLOSED on Wed Jun 26, 2013 2:21 am


Sera had never considered himself much of an innovator. He'd never been one to create or organize new ideas. Planning and strategy, he was comfortable with; but mostly on the battlefield. His latest idea, however, was a stark contrast from anything he'd begun to attempt before. The task of restoring the balance and borders to the worlds was too much for any one person, no matter their race or strength. What was needed was a unification of various people towards that common goal. There had to be others that would strive towards such things. There had to be some left that would want to see these collapsed worlds returned to their rightful places. They just needed to be brought together.

While the Vizard had no clue where to begin when it came to rebuilding, he did recognize that the first thing such a group would need is a place to belong. A collective home and headquarters, where they could be protected and rest, plan, or train together. Where the wounded could be properly cared for, and the weak made stronger. This was Sera's first task.

He had arrived at yet another abandoned town, though this one smaller than the last few he'd visited. If he had to guess, this one may have had a population of maybe fifteen to twenty thousand come three decades ago, before the apocalypse. None had seemed to relocate back to this place. At least, nothing from the living world. Sera could definitely sense several very strong powers in this town, but certainly not human in any respect. If he had to guess, he would say that most of the lesser powers were demons, but the largest readings were that of hollows; probably arrancar. The man frowned in annoyance.

The city was perfect. It was already abandoned, it was far enough out of the way as to not attract unwanted attention, and it was small enough to be easily missed by scouting parties. Sera had almost missed it in his own searches. He imagined that the latter two reasons were what made it such a recent hotbed of demon and hollow activity. After all, what better way to thrive than to be in a place of relative peace and quiet? It also probably explained why there were no humans here. There were not many below Captain level Shinigami that would even have a prayer of surviving this place. Why then, was Sera determined to make it work?

He shook his head slowly. It was a question he couldn't very well answer.

Because you're an idiot. How hard could it possibly be to find another place to set up shop for this fool's errand of yours?

"I dunno, Lia. I mean, look at it," Sera replied, as he waved his arm in a slow sweeping motion, as if showing off the town. From his current position on a small hill less than a kilometer away, most of the town could be clearly seen anyways. "There are even a good number of buildings still intact. We could house an army here, if we needed. All outside of the prying eyes of any that would oppose us. That's what we'll need first. Protection and safety. That is the key right now."

We? You act like you've already got a list of people wanting to join you for this 'cause'. What do we have so far? Maybe a Shinigami? Some army. The two of you can march into Hueco Mundo or Soul Society and demand that the worlds return to the way they were. I'm sure with both of your combined powers, anything is possible.

Sera rolled his eyes. The sarcasm was heavy enough it almost seemed to drip from the Inner Hollow's words. "Scoff all you like. Every good thing has to start somewhere. Even if it's just the two of us for now, we can always search for allies. We can always find those that will aid us in our cause. We can win this thing."

Don't you have to know what you're fighting and how before you can win anything?

"True. And we'll work on learning as much as we can. For now, I have a city to claim." The man smirked slightly as his feet began to casually carry him towards the town. "Cheer up. I may even let you come out to play before we're done. I don't see the harm in letting you have your way with some Arrancar."

I can hardly wait...

Blessedly, the single kilometer trek into town was quiet, both in his mind and in the real world. It was time to change that, however, as Sera wanted a majority of the fighting to happen outside the town. If possible, he wanted the majority of the structures to remain intact. With this in mind, he began leaking reiatsu. Not much, just enough to attract a little attention, and draw out some of the weaker beings. Hopefully, the stronger ones wouldn't show much interest before he'd cleared the small fries.

As if on cue, he could begin to see movement in the shadows of alleyways and windows on the outskirts of the town. So it begins, he mused. His hand slowly rose over his shoulder, and Sutomu, in all of her faded, yet still glorified beauty, was slowly drawn from sheath. His duster picked up in the gust of wind that was created by the Zanpakuto's power as Sera flicked his wrist, extending arm and sword to his side. It was a basic stance, not overtly offensive or defensive, but simply ready for most anything. There he stood, as if inviting or challenging the first wave of would-be predators.

Slowly, the first of the demons and lower class hollows crept out of hiding. Sera waiting, releasing just a little more reiatsu. Apparently he wasn't quite tempting enough, if only this small handful seemed interested. More would surely come now. He may even get a larger opponent or two. So be it.

Movement to his right, and his eyes darted to the side in time to note half a dozen demons trying to swoop in unseen from a blind spot. Far too slow. Sera lifted his sword arm, and with motions nearly too fast to be even seen, sliced the attackers clean through one after another as they came in range. Apparently, these were the mindless type; no sense of personal safety or planning. They wouldn't all be this easy. But the fun had begun, and the Vizard lifted his eyes to gaze at the droves of minions now moving towards him; slowly, methodically.

And so it begins.

WC: 1105

#2 Re: Clearing a Path CLOSED on Fri Jun 28, 2013 4:41 am


Sutomu moved in flashes of nearly unseen brilliance as Sera swung her across enemy after enemy. The piles of hollows and demons continued to come, and it seemed like there would be no end to them. No matter how many he cut down, more were arriving soon enough to take the vacated positions. It was a good thing that the Visored didn't have to expend much energy at all to dispatch these low-level beings.

Lia, in the meantime, seemed rather bored with it all. Sera could sense her quite clearly within himself. He could almost see her casually cleaning her claws as she was stretched out in utter boredom. He smirked crookedly as Sutomu sliced through yet another wave of enemies.

"Am I keeping you awake?"

Hurry up already. You promised me a bit of action. Just mow through these assholes and let's get to the good stuff!


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