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So many years, I had been away. Far too many in my book. So far from the line of conflict and yet so well-informed. It was needed, however. Being a scholar, a seeker of knowledge and history, I took it upon myself to take a long period of absence in order to travel and engorge myself in my studies and observations throughout the centuries. Such was a task I enjoyed and very much succeeded in, and now that I had completed my task for the time being, I believed it was high time for me to make my return.

So many things I had seen. So many things I had smelled and touched and heard and tasted. So much I had recorded deep within the vestiges of my memory to keep every detail in tact. This was my duty. My personal duty, rather. Technology had changed multitudes of times within the past two millenniums and now it had completely gone to dust. The Apocalypse dealt the worlds, Soul Society Hueco Mundo and the Human World, a fierce blow which managed to scar the lands and leave many areas decimated. So many lives were taken by the Apocalypse and it was quite the sight indeed.

Like all beings, however, they strive to make things better over time and eventually bring back all of what was lost, which would never in one's right mind be done overnight. The air still smelled somewhat of human flesh. Twenty four years could never take such a smell away. Far too potent, the smell of living flesh and rather intoxicating. Nauseating in some areas of the three worlds. There was a far darker place the Apocalypse brought along with it. Demons rose from this place and many of such beings lived up to the name of their given race. The name of this place was justly given over time: Hell.

Having returned from my traveling, I decided to journey to the world of the living first. The world where humans resided. The home of the races: Fullbringers, Quincies, Humans, and Bounts. Then, watching over them were the surviving shinigami who camouflaged within the ranks of humans and watched over them. Protected those who could not protect themselves from the un-tamable hollows. For the most part, all was the same in the present time, save for the destruction and the wiping of many traces of population around not only the human world but the others as well. Such was the will of whatever brought upon us all the Apocalypse twenty four years ago.

Towns began to rise up in the Eastern lands. Humans knew too well how to build and rebuild from scratch. Such was one of their prime attributes given to them at birth. Populations in such towns grew steadily over those two decades; much that had been lost had been reclaimed, and for many it was a fresh start. A system reboot, one might say. For me, it had not done much of anything except provide me material for observation and experience, which proved to be quite enlightening.

At this point in time, I was walking around in one such town in the Eastern lands. This town had come close to becoming a full-blown city, though skyscrapers had not yet been developed here and industry was nonexistent. All who lived here got from place to place on foot, which was a nice change. Also a note-worthy mention was that most of the population here was rather fit. This made me happy because that meant most people were active in some way, shape, or form. I do love people who are active and doing things that reside outside of their comfort zones. It was too bad they could not see me. I was never keen on using gigai as they were very uncomfortable to have on, even though I never desired to try one on for myself. Speaking of wearing things, I wore a personally casual but generally improper outfit. As per the usual, I wore my hair down which came down to the middle of my thighs. What I wore on the upper half of my body was a red/black, diagonally-striped bikini top that was very showy of my breasts and was worn tightly so that they wouldn't pop out. On the lower half of my body, I wore a black/red plaid skirt that went down to the middle of my thighs and fishnet stockings that covered my legs and connected to the black tight shorts I wore under the skirt. Lastly, I wore a pair of ceremonial but very sturdy wooden geta which were also black in color.

As I walked throughout the large town, I took time to really enjoy it without analyzing and instead enjoying with my senses. So many different things I had taken in all day. Very relaxing and desirable in terms of my constant mental focus for the last two millenniums. I was curious as to the appearance of other spiritual beings here. Perhaps there were and perhaps there were not. These thoughts made me more curious and excited, forcing myself to be somewhat alert for such forces around me.


Life. This place had it.

Sera brushed his hand back through grey, shoulder-length hair as he watched in mild fascination the bustle of town life on the streets below. He sat casually on the ledge of a double story building, black, slim-line boots hanging over the side. His khaki cargo pants, white tank top, and black, sleeveless duster completed his usual outfit, with the minor exception of his hair blowing freely in the light wind. It had been a long time of avoiding larger population centers; more than two centuries in his last stint. And with the events of the past three decades, this was now what could be considered a larger population center. Sera was fascinated as never before to just watch the activity below.

...and all I'm saying is that you wouldn't know a real woman if she smacked you across the face. You're not even listening to me, are you?

The Visored sighed and closed his eyes. "Honestly, I tuned you out when you started this rant. I really don't think you have an unbiased opinion on the subject. Plus, I couldn't care less what you think, Lia."

Asshole. How unbiased do I need to be after that hilarious display with that Shinigami girl? You handled that like a pro. Baka.

Sera growled and swore under his breath. As much as it angered him to admit it, the fox-hollow inside him was right. His attempts at normal conversation with Mizuko had been, for lack of better terms, pathetic. Maybe he was just rusty in general at talking to people. After all, he'd been mostly alone for the past couple of centuries, and really only had brief stints with companions over the past thousand years. But was that the only reason? Maybe he really had gotten just plain terrible at talking to females. In truth, he wasn't sure he could properly relate to members of the fairer sex any longer.

None of that made Sera any less angry at Lia for implying as much. What right did the sadistic, borderline psychotic creature inside of him have to comment on his social life at all. If anything, any and all problems in such areas could most likely be traced back to his parasitic co-inhabitant. She was always talking, always distracting, always judging. Often, the Visored found himself begging and pleading for a method to simply shut her up, or even drown her out, even if only temporarily.

Sera let loose a heavy sigh an glanced back down the street aimlessly. Below, life thrived continuously, despite his hang-ups or failings. It was as if, just as had been for nearly a millennium now, anonymity was his very essence. This was something to relish. It gave him the proper chance to simply take in the sights and watch. Even in his anger, he was still going to try to enjoy this view. 

Speaking of view...


He placed his chin in his hand and leaned forward on the ledge to study the striking woman that deftly moved through the crowd. Graceful athleticism, if he had to describe it. It was a rather enticing scene, even if, admittedly, her attire was half of the appeal.


Sure, she had one of those faces and figures that could make anything this side of a burlap sack look good. That sure as hell didn't hurt. But her particular outfit was enough to make even the pious pray for their transgressions. And Sera, while not a womanizer by practice, was certainly not pious. "A woman like that could convert me, though..." he muttered under his breath.

Blue eyes traveled up fishnet-covered legs to the plaid skirt and exposed, toned flesh of midsection. Above that were the tightly hugged curves of breasts that actually forced his eyes to stop and appreciate for a moment, before continuing up smooth collar and neck, and finally resting on a the face and hair that could only be described as--- 

Sera! Baka! Get out of there!

The Visored snapped up straight, eyes wide in realization of what Lia had been trying to tell him. The feeling from this woman... Hollow. More powerful than he'd ever encountered. Certainly powerful enough to make a quick meal of himself, which was saying something. Yet he couldn't move. He couldn't sneak away. He couldn't outright run. Had she seem him? Sensed him? Was she waiting for him to fight or flee? He canted his head and narrowed his blue eyes as he tried in vain to figure her out.

Move, you fool! I can't save your pathetic ass this time.

Sera dropped down from the ledge, black duster trailing vertically behind him as his boots hit the ground. He scanned the surroundings for a place to hide or something, but among these humans, he stuck out like a sore thumb. He sighed and closed his eyes, then reached into his pocket for a hair tie. Best to get his hair out of the way, just in case.

By the time he finished, his head slowly turned and his blue eyes opened slowly, fully expecting her to be standing within a few meters now. His fate, wherever it lie, was sealed by now. The Visored was resigned to live or die by this woman's hand within the next few moments. His Zanpakuto seemed to shudder behind his shoulder, yet he made no move to grab for it. Instead, he forced himself to wait.



With such thoughts of excitement running through my mind, I continued to walk down the street wondering what could possibly or possibly not lie in store for me on this day of my imminent return. The smell of burnt human flesh still lingered in this large town, though it managed to mostly be masked by the natural scents of the crops and foods being made all over this place. It was somewhat refreshing and yet still somewhat depressed me, still being able to smell such a thing in such a pleasant town.

The sun still shining brightly over the heads of not only I but also the other humans here, it managed to be at a perfect temperature due to the nice breeze which swept through at least this particular street I walked down casually. Unlike before the Apocalypse, there are not nearly as many sounds now as there were then. I could hear for once birds chirping and tree branches and leaves crackling. Nature was far more present now than back then and I liked that a lot.

The different scents, especially of food, invaded my sense of smell which I invited willingly. I could smell a great many different kinds of food: tomatoes, carrots, freshly-made bread, fresh meats such as chicken and pork, apples, freshly-cut pineapples...the list was endless and all of these food scents invaded me by storm. I could also smell the plants around the area, especially the flowers. Many of the houses had gardens which was most definitely pleasing to the nose. I managed to catch my most favorite scent: lavender in the midst of all the overwhelming scents and I held onto that scent of lavender dearly, remembering the effect it always had on me.

As I walked down the street enjoying the different scents throughout the area, I also picked up on a completely different scent. It was not of the human world, that was for certain and it was nearby. Smelling such a scent excited me, making me want to search out the source but I kept my composure and opened up my senses. As I opened up my mind, I noticed somewhat of a shaken-up presence. Someone was scared? Shocked? Can someone see me and feel my presence? Well, anyone with minimal reishi sensory abilities could feel me anywhere within a fifteen mile radius and even further if they were really good at sensing reishi. Obviously this person was not good at sensing reishi if he was only just able to pick up on my presence but it mattered not. I did not want to spoil my return with bloodshed. Instead I wished to confront this being and chat with him or her. Might be interesting. Never know when one may find friends in the world of humans.

Just then, she saw a man sitting atop one of the buildings with rather casual attire. Different from the ones of the town and he also didn't look like he was part of the village. Was he the one? I watched the man jump from the building and land on his feet...tying up his hair? What, does he think he'll blend in? This guy was obviously a comedian. The man seemed to know that I was not human, so he was as I had guessed also not human. Which means he could be a Shinigami or Bount or other spiritual being. Made sense if he was a shinigami simply by the way he presented himself. Not to be rude or anything.

Every step I took made my breasts bounce and every step I took brought me closer to confronting the man who noticed me. I started getting really excited as I got closer. My reflexes and speed mirrored my excitement as I seemingly appeared next to the man, just outside of his peripheral vision so to take him off-guard and surprise him. I was unsure if he was able to handle my spiritual pressure at such a close distance but it was worth a try. Standing at his side, I would wait a moment to see if he would notice me just next to him, but if he didn't after a moment, I would speak in a serious but joking way.

So. What do you happen to be looking for, boy?


Sera was trying his best to remain calm and composed. Surprisingly enough, even as the spiritual pressure grew closer, he was actually succeeding. It picked up speed fairly quickly, and the was suddenly on top of him. Almost literally. His chest tightened due to the proximity of such power, and he was acutely aware of a bead of sweat forming on the far side of his brow. Yet, perfectly calm he remained on the outside. It was one of his only strengths, really; the ability to detach himself emotionally when the fear would normally be too much. His breathing remained as even as possible, and his eyes darted to the side that she now stood.

While he hadn't seen her move, he could definitely feel exactly where she was. Incredibly close. But just outside his peripheral, it seemed, as he couldn't see her without turning his head. But he chose not to. In his current state, any rapid movement or surprises would likely give away far too much about his inner turmoil, so he decided to remain perfectly still, and let her make the first move, as it were.

"So. What do you happen to be looking for, boy?"

A crooked, yet distinctly nervous grin formed on the man's face. He finally began to turn and face her even as he replied in a voice that would hopefully hide any fear he felt. "Looking for? Nothing, really. I was just here enjoying the-- Boobs..!"

He'd meant to say day. Why hadn't day come out? Because at the moment when the word was ready to be spoken, his eyes made contact with the woman whom he was addressing. Except they came in just a little low. There, taking up the entirety of his field of vision, were the breasts he'd only just before been admiring from a distance. Thus, the word that was meant to be day came out as such. Of course, this surprised him to the extent of causing him to take a few steps backwards.

Unfortunately, there were no steps backwards to be had.

Sera hadn't realized or just plain forgotten just how close to the raised sidewalk curb he had landed. When he turned to face his new visitor, his heels were already nearly hanging of the edge of said curb. His foot took an immediate step back in his surprise and embarrassment, and found nothing but air, leaving the suddenly red-faced Visored to tumble backwards, complete no less than seven shoulder rolls, and crash into the fruits and vegetables cart adjacent them on the other side of the street. He may have knocked over a few pedestrians along his trajectory. Of course, all that the average human saw there in the street was an invisible force push its way through the small crowd and crash into the stand, sending various fruits and vegetables flying every which way.

Smooth. I was so wrong; you are such a lady killer. I can tell that she's going to throw herself at you now. Fantastic job, I say.

"Ow..." Sera groaned as he slowly freed himself from the smashed cart. Oranges and apples rolled away as he moved. The cart owner stared in bewilderment at his ruined wares. The former Shinigami muttered an apology, then realized it was in vain, as he couldn't even be seen anyways. He sighed heavily, his ego more bruised than anything on his body. Finally, he spoke up again.

"I was just here enjoying the day... Sera Nishimura, at your service. I'm not usually this... yeah." He trailed off. His fear was gone completely now, left in its place an overwhelming sense of embarrassment. Blue eyes slowly looked up (in near dread) to see what his visitor's reaction would be to his newfound grace.


So he was scared. From the reaction he had shown me by the sweat upon his brow and the tense nature of his form, it was not difficult to tell that the boy was shaken up. His posture was...strict, one may say, or rather constricted by my spiritual pressure no doubt, though at the same time I wasn't surprised when he managed to keep his facial composure at least. I was overjoyed that he could move and could tell that my spiritual pressure had dulled in sharpness compared to the past, before my disappearance.

As a side note, I was rather shocked and disheartened by my dulled reiatsu. It was nowhere near as sharp and powerful as it used to be. Once upon a time, I shook up even the Primera with my reiatsu. Now, that was truly amazing on my part and was truly at a decent level. I had grown soft in my two thousand years of travel, and it became very evident in noticing the effect I had on the man in front of me. I decided then that I needed to begin my training again, so that I would not be underestimated by anything or anyone below me, though at the same time it was unlike me to think like that. My time away really did a number on me. It was definitely time to get back in shape.

Back to the matter at hand, the question I asked him seemed to catch his attention, though it didn't exactly shock him. Apparently I was losing my touch more so than I earlier thought. The man seemed to turn his head rather slowly, so he was obviously struggling to stay calm. I saw on his face a rather awkward expression. It seemed like he was...straining to keep a somewhat calm look, and then when he started speaking he sounded together enough. Then he...said something rather perverted and unsightly. Boobs? He was looking at my boobs?! Well, I guess I couldn't tear him apart for it considering my casual attire. Still, he is very lucky nobody else could see or hear that...very lucky indeed. Instead, I went an opposite route: teasing.

Before that, I decided to watch his display of klutziness, which I was laughing on the inside but only giggling on the outside. He reacted worse than I did when he had said that word and he tried stepping away even though if he did, he would fall out of balance and cause a scene. Well...not a scene. Just a comedic display, in my opinion anyway. As I had guessed, he stepped back and started tripping over himself which sort of looked like one of those really old cartoons because he was trying to regain his balance the entire time until he had fallen and slammed against one of the fruit stalls on the street. What a sorry sight...quite the klutz. I figured I'd go the teasing route for payback. He just demoralized himself, so there was no point in killing him. Too easy a getaway. I then watched as he got up from where he had fallen and he spoke a far more proper greeting. Indeed this made me happy, but I still felt the need to torture the man for such a rude initial...introduction.

I again seemingly appeared in front of him, letting my legs take me to my destination. I ended up only a few inches from him as I looked up, pressing my arms up against my breasts. God, I love these much power. I then smiled and wondered what his next reaction would be, though I did not stop there for the beginning of the torture. I then spoke to him in an innocent but rather menacing tone so as to create somewhat of a seductive tonality about my vocal chords.

Sera Nishimura. Nice to meet you. My name is Eden Alexandria and as you probably noticed, I am neither...human nor like you.

After I would speak, I would step back a solid foot and a half away from the man and make my face somewhat serious while still managing to keep a seductive look about my person, waiting for the man's reaction and answer to my seemingly trailed-off statement.


Before he had really even a chance to compose himself, the woman was incredibly close once again. As before, his chest tightened immensely and his skin felt like it was lined with lead weights. But all of that seemed to go unnoticed as his blue eyes were naturally drawn towards the movement of her arms. Okay, she's gotta be doing that on purpose... He gulped heavily as he realized she was speaking to him. He tried in vain to tear his eyes away from the sight of the orbs pressed together inside the bikini top, but it was no use. He blamed it on the incredible pressure she was giving off. Yeah, that had to be it.

Sera Nishimura. Nice to meet you. My name is Eden Alexandria and as you probably noticed, I am neither...human nor like you.

He gulped once more. Where was his voice? He was sure he had it just a moment ago...

Suddenly, she backed away. While it was a short distance, it was enough for him to breathe again. He hadn't realized it, but darkness had started to creep in the edges of his vision. Was it solely from he close proximity, or had he forgotten to even try because of the distraction of his eyes? He couldn't tell. He fought to maintain a calm, even voice, although sweat dripped down his brow.

"I had noticed... yes." He managed to say. Slowly, yet amazingly even. At least there was that.

Oh, she's hot. You should let her have her way with you. Better yet, put your mask on. She can have her way with me through you.

Hush, you!

What? You know you want some of that soft skin... luscious flesh... look at those curves... just begging to be touched, am I right?

I hate you so much right now. As much as Sera tried to keep his eyes straight ahead, they would invariably fall to her chest randomly, then snap right back up. The sweat on his brow continued. What the hell was wrong with him? He wasn't usually this useless around women. Was it the reiatsu? Was it the time he'd been away from people in general? The Visored couldn't tell why he was acting this way. He'd been married before. He'd been with women before. It wasn't as if the female form was anything new to him.

But look at that form. So soft and warm. You can almost hear her begging to be caressed!

In that moment the wicked inner hollow began forcing images into Sera's mind. Images of Lia in her humanoid form, wearing nothing. Images of this new woman, wearing nothing. Images of them both in compromising positions. Sera gasped, screwed his eyes shut, and shook his head.

Stop It stop it stop it! How the hell are you even doing that!?

Doing what, Sera-kun? This voice was innocent and sultry, much like the strangers had been only moments before. With it came yet another image that actually caused Sera to pop open his eyes in panic.

"Gah!" He gasped out, panting as his head finally cleared. After a moment, he remembered where he was and who he was with, and swallowed nervously. "So," he squeaked, then cleared his throat. "What, uh... what are you, exactly... then?"

Besides a mix of my wildest fantasies and nightmares? He grumbled in his mind.

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