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#1 To Find a New Companion CLOSED COMPLETED on Mon Jun 24, 2013 9:11 am


Sera stood in the middle of the abandoned street, staring down the seemingly endless path of rubble and debris blankly. Seemed to be a lot of places just like this one as of late. The Vizard outcast sighed with no small amount of frustration. He didn't even know the name of this city, though it seemed it had been a rather large one before the... event. Miles and miles of buildings, all abandoned, stretched before him. It would have been impressive to see this place in its prime.

Or maybe he had, and he just didn't remember.

Sera shook his head and sighed once again. Might as well start looking. After all, he'd come to this place specifically to find someone (or more than one someone) to join him. Part of him was concerned about his cause, part of him just wanted to no longer be alone. The more often he was alone, the more often he had to listen to Queen Bi-

Hey! Don't think I can't hear that, idiot!

"Sorry, forgot you were in there," Sera said with a crooked smirk. Of course he had done nothing of the sort, but it was his only real way to tease the manipulative, pain-in-the-ass parasite hollow buried in his inner world. Liandry, as the fox-type hollow was called, had been a constant voice in his head for centuries now. If she were to ever leave, Sera would probably not even know how to handle it. That didn't mean that there wasn't a moment gone by that he didn't want her to disappear.

His feet slowly carried him down the street; black, slim boots barely making a sound over the cracked and broken pavement. He shoved his hands into pants pocket as the wind picked up and fluttered his duster behind his back. His slung Zanpakuto moved slightly as the duster flapped under the sheath. If his gray hair hadn't been tied back, it would be whipping across his face uncontrollably. Thankfully, he'd thought to pull it back into a tie earlier, before the wind had ever become an issue.

The Vizard moved along in silence, listening closely for signs of life. Maybe today he'd get lucky, and nobody would try to kill him.

#2 Re: To Find a New Companion CLOSED COMPLETED on Mon Jun 24, 2013 11:14 am

Mizuko Ichikawa had come to this city in search of any missing friends or team members. She had heard there may be some scattered across this vast, nameless city. She had been told the name of the city at some point, but had long since forgotten it. Her memory is not what it used to bed since the fight with Manda Marluz, the Arrancar. She assumed her dead now and didn’t worry about running into her. That was 24 years ago. She shook her head as the memories came rushing back.

Mizuko stood high atop the tallest building. This gave her the best view of the city. So far she’d seen nothing. Sighing, she hoped down from the building and landed on the sidewalk. Her 5’2” body still looking ever so much like a 19 her outer appearance shows. Today she is dressed in her Shinigami outfit. Even though the Gotie 13 was split up and disbanded, she still wears the Squad 10 Vice Captain armband on her left forearm. The bottom of her outfit looks like she is wearing a loose fitting dress. Her top almost looks traditional. Nothing else really fancy about it all. Her Zanpakuto is at her side. It never leaves but also looks kinda like water flowing.

Mizuko kept looking around, soon seeing someone off in the distance. She could tell he was close to level with her. She even felt the vizard present in him like with Hikaru. Thinking it might be him she called out to him in her sweet voice. ”Hikaru, is that you my firend?”
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#3 Re: To Find a New Companion CLOSED COMPLETED on Mon Jun 24, 2013 12:09 pm


”Hikaru, is that you my friend?”

Sera's head canted curiously at the soft voice in the distance. It had seemed rather out of place and sudden in the midst of the apparently dead city. Sera's blue eyes strained for the source, as well as his other senses strained for any detectable reiatsu.

There. How did I miss that?

The Vizard studied the figure in the distance for a moment, not saying anything just yet. Shinigami, best he could tell from this range. At least that meant the odds of being attacked outright were lessened substantially. That didn't mean the man would be any less cautious; just not threatening, either. His hands finally removed themselves from his pockets, and with a few quick bursts of shunpo, he crouched on a small pile of debris a few meters from the girl. For a few moments, he said or did nothing, instead trying to assess the new visitor for as long as he could, before fear of scaring her away or just plain creeping her out overtook him.

Sera the creep, eh? Way to make a first impression, baka. How long has it been since you've even talked to a female, other than myself and Sutomu, eh? Do you even remember what females are? Make sure you don't choke up, now.

The Vizard swore under his breath in effort to shut Lia up for a moment. Just as quickly, however, his face softened and he spoke. Even while his words came out, he was studying the visitor carefully. "Yo, Shinigami. Are you from around here?"

Immediately, Sera had to resist the urge to slap his forehead with the palm of his hand. What kind of greeting was that? Was that supposed to be suave, or some kind of pick-up line? Why the hell didn't he think before he spoke? Meanwhile, Lia was laughing her fox tails off. He sighed in resignation and resumed studying this woman; apparently the former Vice-Captain of 10th Division. That meant that despite her seemingly innocent looks, this girl was not a slouch in the area of power. She could prove to be a valuable ally, if her intentions were right.

There wasn't much more he could gather based on her appearance, other than the obvious. She looked... young. And small. Interesting Zanpakuto; at least it seemed a bit strange, visually. As if shimmering? Or flowing, maybe. It was difficult to place. Her Shinigami garb was certainly not something he'd expected to see in a place like this, and certainly not in these times.

"You called me... what was it? Hizuru? Hikaru? Is that a friend of yours? I don't think I've seen anyone else in this city yet. Did you come here with him?"

#4 Re: To Find a New Companion CLOSED COMPLETED on Sun Jun 30, 2013 6:25 am

Mizuko watched at the man came near and found that he was not Hikaru.  She sighed and looked him over just as he was looking her over.  She kept her guard up a bit, some water coming to her side as she looked him over.  

As she was looking him over she thought she had herd him say something just before he asked if she was from around the area.  This puzzled her greatly.  She had never been asked that question before.  Sure, she had heard people ask others that questions in movies she watched before she died, but those were just movies.  She stopped and looked around to see if there were any movie cameras around before he spoke once more.  He asked her if she had come to where she is with Hikaru and if he was a friend.  Mizuko had to think a bit on this one.  She didn’t want to give to much away, but she did want to find out more about where her friend may be.  She had already heard that one of her friends, Gust, was dead.  This hurt her very much, almost as much as loosing Atsushi.  She shook her head and looked right at the vizard.  She said, ”Hikaru is a friend of mine but we did not travel here together.  I’m looking for him.  I had a tip that there was a vizard in the area and I thought it might be him since he’s the only one I know still alive.  Guess that you now make two that I know about.   I’m not here to attack or anything.  I was just looking for a friend.  Do you have any clue as to where he may be?”

She knew it was kinda stupid to ask him this, but she did want to find her friend and make sure that he was alright.
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