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#11 Re: Hotaru's Ordinary World CLOSED COMPLETED on Wed Jun 19, 2013 6:28 am


His body felt a bit sore for the first few hours, though a healthy gulp of water seemed to mitigate such a problem. This would be his first official day of training- he only had the remainder of the day and the next before the monster would kill him. Hotaru continued to wander around a bit, before stopping by a house. Like the others around, it was ruined- torn down by the countless monsters which roamed the area.

There was some familiarity about it, and he would be correct, seeing the dead body of a man still laying there, rotting almost to the bone. There were no flies- no, no life was around in this part of the planet except for Hotaru."C-could I...Could I end up like this?" Hotaru wondered out loud. He had already seen the corpse, but the second time seeing the skeleton exposed, not even a single insect crawling upon it was morose in its own way. The corpse of course was familiar, because it was the original owner of Hotaru's gun, Ivan.

The cloth on the body were actually in good condition, save fore the blood marks on one side. The corpse itself, though green, was also mostly intact. There was a slight indentation where its gun straps used to be around its neck. The rest of the body looked bloated from all the time without a soul inside it. Then suddenly, Hotaru heard a gunshot.

"Who goes there?" a voice said. The accent was not Japanese, but rather something different, but Hotaru wasn't quite sure what it was.

#12 Re: Hotaru's Ordinary World CLOSED COMPLETED on Wed Jun 19, 2013 7:26 am


Out of the shadows came a man donning a leather strapped gas mask and wearing a full hooded rain jacket, which covered his head down to his waist. His arms were covered in leather gloves, and his legs were also concealed with black cargo pants. Strapped to his neck was the same gun Hotaru had, and in his hands was a pistol with a large-caliber striker. The body was made of black plastic but the top was made of shining steel, the side a sticker reading "SR9".

Hotaru held his hands up, as if instinctively. "I don't want any trouble" he declared to the masked man. "Good! I don't either!" The masked man responded. "Besides! Proud Soviet gun not even work on big monster outside! How shitty American plastic gun work?"

#13 Re: Hotaru's Ordinary World CLOSED COMPLETED on Wed Jun 19, 2013 8:41 am


"American?" Hotaru said "What is American?".

The man in the mask chuckled "I think I'm going to like you kid. Nice taste in weaponry too!" He pointed at the gun on Hotaru's chest. The man stepping forward, Hotaru could see the chain protruding from the man's chest, said chain leading to a metal locker, binding the door shut. Upon seeing that, Hotaru left. The first thing that wasn't a monster Hotaru had met, still wore a mask, and still tried to kill him. "I don't think I want to do this anymore." Depressed, Hotaru ran home to his base.

#14 Re: Hotaru's Ordinary World CLOSED COMPLETED on Wed Jun 19, 2013 10:59 am


Hotaru punched the wall several time; the pounding echoing through the wasteland. It hurt his knuckles, but he continued doing so out of anger, fear, and some other emotion he lacked the conscious mind to comprehend. "AAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!" Hotaru screamed out at the top of his lungs.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!" Went another foreign cry from a different more terrifying voice. It was like the pain of a human life being compressed all into a scream. Hotaru jumped, finally feeling the pain in his hands and arms. Hotaru went outside to check it out, sensing something dark coming from the distance, but swiftly approaching him. Then suddenly, the aura disappeared.

"WRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!" Another scream went off. Hotaru once again felt a sort of stuffiness in the air. Looking up, it was one of the monsters coming out of a hole its full body revealing itself as the hole disappeared.

#15 Re: Hotaru's Ordinary World CLOSED COMPLETED on Wed Jun 19, 2013 11:22 am


The most obvious thing about the creature was its mask- white and horrifying. But something was awfully awry about the mask. The monster landed right next to Hotaru. Upon closer inspection, the monster's mask actually looked a bit like a gas mask. Its eye sockets extruded from its skull-like mask. In place of the teeth a normal monster would have, it had instead a long trunk which curled downward and ended into a circular box with holes at the bottom. Hotaru moved backward, trying to establish a distance from the beast before pointing his gun at it.

But then he realized, he had no gun. He had left it inside his base, not remembering to take it out as he went to check out the sound. "WRY!" The monster lunged at Hotaru with a claw. Hotaru was knocked over, falling to the ground like he did the day before fighting Snoop Dog.

"Boy!" The monster spoke in a foreign accent "I am hungry! Where is lunch?" Hotaru ran, not knowing how to respond otherwise. "Sorry how rude of me!" It said again "My name is Soldier Boy!"

Hotaru ran to a wall, and looked back. Soldier Boy's trunk moved, bits of energy emanating from its holes. Hotaru knew only to run away. Subconsciously though he, like most of the guilty, was returning to the scene of the crime.  Small bullet sized pieces of energy flew outward, hitting everything and putting holes in the ground. "Why are you running away? Proud man would at least stay their ground and die with dignity for glory of motherland!"

Hotaru was panting. He found himself at a door, the rest of the building was decimated. All but a metal closet, its doors slightly creaking open. Hotaru ran over to it, opening the closet. He never recalled checking such a container before. Inside, he found something conveniently useful- a gun, the same make as his own but slightly different. It looked more rustic, old and battered perhaps by war. Hotaru checked its ammunition. Three bullets. It was enough to take down his enemy, or at least he'd hope so.

"H-Hey!" Hotaru shouted, drawing the attention of his masked assailant, soldier boy.  It held out its trunk. "Eat this!" Hotaru pointed his new weapon and fired.

Like when he fought Snoop Dog, energy rippled through his fingers and onto the trigger, then eventually through the bullet. This time though, Hotaru took notice to it and his eyes widened as he did.

The mask of the beast shattered.

Hotaru made a grin, struggling to do so. The monster dissipated in reishi. There was something strange about it once again. Before it vanished, it looked as though it... waved goodbye then with the other hand pointed downwards. "Was he pointing to me?" Hotaru thought aloud also looking down. On his feet was a picture.

He leaned down to pick it up.

#16 Re: Hotaru's Ordinary World CLOSED COMPLETED on Thu Jun 20, 2013 4:40 am


Hotaru moved his feet aside, revealing a wooden picture frame, the glass broken slightly, but the picture within somewhat intact. Hotaru picked up the picture, sliding it from the broken glass, careful not to lift his fingers. The picture depicted a family with a father, a mother, and a little girl wearing a hat. They stood in  front of a normal home, a red flag hung by the door. The people in the picture were beautiful. The woman was fair and elegant, the child she was holding looking very similar, though also had a few qualities of her father. He was a blonde man apparently with very long hair. Both qualities were very unusual, or at least where Hotaru stood.

He didn't know why, but Hotaru pocketed the picture. He knew that wasn't his family, yet for some reason, he wanted to keep it. Something about the photo made him sad, but also a little happy. Then, Hotaru looked to his watch, reading five o' clock. It was time to head home.

He returned to his base, a bit famished. He had no idea why, but the oats had grown on him. He began to heat another bowl, this time using milk. It wasn't actual milk, but some kind of substitute put inside a rectangular container. Its label read "Made to Last" and "No need to Chill".

Once the bowl was heated, he immediately began to eat, burning his tongue in the process. Apparently, it was better with milk.

Before sleeping, he told himself to do ten push ups, doing twelve instead believing that he required the extra workout. Afterward, he wiped his teeth and went off to bed. He slept on his back that night, feeling like a soldier.

#17 Re: Hotaru's Ordinary World CLOSED COMPLETED on Thu Jun 20, 2013 5:28 am


Hotaru's next morning came with an unexpected bang. His entire base was destroyed, down to the last wall. All that was left was the bad which he slept on and what was on it. The rest was almost dust, and Hotaru was angry. He screamed aloud, angry that all the objects which he had earned over the past two years were destroyed in a single night. "WHY!" Hotaru punched the air, a tear falling from one of his eyes.

Then, on the ground, he found carved a message. "REMINDER:" it read "YOU HAVE UNTIL TOMORROW, WHEN THE LONG HAND TOUCHES THE FOUR. MEET ME AT THE ROUNDABOUT AT THE CENTER OF TOWN." it was the monster, Snoop Dog- he did all of it. He destroyed all of Hotaru's belongings.

He took the picture and looked at the family smiling in it. Then, nodding his head, Hotaru put the picture back in his pocket. Hotaru wiped his eyes and dug through the dust looking for anything edible. A single sealed tub of oats, and the milk he had the day before. There was nothing to heat it that morning, but that was fine for Hotaru. He poured the oats in his mouth, then had the milk to choke it down. There was a determined sparkle in his eyes. He threw the tub and carton away with as much force as he could, then began jogging, then going into a run.

Having been on his feet for a couple of years, Hotaru didn't tire quickly from running. His run turned swiftly into a sprint, and as he spotted another monster, he shot it immediately, shattering its mask then running once more. He got into a push up position, and dropped his weight, lifting it back up some fifty times. A new strength somehow found him. His entire body seemed infused with some kind of energy.

Hotaru got up and began shadow boxing, punching the air multiple times with a great fervent anger. "ORA!" He shouted as he threw a fist into the air.

After getting tired, Hotaru finally decided to head back to his base, remembering that it was no more. All the hard work he put into it. The destruction once again turned into anger inside Htaru's vessel. Even while he was hungry, he felt like he needed to sweat and punch more, hurting more things. He had killed at least five of the monsters in cold blood, leaving five bullets in his gun already loaded. Hotaru was saving them for Snoop Dog. He only needed five bullets to kill that monster.

#18 Re: Hotaru's Ordinary World CLOSED COMPLETED on Thu Jun 20, 2013 6:07 am


Hotaru didn't sleep that night. He simply choked down the last bit of food he could find and went to bed, especially early still tired from the training. Hotaru, after his breakfast of some kind of vegetable eaten raw, he spent the rest of the day meditating. At around mid day, or exactly mid day according to Hotaru's new watch, he began walking to the center of town.

He recalled being there once but not sure why. The only times he goes near that area was to collect food, otherwise, it's always full of monsters. That day was different though. It was startlingly quiet.

"WHAT? I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU FOUR O CLOCK!" it was Snoop Dog, chewing on the corpse of one of the monsters.

A chill ran up Hotaru's spine. He wasn't sure whether or not he was ready to fight this monster. He checked his gun. The magazine held its limit, five bullets. It was all he had left.

#19 Re: Hotaru's Ordinary World CLOSED COMPLETED on Thu Jun 20, 2013 9:02 am


Hotaru was very afraid. All he was able to do was stare at the monster and even then he wasn't sure what he was supposed to do, shivering in his place even with a gun strapped onto his neck fully loaded as it was. Snoop Dog leaned in, its ugly mask showing itself to Hotaru, its unnaturally smooth surface. There were many uneven pores spread unsemetrically around where its eyes should have been as well as its teeth, as though made by bubbling acid.

"VERY WELL! IF YOU WISH TO DIE EARLY, THEN I SHALL RESPECT YOUR REQUESTS!" Snoop Dog said, Hotaru smelling the scent of death on the monster's breath. He backed away, readying his rifle at the monster. Without hesitation, Hotaru pulled the trigger, Snoop Dog moving his arms in the path of the bullet.

"WRRYYY!?" Snoop Dog screamed shaking the bullet from his forearm. "SO YOU'VE MANAGED TO GET YOURSELF A BIT OF SPIRITUAL POWER IN TWO DAYS! I SEE..." Snoop Dog jumped, opening its mouth a ball of red energy forming in its mouth. Hotaru's eyes widened. "DIE!" It screamed, letting out a straight beam of red energy. Hotaru barely dodged, leaving a hole in the ground where the beam hit. "I SEE YOU ARE AFRAID OF MY CERO!" Snoop Dog screamed.

Hotaru ran toward Snoop Dog, swinging the but of his rifle at the monster, only to be swept away toward the oriental styled fountain at the center of the roundabout. Before he could hit the centerpiece, Hotaru cocked his gun, pointing it toward Snoop Dogs mask, only to hit its chest. In response, the monster leaped forward to finish the job, a red ball once again forming on its mouth.

It was the perfect chance. Hotaru readied his gun once again. Bang! The shot fired, and then a crack. It was the fountain. Hotaru fell into the stagnant waters, his cloth getting wet. "HA! YOU FOOL! YOU THINK THAT YOUR PUNY ATTACKS COULD HARM ME?" asked Snoop Dog, mockingly and rhetorically.

Hotaru still had three bullets. He hesitated and luckily, the monster's attack missed only destroying already ruined homes. Hotaru got up, his gun already in position. As the monster went on and on, Hotaru took his opportunity and fired a bullet. This time though, he would do so with a power he learned slowly. The same energy, Hotaru forced through his fingers. It was like Soldier boy's ability and also Snoop Dog's new 'cero' only much different. It was energy compressed into one area then channeled outward.

Hotaru appeared to have been glowing brightly. Then the energy ran from his fingers to the gun and eventually the bullet. "GUN METAL BLUE OVERDRIVE!" A rippling energy carried the bullet straight toward the monster. Snoop Dog once again attempted to block with his arms, however the bullet shot straight through, cracking its mask.

"WEAKLING!" Snoop Dog screamed before collapsing.

"Why are you doing this?" Hotaru asked, finally aware of what was happening.

"Because" Snoop Dog responded "I was hungry and you were weak."

"Am I weak now?" Hotaru said. Snoop Dog hesitated but then spoke once more.

"If you seek more power, I'd suggest you go through the Hole" Snoop Dog opened up a black circle. "This is my last Garganta. it shall remain open as long as you require it to be there..."

Snoop Dog then finally disappeared into Reishi. 

Hotaru approached the portal, and still a bit fearful crossed over into the belly of the whale.

#20 Re: Hotaru's Ordinary World CLOSED COMPLETED on Sat Jun 22, 2013 10:11 am

Pallas Uchida

I'll grant you the tier up you were requesting as well as the attack. I'm sorry that the training system was not correctly posted before now but you've met the requirements. In the future please follow the training system. Congrats and update your stats.
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