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on Sun Jun 16, 2013 9:47 pm


The sky was colored a deep gray, same as every day. The clouds were hanging low, but one could easily tell that there was little chance of rain. The air was far too dry and there wasn't the same kind of freshness in the air as the average rainy day. The land below was parched, though there was a river which ran through it. While the waters moved and picked up debris, their movements almost appeared stagnant the waters looking lifeless. There were no fish in the river, and no insects. Whichever corpses were in the water were either already buried or swept up in the current. The land, was dead. Except there were monsters which roamed the land, monsters which ate whatever life they could find. They even ate each other from time to time.

Hotaru had no idea where they came from, but he knew they were attracted to him. It didn't matter much though. As long as he had his trusty gun to protect him, nothing would harm him. The hollow were too weak, and Hotaru was able to use shoot them from a far enough range before they could see him. It wasn't the most romantic way to win, but he won and when he did the results still weren't enough.

Hotaru made his living for two years alone. He kept himself alive scavenging for what little food was there, and eventually created a small garden of herbs and potatoes, kept watered by the river below the nutrients being primarily from Hotaru's own excrement. He keeps pots inside, sitting next to a chain of Christmas lights which he was able to get working using the solar generator scavenged from the roof of one of the houses. His current place of residence was a house which he had believed was his own, though there be no pictures, there was something awfully nostalgic about it. The house itself was rather normal, despite being the last house in miles to remain intact. It had two rooms, the larger room Hotaru slept in, and the smaller room, Hotaru kept all his findings in. There bathroom was unnecessary, the septic system no longer working. It was the bath tub which he converted into a makeshift planter for his vegetable garden.

Life, for the most part, was blissful.

It was morning, or at least what Hotaru believed was morning. The sky was brighter than usual and it was the time after Hotaru slept. To him, that was as close enough to a morning as it could become. It was that time when he would open a can of some... sweet, gelatinous substance, put it into a bowl with sugar, and eat it. The sugar did its best to make whatever he was eating palatable. It was his breakfast, and for the past month it kept him full. It was fortunate he found a whole box of them in one of the places he raided.

After his breakfast, he would leave his station to find more abandoned things for his growing hoard of random trinkets or possibly just more food to eat.


on Sun Jun 16, 2013 10:58 pm


Hotaru loaded a bullet into his gun, cocking it- he couldn't be too relaxed with anything. For all he knew there was a group of monsters waiting for him around the corner. Hopefully, his jell-o breakfast would hold him up long enough to find himself a lunch to eat before heading back to his base. It was still morning and nothing too exciting had happened yet, but for whatever reason, he felt like something should.

Hotaru, for the passed few hours had felt like something was stalking him, though he was not sure what was. he had five bullets in his gun and another ten in his pocket. Then, at the corner of his eye, Hotaru spotted something furry moving behind a few wooden crates. He exerted a bit of force pushing the crates aside to find a small four legged creature with pointed furry ears and a long elegant tail it turned its head and hissed- the thing which looked like a cat donned a pale white mask. It was a hollow.

Hotaru shot it, not in the mask but in the torso, hopefully allowing him to cook and eat it later. It had been a while since he saw anything alive like he was. Hotaru sighed. In fact, he doesn't think he had ever seen an actual cat in his life before, and for a moment he realized that the only other beings he'd seen in this strange world he lived in were the hulking black monsters wearing masks. With another thought to his mind, Hotaru sighed.

The cat disappeared into a white light- Hotaru was about to start a fire too.


on Mon Jun 17, 2013 1:21 am


Hotaru walked away. With each passing minute he got a little hungrier. It wasn't a very fun experience for him, and he disliked going hungry for too long. His body felt heavy, weighed down by his empty backpack and the gun strapped to his neck. Perhaps two years was enough time exhaust all the food in one area. No, not just from one person. Hotaru knew he couldn't have done everything. Then suddenly, a glimmer of hope flashed before Hotaru- a broken door opened its way to aisles of stocked food. Much of it was bad, and Hotaru could smell it- he could perhaps use it to fertilize all the plants back at his base. All the rest though everything in a can box or bottle seemed mostly edible. He found his safe haven, at least for a while.


on Mon Jun 17, 2013 10:48 am


Hotaru breathed a gasp of air, dropping a heavy crate in the 'living room' of his base. It was the afternoon. Opening the box, Hotaru found stacks upon stacks of something inside plastic packaging. Upon closer inspection, Hotaru had discovered that it was... dog food. Hotaru had never seen an actual dog, though whatever was on the package was one, and he could read the word "dog" in the glorious Nihon it was done in, and even the strange gaijin cave-writing at the bottom of it. D-O-G. It felt a bit wierd, understanding a language which he hasn't heard since what he recalled to have last heard years ago. Or at least it felt like years ago. "DOGU" Hotaru said aloud. It was the first time he heard his own voice in a while.

Hotaru turned his head upward, hearing his voice echo endlessly through his base and to the empty wastes outside. Then suddenly, his door burst open.

"DID SOMEONE SAY DOG?" a voice called. Two slats of flimsy wood flew across the room and into the hallway, the resulting dust settling to give way for a mask. The features of said mask appearing canine in nature. Quickly, Hotaru picked up his gun, and pulled the trigger, aiming for the mask. BANG! Hotaru, from experience, had learned that the mask was a weak point of sorts for the monsters.

Bright red blood splattered across the wooden floor of Hotaru's base. The monster had moved its hand in the way, blocking the path of the bullet to his face. The monster turned around and ran away, however, Hotaru pursued it, fearing that it would return to his base and eat him in his sleep. Hotaru kicked the door closed before going into a full sprint, shooting another bullet from his gun. He had three bullets left inside. The monster leaned forward, feeling the impact of the spirit-energy infused bullet. The beast turned around and made a leap into the air.

Hotaru's eyes widened in fear as the beast's mouth did in hunger. It was then where the beast's horrific features became apparent. The first and most obvious thing was the creature's mask. It held an elongated muzzle, ending in viciously sharp tooth-like protrusions, under which the opening of what would be presumed was its actual mouth, displaying a set of more human-like yet still exaggerated to cartoon proportions making it look all the more terrifying. Over its fangs was a tube like protrusion with an empty hole going through where the creature's nose would be. Its eyes were slightly angled and at the side of its mask, sunken deep into the mask its actual eyes which glowed a sickly pale yellow color. Its body itself appeared mostly humanoid, the features looking more closely to that of a bipedal primate than a quadrupedal canine, though there were some canine features definitely. Not occurring in either a human or a dog was the rather large and hollow hole which bored through the creature's chest, giving the impression that whatever it was, the creature was lacking a heart. At the back, it had white protrusions, apparently its spine. Its legs were definitely more dog-like than human, the joints connecting in such a way that they would work well as hind legs. Its feet ended in clawed nubs, the claws hooking in a menacing fashion. Its arms were oar-like, fatter at the forearm and thinner at the bicep and triceps area. The arm itself looked long enough to reach toward the ground, about the same length of both the creature's legs and body combined. Its arms ended in human-like hands with five digits each and a clawed thumb.

Before he could think, Hotaru turned and ran away, his instincts telling him to go as fast as he could, but then something happened. Hotaru realized "Why am I running?"
"It's because you're scared" He answered himself in thought "because it is about to kill you."
"These monsters, whatever they are... Why are they attacking me?" Hotaru asked.
"I don't know" He answered himself.

Then, the boy turned his head, still seeing the hulking monstrosity chasing after him, running like an enraged silver-back gorilla. Once again, Hotaru took action without thinking. He cocked his gun, and fired, hitting at the side of the monster's body, next to its hole. Stupidly, Hotaru turned around to see the consequences of his actions.

"WRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!" The monster cried out, its roar echoing through the empty city.


on Mon Jun 17, 2013 11:38 am


"YOU! SOMETHING SO PUNY AS YOU HAVE MARRED MY FLAWLESS BODY NOT ONCE BUT THREE TIMES ALREADY? I, SNOOP DOG, HAVE DECIDED TO CALL HACKS" The monster cried loudly in a voice sounding similar to the sound a mosquito makes while flying about at close proximity to a person's ears. Quite frankly, it was annoying.

The monster raised its lefts claw and swung it toward Hotaru. "EAT THIS!" the monster cried. Without the speed to dodge, he was swept off to the side, tumbling on the asphalt, the skin of his forearms scraping off, revealing a bloody wound covered in dirt and whatever black stuff the adhesion of the blood had picked up off the obviously unclean ground. Picking himself up and getting on one knee, Hotaru cocked his gun once more and prepared to fire. This time, the beast dodged, jumping up, trying its attempt once again to pounce onto Hotaru.

It was his perfect chance to shoot the monster, the beast having no where to go except toward Hotaru. Hotaru cocked his gun. As he pulled the trigger, it seemed that some sort of energy crackled through his fingers and entered the gun, making it shine as though touched by a beam of sunlight. Its barrel, its slightly rusted metal shined brightly like a crazy light upon diamond. Its wooden body, once part of a proud and tall standing Soviet tree had appeared once again to have life within it, or at least apparently. The sight, adjusted for use without a bayonet glowed somewhat, almost as if telling Hotaru to look down it- which he did.

Hotaru struggled into a smile as he closed one eye, aiming his gun  toward the creature's mask- its weak point. "Eat this" he said, the bullet firing rapidly toward the creatures face. The bullet itself, large as it was, was a marvel on on its own, like the gun, cackling with some kind of rippling energy. More blood.

Once again, the creature blocked, this time with its forearms. "HA! YOU THINK SOMETHING SO SMALL AS THAT LITTLE THING COULD KILL ME?" The monster screeched "YOUR ATTACK HURT LIKE A MOSQUITO BITE!" The thing laughed.


on Tue Jun 18, 2013 3:18 am


Hotaru ran once again, the monster too strong. He lost count of how many bullets he had used, and didn't want to take a chance shooting an empty round. Opening the magazine would take too much time and Hotaru couldn't afford any hesitation, lest he find himself literally in the belly of the beast- that was a destiny which he was sure he wanted to avoid.

Hotaru ran until he eventually made it to a more familiar part of the town. He leaped into a narrow alleyway between two buildings made of brick, the monster too big to follow him in. Unfortunately, he could not stay there forever, the buildings having no other way out but the way he came in. In its place, a trash can and a brick wall which was too smooth for Hotaru to climb.He'd have to get out some time.

The monster still trying to crawl in, Hotaru took it as an extra opportunity to shoot. He opened the magazine, revealing a single bullet, then pushed it back up. He cocked the gun, aiming it and holding it into position. Then, he fired unfortunately missing, barely grazing the thing's shoulder.

"WHAT DID I TELL YOU?" Snoop Dog cried "YOU CAN'T KILL ME! GAH!" The monster fell over, bleeding. It wasn't apparently dead, but obviously in pain with all the bullets traveling through. The creature raised its arm and drew a circle with its index finger, a black scratch mark appearing, growing into a full circle roughly the size of the monster. The thing eventually grew completely black, a stuffiness entering the immediate atmosphere. The monster picked itself back up. "You'll win this round" It said "I will give you two days from now, don't be late"

The monster tossed Hotaru something, the thing falling to the ground making a clicking noise. The monster then entered the portal "I will give you until then to train. If you can not defeat me by then, I shall devour you whole" The black circle disappeared, though its evil aura still lingered.

Hotaru stepped forward cautiously, remotely inspecting the metal object thrown at him. Then, once he found it safe, Hotaru squatted down to pick it up. It had a circular body and rectangular metal protrusions apparently made to fit a person's wrist. The body held on it numbers one through twelve in some order Hotaru was unsure of, three hands moving around the numbers. The longest hand moved the fastest and the next longest hand moved slower. Hotaru had yet to see the shortest hand move.


on Tue Jun 18, 2013 6:14 am


Hotaru began his long trek home. It was then when he finally noticed the short hand moving. It was on the three, then the four. By the way Hotaru understood it, every time a hand touches the twelve, the short hand moves. Hotaru also noticed its consistency, and it was possible that what the monster meant, was when after two days passed, presumably from the day he received the watch, where the hands had touched he would meet the monster again and in the same location.

It took him another half hour to find his base again, not knowing what to do about the door. It was fortunate that he didn't sleep in the living room and hopefully nothing would take notice to anything else inside to actually enter. Hotaru just had to be careful with how hhe handled everything.

He opened the door to the room he resided in. The windows were boarded shut  He opened up a can of tuna, and heated it using some kind of small oven, a warning label telling him to stay away untilthe oven dings- silly oven. How else would HOtaru knew his dinner was ready?

The oven finally dinged, the light closing. Hotaru pushed some lever, opening the oven door, taking out the can using his hands wrapped in some a rag. It was then when he realized that his hands were still bleeding. The passed out must not have been so bad due to the adrenaline. Hotaru sat down his food for it to cool, and went down to the river so that he may wash the dirt out of his arms. Immediately, he reached into his backpack, pulling out a roll of gauze, and wrapped it around his arms. With no scissors, he used his teeth to truncate the paper wrapping.


on Tue Jun 18, 2013 8:42 am


The blood seeping through Hotaru's arms was something which was truly frightening. He had not once saw blood of a human before. To see his own and visible through thick cloth, it was a traumatic and somewhat disillusioning experience. Hotaru, like when was being chased almost helpless to his fate, was fearful. Yet now, it wasn't because he couldn't help himself but because he didn't know how. He wasn't over powered, simply fearful- a pure fear. Still, it was a little bleeding, and that wouldn't be enough to kill him.

Hotaru got up and went back to his base. The can of tuna did not cool to a chill but it wasn't searing hot either. For one reason or another though, Hotaru had a difficult time swallowing. It tasted... fishy. The watch which Hotaru had put on his wrist read seven, the long hand on the twelve. The sky outside showed it was dark. Obviously, it was night time.

Hotaru brought a wet cloth to his mouth, using it to wipe his teeth clean from the meal he just had. The boy sighed a long breath. "Yare yare daze..." He mumbled to himself. It was exactly the third time he had heard his voice that day. It was a strange day. The boy then threw himself onto the queen sized bed before him. Its already ruffled sheets were ruined even more.


on Tue Jun 18, 2013 10:28 am


Morning of the first day. For once, Hotaru knew exactly what time it was, rather than having to rely on an internal clock for all of his matters. It was definitely easier to manage his time. Hotaru actually felt lazy, waking up a little earlier than nine o' clock. It was a wonder how he even got anything done for the day.

The monster, Snoop Dog wanted Hotaru to train. While he didn't want to do so, feeling content already, he feared what would happen should he not train. Like anything that felt fear, Hotaru feared dying, and one of the worst fears of dying came with the realization that he could be eaten, most likely alive. Teeth crunching on his own bones... It was frightening.

"I don't want to do this" he told himself "But I think I have to." Hotaru got on the floor, his legs extended and his back straight. The boy's hands were under the boy's shoulder, and his arms extended holding his body up. Already, he felt a bit of strain. He recalled the exercise from a class he recalled taking many years ago. This was what some called a "push-up".

After about fifty of them... though it could have just been five and Hotaru felt too weak and it was almost as though he did fifty. The boy laid down, his body sprawled almost lifelessly over the floor. A pain in the back of his head shouted at him, calling and screaming "DO YOU EVEN LIFT?" It was the monster, and the monster was right. Hotaru needed to get stronger if he really wanted to thrive in this wasteland world.

Hotaru's breakfast was different that day. He ran out of cans of the gelatin green stuff, but he did have a few tubs of some kind of wheat. The label read oats, though he wasn't quite sure how to prepare them or what "Steel cut" entailed. The boy poured a bit into a bowl he managed to scavenge along with some water, then stuffed it inside his microwave oven.

The bowl smelled slightly of the tuna Hotaru had last night, but for the most part, what came out was edible.


on Tue Jun 18, 2013 7:29 pm


Hotaru reached to his forehead and wiped off a bit of moisture. It was sweat. Hotaru had never actually worked out before, and so sweating in such a way was alien to him at best. Looking back at his watch, it was still ten past ten- he worked out for no more than an hour and was already tired. By that time, he had already decided to do his daily routine of going out and looking for food.

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