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on Sun Jun 16, 2013 1:33 am


Hotaru shot a round out of his gun, splitting in the mask of a hollow that was trailing him. He continued running, a backpack on his back barely hanging on and a rifle strapped to his neck which would have been shaking about had he not been holding it in his hands. Two more appeared, and as quickly as that happened, two disappeared. It seemed like the monsters had no end. Each time he killed one, another would simply arrive in its place.

The skies were dark above, Hotaru had no idea where he was. He had wandered too far off from the place he usually hid in. Had he not been too greedy for things perhaps he would not have been lost. He wandered about, leaning occasionally on the trees due to his tiredness. The dark air around him felt thick, but he was used to such a thing, being born in such a place.

"Another one down and another one down- another one bites the dust" Hotaru said, wiping the sweat from his face.


on Sun Jun 16, 2013 1:43 am


Mutsuhito heard loud sounds coming from a distance. They were unfamiliar to him, but from what it appeared, the sounds did not come from any hollow. In fact, the sound was a bit more mechanical. Perhaps it came from an intelligent human who used machines to fight hollow? "No, that couldn't be" Mutsuhito though. In head mind, he recalled that spiritual beings couldn't be harmed by physical nonspiritual objects. Then again, after the worlds collided, he was no longer sure.

It had been two decades since Mutsuhito has seen anybody, and then standing before him was a person- a human in fact. He thought that the last normal one had died off before. Though this boy may not be normal- his reiatsu was a bit too strong for that. "Hey kid" Mutsuhito said "Where are you from?"


on Fri Jun 21, 2013 12:28 am


Hotaru jumped and pulled the trigger on his gun- the magazine was empty and he had no more bullets. He clicked again, wondering if his gun simply jammed. Hotaru opened the magazine- there were no more bullets. Though looking in front of him, he may not have too much to worry about.

The man before him looked rather docile and not very menacing at all. Not to mention he didn't have a hole in his chest or anywhere else on his body. Still, it sparked a few questions in Hotaru's mind. Then, in response he got a question and not even before Hotaru could ask his own.

"Where am I from" Hotaru looked back to see that the portal Snoop Dog had opened to get Hotaru to this place called 'the Hole'. Beyond that though, Hotaru really had no idea where he was from, just that it was some kind of town in the middle of no where. "I really don't know" Hotaru replied to the man.

"But... where are you from? And what's with that sword?"


on Fri Jun 21, 2013 12:43 am


"My sword?" Mutsuhito raised an eyebrow into his signature quizzical expression. "Oh, you mean my zanpakuto! Meiji... he's a real work- especially when I have to talk to him!" Mutsuhito laughed. He then turned his attention, intent on what appeared to be a human who had just taken down not one but two hollow all on his own.

"You've got some spiritual pressure kid! Taking on two hollow like that!" Mutsuhito remarked with a smile. This plus was very strange. It was a bit disappointing that he didn't know where he was from though. Perhaps it was just a plus from the soul society that got lost after whatever event happened outside. No, his cloth was too different from that in the soul society- too contemporary styled.

"Wish there was something I could do though- maybe help you get stronger!"

Then, an idea popped into Mutsuhito's head. The kid must have been a human. Since there was no chain on him, it must mean he must be an actual flesh and blood human- this meaning Mutsuhito could perhaps make him stronger- perhaps even rebuild the Soul Society with his help!

Without hesitation, Mutsuhito put on a glove with a flaming skull mark on it, lunging toward Hotaru and knocking the soul from his body.


on Fri Jun 21, 2013 12:51 am


"Hollow? Zanpakuto?" Hotaru had no idea what he was hearing, the two words completely foreign to him. Zanpakuto must have been what that sword was called though, the -to prefix making it clear to him. THe entire word translated roughly to soul cutter sword- It seemed pretty interesting. Before he could say anything else though, Hotaru was stopped.

Hotaru felt something hitting his body- it was a hand. Out of his body came a soul. It was Hotaru's soul wearing the same cloth, though the gun didn't come with him. "Hey!" Hotaru cried reaching for his body and trying to get back in. He noticed the chain stuck to his chest, and recalled it was like the man from a day ago.



on Sat Jun 22, 2013 4:40 pm


Mutsuhito smiled in response to Hotaru's overreaction. It was quite funny actually, though he didn't expect a much different reaction. After all, he ust had his mortal soul ripped out of his body and a different reaction might be absurd... or bad ass depending on the person.

Suddenly, Mutsuhito unsheathed his zanpakuto while Hotaru was still distracted and in a single motion, cut Hotaru's soul chain in half.

"There we go!" Said Mutsuhito "Now I can train you properly in a form that I'm used to."

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